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Liam AU//Just To Hear You Again

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FBI Profiler Liam AU

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Numb and exposed.

You sat in Liam’s office feeling numb and exposed. You looked at his desk. It sat bare with nothing on it. There wasn’t a single photo of anything on his desk. You could see his teammates working on the case from the looking glass. You could see that they were working vigorously to find Liam. You had been here for hours waiting for updates. You saw the sun at its peak around noon, and now, it was gone; it had been gone for hours. You could only imagine was Liam was going through right now.

“Y/N?” Harry asked, pointing his head into the office. “It’s almost midnight, and we all need to get some rest.”

“How can I rest when Liam is out there…” You fell quite for you could only remember was Kevin had put you through in the past. “It’s my fault that Liam is gone. The put the man that I love in danger because of my past. He doesn’t deserve him; I don’t deserve him.”

Harry came over and placed a comforting hand on your shoulder. “This isn’t your fault, Y/N. Don’t let Luck win by thinking like that, okay? But we need to go home so we can have fresh eyes for this case. It’s what Liam would want.” You sighed as you got up from the chair and followed Harry to the elevator. “You’re going to have some protective detail at your home tonight for your own protection. I’ll drive you home, and if you want to come in tomorrow, Zayn can pick you up around seven.”

You agreed to come back in tomorrow before you got into Harry’s car and on your way home. You thought about how yesterday was. Liam had just gotten back from a four-day case, and he took you out to dinner, you made love, and then you slept in his arms. You would give anything to be in his arms again. Just one more time.

Liam’s entire body ached. He felt the gauges that were unattended begin to sting again. He could barely hold his head up anymore and limbs felt useless. He could only guess it was night, but there wasn’t a clock or window to confirm it. Kevin left the photos of you on the desk from earlier.

Liam didn’t want to look at some of them; they didn’t remind him of the woman he loves. But there was a more recent one of you. This is one was taken on your birthday. Your face was filled with joy and happiness.

It was the only thing that mattered to Liam at the moment.

“I’m coming back, Y/N. I promise.”

You slept only two hours last night. Thoughts about Liam and yourself in the past haunted your sleep, but you knew Liam wasn’t doing any better. He was strong. You hoped he would be alright.

“So last night we found one of Luck’s henchmen, Henry Welter, trying to leave the country,” Zayn told you as he drove you to his headquarters. “They have had him since last night and have been questioning him. Hopefully, we can get something out of him and find Liam.”

“I remember Henry,” you mentioned. “He ways always nice to me. He always told me that he wanted to get out and start and new life. He actually encouraged me to leave. Maybe he wants to help because Luck and his guys rarely get caught at the airport, and they never travel alone.”

“Do you think he knows where Liam is?”

“He could have an idea.”

Later, you found yourself watching from behind the glass on the interview. Zayn led the interview with Henry. Henry always looked soft and like a follower. You understood why he followed Kevin, you even understood why he turned himself in.

“Why did you get caught?” Zayn asked. “You could have gotten away, but you placed yourself to be caught by authorities.”

Henry took a long pause before responding, “You don’t get to escape Kevin. Even Y/N didn’t get the chance to escape him, and that’s honestly my fault because I kept tabs on her and Liam for Kevin. But I wanted to turn myself in because I saw Y/N change and become what she dreamed. She found a guy who literally gives her the world. I can go to jail for whatever, but I can’t ruin her life.”

Zayn nodded, “Do you know where Liam is?”

“I don’t know exactly where he is, but Luck has buildings in his helpers’ names because he knows that no one knows us.”

“I need a list of the buildings and the names that they are under,” Zayn said, sliding him a pen and paper. “If we find Liam, I’ll put in a good word for you to the DA.”

Henry nodded and quickly jotted the names down. He finished and passed the paper to Zayn. Before Zayn could take the paper and walk out, Henry stopped him.

“Can you tell Y/N that I’m sorry?” he asked.

“I will,” Zayn nodded before leaving Henry alone and joining you. “I’m going to run these and hopefully we can find Liam in a couple hours, but you have to stay here because–”

“You don’t know how you’re going to find Liam, dead or alive?” you wondered.

“It’s not safe, but we’ll call you as soon as we get him. Just hang tight,” he said. “If you want, you can wait in Liam’s office.” You nodded before leaving the small, black room.

Thirty minutes passed before you saw Liam’s teammates leave the bullpen together. You knew they had an address, and they were going to find Liam, but how were they going to find him? You were still hoping you were dreaming, and you just couldn’t wake up. You just wanted to wake up.

You feared every minute that passed by. Every minute that passed pained you to the point that you wanted the call to come. You needed to know.

The phone on Liam’s desk rung loud, but each ring did not bring the pain that time did.

You slowly picked up the phone and placed it on your ear, “Hello?”

“Y/N?” you heard Louis say through the phone. “We’re on our way to the Lancaster Hospital. You have Liam; he’s breathing, walking, and talking.”

“He’s okay then?” you asked, hopefully.

“They have to run some test on him, but if you want to see him–”

“Yes, yes! I’m coming.” You never ran out of a building so quickly. You made it to your car in record time before starting it and speeding onto the streets. The hospital was close, and you made it there quickly without anything stopping you. When you got there, every step brought you closer and closer to Liam. You ran to the front desk, and before you could say anything to the man in front, Harry’s voice interrupted.

“Y/N, follow me,” he told you, motioning you to him.

“Hey, is he okay?” you asked as you followed Harry into the elevator.

“Yeah, they’re just running a few test; it’s very standard. If he shows to be okay, he can probably come home at the end of the week,” Harry told you. The elevator door opened on the seventh floor. “He’s in room 710, and he really wants to talk to you.”

You stepped out the elevator with Harry, but you felt frozen. “Harry, do you think Liam will look at me differently now?”

“Yes, but that doesn’t change his feelings about you,” he told you. “When we got him, his first question was if you were okay and if you were safe. He knows more about your past, but I know that doesn’t matter to him, okay?”

“Okay,” you slightly smiled. 

Harry went into the waiting room on the floor as you went down the hall. You walked passed rooms with doors opened and closed. You could see loved ones together until you got to Liam’s room.

You slowly walked in to find him looking out the window. The TV was off, and he was hooked up to an IV, but he was mobile.

“Liam?” you asked, leaving the door ajar behind you.

He turned away quickly. His smile was a little weak, but it was there nevertheless. 

“Y/N,” he got up slowly before you stopped him.

“No, no. Sit down. I don’t want you to move too much,” you said, walking over to his side and helping him sit back down. He groaned in pain. His wincing only made you upset. “Liam, I’m so sorry that I didn’t tell you about Kevin or my past. I didn’t think this would ever happen.”

He placed his hand on yours and intertwined his fingers into yours. “Did you feel like you couldn’t tell me?”

“Yes because I thought if I let you into my past life, you wouldn’t be able to see past that,” you told him. “I worked so hard to get my life on track so that I would never have to go back to who I was…but I want to tell you the truth about me and my past.”

“Y/N, I said it yesterday, and I’ll say it again: I love you. I don’t care what you did in your past. All I care about is who you are now. And you are a strong woman, and I don’t want to let you go.”

He kissed your forehead and then your lips. His lips on yours only made your heart flutter. 

“In a couple minutes, doctors are going to come in pump me with all kinds of meds because I’m in all sorts of pain. If you want, you can watch me become loopy,” he smiled, grabbing both of your hands. 

You kissed his lips one last time, “If I can record it, then yes.”