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Kurtbastian one-shot - “Mystery Man” (Rated M)

After Kurt finds out about Blaine and Dave, and runs into the bathroom of Scandals to break down and cry, he finds a phone number written on the bathroom wall. When he returns to New York, he texts it, and starts a relationship with a man whose name he doesn’t know. They talk about everything and anything, but most of the time, they talk about sex. The man asks Kurt about his dirtiest fantasy, and after Kurt tells it, the anonymous man offers to help Kurt make it come true. But the man who shows up at his door is in no way someone Kurt would ever expect.

But, on the other hand, this man has also become his closest friend. (6055 words)

Warning for angst, sexual content, rimming, anal plugs, anonymous sex, and bondage. Mention of K/laine and B/laine.

AU which assumes that Kurt’s broken engagement with Blaine happened a few years later than it did. Also assumes that Kurt left Lima and returned to New York after he found out about Blaine and Dave instead of sticking around to help with the Glee club.

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Tell me about your dirtiest fantasy

Kurt reads the text message and laughs. Two months he’s been talking to this guy, and after the awkwardness of exchanging their personal tragedies was over and done, they mostly talked about sex, which was fine by Kurt since, for the moment, he wasn’t getting any anyway.

Kurt had gotten this guy’s number off the bathroom wall at Scandals, after he received the thrilling news about Blaine and Dave. Kurt had gone in to the bathroom to escape and have a good cry, and there it was, scribbled on the quilted wallpaper right beside his head, with the cliché tag line, “For a good time call…”

But the placement seemed odd to Kurt, and it struck him that maybe the guy who’d written it had done so after a soul-rending, drop-to-the-floor cry, just like the one Kurt was having. So he figured that, right off the bat, he and this guy might have something in common.

And that’s why he texted him – Were you really having a good time when you wrote your number on the bathroom wall at Scandals?

The man answered back within five minutes.

Over a hundred text conversations later, Kurt ranks this faceless stranger among his greatest confidantes.

He might actually be at the top of the list.

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New PERSONA 5 info from Dengeki PS vol.617

➊ “Safe Room” that helps you to explore the dungeon with convenience!

Due to the mind-distorted owners, palaces are unstable and dangerous. However, there are places where are less distorted exist in palaces where we call it the “safe rooms”. Players are able to save game here at this agit and consult with party members. You can even use the safe rooms as teleport points to move instantly between the real world and palaces.

‣ By consulting with party members, you’ll be able to get useful hints about the palace. Let’s exchange information in safe rooms!

‣ If you need to leave a palace halfway, you’ll be able to go back to any safe room you have visited anytime. Safe rooms are just like agits(bases) in palaces.  

You can change party members anytime!

In past persona games, you need to decide party members before going into dungeons. One thing what’s good about persona 5 is that you are able to change the members anytime in dungeons. Coordinate your party members according to enemies’ weaknesses to make better strategies for battles!

 Other than that, there are also supportive systems such as [assist] and [navi(navigation)]. these are all convenient functions designed for first-time persona players.

There are many detailed player abilities too!

Not only do the p5 team cares about the vital elements in the system, there are also functions such as recovering full hp and moving with high speed with just one single button.  These details were also made with their full hearts. Just relax and explore all you like!

 With many convenient hotkeys, it’s easy to speed up your explorations! Looks like you’ll be able to steal the treasures magnificently just like real phantom thieves. And of course, there are more functions for you to have a comfortable journey!

The game becomes even easier with Auto-recover and High speed dash…etc.

 One other handy function is that while approaching suspicious places in palaces, party members would be giving hints such as saying “there’s something around here” with voice!

Players are able to get a lot hints from party members while exploring!

Certainly, players are able to choose the difficulty of the game!

Once the game starts, you’ll be able to choose a difficulty. This doesn’t change anything regarding the story, just select a difficulty you’re comfortable with and enjoy the game. If you’re new to persona series, it is recommended to play with [safety] or [easy] mode.

 In the screen, there are 4 difficulties for players to choose from. In addition, there was one more difficulty called [maniac] (the most difficult mode) in previous persona games. How about in persona 5?!

All above info from Dengeki Playstation Vol. 617.

Casual reminder that I had the legitimate best time at NJCon this weekend and that my con group was great. I know I can be a bit selfish and hard to manage when I get anxious but these people literally dog-piled on me when I was crying and made me feel better. I know I didn’t talk to all of you a whole bunch but I love all of you and please don’t forget that.

Until next year, friends.

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