room 601

Min Yoongi, Library Services

Author: @kpopfanfictrash as part of Bangtan University - a series of ongoing one shots with @eradikeats-writes

Creative Content Contributors: @daegusoftboys  (her moodboards for the series are perfection)

Pairing: Reader / Yoongi

Rating: 18+ (explicit sex, light voyeurism)

Word Count: 7,364

Summary: When you accept the the offered research position at Bangtan University, you are well aware of your partner’s prestige. The only problem is - so is he.

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Screen caps of a letter sent by George Harrison to Pattie Boyd from New York City, presumably in October 1971 (George had departed from England on 2 October 1971 aboard the France, according to The Beatles Diary Volume 2), from the e-book edition of Pattie’s book Wonderful Tonight.

Apologies for the inferior quality of the screen caps; it’s a bit difficult to read, so I’ve typed it up… (also, you’ll probably know that the “Paul and Janet” mentioned along with toys are George’s nephew and niece :)):

Monday Evening

Dear Pattie,

Hello. Hope you are O.K. I tried to call you when I got here but there was no Greg in the Lodge. Can you call me through Apple at ABKCO or the Plaza -> Room 601 to say hello to Hubby! Its a drag not being able to speak to you. You can call ABKCO and tell them a time, and I’ll call the Lodge.

The ‘France’ was not as good as QE 2 more straights in Tuxedos and not as many things to do, so I read a lot in the cabin.

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cleverblocker  asked:

Tsukishima glanced up impassively at the pristine building that was now his school. He sighed and adjusted his bag's strap over his shoulder before stepping onto campus. 'Well... Here goes nothing.'

Greetings Tsukishima, you have arrived at the Spica Technological Preparation Academy. There is no doubt in this institution to your ability to learn and perfect many skills here. Our students and faculty have the best machinery at their fingertips and a superior class schedule to all those around. We are unbeatable in our strives to advance the world of today into a better tomorrow and you shall be one such pupil to do so. We expect great things of you, student.

Everybody, please come welcome and greet our newest member! Another turtleduck has entered the pond, so please play nice and show him the best this group has to offer.