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Sami Zayn/OC: You’re out for the night with the girls, and get dared to send a dirty picture to Sami because the girls know how you feel about him. You thought he would just ignore it, but were pleasantly surprised when he started texting you back. Smut requested by anon, literally loved by everybody. Tagging @wwe–imagines, @gelinas22, @helluvawriter, @emmarablack, and @oraclegazes because they all asked for it.

You may be saying to yourselves, ‘Laura, don’t you have a billion other requests before this?’ The answer is yes, yes I do. But I hit a block on a few and have been thinking about this one since I got the request, so I did it. Here it is. I promise if you sent in requests before this, they’re coming soon. In the meantime, here’s an awkward little maple leaf to keep you going.

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Twenty things you might not know about Washington, DC.

1.  There are 35 bathrooms in The White House

Home to the President of the United States, The White House has a whopping 35 bathrooms, 132 rooms, 412 doors, 147 windows and 28 fireplaces in its living quarters and requires 570 gallons of paint to cover its outside walls. It remains one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world today.

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Starlight [2] [Sehun]

Originally posted by ethereal-baek

Starlight 1

She looks familiar. She feels familiar. How come I can’t remember her? Did she tell me her name once before? What… was it?

I stared at her from afar. She was sighing so heavily as she stared out the window that drew in natural lighting. Whoever she was, she was beautiful. I don’t know who she is, but she made my heart beat faster than its ever been. But I’m too scared to approach her, what if I’m not good enough for her?

I glanced down at my own appearance; I was a simple guy in a hospital gown that screamed: I’m sick. Don’t come near me.I’m not normal.

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Three Men and a Ghost

From this request: platonic TFW oneshot where the reader is a ghost that helps them hunt another ghost that’s in the same place she’s in?


Vacations were supposed to be relaxing.

There’s nothing relaxing about having the roof collapse on you when you’re sleeping, wooden beams and plaster crushing you to death, leaving you to struggle against their weight for hours until the rescue team managed to uncover your corpse.

It had hurt at first, but then your body slowly felt like it was melting away. You felt yourself rising from the ash (or, you know, plaster dust), watching everything sink below you. You watched as the firemen pulled the broken bits of ceiling away, revealing your bloody and dusty body, face a bit mangled from the pressure.

You watched as your body was placed on a stretcher, carted from the room with nothing but a white sheet covering it. You knew you were dead, living in ghost form.

‘I’m probably going to be stuck here for eons,’ you thought as you floated out into the hallway, watching the safety workers examine other nearby rooms. It sucked, yes, but as far as hotels go, this was a nice enough one.

You saw a small child, a girl, peering around the corner at you. She had a strange luminescent quality to her skin and her hair was styled in a way that was not typically seen on a child that young nowadays.

You carefully stepped closer. “Can… can you see me?”

The little girl nodded, her curls bouncing around her face. “Did it hurt?”

You shrugged. “A little, I guess.” You studied her dress– frilly and full-skirted. “How long have you been here?”

“Madame Suzanna says I’ve been here for a hundred and thirty years.”

Almost as long as the hotel itself had been standing.

“What’s your name?”


You held a hand out, wondering if ghosts could physically touch each other. “I’m Y/N.”

The girl slipped her hand into yours, feeling strangely warm, almost like flesh.

“Are there others like us here?”

The little girl nodded again. “I can show you.”


That had been four years ago. You’d grown accustomed to the afterlife here at the hotel. You liked to listen in to the other workers tell stories of thinking they saw a ghost. Occasionally, you would try to help some of the nicer ones, rolling a can of cleaning powder or pushing their cart closer. Your room (after having been fixed and inspected by the safety board) was a hot-spot for thrill-seeking guests and paranormal investigators.

The other ghosts had told you that it really depended on their mood as to whether or not they interacted with the ghost hunters and their equipment. You found yourself following their footsteps– sometimes, you were extremely active, scaring the living daylights out of people. Sometimes, if the hunter seemed particularly arrogant or had a problematic attitude, you were as silent as the grave.

None of the ghosts really ‘haunted’ the guests. Some would play small pranks on them, brush up against them in the hall, but no one was really vicious.

Except for Teddy.

Teddy (named after the great Teddy Roosevelt, as he often bragged about) loved nothing more than to be malicious to the guests, tripping or shoving them, hiding their belongings, dragging them from bed. He was also quite the jackass to the other ghosts, especially little Caroline.

Teddy’s attitude seemed to grow more horrid as the months passed. But things really crossed the line when he gave a little old lady a nearly-fatal heart attack.

‘I hope he gets what’s coming to him,’ you thought, watching as the woman was loaded into an ambulance, her husband clutching her hand. Teddy stood on the landing, watching from the big picture window on the second floor, laughing to himself.


You were hanging around the garden, watching the red and yellow leaves fall from the trees when you felt a small tug on your hand. Looking down, you saw Caroline staring up at you.

“There’re some strange men here,” she said. “They say they’re hunters.”

“Well, it is nearing Halloween,” you reasoned. Paranormal ‘experts’ often popped up around this time.

Caroline shook her head. “Not like those hunters. These men have guns and knives and potions in their bags.”

You followed Caroline into the hotel, walking through the wall in room 407. Three men stood there, two large duffle bags on one of the beds.

“All right,” one of the men said, looking at a piece of paper. “Most of the activity has been on this floor.”

“Including the woman who had the heart attack?” the tallest of the men asked.

The first man nodded. “Room 412.”

“See, Caroline?” you asked. “I told you they were–” You paused, noting the third man, the one who hadn’t said anything. He had a strange glow about him, but you knew he wasn’t a ghost.

And he was staring right at you.


The other two men looked up, turning towards where the third man was pointing in your direction.

“What?” The man apparently named Dean asked.

“Do you not see her?”

“See who?”

“A young woman. And a little girl.”

Caroline gave a small giggle and disappeared through the wall. You saw the men react to the giggle.

“Kid ghosts,” Dean said. “Great. My favorite.”

“She’s gone,” the strange man said. “But the woman is still here.”

“Where?” the tallest man asked.

The strange man stepped toward you, his head cocked to the side. He reached forward and put a hand on your arm.

You felt it.

He turned toward the men. “You honestly don’t see her?”

The men shook their heads. You let down your guard, the special sort of camouflage ghosts had in order to remain hidden when so desired, and watched the men jump back a few feet.

“What the hell?!” Dean asked.

“Who are you?” you asked.

“We could ask the same of you!”

“I’m Y/N. I live here.”

“You mean you… died here?” the taller man asked.

You shrugged. “Living, dying. It’s all the same to me.”

Dean reached forward and pulled a shotgun from one of the bags. He aimed it at you. “Don’t try anything.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean I know how to waste a ghost and that’s exactly what I came here to do.”

“The hotel management called you in?”

“We heard about the string of activity here, including what happened a few nights ago to that old woman. We’re here to stop it.”

Your skin bristled at the idea of this man hurting Caroline or any of your other friends. “You’re here for Teddy. He’s the one who caused that.”

“Why should I believe you?”

You realized you didn’t have a good answer. “Teddy is the only vicious one here. Everyone else, myself included… we just give the thrill seekers and ghost hunters what they want.”

“Again, why should I believe you?”

You paused. “Let me help you find Teddy. I want him gone as much as everyone else. He gives ghosts a bad name.”


“He’s an asshole! I didn’t tolerate them well when I was alive and I’m sure as hell not going to tolerate them for the rest of my afterlife.”

The man who was standing next to you turned to the others. “I think we should trust her. And it would help to have one of their kind on our side.”

Dean finally relented. “Whatever. You so much as say ‘boo’ and I shoot.”

You rolled your eyes. “This way, gentlemen,” you said, disappearing through the bedroom wall.

Special Delivery - Derek Hale imagine

Request: Can I have an imagine when the pack helps deliver mine and Derek’s baby and when he see it he cries and the tease him about it

[A/n]: In the imagine, I didn’t have the pack deliver the baby because I know absolutely nothing about childbirth. I’m sorry, I hope that’s okay! :)

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Nalu AU


~“My friend thought you were cute so she tried to take a picture of you for snapchat and her flash went off but when you looked our way she shoved her phone in my hands and nOW YOU THINK ITS ME AND OH GOD PLS DONT BE MAD”~


-Prompt by homohighness onTumblr-


“I mean I’m not comparing anyone here, because if we were he’d be out like that, but I’m just saying Lucy, he’s pretty cute.”

Lucy sighed, her cheek in her palm and her eyes in a daze. She had a point, it wasn’t like he was a Calvin Klein model or anything, but he did have this cute, goofy ambiance about him that made him seem pretty damn adorable. He wasn’t doing anything special, he was just lounging by the breakfast bar casually, an arm resting on the counter and his ankles crossed with a bored look on his face. His hair was pink, out of all colors the almighty one could have chosen from, yet it complemented his tan skin well, might she say herself.

“Nothing compared to Gajeel though.”

Lucy glanced to her friend, raising an eyebrow with more sass than she intended, yet said nothing about that.

“I guess you’re right Lev, he is pretty cute,” She admitted.

The breakfast diner they both suggested turned out to be the good choice, with a good view. It was still a little early for Lucy, she had stayed up all night trying to get her research paper done for her Psych class that was due on Monday. It was Saturday now, but she liked to get things like that out of the way so she could actually enjoy her weekend. Levy was a beam of sunshine, as always. She was always a morning person, and a night owl at the same time. Lucy wondered if her friend ever actually slept sometimes.

Not since her boyfriend liked to make nightly visits in the girls dorm, Lucy thought with a smirk.

Levy wasn’t her roommate, but she did live across the hall from her, and Lucy could tell one personally, it was obvious when Gajeel made his appearance.

“He doesn’t really seem like my type though, you know?” Lucy said a moment later. “I kinda like classy guys.”

Levy let out a mix of a snort and groan, “You haven’t even met him yet Luce, and not all guys are gonna be your knight in shining armor. Especially not here and in this age.”

Lucy groaned along with her and rolled her eyes, letting her head fall to the table, “But Levy! There has to be some guy out there, I just need one! One good one!”

“And he might be it!” Levy prodded, “He already has the attractive factor down, that’s already one out of three.”

Lucy grumbled some inaudible words against her forearm, at which Levy glared and looked back to the guy at the counter. He really did have that attractive factor down all right.

“Okay, okay, you don’t have to go find out his life story right now, but at least try and talk to him if you see him again alright?” Levy insisted, “I still think you’re making a mistake by not doing it now though.”

Lucy sat up again, “It’s not like he’s dying off, I’m just waiting for a sign alright? That he’s the one. I’ll probably end up forgetting about him anyways.”

“Well we can take care of that,” Levy snorted smugly, pulling out her purse.

Lucy eyed her carefully, glancing between her and the man, “Levy, what are you doing, what are you-”

“Shh, relax, nothing,” She giggled, holding up her phone in front of her face.

“Don’t Levy!” Lucy whispered-shouted, gritting her teeth.

Levy flipped her camera and zoomed in on the guy at the counter, ignoring Lucy.

“Oh my God…” Lucy sighed, pressing her fingertips to her temples.

“What? He won’t even know. And this can be your new background or something,” She shrugged, waiting till he looked somewhere else to get a clear shot of his face.

Lucy waited impatiently as Levy fixated her shot, rolling her eyes, “Can you take it alr-”


A beam of light caused the guy to jump, his eyes whipping towards the two girls. Lucy froze, her jaw unhinged and heard a the screech of a chair feet against the tile of the floor. She finally blinked, after what seemed like an hour of eye contact with the guy and glanced down to her hands…where Levy’s phone was currently held, and Levy herself absolutely nowhere to be seen.

Are you fucking kidding me Levy, Lucy would have yelled, that is if she could speak at the moment. Her eyes raised back up to the man, his own still staring her down like an eagle and she was a petty little mouse.

He looked confused at first, then curious, and then a crooked, awkward smile made an attempt at the corners of his lips.

“Did you just…take a picture of me..?” He asked, nodding towards the phone in her hands.

Lucy hadn’t closed her mouth since the flash, and she honestly didn’t plan to for a good while. Like, until she was in her grave, or something reasonable like that.

“Um..” She licked her lips, letting her mouth fall open again.

She was a straight A student in one of Fiore’s most prestigious colleges, and on the top 10 of the Dean’s List, yet this was the hardest thing she’s ever been challenged with. Getting the word noout of her mouth.

“I…I don’t, um…” She started shaking her head, very slowly and forced her mouth shut before she spouted anymore nonsense.

He cleared his throat and shoved his hands in his pockets, and began to stroll towards her table. Lucy felt her heart in her throat and her stomach in her chest. She quickly dropped the phone on the table, as if doing that now would matter in the least and scooted back in her chair as he approached her, biting her lip harshly. It was way too early for this shit.

He came up to her, his knees just barley brushing hers and opened up his mouth.


He rose an eyebrow.

Good work Lucy, just like that, small and simple words, good girl. You’re doing great.

“I mean, um,” She tried again, licking her pink lips, “I was just taking a selfie and…the uh…I forgot to turn off the flash. You know how that can be.”

“Right, right.” He nodded, “A selfie?”

“Yeah.” She said softly, averting her eyes everywhere but his stupid, adorable face.

“Wow, you look a lot like me then.” He noted, his eyes to the table beside her.

Lucy glanced over and saw Levy’s phone…still opened up to the picture of him that she took. It was actually a decent picture she took, considering she threw it at me and fucking bolted.

“We could be twins almost.”

Lucy closed her eyes and exhaled very deeply, and very slowly. She rested her elbow on the table and held her head by her fist, “Alright, you know what? Yeah, it wasn’t a selfie, it was a picture of you, but-”

She stopped herself at the knowing look he suddenly gave her and held up a finger, “But, I didn’t do it.”

He looked enlightened, “Really? Who did then?”

Lucy opened her mouth again and looked across the table, to the empty chair that was supposed to hold her supposedly best friend. She glanced up and saw Levy peeking out from the bathroom door, but quickly recede upon her look.

Nothing. She had nothing. Nothing left to say, no excuses, and not enough heart or gut to even speak again at all.

“A ghost?” She heard him speak up again, his voice thick in amusement.

Lucy let out a weary sigh, burying her face in her hands. He didn’t say anything else for a while, yet she still refused to even look at him again. The one guy. The one guy that could have been him, and this is how they met.

“You know I heard that this place is haunted. Something about a mass murder shooting back in the 80’s and weird stuff happening since.”

She dragged her hand away from her face, looking up to him with large, mortified eyes. He rocked back and forth on his heels, giving her a sympathetic grin. A crooked one.

“You mind telling your ghost friend that if they wanted to come talk to me, they’re free too? I’m actually pretty cool to talk too.” He said, his smile widening.

Lucy felt her mouth open up again.

“I live in the West wing, room 412. Tell ‘em to stop by when they get a chance.”

He gave her a tilt of his head and a nod, before turning on his heel to head towards the door.

“Uh,” Lucy began, trying to swallow her fear and get the lump out of her throat.

He stopped and looked back to her, his dark eyes gleaming in the light.

“Who should I say gave the message?” She asked, a smile tugging at her lips.

He scrunched up his nose and shrugged, leaning up against the door, before he opened it and left.

“Tell her to come find out.”

Lucy fell back against her seat with a smirk on her lips and a shake of her head. She heard the all familiar sound of chair legs against the tile flooring.

“Wow! That went great!” Levy cheered, clapping her hands.

Lucy gazed back to her friend, her expression dropping to a murderous aura.

“I’m going to kill you.”

That was the last thing said, before said table and chairs were knocked over and a restraining order was placed on them both.


The Sound of Silence - Part 2

This is a continuation of ‘The Sound of Silence - part 1′

‘Aunt Amy- where are we going?’ Zola asked in her innocent voice. Amelia was carrying Ellis in one arm, holding Bailey’s hand in the other, with Zola trotting alongside her. They made their way along the dreary hospital corridors.

’ To see your mommy’. Amelia answered.

’ To see mommy?! ’ Zola exclaimed excitedly, causing Amelia to cringe internally and whisper ‘shhhhh’ to shut her niece up.

This was the first time since Meredith’s attack a week ago Amelia had seen Zola back to her old cheerful self. Zola missed her mother, the only parent she had left, and made no secret about it. The whole week- Zola had been asking Amelia nonstop when will her mother be coming back- and every time Amelia answered patiently that her mother was still sick in the hospital and had to get better first before she could bring them to see her.
Meanwhile, Bailey was also asking for his mother, although not as frequently as his elder sister. Even little Ellis was feeling the effect of her mother’s absence- turning into a cranky little baby when she was usually such a happy, bubbly little baby. She was refusing her feeds much to Amelia’s dismay.
So when Nelson and Callie informed her that Meredith had been stable enough to be downgraded from the ICU to the normal room- she heaved a sigh of relief. Finally, she could bring the children to see their mother.
The past week had been rather trying for her- making her second guess ever having children of her own in the future. Everyday, after a long day’s work, Amelia had to drop by daycare to pick the Shepherd kids up and bring them home. Maggie would pick Zola up from kindergarten and drop her off in the daycare to join her siblings in the afternoon, so it was Amelia’s  
job to pick them up in the evening.

Amelia politely knocked on the door of room 412 before entering with the children in tow. To her pleasant surprise, Meredith was already wide awake, sitting up on her bed, both arms in casts.
She looked much better than the last time she saw her in ICU yesterday.

‘Mommy!’ Zola cried, running immediately over to her mother, almost tripping over a wire in the process.

’ Careful Zola!’ Amelia cried out.

Meredith smiled as Zola ran over to her and hugged her tight, ignoring the many wires connecting her to the monitors.

’ Mommy, I missed you’ Zola said , still wrapping her arms around her mother’s frail form.

’ I missed you too Zola.’ Meredith croaked . Her voice was still hoarse from being intubated for 5 days. ’ You and your brother and sister’.

“ Mommy, why do you sound like that?’ Zola asked.

’ Mommy is sick Zola.’ Amelia explained. ’ She hasn’t used her voice for a long time, that’s why she sounds different.’

’ Mommy, why are your arms like that?’ Zola asked, pointing at Meredith’s arm casts.

Amelia was about to answer her niece’s question, but Meredith beat her to it. 'Mommy had a booboo , Zo.’ Meredith answered this time. ’ Mummy’s arms are wrapped like that so that they can heal faster.’

’ Does it hurt, mommy?’ Zola asked, gently stroking the cast at Meredith’s right arm.

’ Only when I move it, Zo. ’ Meredith smiled meekly at her eldest daughter.

It was wearing her out- she had to muster all the energy she had to speak- but she would do it for her children.

Amelia and Meredith finally exchanged glances.

Amelia was still unsure of what exactly to say to her sister in law, so she pushed her nephew forward.

’ Bailey- don’t you miss your mommy? Go over to say hi to her- com'on’ she gave her nephew a gentle nudge on the shoulder.

The little boy was hesitant at first, looking up at his aunt for affirmation, before finally toddling over to his mother’s bedside. The monitors beside the bed and the wires hooked to his mother  frightened him.

’ Come here Bailey. Come to mommy’ said Meredith.

’ Mommy I missed you’ said Bailey, finally overcoming his initial shyness towards his mother.

’ I missed you too, Bails. Have you been a good boy for mommy?’ Meredith smiled down at her only son. She really wished she could reach down to hug him.

Amelia finally walked over to Meredith’s bedside , carrying little Ellis in her arms. The little girl reached both her arms out towards her mother, unaware of the fact that her mother was unable to carry her at the moment.

Amelia, noticing the little girl’s gesture, quickly carried her to the head of her mother’s bed, near enough so that Meredith could kiss her on the forehead.

’ Mommy missed you too, Ellie’ said Meredith. Ellie babbled in reply.

’ Thank you’ Meredith said to Amelia finally. ’ Thank you for bringing them over to see me. Thank you for taking good care of them.’

’ It isn’t a problem at all.’ Amelia said. ’ They’re my nieces and nephew after all.’

Meredith smiled at her sister in law. She was so grateful that Amelia still stepped up and took care of her children for the past week when she was in the ICU, despite them both not being in good terms before the incident.

’ I’m sorry’ Meredith half whispered. ’ I’m sorry for treating you badly before this and chasing you out of the house. I shouldn’t have. I overreacted.’

’ It’s ok- it’s in the past now’ Amelia replied. ’ I’m sorry too for being such a bitch towards you, pardon my language. ’

Both women chuckled before Amelia said ’ I forgive you’

’ I forgive you too’ Meredith croaked back.

With Meredith’s voice starting to break, Amelia felt that it was time to let Meredith have some rest.


’ Wow- tonight is the first night for the past week Zola fell asleep without asking about her mother’ Amelia said as she took a seat next to Owen in the kitchen counter. He had been paying visits to the house to help out with the kids whenever Maggie wasn’t around .

’ Even Ellie fell asleep right after her feed without fussing’ she added.

’ And Bailey actually has his pajamas on tonight’ Owen chuckled in response.

’ What are you looking at?’ Amelia asked, gesturing at the magazine in front of Owen.

Owen looked sheepish, like he was suddenly being cast in the spotlight. He didn’t have time to look through the magazine during other times, and he didn’t expect her to come out of Zola’s room so soon.

” Oh… I was just looking for a place to stay ’ said Owen simply. The tone in which he said it
was as if he had been commenting on the weather.

’ Oh? So you’re moving out of the trailer?’ Amelia asked, with a hurt tone in her voice.
Somehow, Owen’s future plans didn’t include her anymore, and that hurt very much.

’ I’m planning to sell it’ he said.

’ You’re planning to sell the trailer? And you never bother to tell me?’ Amelia’s voice was now raising.  ’ You don’t tell me about what happened between you and Riggs- fine….but now you’re moving out of your trailer- the trailer which I had been staying in together with you for the past couple of months … and you never bothered to let me know?! Well, luckily Meredith retracted her statement of kicking me out of her house or else I would be homeless. What a way to find out!!’
Amelia hissed in anger.

’ Shhh…. You’ll wake the kids… I was planning on telling you after I find the perfect house.’

’ Oh… After you find the perfect house for you and your future wife to stay in?’ Amelia asked. ’ And your future children? You’ve actually found the woman of your dreams already?! So this is it? We’re over. ’

Just then, a wail emitted from the baby monitor.

’ I’ll go and get her’ Amelia said, walking towards Ellie’s nursery. ’ And by the time I come back out here… I want you gone’.

Owen stayed rooted to his spot as Amelia made her way to the nursery.

Soon, he could hear the sweet and gentle sound of Amelia singing a lullaby to Ellie.

He quietly tiptoed over to the nursery, and the sight that greeted him made his heart melt.

Amelia was slowly rocking Ellie back and forth in her arms and singing ’ Rock A Bye Baby’ to The baby. There was no doubt in his mind that she was the woman of his dreams- he couldn’t keep it a secret any longer. He could already picture her rocking their own baby in a nursery and singing to her.

He cleared his throat to make his presence at the doorway known.

Amelia looked up at him, and her gentle expression slowly turned into an angry one.

’ I thought I asked you to leave ’ she hissed, making sure not to wake the baby.

Owen ignored her anger instead and walked slowly over to her.

’ I was actually looking for a place for both of us to stay.’  he said softly.

When she looked up at him, silently prodding him further, he continued……’ I now realize that you are the woman of my dreams, Amelia. I was looking for a place where we could settle down together, maybe raise children together….’ He could sense her tensing at his last few words, ’ I mean if you want to…..’ His voice trailed off. He suddenly realized that he was making the mistake of assuming she wanted to be with him.

’ Well why didn’t you tell me this earlier? Instead you go looking for houses on your own..’ said Amelia, as she put Ellie gently back down in her crib.

’ I wanted to surprise you. I was planning to find the right house and then blindfold you and bring you over to the house to surprise you. But I guess it isn’t a surprise anymore.’

Amelia slowly walked over to Owen, staring at him with her deep blue eyes, which he hoped their future children would inherit.

’ You want us to move in together? She confirmed with him.

’ Yes’ he answered firmly but softly so as not to wake the baby up.

After pausing for a brief moment- Amelia smiled, showing her dimples and took Owen’s hand to lead him to the kitchen counter where the real estate magazine was still lying open.

’ Let’s look at houses together and pick one we both like.’

The future seems bright once more.

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Jack Gilinsky Imagine: New Girl pt. 7

Pt. 1:

Pt. 2:

Pt. 3:

Pt. 4:

Pt. 5:

Pt. 6:

Jack and I pulled up to the hotel and he walked with me inside. “Am I rooming with you and Johnson?” I asked him. “Well, actually you could if you wanted to… But remember how you said you wanted a girl friend?” He asked. I nodded my head. “Well-” “JACK! IS THAT Y/N!?” A girl voice yelled. Next thing I know, I’m being hugged by a redheads girl that was about my height. “HI! I’m Mahogany! You’re rooming with me, girl!” She said before dragging me away from Jack. I turned around to see Jack laughing and waving at me as I’m pulled into the elevator. “Jack’s told me so much about you and let me tell you, I’m so relieved another girl’s gonna be here this weekend. I thought I was gonna be surrounded by these idiots the whole time.” She said. I laughed and grabbed my bags as the elevator opened on our floor. Mahogany led me to her room and opened the door with the key card and let me in. “You can have that bed. Hurry up and unpack and the head to room 412. That’s where we’ll all be.” She said before leaving so I could change into better clothes and get settled in. I changed out of my sweatpants and jacket and changed into leggings and a tank top before heading to the room. I knocked twice before Johnson opened the door. “Y/N! You’re here!” He said before pulling me into a hug. “Hey, Johnson! Long time no see.” I said while lightly punching him in the stomach. He laugh and then turned. When he turned, I saw a group of guys leaning over trying to see me. “Hey guys! I’m Y/N.” I said, waving to them. “Oh we know. We saw the video.” A younger boy with dark hair and blue eyes said. “Nash, shut up before I hit you.” Jack said as he came around the corner. Nash laughed and went back to looking at me with the rest of the boys. “Y/N, this is Jc, Sam, Taylor, Carter, Shawn, Aaron, Nash, Cameron and Matt.” Jack said to me, pointing to all the different guys as he said their names. “Hi!” I said again. They all waved at me and went back to their conversation. The rest of the night was spent with Shawn and Jack singing and Johnson freestyle rapping.

-The Next Day-

I woke up and Mahogany had just finished getting ready, leaving me to have the bathroom to myself. Her and I had stayed up late last night talking and bonding. It was nice being able to talk to a girl for once. After I finished getting ready, we met the boys downstairs to go to lunch since we slept through breakfast. The whole day was spent walking around Dallas and seeing everything and the guys making puns at Cameron because of his last name. Once it was time for the event, I decided to stay back at the hotel and get started on my homework. I Skype Sammy and he informed me on what I had missed and told me what the homework was. After that I crashed.


I decided that I would leave after the event tonight since my mom was coming back on Sunday. I had finished getting ready and headed to the event with Jack. He handed me a backstage pass so I could get in and out. Once we arrived, you could already see tons of girls lining up outside, waiting to be let in even though it didn’t start for a few hours. Jack and Johnson ran off with the other guys except Shawn to film some vines. Shawn sat down on the floor with his guitar and began to play lightly. I sat down next to him since Mahogany was sound checking her equipment. “Hey, Shawn.” I to him. He gave me a weak smile and then went back to playing. “Are you okay?” I asked him. He let out a sigh and shook his head. “I-I just am having some problems and I have no one to talk about them to.” He said. “Why can’t you talk to the boys?” I asked him. “They wouldn’t take me seriously…” He said, trailing off. “Well, you can tell me. I’ll listen.” I said. He placed his guitar down beside him. “So I kinda like this girl but I don’t really know how to talk to her. I’ve known her my whole life but I want to be more than friends and I don’t know what to say. She’s so beautiful and it intimidates me whenever I try to tell her.” Shawn said. I reached over him and grabbed his guitar. “Does she like music as much as you?” I asked him. He nodded. “That’s how we became friends. Was through music.” He said. “Well, write her a song.” I said. Shawn paused for a moment. “That’s a good idea… She’s always told me about how she’s wanted a song written about her! Why didn’t I think about that sooner! Thank you, Y/N!” Shawn said before bolting off to find blank music sheets. Suddenly, someone set down next to me. I turned around to see Jack smiling at me. “Hey, baby girl. You having fun?” He asked. I nodded, smiling at him. “Good. The event’s about to start so we need to get to our spots. C'mon.” He said, dragging me to him and Johnson’s spots. Johnson smiled at me as I walked up. “Hey, Y/N.” He said. I smiled at him and sat down in the chair pulled up beside them. Nash and Shawn were placed on the other side of the stage that was placed in the middle of the meet and greet, making it two sections. The Jack’s, Taylor, Aaron and Cameron were on one side and Nash, Shawn, Matt, Carter, Jc and Sam on the other. Girls started filing in to meet the boys and Mahogany started playing music for the people that weren’t meeting them yet. I saw Nash doodling on the white sheet of paper that was on the table in front of them for the fans to write on. I laughed to myself at how concentrated he was on what he was drawing. Girls started taking pictures with the Jacks so I thought I would go talk to Nash while he wasn’t busy. “Whatcha drawing?” I asked as I came up behind him. He jumped when I spoke. “You scared the shit out of me!” He said, laughing. I giggled and looked to see what he had drawn. “What’s that supposed to be?” I asked, laughing at the random lines drawn. “I don’t know. I just kinda got bored and just started drawing whatever.” He said while laughing. “I came over here expecting like Picasso art from how concentrated you were!” I said, still laughing. Nash laughed at my statement and looked down at his random lines. “Sorry to disappoint. But you know, 90% of those girls would pay more for this than that Picasso dude’s work.” He said. I laughed because it was sadly true. Girls began walking up to Nash so I made my way back to my seat by Jack. The event flew boy, the boys met so many girls and Shawn sang beautifully and before I knew it, it was time for me to go. All the guys hugged me goodbye before Jack drove me to the airport. “I hate that you have to go, but I’m so happy that you were able to come.” He said to me, kissing the top of my head. I smiled before picking up my bags. “I had a blast. All the guys are great. But I also miss my Sammy and Nate.” I said and Jack laughed. “Have a safe flight, baby girl.” He said. I kissed his cheek before heading into my plane.


Sorry this sucks I just really didn’t want write but I knew I owed you guys something. There will probably only be three more parts cause I’m really getting sick of writing this imagine😂😂 I love you guys though❤️

Missing You (MGC)

Summary; You surprise Michael on tour

warnings; none

Requested? Yes.

“The eagle has landed.” You texted Calum, letting him know that your plane had landed safely. You were currently trying to surprise Michael on tour, giving you an excuse to use dorky code words.

You looked out of your window seat on the plane, seeing other planes parked and the people that loaded the luggage onto the planes scattering around.

Your phone went off, signaling that you received a text. You looked down to see that Calum had replied “Okie Dokie.”

A few minutes later, you got off the plane and headed to the baggage claim to get your luggage. You waited there for a short while until you saw your bag. You retrieved it, when you felt someone poke you on your back.

You spun around to see a dark haired boy wearing a nirvana shirt, aka Calum. You smiled, hugging him. “Ready to put this plan into full affect?” He asked in his thick Australian accent.

“Hell yeah I am!” You giggled, as he grabbed a hold of your bag and started to wheel it out of the airport.

“He’s gonna be so excited.” Calum told you in the car ride back to their hotel. “Michael can never shut up about you.”

You laughed softly, butterflies forming in your stomach from pure excitement.

“In fact, he listens to ‘Missing You'” by All Time Low every night before he dozes off because it reminds him of you.“

After what felt like all of eternity, the elevator finally stopped at the fourth floor. You quickly exited it, searching for room “412”

409, 410, 411, you thought to yourself when you passed the rooms.

Then there it was, right in front of you, room 412. You tried your best not to giggle like a little girl from excitement. You quickly entered the room key in the slot, and opened the door.

You shut it behind you, when you began to here footsteps coming from the other side of the room.

“What the hell do yo- Y/N!” He gasped, bolting over to you. He picked you up and began to spin your around.

In the first time in months, he placed a slow, passionate kiss on your lips. “Oh my god I missed your kisses.” He said, smiling.

“And I missed your laugh.” He said, beginning to tickle you, causing you both to giggle.

You both sat down on the bed, gazing into each other’s eyes. He placed his hand on your cheek, beginning to rub circles with the pad of his thumb.

“God, I missed you.”

(requests are open!)

“Hi yea room service? Can I have a bottle of your best wine…some strawberries, some whip cream, andddd….oh yes! Your concierge what is his name? Eric Verden? Yes well Mr. Verden went above and beyond today in fact his work was exceptional in helping me find somewhere to have a business meeting. Would you mind sending him up please? I would like to thank him in person quickly before I head out to dinner. Yes, room 412. Thank you!” Hanging up the phone as she bit down on her lower lip Rhea grinned, turning on her heels to head into the living room area of her suite. She had two days off from touring and flying back into New York she hadn’t told Eric instead showing up at the hotel, checking thankfully without him noticing. Now plopping down on to one of the plush couches she enjoyed the view, her silk robe falling open slightly to reveal her lingerie as she waited for him to come upstair and get his surprise.

The Wedding (part one)

Imagine having to go to your older brother’s wedding, but bringing Dean as your date.

A/N: Takes place somewhere in season 6. I also wrote this on my phone, so if there are any spelling or grammar mistakes. Blame the iPhone

Warnings: Swearing


“Hey y/n, have you found us a new case yet?” Dean asked walking into the motel room with your food.

“Sort of…” you trailed off, taking the food out of Dean’s hands.

He looked confused sitting down next to you.

“okay, so my older brother Joshua is getting married next week down in Maui, but there have also been some strange killings down there, I’m thinking either a demon, vengeful spirit, but there are a million other things it could be” you rambled on hoping to convince Dean to go to Maui.

Dean just nodding looking at you, shoving more burger into his mouth “So you’re saying that if I go to your brother’s wedding with you, you’ll let me go on a hunt?” Dean asked trying to clarify what I had meant.

“Well… the wedding is a week-long thing. All the guests are staying at a resort, but the ceremony isn’t until the fourth day.” You replied, digging into your salad.

“And we’ll be able to go hunting and do research every other day…smart thinking y/n”

“By the way…I kinda told my brother I had a boyfriend, and I was hoping you could pretend –“ You started by Dean cut you off “what do you mean you told your brother you had a boyfriend?” He asked putting his food down and glaring at you as if he was mad that you had lied to your family.

“Please Dean, I would really appreciate it. Joshua thinks I am alone all the time with no friends, but I’m just s hunter and I can’t have friends. He was riding my ass about being alone so I told him I had a boyfriend so he would leave me alone. So help me out here” you pleaded trying to explain.

“Fine, but you know how I feel about PDA” he agreed.

“Thank you!” you stated grabbing a fry from him.


Pulling into the resort you could see guests unloading their luggage and piling into the lobby. You took a deep breath; you hadn’t seen your brother in 8 years, when your parents died you were only 20 at the time, your brother being 22. You would video chat with him and email him every once and a while. He was the only family you had left, other than Sam, Dean and Bobby of course. You had no idea why you were so scared to see him.

“You okay y/n?” Dean asked pulling into a parking spot.

“Yeah.” You said looking over at him and smiling “let’s go.”

The two of you climbed out of the car, retreating to the trunk grabbing everything you would need. Both of you stuffed a gun into the back of your waist band; Dean grabbing the duffel bags of clothes swinging one around his shoulder, holding the other in his hand. You picked up the empty duffel and lifted the false bottom of the trunk, putting in guns, knives, rounds and bullets. Everything you would need for a hunt.

“Ready?” you asked slamming the trunk.

“Hey! Careful with my baby!”

“I’m just gonna take that as a yes” you chuckled.

You and Dean walked towards the lobby, seeing your brother standing outside the front doors talking to someone in a uniform. He looks in your direction and sees you. “Y/N” he shouts jogging towards you.

You meet half way and give him a hug. Holding him close “God, I missed you Josh”

He was the first to pull away, holding on to your arms on either side of your body. “You’ve grown” he laughed and pulled you into another hug.

This time you pulled away first, “Josh, I want you to meet my boyfriend, Dean.”

Dean stepped forward and shook your brother’s hand. “Nice to finally meet you, y/n has told me so much about you”

“You too, why don’t we go inside so you can get settled in? Tonight we are all eating in the court yard at 7:30, so don’t be late. I’ll introduce you to my fiancé then” Joshua smiled. He seemed so happy. Quite the opposite of you, ever since you and Dean had been to hell the world was different. Once Dean had gotten out of hell you died a month later and were sent there. The hunting life really had a toll on you physically and emotionally.

You and Dean followed your brother into the hotel. While Joshua went up to the front desk to get your room key.
“You’re quiet” you said to Dean, linking your hand with his.
He looked down at your hands, then he looked into your eyes.

“You’re supposed to be my boyfriend, you dumbass. This is what people in love do” you stated flatly.

He chuckled then said “I know”
“Dumbass” he mimicked you.

You ripped your hand from his and walked towards your brother. Dean following after you.
Josh turned from the front desk and handed you two room keys.

“I gave you guys a room with a king bed, a balcony with the view of the beach. Room 412, fourth floor”

“Sounds nice. We’ll see you at dinner tonight” you said before turning and heading towards the elevator with Dean.

Once you get to your room, you immediately put everything down and get out your laptop. Dean takes his time looking around the room, on the balcony and in the bathroom.

He comes out of the bathroom “ocean breeze shampoo and conditioner” he chuckles and shakes his head, putting it back then plopping down on the king bed.

“Do you maybe want to help me with the case Dean?” You questioned him, hoping he would get the message.
“Lighten up a bit y/n. This is as close to a vacation as we’re going to get” he told you.

“Yeah Dean, I know that. But just because we’re in vacation doesn’t mean people are going to stop dying” you stated, this time succeeding with getting the message across.

“Fine. What do you say we go check out the bodies? We don’t have to be at the dinner for another 3 hours or so”

“FBI?” You ask

“Yep, let’s get suited up.” He says going through his duffel bag and pulling out his suit.

“Don’t tell me that’s the suit you’re wearing to the wedding too?” You groaned.

“It’s the only one I got” he said walking into the bathroom to get changed.

You grabbed your pants, blouse and jacket and got changed, you were done before Dean made it out if the bathroom.

“Let me fix re-do my hair then we can go” you said.

~time lapse~

Before getting out of the Impala both of you grabbed your fake badges. Walking into the station you flashed your badge and were directed to the morgue.

The Medical Examiner showed you the three bodies. The fist victim being male, second female and third being male. Each Vic had long slashes in their chests and their eyes melted inside their heads.

Taking a copy of the autopsy report, you left not knowing what did this to them.

“So I’m thinking that it’s not a demon” Dean stated climbing into the Impala and starting her up.
“Not shit Sherlock” you retorted.

“Okay, so there are three Vics, each two days apart. Which means we have until tomorrow before someone else dies” Dean says pulling out of the parking lot.

You just looked at each report, just thinking. You had no Idea what connected the victims, not yet.

“We need to talk to the families” you suggested. “ maybe we could get some insight on their personal lives and how they might be connected” you continued.

Dean nodded, turning the corner instead of staying on that road and going back to the hotel.