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BS Build Kids room/Nursery //22/05/2016//

Hi :D! I’ve made a nursery and or kids room, NONE of the CC shown is my own! Credit goes to original creators. There might be a little lack of posts soon because I’m working on an apartment build, check out the post I made about it! thanks guys! suggest what I should do next? I got most of the CC for this build from the Sims 4 Updates and Tumblr!

Destroyer Action off Holland

A calmer day on the Aurora; an officer fishes off the side of the ship.

January 23 1917, IJmuiden–The Belgian ports of Ostend and Zeebrugge were being used as naval bases for U-boats and destroyers, allowing them to operate in the southern parts of the North Sea or against the Dover Barrage.  Scheer had been dispatching boats to Belgium for some time, hoping to disrupt the Dover Barrage before the resumption of unrestricted submarine warfare.  This required the ships to make the dash from Wilhelmshaven to Zeebrugge–usually done at night to avoid detection.  On January 22, Room 40 got wind that another flotilla was leaving for Zeebrugge, and British destroyers from Harwich left to engage, encountering them in the wee hours of the 23rd.  Lt. Bowen, on the Aurora, recalled:

At 2:38 AM, the harsh rattle of the alarm hooter on the aft deck brought me instantly to full wakefulness, and I raced on deck.  Everything was pitchy black…[I] saw, about 1,500 to 2,000 yards distant, three low, dark shapes, easily recognisable as destroyers, I could not say with certainty that they were hostile.  The Captain had no doubt, for just as I had my glasses focussed on the leading one, the tinkle of the fire-gongs sounded, immediately followed by the crash and blinding glare of our starboard broadside.  I could see nothing for half a minute, very nearly walking overboard as a result.

…Throughout, the predominant feature of the entertainment was the cold, which was quite the most intense any of us had experienced in the North Sea.  Travelling at high speeds, clouds and sheets of spray continually swept the upper deck, and as it fell it froze forming a crust on thin ice.  It was positively dangerous to be on the fo’c’sle or quarterdeck when the ship heeled to the helm, and I am convinced that if they had put the helm hard over, half the 6-inch guns crews would have gone in the ‘ditch’.

Despite the element of surprise, the Germans came out better from the brief engagement.  The British destroyer Simoom was sunk by a German torpedo, while all the German boats eventually made it to Zeebrugge.  The most damaged was the V69, which the British thought to be sunk after being rammed; it instead limped into the Dutch harbor of IJmuiden, and was able to make quick repairs and set off for Zeebrugge before being interned.

Sources include: Julian Thompson, Imperial War Museum: Book of the War at Sea, 1914-1918; Image Credit: Royal Museums Greenwich


I felt like I wasn’t supposed to be there, like nobody really was supposed to be there anymore.

The Hidden Angel
  • The Hidden Angel
  • Authors Note: This was suggested by @alaysia220. And for the sake of the fic please imagine that cas would call to come visit.
  • Footsteps cluttered down the hallway of the motel as Sam, Dean and Y/N headed down to Room 22. They had just gotten back from a simple hunt. Just a simple possession, no big deal. Everyone was in a good mood, except Y/N. Y/N had a smile on her face but she was not cheerful like the others. A battle had been fought inside her for so long it felt like she would explode. You see Y/N had been hunting with Sam and Dean for years, but there was something not even they knew about her, she was an angel. Every day was a battle, should she tell Sam and Dean or not? Will they think differently about her, will they be mad. Y/N could not bare to think about it because she loved hunting with Sam and Dean, she loved taking a break from being a goodie two shoes angel. She pushed the thought out of her mind as much as she could and walked into the motel room. They sat down on the small couch and started to do their own thing. Sammy pulled out his laptop and started looking for a new job. Dean lent over to see what Sam was doing.
  • "Really? Cant we just have a break" joked Dean. Y/N laughed. All of a sudden Dean's phone started to vibrate. Dean reached over and picked it up.
  • "Hello?" He asked.
  • "Oh, yea sure! It will be good to see you!" Exclaimed Dean, a smile spreading across his face.
  • "Ok, bye" said Dean as he hung up.
  • "Who was that?" Asked Sam.
  • "It was Cas, he wants to come visit." Smiled Dean. As soon as Y/N heard this her heart skipped a beat.
  • "Um, I am going to go take a nap, I don't feel well" stuttered Y/N. She ran into the bedroom and closed the door. Her mind was spinning, she had heard of Castiel. He was an angel, which meant he would be able to see her wings. She heard the door open in the other room and Dean talking to someone, he was hear. Y/N didn't know what to do, she would be exposed but she looked up at her own wings and they had a slight glow. She gasped, when an angels wings glow around another angel, it meant they were sole mates. Y/N knew what she had to do, that was her sole mate out there, and if Sam and Dean couldn't accept that she was an angel then she understood. She took a deep breath and stepped out of the room to see a tall man in a trench coat. His wings rose up and were beautiful, there looked like they were photoshoped . Castiel looked up at Y/N and his jaw dropped. His wings started to glow.
  • "Hello Castiel" smiled Y/N.
  • "You...Your an angel" Stuttered Cas. Y/N nodded.
  • "Wait what!" Exclaimed Dean.
  • "Someone needs to tell me whats going on!" Said Sam, who was obviously trying to stay calm, but he wasn't doing a very good job.
  • "Yes, I am an angel, I am sorry I didn't tell you, I was worried what you would think of me." Sighed Y/N.
  • "Y/N, you're wings are glowing." Stuttered Cas, a shocked look on his face.
  • "Doesn't that mean..." Asked Cas. Y/N nodded. Cas walked over to Y/N and stroked her wings. His wings bent around Y/N in a protective hug, she did the same. Cas looked down into Y/N eyes.
  • "I never thought I'd find my sole mate" Smiles Cas. He leant down and kissed Y/N, their wings wrapped around each other.
  • "I found you" whispered Cas
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Penny Dreadful - Full Soundtrack 2014

01. Demimonde (Main Title) (00:00)
02. First Blood (03:36)
03. Right Behind You (04:57)
04. Modern Age (07:12)
05. Street, Horse, Smell & Candle (09:21)
06. There Is A Place (11:46)
07. Welcome To The Grand Guignol (13:50)
08. Everyone Likes Oranges (16:11)
09. Abomination (17:55)
10. Pull The Trigger (19:08)
11. Mina (21:11)
12. Allegiance (23:45)
13. Dorian Gray (27:25)
14. Never Say No (29:02)
15. Where Do They Go? (31:41)
16. Transgression (34:04)
17. Asylum (37:49)
18. Closer Than Sisters (41:30)
19. Too Many Monsters (44:45)
20. Mother Of Evil (48:10)
21. Secret Room (50:55)
22. I’m Not Myself (52:38)
23. Let Me Die (54:38)
24. To Be Beautiful Is To Be Almost Dead (57:08)
25. The Last Rites (59:56)
26. Back Hand Of God (01:02:45)
27. In Peace (01:05:07)
28. I Was Never Going To Go To Africa (01:06:40)
29. Reborn (01:09:44)