room 16


1. You woke up naked next to the last person you texted, what would you say? 

2. What’s going on between you and the last person you kissed?

3. If your boyfriend or girlfriend was into drugs, would you care?

4. Is your last name longer than six letters?

5. Was your last kiss drunk or sober?

6. Have you ever wanted to have someone but you messed it up?

7. What does your last received text say?

8. How many times have you kissed the last person you kissed?

9. Where was your last kiss at?

10. When is the last time you saw your sister?

11. What do you drink in the morning?

12. Where did you sleep last night?

13. Do you think relationships are hard?

14. If you could go back and change something in the past 5 months, would you?

15. You’re locked in a room with the last person you kissed, any problems?

16. Would you rather it be sunny or rainy?

17. Do you know anyone with the same middle name as you?

18. Are you wearing jeans,sweatpants,or pajama pants?

19. Do you think you will be in a relationship 3 years from now?

20. Does anyone like you?

21. Have you ever kissed someone with a name that starts with an S?

22. Is the last person you kissed gay?

23. Is there a person you CANNOT stand?

24. Have you ever considered getting a tattoo?

25. In the past week have you cried?

26. What breed was the last dog you saw? 

27. Do you dry off in the shower or out of the shower?

28. Have you ever kissed a football player?

29. Do you think you’re old?

30. Do you like text messaging?

31. What type of day are you having?

32. Have you ever thought about getting your nose pierced?

33. Do you prefer warm or cold weather?

34. Is there a person of the opposite sex who means a lot to you?

35. Would you prefer a relationship or a fling?

36. Are you a simple or complicated person?

37. What song are you listening to?

38. When you say you’re sorry do you mean it?

39. Is there a girl that knows everything or almost everything about you?

40. What made you start liking the person you like now?

41. When did you last receive a text message?

42. What is wrong with you right now?

43. How well do you know the last female you texted?

44. Does anyone disgust you?

45. Would you date someone right now if they asked?

46. Are you in a good mood right now?

47. Who was the last person you talked to in person?

48. What color shirt are you wearing?

49. Has someone recently told you something you didn’t want to hear?

50. Anyone you’re giving up on?

51. Do you hate the person you fell hardest for?

52. Have you ever thought about giving up on someone but couldn’t?

53. Do you like rain?
54. Do you care if your boyfriend/girlfriend drinks?

55. Have you ever liked somebody and never told them?
56. Do you like to cuddle?

57. Are you shy?
58. Do you get along with girls?

59. Have you dated the person you texted last?
60. What do you carry with you at all times?
61. If you were paid 1 million dollars to spend the night in a supposed haunted house, would you?
62. Do you think you can last in a relationship for five months?
63. Think back to October, were you in a relationship?
64. The person you like kisses you on the forehead, do you find this cute?

65. Did anything “cute” happen in the last week?

66. How old are the last three people you kissed?

67. Would you rather pay to get your nails done or do them yourself?    

68. Which do you like better- Zebra print or leopard print?    

69. Do you have any stickers on your car?    

70. Would you rather listen to Luke Bryan or Lil Wayne?    

71. Blackberry, Anroid, or iPhone?    

72. When’s the last time you had pizza from Pizza Hut?    

73. Do you like diet soda?    

74. What color are the walls in your room?    

75. Are you 16 or older?    

76. Do you watch Pretty Little Liars?    

77. Do you have a job?    
78. What are your initials?    

79. Did you ever have braces?    

80. Are you from the south?    

81. What does your last status on facebook say?    

82. Do you still talk to the first person you ever kissed?    

83. Are you closer to your mom or your dad?    

84. Have you ever done cheerleading or gymnastics?    

85. What’s the last movie you saw in theaters?    

86. Do you smoke?    

87. Would you rather wear heels or flip flops?    

88. Is your phone touch screen?    

89. Do you normally wear your hair straight or curly?    

90. Have you ever snuck out of your house?    

91. Would you rather swim in a river, lake, or pool?    

92. Have you ever made out in a car?    

93. …Had sex in a car?    

94. Are you single or in a relationship?    

95. What were you doing last night at midnight?    

96. When’s the last time you saw fireworks?    

97. Do you like the camera on your phone?    

98. Have you ever had a friend with benefits?    

99. Have you ever passed out from drinking?    

100. Are you friends with people on facebook that you actually hate?    

101. Have you ever had a pregnancy scare?    

102. Name your favorite Kesha song:    

103. Do you have any tan lines right now?    

104. Would you ever wear cowboy boots with shorts?    



ask thing because most of the others are about kissing and stuff
  • 1: a video game you'd recommend
  • 2: favourite pair of socks
  • 3: an odd thing from your room
  • 4: if you made a gang what would the design/text on the back of our matching jackets be
  • 5: if you were in a fantasy world what would be your 'trademark' item/feature
  • 6: if you were an npc what quest would you give (and what reward)
  • 7: dream Lego set
  • 8: do you have any scout badges
  • 9: a book you'd recommend
  • 10: favourite 'made-up' creature from any universe
  • 11: what instrument(s) do you play/any you wish you could play
  • 12: a character you wish you could pull off the perfect cosplay for
  • 13: favourite Terrible™ movie
  • 14: do you speak any other languages
  • 15: how many time telling devices are in the room with you
  • 16: a random useless fact you know
  • 17: create a tag urself meme description of yourself
  • 18: what is your weapon of choice
  • 19: do you like _________ [default word is waffles]
  • 20: all the questions!! (and/or your own)

It’s 2017, Harry and Louis haven’t publicly been seen together in the same room in 16 months, Louis has a public girlfriend and we are still forced to sit through these uncomfortable exercises in heterosexual click baiting (and Harry still can’t give a definitive ‘no’ answer to the question).


20 Unique Book asks

Bored so I’ve decided to make one :)
Share it around if u wanna try it :)

1. What book did you love when you were younger, but now are not very into?

2. What character do you hate that is overall a popular character?

3. What book would you be glad to never hear of again?

4. Which book has the protagonist you relate most to?

5. Have you ever liked a book but not liked the author?

6. What fictional world would you most like to live in?

7. Are you ever embarrassed when asked about your taste in books?

8. Do you get excited when a book you read is turning into a movie/ tv franchise? Or do you cringe.

9. Have you ever judged someone on their book taste?

10. How do you organise your book shelf?

11. Are you a sucker for book merchandises?

12. If you could ask your favourite author 2 questions what would they be?

13. In three words, how would you describe your taste in books?

14. Have you made genuine friendships through the books you’ve read?

15. Do you prefer reading outside or in the solitude of your room?

16. If you had the chance to spend the night with your favourite book character, what would you guys do? (And who would it be with)

17. What character do you think would be cool genderswapped?

18. What’s the book you’ve reread the most in your life?

19. How far would you travel to see your favourite author?

20. If your top 3 book characters (from different series) met for the day, who would you think would get along the best with each other?


New photos of Alexander Skarsgård at the SAG Aftra Foundation 5/16/2017 #BigLittleLies

LOS ANGELES, CA - MAY 16: Actor Alexander Skarsgard attends SAG-AFTRA Foundation’s Conversations with ‘Big Little Lies’ at SAG-AFTRA Foundation Screening Room on May 16, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. 

Updated with new YahooTV twitter pics [x]

  1. yahoo Alexander Skarsgård stopped by our LA studio to share his favorite scene from @hbo’s 'Big Little Lies.’
    📷: @thewonderwheel
  2. yahootv Alexander Skarsgård dropped by our studio to recount his most memorable scene from @hbo’s #biglittlelies!
    #hbo #alexanderskarsgard #perrywright #alexanderskarsgård 
  3. sagaftrafound #AlexanderSkarsgard stopped by the Foundation to talk about his career, craft & acclaimed role in #BigLittleLies! The Q&A will be available on our YouTube channel. #Conversations #acting #TrueBlood #ActorsLife
people don’t give warren enough credit for his bravery

regardless of whether you consider warren and max platonic or romantic, he stands up for her in front of nathan and beats him up. twice. when he is well aware that nathan is prone to violent episodes and that he carries a gun around. not to mention the fact that nathan’s room is right opposite warren’s - the guy literally sleeps a few feet away from him and despite everything warren still decides to protect max and piss nathan off, at his own risk.

Coming Soon:

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Most of these are requests and some are ideas I got on my own. These are all being written right now.


1. Submissive Roman x Reader

2.Teacher Roman x Student Reader

3. Dwayne Johnson phone sex

4. Roman Reigns phone sex

5. Roman x Reader w/ anal & heavy daddy kink

6. Roman x Reader, you accidentally call him by his real name during sex.

7. Roman x abused Reader

8. Roman x thick/insecure Reader

9. Sugar Daddy mini-fic w/ Roman Reigns

10. Sugar Daddy mini-fic w/ Dwayne Johnson

11. Dwayne waking you up with oral

12. Office sex with Dwayne

13. FWB (turned to more) sex with Roman

14. Dressing room sex with Roman

15. Dressing room sex with Dwayne

16. Very smutty Baron x Reader w/ heavy daddy kink

17. So far Roman/Baron threesome is winning with votes so that’ll be the first of the few smuts posted.

18. Either Roman/Big Cass threesome or Dwayne/Roman threesome would be following.

19. Dwayne x Reader x Roman threesome, w/ extreme multiple orgasms.

20. Roman x Reader, he catches you masturbating at punishes you by edging you & torturing you with multiple orgasms.

21. Possessive! Jey Uso x Reader, rough sex.

22. Tama Tonga x Reader, shower sex.

23. Switch/Submissive Dwayne x Reader smut.

24. Switch/Submissive Dwayne & Roman x Reader smut

25. Angry shower sex w/ Roman

26. Alpha! Jason Jordan x Beta! Reader, rough werewolf mate smut.

27. Fluffy Jason Jordan x Reader, you two are best friends & you are often mistaken as more. Little do you know, Jason already has strong feelings for you.

28. Alpha! Roman x Reader x Alpha! Jason Jordan.

29. Roman x Reader, rough makeup sex.

30. Roman x Reader multi chapter fic AU requested by anon.

31. The Usos x Reader x Roman, rough sex backstage w/ thick reader

I’ll definitely be adding to this list, but this is so far all I have! If you’ve requested anything in the past & you don’t see it here, please resend it because I’m sure I just forgot it. xx

Misconceptions Chapter 3

Pairings: Bucky x Reader, Natasha x Bucky, Platonic Tony x reader.

Warnings: ANGST. Pregnancy, violence, insecurity and self-loathing, Mutant reader (powers similar to Jean from X-men with a little immortality thrown in) smut. Horrible painful smut.

Translations: I hope this is accurate. I might be swearing at ya’ll. I hope not


Pridi na moy chlen- come on my cock (Russian)

Da detka, pozhaluysta, userdneye- yes baby please! (Russian)

Teper’. Pridi seychas- Come. Come now (Russian)

te iubesc- i dont want to give anything away, so if you really wanna know google it.

Sestra- Sister

malen’kaya lisa-Little fox

Originally posted by pleasingpics


“(y/n)’ Bucky moans into your neck, fingers tangled in your long (h/c) locks, the slick drag of his cock has your eyes rolling into the back of your head, your breath coming out in short harsh pants as he picks up the pace. “Krasavitsa” he murmurs, his eyes hazy as he looks at your sweat drenched body. You’re keening and arching into him, grabbing at his ass when a particularly hard thrust meets your special bundle of nerves head on. “Pridi na moy chlen” he growls at you. “Da detka, pozhaluysta, userdneye” you scream at him, clenching spasmodically around his length, his hips falter at the feeling. “Teper’. Pridi seychas” and you do, your mouth opens in a silent scream, back bowed unnaturally as your orgasm washes over you. Your vision goes white as Bucky fucks you through it, his hips stuttering, ass clenching, moaning so beautifully into the crook of your neck. You feel him throb as he empties himself inside you with a loud “Te iubesc” his harsh breathing is the only thing you can hear now.   You’re trying desperatly to catch your breath, a light sheen of sweat covering you, a pleasant ache settling in your muscles. ”What was that last one, Buck?” you ask. He blushes furiously as he replies ”Maybe I’ll tell ya one day kitty”


 You couldn’t hide. Nat would drag you kicking and screaming into the land of the living, Steve would stay outside your door until his relentless mothering broke you down, you had to go on like nothing was amiss, you had to pretend, swallow down the pain and nausea. 

18 hours you remind yourself, another 18 hours and I can run, I’ll never have to see the pity in his eyes again. 18 hours you repeat it in your head through breakfast, purposefully avoiding Bucky’s red rimmed eyes and Natasha’s concerned stare. “You doin alright there baby girl?” Sam asks as he watches you mindlessly push your food around your plate. “Yeah Sammy, not feelin so hot, think I might have caught a bug on that last mission” you reassure him, plastering a fake smile on your face. “Sestra” your gaze snaps to Natalia, she’s scanning your face looking for any signs of deception, concern etched on her immaculately made face. “Excuse me” you mutter as you stand, making a break for the common room. Sestra, you think. 

 16 hours you repeat when Steve asks you to speak to Bucky, concern for his friend radiating off him like cheap cologne. “Please Kitty, I don’t know what’s eating at him, he won’t speak to me!” He’s frantic, fists clenching with every word “I’m sure its nothing Stevie, if he needed to talk to me he would have found me already, why don’t you ask Nat?” I can do this, I can pretend, a little while longer, come ON (y/n) LIE TO HIM. “He mentioned something about not sleeping too well after the last mission, I’ll ask Nat to have a word.” He breathes a sigh of relief “Thanks kitty cat, what would I do without you?” he grins “Crash and burn” you reply. 

 13 hours you repeat when you walk in on an impassioned Bucky and Nat on the couch, oblivious to the outside world, her body wrapped around him, hands in his hair, soft moans spilling from her lips “malen’kaya lisa” He whispers rolling his hips into hers “I need you” he moans, she kisses a hot path down his neck “Natalia” he warns. Yup. You think, this is what dying feels like. 

 9 hours you repeat when you’re bent over the toilet bowl heaving out the remnants of dinner. Why the fuck is it called morning sickness when it lasts all day? Brushing the tears from your eyes. I can’t do this alone. Oh God, I can’t do this alone.

 3 hours you repeat when you hear Bucky banging on the bedroom door begging you to open up, to let him explain, how nothing he said to you was true. “Please just let me explain! I’m a fuckin idiot (y/n)! I need you! Let me IN!” he’s screaming, rattling the door, “C’mon kitty please” he whispers

 2 hours you repeat as you break down on the other side of the door, listening to the broken sobs of the man you love pleading with you to listen, your breathing harsh and labored as you question everything you thought was right.  

30 minutes you repeat as you hear Bucky leave, “You’re gonna have ta talk ta me eventually (y/n), ya can’ keep avoiding me for ever, I will make ya listen” he threatens. You clutch your non-existent baby bump, forcing yourself not too feel, burying the emotion so deep down inside that you’re not sure it’s ever going to come back out. 

 5 minutes you repeat as you fix the mess that is your face and collect your bags, waiting for F.R.I.D.A.Y to give you the all clear.

 30 seconds you repeat as you stroll through the darkened compound to the elevator that will take you to a non-descript car at the front of the building

10 seconds you repeat as you watch everything you love disappear in the rear view.

 A mistake, Just a mistake. 

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Morgana vs Supergirl Writers

Supergirl Writers: Katie, there is literally no other way we could be any more crystal clear about this. Kara is straight and she’s dating Mon El. Lena is straight and she’s about to have a male love interest come back into her life. Stop acting like and telling everyone that Lena and Kara are in love!!! They are not now, nor have they ever been or will they ever be romantically interested in one another. It’s-it’s just not the truth. 

Katie McGrath: 

SG Writers: *a few writers break down and cry like the tormented souls of the damned. This is the 58th time in 7 months they’ve had a meeting like this. Today they’ve been in the conference room for 16 straight hours and Katie hasn’t even broken a sweat.* 

SG Writers: *sigh* You’re never going to give up on this, are you? 


SG Writers: *sigh* Okay. 

SG Writers: *hand her the script where she’s forced into an arranged marriage with Mon El.* 

Katie: *thumbs through the script, visibly unimpressed, before setting it down.* 

SG Writers:


SG Writers:


SG Writers: Are you truly so adamant about defying us that this is what it’s come to? Do you really hate us that much?


Eat A Snickers: AU Cop!Sam

Eat A Snickers: AU Cop!Sam

Pairing: Cop!Sam x Nurse!Reader

Word Count: 1,900

Warning: Mentions of shooting and stabbing, not graphic though. INCREDIBLY fluffy otherwise.

A/N: The nurse in me dreamed about this and the writer in me wanted to share. The personality of the nurse is also me basically all the time. Enjoy!!

“Y/N! Room 11, you have a new admit. Just check in on him before your relief gets here in a few. Ten out of ten chest pain, 48 year-old male, say’s he’s having a heart attack. Pretty sure the only heart attack he’ll have is the one you’ll give him if you try and take those chips from him.”

“Oh, awesome, can’t wait.” Flashing your signature ‘kill me now’ grin at your co-worker you close out of your computer and head over towards the room.

Saturday nights in the downtown ER. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s always been more a can of Redbull to you anyways. The hustle, the bustle, the insanity that never ceases to amaze; who would ever want to leave that?

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World Eruri Conference 2017

Location: Redacted

Dates: Don’t Pretend Like You Don’t Know

Note: Any classes that are listed TBA have not been assigned. If you would like to volunteer for something, please leave a comment!  WEC Chair reserves the right to refuse volunteers on any grounds. 

The WEC isn’t responsible for anything that you do on your own time. If you risk getting us kicked out of the hotel, the Underground Eruris have offered to remove you from the property. Maintain your Eruri. Be polite like Erwin, clean up like Levi.


15:00: Hotel Check In

15:00 - 17:00: Weekend Registration

17:00 - 19:00: Welcome To World Eruri Conference by The Founder of the Erurinati via Skype (distorted image and voice for maintenance of anonymity) followed directly by The Eruri GIF and AMVs of the Year Awards 

Conference Room A

19:00 - 22:00: Cigar Social 

Hotel patio nearest the bar

19:00 - 22:00: Non-alcohol Social 

Conference Room B


Artist Alley opens at 9:00 and closes from 14:00 - 15:30, opens again from 16:00 - 18:00, Located in The Ballroom, Security Time Donated by Underground Eruris, Booths are $10 for the weekend

9:00 - 10:00: Saturday and Sunday Registration

9:00 - 10:00: Eruri 101, Learning to Articulate Tears: “ *Strangled Emotional Noises* ” by @flecksofpoppy

Conference Room B

10:00 - 11:00:  Ageism and Eruri: “Dont You Dare Fucking Ask Me if I’ve Watched This Whole Anime, You Pimple-faced Youngster.” Panel directed by @momtaku @lostcauses-noregrets @world-war-eruri  

Conference Room A

10:00 - 11:00: How to Combat the Hate with Love: “Why Can’t We Be Friends, Bitch?” - The Founder of the Erurinati (Distorted Skype Call)

Conference Room B

11:00 - 12:00: Love Scenes: “How Many Ways Can I Make Them Touch Cocks?” - TBA

Conference Room C

11:00 - 12:00: The Canon Evidence: “I Know What I Saw. You Can’t Gaslight Me.” - @mirsama

Conference Room D

12:00 - 13:00: Lunch. Restaurants within walking distance: Subway, McDonald’s, Los Amantes (try the double banana flan butt), KFC, Pho Me. 

13:00 - 14:00:  The Labor of Love: “I Worked My Ass Off On This, and I Did It For the Love.” - @gouguruheddo and @erwinsalive  (Be sure to congratulate the newlyweds.)

Conference Room C

13:00 - 14:00: Porn in Public: “Where Can I Sit on This Public Transport Vehicle So No One Can See That I’m Drawing Cocks?” - @zedsdead1001

Conference Room D

14:00 - 16:00:  Keynote Speaker: Stereobone speaking on: Literally Whatever the Hell She Wants to Talk About: “How To Ache Hearts and Still Curl Toes”

Conference Room A and B 

Maximum Room Capacity 5,000 Eruris

Security Time Graciously Donated by Underground Eruris

Note: If you bought VIP WEC passes, show your badge to the guy in Mike cosplay near the stage after the presentation, and he will take you to the Meet and Greet Stereobone area. 

14:00 - 15:00: Researching for Love Scenes: “My Boss Told Me Not to Use UrbanDictionary at Work Anymore.” - @valisi-clark

The Gender Neutral Bathroom at the end of Floor 2, nicotine and alcohol allowed, leather required, 21+ only

14:00 - 15:00: How to Cope with the Grief of Your Favorite Fic Never Being Finished: “Are You Gonna Finish That? I’m Starving.” - TBA

Handkerchiefs and Sobbing Pillows Provided By (We Still Need a Donor)

Conference Room C

14:00 - 15:00: Muti-Shipping and OT3: “I Like All of the Genitals.” - TBA

Conference Room D

15:00 - 16:00: : How to Embrace the Hate: “Cunty Thot Who Doesn’t Even Read the Manga Doesn’t Give a Fuck.” - @birbwin 

Conference Room C

15:00 - 16:00:  Rarepairs Forum: “Our Love Shack is Smol, but Our Ship is Strong.” - @minxiebutt

Conference Room D

16:00 - 17:00:  The Commissions, the RedBubble, the Society6: “This Ship is Starving Me, But I’m So Thirsty.” - Panel Hosted by @seitsensarvi

Panel is in Artist Alley along the back wall of the ballroom. Autographs from favorite artists will be available after the panel. Artists are behind glass for their safety. Security Time Donated by Underground Eruris.

16:00 - 17:00:  Eruri Art Analysis: “Look at This Archive. Isn’t It Neat? Wouldn’t You Think My Collection’s Complete? You’re Wrong.” by @flecksofpoppy

Conference Room C

16:00 - 17:00: How to Put the Spark Back in Your Fandom Fire: “My Ship is Sinking, But I Still Have a Boner. S.O.S.” - TBA

Conference Room D

22:00 - 0:00: Domestics and Sex: “Washing the Dishes Followed by Fucking”, A Eruri Workshop 18+ by @world-war-eruri and a Skype Call from Carthage.

Conference Room A and B


Artist Alley opens at 9:00 and closes at 11:00, Located in the Ballroom, Security Time Donated by Underground Eruris

9:00 - 10:00: Day Pass Registration

10:00 - 11:00: The Importance of Nile Dok’s Presence in Erwin Smith’s Life Roundtable led by @momtaku 

Conference Room A

10:00 - 11:00: Fuck Nile Dok Roundtable led by @lostcauses-noregrets

Conference Room B

(The Wall between Conference Room A and Conference Room B will be dropped after the Roundtables for a Unity Rave that lasts until 12:00.)

10:00 - 11:00: Self-Soothing Through Fandom: “When I Feel Sad, I Read This Fanfiction / Look at This Art and That Makes Everything Better.” / Creating Healing Art: “You Had a Bad Day? Look at this Kokko Heichou! Look at these precious Eruris!”  -  @erwinsalive and @cheekysmiletoo 

Conference Room C

11:00 - 12:00: The Rickroll High Five Festival:  “Never Gonna Give You Up, Never Gonna Let You Down, Put That Hand Up, I’m Gonna Slap It”  Orchestrated by @sugardaddyerwinsmith

Conference Room A  (”Never Gonna Give You Up” will be playing for the entire hour. Participants are encouraged to sing along but not required.)

11:00 - 12:00: The Eruri Merch Orgy. “Look at this!” Orchestrated by @kittyboo8015 

Conference Room B

11:00 - 12:00: The ConDrop: “How to Survive the World When You Really Just Want to Stay at WEC Forever.” - TBA

Conference Room C

12:00: Hotel Checkout 

13:00  -14:00: Erwin and Levi Q & A Panel (from cosplayers TBA): “Why Is There A Conference For This? Erwin is Confused. Levi is Embarrassed and Grumpy. Applause Follows. A Love Story.”

Conference Room A and B

Maximum Room Capacity 5,000 Eruris

Security Time Graciously Donated by Underground Eruris

14:00 - 15:00 : State of the Ship Address by The Founder of the Erurinati via Skype (distortion maintained) and Goodbye Hug Fest 

Conference Room A and B

Astro according to my dad

he was looking at the individual autumn story posters in my room (note: Rocky’s poster is in my sister’s room)

Sanha: that 16 year old one looks lost, someone help him

Moonbin: someone smack him upside the head, give him a fucking haircut and what the hell is this pouting shit??

Eunwoo: this guy is probably the model student wearing sweaters from the 80s

Jinjin: this is the guy in high school that would go to 7-eleven to steal beer

MJ: I bet this guy has college shirts of all the colleges he was rejected from, he looks girly