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Moeyy’s Awkward Moment Birthday Challenge!

It’s that time again, people. Since my birthday is in a few months, and I’m seriously itching to host another challenge, here’s this!

Theme: So, life is full of awkward moments. No one can really argue with that. But, we can certainly embrace it!


Fandom(s): Supernatural or The Walking Dead (yes, you read that right).

– You don’t need to be following me, but it would be very nice if you were. I won’t bite.

– For this challenge, pick one prompt, and write an awkward fic about it!

– Feel free to write fluff, smut, angst, or any combination of those! Whatever you’d like, as long as there is an awkward moment shoved in there! No, the entire fic doesn’t need to be awkward, unless you want it to be!

– It can be any pairing: ships, reader insert, friend!reader or sister!reader. RPF is also welcome. Whatever you’d like!

– There is no word limit, just make sure you use the Keep Reading cut if it is over 500 words.

– Please make sure that the awkward moment/prompt inspires your story, and isn’t just a tiny blip in the fic. Let the awkward shine, people! Embrace it!

Please tag me in your fic! It helps me track it for the master list I will make when it’s done. :) And make sure that one of your first three tags is “#Moeyy’s Awkward Moments Birthday Challenge”. Sorry it’s such a long tag.

Please shoot me an ask with your choice, your pairing, and a back up.

– Let me know if you have any questions. I will always allow extensions if needed. Just let me know as soon as possible if you need one.

The deadline for this challenge is November 16, 2017! My 25th birthday. :)

Prompts below the cut!

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anonymous asked:

Did Cas have a room in the bunker that was specifically his? Or did he just share the one that Mick slept in? And if he did have a specific room, is that the one Jack is using?

It seems that Cas and Mary both shared room 15 I believe. The room Jack was in was different (I think it was the set to Sam’s room just slightly altered).

It would have been nice for Dean angst to see Jack in Cas’ room but I totally get paralleling him to Sam at this point so I think that’s pretty cool especially given what he was doing in the room was paralleling him to Sam in the monster way… they just need to help him get past it now :)

So I am totally focusing on the wrong things, but my eternal Mapping The Bunker Project is requiring I go back and look at Cas’ room again.

Which…. sorry kids, isn’t actually Cas’ room.  It’s room 15, bare layout, and it has the green couch that went missing from Dean’s room sometime in between seasons 9 and 10 (please no one make me dig for when, I don’t think I took notes).

Room 15 is where Mick was staying in 12x17.  The bedding is still as rumpled as it was when Mick got up.  I’ll bet anything it’s the guest room, which means it’s where Chuck was staying (though surprisingly not where they stashed Mary).

Technically this makes it the non-existant fourth door down the hall on the left.  The numbering suggests that it’s down the hall from Sam’s room.  And Mick approached the kitchen from down the kitchen hallway… which I am going to interpret as “this way to bathrooms” before I give myself a splitting headache on “where is it.”

I was so excited for him to have his own private room, even as bare bones and unpersonalized as that one is.  But there still isn’t anything that’s concrete in the Bunker for Cas.  He still doesn’t own anything, or have anything, or keep anything there.

It isn’t home yet.  Even though he spent all those weeks when the Winchesters were imprisoned wandering around the Bunker, he hasn’t made it home.

anonymous asked:

hi, i'm in my living room in pennsylvania. it's about 1:15 and i'm thinking about what i should do today cause it's my day off work and i don't want to waste it lol

Hello! that sounds great! I hope you’ll find something nice to do :) Enjoy your day xx

EXO Reaction: when he pushes you against the wall.

Baekhyun: “I need for you to stop making me horny. I can’t control myself when I get this way.”

Chanyeol: “Do you know how crazy you make me?”

Chen: “You know people say singers have talented tongues. You want to test this theory?”

DO: “I may be short but I have a lot of power be find my thrusts.”

Kai: *completely loses his words when you lock eyes with him. He wants to take it slow but his mind won’t stop racing.*

Kris: “If you don’t want me you need to tell me now cause if I start then there will be no stopping me.”

Lay: *completely in awe of you. He can’t seem to stop looking directly into your eyes. He is realizing he is falling head over heels for you*

Luhan: “You will be mine tonight. Tonight and from now on. You are mine. You are my princess.”

Sehun: “I’m going to need you to go and meet me in my room in 15 minutes. I don’t think I can wait until tonight.”

Suho: “Call me… daddy.”

Tao: *his heart begins to pump when he realizes how close you two are. He beens down and makes eye contact with you. He wants you know and he knows you know it*

Xiumin: “I think it’s time for me to show you how much of a man I can really be.”

02/04/15: Morning workout completed, lunch eaten, room tidied… Don’t think I can put off working on this assignment any longer :P Motivation is a little low, but am going to use my Forest app to deactivate my phone and take things one 30-minute chunk at a time! I’ve got the whole rest of the day free to study now so am determined to make progress 👊