rool it

Have you ever met one of those guys who tries really, really hard to be tough?

Like he really tries and he doesn’t let people in very easily and he’s all rough around the edges

but deep down he’s this sweet little muffin

cinnamon roll dork

with the sweetest little smile?

fight me on this

These soft-vinyl figures from the Donkey Kong Country tv show came in! Funky don’t know SHIT tho,

That’s just about everyone in the original set, save for Dixie, who hardly ever showed up and was never on model with the games anyway. Not a problem, haha!

Whelt told me that he once obtained these figures from a catalogue, from attempting to order Yoshi’s Story plushes. He regrets returning the DK set, but I probably would’ve made the exact same mistake back then. I once really wanted to order a clear Nintendo backpack just because the picture had a Yoshi doll inside it, and I ignored all claims that it didn’t fugken come with anything inside it.
Still, I honestly had no idea these DK figures were even available outside of Japan.

anonymous asked:

I think that Kraglin is probably impossibly good at getting out of things like handcuffs and jail cells. Like he gets put in lockup, the guard blinks and suddenly BAM Kraglin's out and sprinting down the hallway

You know that this is 100% accurate.

The crew plays a game called “How long can we keep Kraglin tied up.”

And they bet to see how long it takes for him to get out.  It’s a lucrative lottery seeing as Yondu never stops it.  It’s not like ANY of their attempts have kept Kraglin from doing his job.

… he always suspiciously seems to get out immediately when it’s very dire… making them wonder if he just pretends some times were harder than others…