Indigofera x Rooktown x Burg&Schild

Indigofera “Floyd” vest in Gunpowder Black Selvedge Denim with Horseblanket lining. “Norris” Flannel Shirt from Indigofera too.

Every Vest is hand screen-printed by our  friend Mike from Rooktown specially for Burg&Schild.

Very Limited, edition of 9 pieces only! Thanks a lot Mats and Micke!

Rooktown Biker-Messenger Bag

A brand new Rooktown bag handmade especially for Burg & Schild.

This bag is made from white tent-canvas previously used by the Swedish Red Cross, vintage leather and brass buckles.

Even though its materials are close to 70 years old, this bag is a strong one. It’s waxed, so it is water-resistant. The bag has a carabiner hook, with 1 large and 2 smaller pockets inside. It was developed together with Burg & Schild and is only available through us.

Here’s a little story about the crowns on Rooktown stuff; They represent the crown of the Swedish royal family and you can tell by them in which years the fabric was used.If there’s 1 crown on it, it was made between 1940 and ‘41, if there´s 3 crowns, it was made from '41 till '49.

Check out their Facebook page for more information on the brand: