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Mythos + Les Amis

@therisgrand and I did a thing

Enjolras: Artemis (willful, leader, virginal.)

Combeferre: Athena (Intellectual, levelheaded)

Courfeyrac: Apollo (sunlight, warmth, cleverness.)

Jehan: Persephone (kind, flower child)

Grantaire: Poseidon (uncontrollable, unpredictable, yet gentle.) also think about how the moon controls the tides and 

Joly: Asclepius (goddess of medicine)

Bossuet: Tyche (goddess of luck and chance)

Bahorel: Ares (headstrong, impulsive)

Feuilly: Hestia (Hard working, constant, and often overlooked.)


Cosette: Aphrodite (beautiful, loving, can be lethal)

Marius: Hephaestus (dejected son, underestimated, gentle, mocked)

Eponine: Eros/Cupid (desire, affection) cupid is armed with a bow and arrow because love ‘inflames and wounds the heart’ and eponine dies for love with a bullet in the chest are you crying im crying

Musichetta: Demeter (fertility, maternal) 

Gavroche: Hermes (messenger, mischief, thievery, youngest of the pantheon)

Montparnasse: Hades (looks dark and brooding, actually adorable)

les amis&co + MODELLING AGENCY
as brainstormed by @therisgrand and I.

 Enjolras is making money on the side modeling - at first he feels it’s shallow work and knows the industry can be awful, but he has the look for it and realizes that he can use the platform to speak to the masses. 

Grantaire is the attractive, super messy photographer who infuriates Enjolras as he doesn’t really care about the social ramifications of photoshopping models a little bit. He prefers taking photos for brands like Free People but will take money where he can get it. 
      BONUS: He has to photograph Enjo for Calvin Klein and,.,,,,oooohhh boyyy,,,,,,

Courfeyrac is a designer, all about outrageous dresses and prints and weird sunglasses. He ropes Combeferre into modeling his newest line of sweatervests and for days after the media is going crazy after Courf’s boo, Mr. Tall-Dark-n-Nerdy. 

Bossuet and Musichetta are on almost every big-name hair and makeup crew you can find. Most of Bossuets accidents end up being fashion favourites, especially on the runway. Joly runs a fashion blog. If you’re anybody who’s anybody then you’ll be on his blog. He promotes vegan brands mostly on his blog, and if his friends are doing an editorial or show he’ll promo it. 

Feuilly is also a designer, mostly selling things that Jehan models for him. He and Bahorel have been known to go out to dinner in kilts, and they look fuckin’ badass all the time. 

Jehan is the biggest bohemian and indie model out there. They love the gender-fuckery shoots and do one with Bahorel. Bahorel is wearing a dress while Jehan is in a lumberjack inspired outfit. They make a good contrast in their flowy flower-child clothes to their on-again-off-again boyfriend…

Montparnasse, who is all about the sleek, black, leathered styles. Fashion mogul. When he and Jehan go out on the town it’s like night and day meeting. He and Eponine have an iconic Diesel spread that was the launch of both of their careers. 

Eponine was scouted one night on the street. She constantly brings this up and makes sure the industry knows how ludicrous it is that she’s a) one of the only big Indian girls modeling out there and b) they wanted her when she was almost starving. 

Cosette is an influential plus-size model who hates the entire term “plus-size” and often speaks with Eponine and Enjolras about the lack of diversity in the industry. She and Eponine are a highly sought after pair because of the way they contrast.

Marius…oh, Marius. Someone big see’s Marius all flustered on Cosette’s instagram feed. “Ah, yes.” they whisper to themselves. This boy is perfect. He has the freckles, the hair, much more boy-next-door than avenging angel. And thus one of the biggest careers in the industry is born. Marius is still confused about how it happened. 

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Rill Rill Sleigh Bells
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Why did you choose your URL?

“yung” bc i think it’s a funny prefix, “parnasse” bc les mis

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Elizabeth (classic)

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mermaid! valkyrie!

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purple! maroon! 

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either The Return of Prince Donathunn or Germinal  but this changes daily

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oi okay Les Mis, Hamilton, recently star wars, always sunny

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I don’t know, because I like to geek out about stupid things? memes??? 

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