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Mythos + Les Amis

@therisgrand and I did a thing

Enjolras: Artemis (willful, leader, virginal.)

Combeferre: Athena (Intellectual, levelheaded)

Courfeyrac: Apollo (sunlight, warmth, cleverness.)

Jehan: Persephone (kind, flower child)

Grantaire: Poseidon (uncontrollable, unpredictable, yet gentle.) also think about how the moon controls the tides and 

Joly: Asclepius (goddess of medicine)

Bossuet: Tyche (goddess of luck and chance)

Bahorel: Ares (headstrong, impulsive)

Feuilly: Hestia (Hard working, constant, and often overlooked.)


Cosette: Aphrodite (beautiful, loving, can be lethal)

Marius: Hephaestus (dejected son, underestimated, gentle, mocked)

Eponine: Eros/Cupid (desire, affection) cupid is armed with a bow and arrow because love ‘inflames and wounds the heart’ and eponine dies for love with a bullet in the chest are you crying im crying

Musichetta: Demeter (fertility, maternal) 

Gavroche: Hermes (messenger, mischief, thievery, youngest of the pantheon)

Montparnasse: Hades (looks dark and brooding, actually adorable)