rookie splash

Splash Mob is an apparel brand that oozes luxury. It’s the perfect brand for the discerning squid who won’t settle for second best on the battlefield or on their looks. While perhaps a bit sophisticated for rookie battlers, Splash Mob is a well-established brand with loyal followers.

On Model:
Striped Beanie – Opening Gambit
Shirt & Tie – Special Saver
Mawcasins – Ink Recovery Up

And that, my friends, brings Inkling Fashion Week to a close. We hope you enjoyed our special investigative report as much as we loved getting paid to blog about it.

WAIT. Who pays us?

The Avengers go to Disney World

No one had discussed it before. The topic of Disney World just never had a reason to come up in conversation. That is, until Jane and Darcy are going down to Orlando for a convention.

“You ladies gonna stop off at Disney World?” Sam wonders while they’re seated around the kitchen table for breakfast. “Cause what’s a trip to Orlando if you don’t go to Disney World?”
“Yeah, I’ve been saying that for days,” Darcy whines. “Jane says ‘we’ll see’, every time I ask.”
“What is this World of Disney you speak of?” Thor asks. “Is it of Midgard?”
“Disney?” Bucky questions. “Like Mickey Mouse and Snow White?”
Steve nods. “Yeah. Apparently they’ve made an entire theme park based on it.”

Clint suddenly slams his fork down and pushes away from the table. Everyone falls silent. It’s only in extreme cases that Clint would leave a half a plate of eggs unfinished. 

“This is a travesty,” He states. “You cannot be an Avenger without ever going to Disney World.”
“I think it’s all right, Barton.” Natasha assures him. 
“Nope. No it isn’t. Pack your things. We’re going today.”

Clint was 100% serious, and four hours later the jet they borrowed from Tony has landed and they’re walking up to the Disney gates.

“Whoa,” Steve breathes as he takes everything he can see in.

Thor laughs his head off, completely excited to try all this out. Bucky’s mouth falls open. He tugs on Steve’s shirt.

“Oh! Mickey ear hats!” He exclaims. “Can we get some, Steve?”
Steve’s eyebrows lift and he throws him a smile. 
“Uh, I think that’s a must.”

The two run off, smiling and laughing, to get hats (they end up getting one for everyone and Bucky looks so excited that not one of them can refuse to put it on).

Clint insist they all ride Space Mountain at least five times, but Thor exceeds the height limit so everyone else goes on only once.

Thor actually ends up loving the Dumbo ride, holding his arms out and grinning madly. It takes over an hour to convince him there are other rides he might like.

“You fly, dude,” Sam reminds him. “You remember that, right?”
“But never upon the back of the cartoon elephant that is Dumbo!”

No one warns the three rookies that Splash Mountain actually does end with a huge drop into a splash, and Thor–sitting between Steve and Bucky–clings onto both of them at the drop. Sam is sure to buy a souvenir photo to remember the moment forever. 

Bucky feels ridiculous when he realizes going on Pirates of the Caribbean might trigger him because of all the guns and canons. No one else wants to go on without him, and they buy him a Mickey Mouse shaped ice cream and balloon to cheer him up. He ends up loving the Haunted Mansion though, excitedly pointing out all the different ghosts to Nat. 

Natasha forces Steve into the Hall of Presidents and keeps on asking if he knew any of them personally. She also tells everyone her favorite ride is It’s a Small World, and then holds back her laughter as everyone plugs their ears during the ride. Her favorite is actually Thunder Mountain. 

When the park is closing, Clint attempts to get them to keep it open longer just for them cause “Come on. We’re Avengers!”

They don’t though, and they head back to their hotel. Sam and Clint sit up front in the van they’ve rented, going over the plans for the next park. Thor is still booming and insists that he get to ride Dumbo at least one more time before they leave. Bucky sits between Steve and Nat on the way, and nods off, his head bobbing back and forth to each of their shoulders. 

That’s just day one.