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Is there any way you can do some headcannons for Gladio getting ready for his wedding? I absolutely loved the wedding headcannons you did for Prompto, they were adorable! 😍

did I hear Gladio’s wedding? *cracks knuckles* man I’ve been looking forward to sharing these bad boys since the damn Prompto post. I have so many feelings about this. I love these boys. I love Gladio.

anywho, here they are! enjoy! :)

Prompto ; Ignis

Marriage Headcanons - Gladio:

  • No one is as excited for Gladio’s wedding as Gladio
  • No one
  • Tries to say that Iris’s enthusiasm is rubbing off on him
  • Has a “secret” wedding board on Pinterest
  • You’re always catching him scrolling through the app and adding things to it
  • When he notices the knowing smile you send his way every time you see what he’s doing, he immediately switches to King’s Knight. He keeps his composure like a champ
  • “Picking out colors again, honey?”
  • “As if. I’m just kicking Noct’s ass for the third time today. Wanna watch?”
  • You let it slide. He’ll keep it up all day, if he has to
  • He’s in charge of all of the floral arrangements – including your bouquet
  • He loves picking out flowers

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First Times
Changkyun scenario requested by Anon
Genre: Fluffy smut thing?
Word count: 1151

Author’s note: Hi again~ I’m back with another smut, although you can hardly call it that. I passed my entrance exams! I hope you can find this enjoyable. I’m not too familiar with smut so I tried by best. Please enjoy!

His fingers were trembling.

Honestly, you weren’t even sure if he had noticed it, although it was a bit hard to miss. You laid your hand over Changkyun’s instinctively, curling your fingers around his in a comforting gesture. Chocolate brown eyes shifted to meet yours, his lips twitching with blatant curiosity.
“What’s on your mind?” You murmured, resting your chin on his shoulder delicately. The two of you were sat side by side on his bed, having turned on a movie about an hour ago. You weren’t really sure what it was about at this point, your eyes continuously falling on your boyfriend instead of the computer screen.
“Did you catch me?” Changkyun chuckled softly, leaning his head against yours. In the months you had been together, it was your first time seeing this side of him. He was acting out of the ordinary, trying not to make eye contact for too long, and his shoulders tensing at your touch.
“You didn’t cheat on me or anything, right?” You murmured playfully into the shell of his ear, a smile pulling at the corners of your mouth as he began to squirm.
“Of course not, you know I wouldn’t do that kind of thing. There’s just been something on my mind lately, but I don’t know how you would feel about it.” He said, the curve of his lips meeting your cheek for a fleeting moment.
“You’ll never know if you don’t ask.” You answered him, trying to keep your voice low as to not shatter the tension hanging in the air. His window was open this afternoon, as it was when the weather was a little warmer, and the sunlight was spread across the walls like margarine. You could hear his every breath, coming and going with the slight breeze. It was a moment that you couldn’t capture in mere sight, the sort of thing that would bring on heavy nostalgia in the years following. The audio of the film was drowned out in your soft voices, Changkyun’s eyes scanning yours for a sort of cue.
“Have you ever thought about making love to me?” He asked cautiously, sunlight reflecting off of dilated pupils. The seconds that followed there were no words, your body reacting before your mind could. Your lungs burned as if you had just run a mile when your lips met, hands melting against each other’s skin. Before you could register it, your back had met the mattress. Changkyun’s arms were shaking as he looked down at you. If anyone saw the way he looked at you, they would know how in love he was within seconds. Sex is something that is seared into our instinct, typically animalistic and fast and hot. Somehow, this was quite the opposite. When Changkyun’s lips met the expanse of skin where your neck meets your collarbone, it felt more similar to being submerged in a warm bath. His hair was a little out of place and his breathing was a little uneven, but looking at him in this moment, you realized there was nothing else quite so beautiful as Im Changkyun. Your hands slid along his neck, tugging him closer until your foreheads were flush. Heat was spreading through you slowly, building his each passing second. The two of you were bare-faced, with disheveled hair, and dressed in clothes that weren’t particularly flattering. You didn’t feel necessarily sexy, but you felt beautiful. The kind of beautiful that comes with being human, with raw and unfiltered emotion for the person in front of you. The kind of beautiful that comes with the wind shaking the trees. It is something unexplainable, this awe for the world right in front of yours eyes, but it was unparalleled. Changkyun’s eyes were still searching your own, the both of you wanting to drown in the other.
“Im Changkyun, I love you.” You whispered, your throat tightening as the words escaped, and your tongue running over your chapped lips. Changkyun’s shirt was off soon after that and your own was shed fairly quickly. Your lips were all over one another, with Changkyun nibbling lightly at your collarbones and your chest. Soon enough, there was no more fabric separating you from him, bare skin kissing bare skin as your tongues danced. Firm hands and long fingers had prepped you well, his grip tightening around your thighs as own of your legs was adjusted over his shoulder.
“I love you.” He whispered, pressing his length into you and allowing you time to adjust with each inch. You nodded in return, the newfound pressure below being something you had never felt before. It didn’t hurt in the slightest, but the fact that Changkyun was inside you, was making you squirm. He thrusted languidly into you, sending an incomparable chill through your bones when your hips were flush together. Your back would bow with the building pressure, your neck thrown back as Changkyun moaned into the crook of it. Small sounds were eliciting, but nothing like the stuff you had seen in porn. It was gentle, the onsetting pleasure more similar to boiling water than anything else. Changkyun was sweating, the ends of his hair slightly damp from the intensity, making him glow. The sex the world had prepared you for was rough and painful and noisy, but you supposed that making love was quite different. There was the awkward stumbling of lips and gaps of silence that came with everyone’s first time, but Changkyun had obviously done a lot of work into making sure he could make the most enjoyable experience for you. Being young and in love was a blessing, you realized. Each thrust sent your mind reeling, the feeling reminding you of oceanic waves crashing against a rocky shore. Everything but Changkyun was nothing now, your eyes only seeing him, your ears only hearing him, your body only feeling him.
As his orgasm approached, his hips bucked a bit faster, his fingers fisting the fabric of the sheets below you in desperation for something to hold him together. He came first, your orgasm following soon after as he drew his own out. It was a rush of heat, causing your toes to curl and your thighs to tremble. It was like a flower blooming, your entirety opening up in front of Changkyun shamelessly and unapologetic. It was a tender moment for the two of you, your chests heaving, and your eyes never leaving each other. There was no second guessing.
He collapsed on top of you after he pulled out, arms wrapping around you protectively. Small kisses were littered over your face, causing laughter to bubble up from your stomach. Lips were now on the shell of your ear, tickling as Changkyun whispered to you, despite the lack of an audience.

“What was that movie about?”

Someone to love

Someone to love Five part mini series

Summary: You’d been there the whole time. Maybe now it’s time to let Steve know what he thinks he’ll never find.

Pairing: Steve x Reader Setting: from Captain America the First Avenger to Civil War.

Warnings: none for now. Notes: written for my 400 follower celebration requested by @angryschnauzer the song is Somebody to love by Queen. What was supposed to be a one shot grew into a four or more parts cause the idea just stuck with me. Hope you enjoy

Key: Y/GF/N = your grandfather’s name

Tag list: @winters-buck @marvelfanfichq @aquabrie


Chance meeting Part 1


 “This seat taken?” you ask spotting the only empty chair on this beautiful fall day, next to a man you’ve seen many times at this very spot the last few months.

He looked familiar, more so than just seeing him here. But you can’t place where you’ve seen him before. Now up close, sandy blond hair highlighted by the sunny rays beating down, warming those who chose to sit outside. His head bent till you’d spoken, breathe catching as his sky blue eyes land on you, half smile gracing the corners of his lips. You can tell somethings wrong, studying people being a hobby of sorts and part of your chosen career, though you bite your tongue not asking questions.

“Uh, yes, yes it is,” siting up, pulling his feet back under him from being stretched out under the small table

Trying not to take up much room as you’ve spied a sketch pad while placing your coffee cup down. Taking your computer bag from the left shoulder, finally sitting down, you take a deep breath of the fresh air. A smile sliding into place as you close your eyes and relax.

“That bad a day doll?” deep voice laced with concern.

Doll? Did anyone use that anymore? Evidently they did since the hottie sitting next to you just said it. But instead of answering his question you just stared for a moment finally realizing who he is and ignoring his question.

“Oh my, your,” pausing, swallowing hard. You’d never met anyone famous before much less a war hero you’ve heard about all your life.

Internally groaning, one of the many down falls to having a face everyone knows is being bombarded by people who want to talk about the past, to shake his hand and sometimes not let go. Not that he doesn’t want to talk about it, about life in the 40’s, his time during World War 2 and Captain America.

“Steve Rogers, right,” voice light, sweet to his ears because most addressed him as Captain America or Cap. But you, your different he can see the curiosity written in your eyes he’s just not sure for which it’s for. The man or the myth?

“That’d be me in the flesh,” he tries not to cringe at how stupid that sounded, not being use to today’s slang. Lowering his gaze back to the pad in front of him, Steve starts to add more lines, a little shading to the drawing of the New York skyline.

Not taking your eyes off him, while unpacking your laptop and setting up your work area. “Never thought I’d ever meet you. My Granddad spoke very highly and so many stories. ”

Head snapping up as the pencil paused, eyes searching. “Stories? Who’s your Granddad?”

 “Y/GF/N, of the 107th,” the grin is infectious as it lightens your eyes, affection and love in your tone. “He always says if,” you clear your throat dropping the octave as much as you can. “If not for Steve Rogers you wouldn’t be here lady bug, he’s the true hero saving all our butts.” 

At first Steve just sat there, a touch shocked, a touch moved. Not that he hadn’t been called a hero before, many times in fact that at some points it really didn’t mean much because most didn’t mean it. But to hear you say it even in that silly voice, it stirred something inside him. “Is he still alive?”

“Oh yes, very much so. Lives in DC still, house he was born and raised in since the 20’s,” there’s pride in your tone, as your own eyes drop back to your computer. Booting up the system you take a deep drink from you’re now warm coffee. “I’ll let you get back to your sketch, I’ve taken up enough of your time. Just pretend I’m not here.”

“No, you’re not bothering me doll,” flipping the pad closed, not wanting to get anything on it. The birds do dive bomb from time to time as he’s learned. “What uh,” he rubs the back of his neck, not wanting to sound self-absorbed, but curiosity got the better of him. “What stories did your Granddad tell you about me?”

You can see the nerves, something telling you that he’s uncomfortable about asking, his posture a dead giveaway, but interest is there to. “The good ones mostly.”

Smiling, seeing that you’re teasing him, “So he didn’t tell you about the time I toilet papered the General’s tent just to see how angry he’d get?”

“Ah no, but he did tell me how you mud washed some poor privets jeep,” you’re trying to hold back the laughter through seeing his shocked face does in you.

Folding over your computer laughing into the crook of your arm, you hear the sweetest sound ever. Guff laughter from the man sitting beside you that tickles your ears and makes you smile. You’ve managed to do what so few have, making Steve Rogers feel normal for once since the serum’s injection into his body. So many have seen him as nothing more than a weapon, or an icon for others to follow. Forgetting that he’s a man as well.

“Thank you,” he’s wiping tears away still chuckling.

“For?” your puzzled, regaining your own wits about you looking over at him.

“Making me feel less of a science experiment gone wrong and more human,” breathe catching in your throat when you catch the spike of uncertainty in those beautiful sky blue eyes of his. He hadn’t meant to say that out loud, but there’s something about you that he feels like he can honestly talk to you.  

“Mr. Rogers honestly you aren’t a failed experiment, you’re a human being who deserves to be treated as such,” placing a hand on his arm giving it a light squeeze. “Whoever told you that is an idiot.”

“Steve please,” heat from your touch warms him in ways he’s not felt since before going into the ice and only one other time, with Peggy.

Smiling, removing the hand from his arm, you’re unsure on what to do next. What does one talk about with Steve Rogers? It’s funny actually, you normally would sit here typing away at your next piece ignoring everyone and everything around you, yet right now you don’t want to. Instead you wanted to know more about the man behind the myth.

That thought is taken, along with what to talk about from you, as his phone rings. A frown marring that handsome visage as he listens to the voice on the other end. “Understood, I’ll be there in ten,” the cadence has changed, dropped an octave. “I’m really sorry, I have to go.”

“Of course it was nice meeting you Steve,” you rose with him offering your hand which he takes and shakes. On impulse you stand on tip toes, leaning in to press a soft kiss to his cheek. “For all you’ve done and will do but most of all for saving a man’s life you didn’t even know.”

Astounded, Steve tries to cover the light pink which dusts his cheeks though secretly pleased. “My pleasure miss,” tipping his head to one side he’s at a loss for what to do and no time to think of anything. The advice from Bucky doing him little good right now, “I’ll see you around?”

“Count on it Cap,” shooting him a cheesy smile while retaking your seat.

Groaning though the smile on his lips tells of a different story, Steve waves before taking off down the street and into danger. Wondering if he’ll ever see you again. You as well think the same thing, but push those thoughts aside. Today had been a fluke you wouldn’t be so lucky again.

Part 2


Originally posted by madeinmasyaf

Disclaimer: I do not own anything except for the story. Please do not copy or credit this is as your own. Photo above is not mine.

Pairing: Desmond Miles x reader

Words: 335

Warning: Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, incest (mention only)

Tagging: @writingsofawaywardnerd @thepandadrawer @bunnyyumyum @fortunefavoredthebrave @thatonepieceofpaper @amarabliss@an-order-of-fryes@imakemyownblog@rooks-and-blighters

A/N: This is a belated birthday gift for @rooks-and-blighters​ since I know that the precious smol bean that DEFINITELY DID NOT DESERVE UBISOFT’S WRATH is one of their favorites (◕‿◕✿). Enjoy!

Our greatest battles are often those with our mind - Anonymous

It always pained Desmond to see you huddled under a mountain of blankets, shivering with your lips moving at the speed of light. A string of incomprehensible words left you as Desmond forced you to sit upright while he brought a spoon filled with a warm broth to your shaking mouth.

Desmond remembered when you first told him about your unique situation and how it was some strange genetic trait, a combination of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, that was passed down through your family due to some incestous activity some generations ago and the only reason you even knew about it was because your father mentioned it when he started noticing the symptoms.

“It’s the family madness,” You described dryly as you rubbed your temples, a headache forcing its way to the front of your skull. “Once you have it, you can’t get rid of it.”

Even though he reassured you countless times that he would be there every single day, helping you remember who you were, who he was and all the happy times you spent together, it still wasn’t enough. At least in Desmond’s eyes.

Perhaps it was different in your perspective, that the incoherent babbling you spewed everyday made sense in a perverted way. How every trembling movement you made, the occasional twitch that crinkled your left eye and the constant furling of your eyebrows could be explained away with a simple reason only by you.

In a strange way, no matter how many times you gripped the covers wrapped around you or the amount of hours it took for you to eat or drink what was given to you, Desmond still held onto some form of faith that you would survive, even though you could never express yourself fully again. However the slightest sense of hope you gave him in this insanity was when you managed to reach out from your makeshift cave of bedsheets and touch his hand with your own.

Mom- Zach Hyman

Originally posted by hockeylesbians

Ok so this one took longer than planned, but I got it out in time! Yay! Not much plot but fluffy and funny! Hope you guys like it! Enjoy!

Warning: mentions of drinking and stupid plans

Anon Request: if requests are open & you have the time, can I get an imagine w/one of the maple leaf rookies? a fluffy one where the reader & whichever rookie you choose have a super cute/long term relationship and you’re kind of the mom friend of the rookie group because you’re used to taking care of people. sorry if this is vague/doesn’t make sense lol. I’m considered the mom friend of my friend group, which is great, it can just be a bit stressful b/c my friends are all dumb asses (that I love dearly haha)


              You put your hands over your eyes. You just couldn’t watch.

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“Rookie One”, Bodhi x Reader

Title: Rookie One / AO3
Length: 6.8k
Rating: Gen
Summary: Reader’s five year old son takes a shine to Bodhi and spends every waking moment following him around as Bodhi teaches him about ships, how to fix them, how to fly them. But when Reader’s son becomes more and more obsessed with the Rebellion, Bodhi wonders if maybe he’s not such a good influence on a young, impressionable boy after all.
A/N: A lovely anon requested Bodhi getting to know Reader’s five year old son. So it’s time to saturate Bodhi in all the tooth rotting fluff imaginable.
Masterlist / WIP List

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Summary: No other man will ever come close to him.

Setting: After Civil War

Warnings: NSFW (smut all the way, wrap it if ya gonna tap people be safe.) Not what might think either, you might want to have tissues handily as well. 

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Notes: written for my 400 follower celebration challenge. Requested by @angryschnauzer​ the song Ruin me by: The Veronicas.

Tag list: @sebbytrash @winters-buck @smoothdogsgirl @marvelfanfichq @marvel-ash

Crystal, warm, and wet, the lone tear which slips from your eyes, to slide down cool cheeks and drip to the floor. Eyes trained on the bed, two bodies in the throes of passion, coming to completions. Weeks he’d played you, telling you everything’s fine when in actuality they weren’t. You could see that much with your own eyes, hear the grunts and moans, each a dagger to your heart. Each taking another piece of you.

It’d been the little things, brush offs, staying longer at the clubs he normally wouldn’t go to, till lately. Wanting to talk and getting nothing but silence and the sex, cause right now that must’ve been all that’d been between you, is none existence. The I Loves yous few and far between. How could you have missed the signs? Missed that what your heart told you is love is meaningless. Maybe you could talk to him, ask him. Shaking your head, knowing it’s useless he’d never listen and you didn’t care, not now, not after this. He may have ruined you, but you’re gonna take him down with you.

Harshly wiping at the salty, bitter tears, you pivot on bare feet making for the door, snatching up your heels on the way out. Plan in your head as your heart starts to freeze.

Bucky stood looking out over the city lights of New York, upper body bare, arms crossed, waiting for you to come home. It’s unusual that you’re this late coming home from work. Which makes him tense and worried. So many people want him dead or worse alone. That it sets his teeth on edge. He couldn’t lose you, the only good, real thing in his life, not to death anyway.

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rookie mistakes.

Alpha!Soldier x Omega!Reader Fluff (?)
Prompt: Rookie Omega!Reader keeps passing out on Alpha!Soldier’s lawn

There it was again. The vigilante sighed loudly, setting a book, that he was reading on a small coffee table. Cracking his neck, he stood up and went to the back door that leads to his lawn. He didn’t even have to open to door to know who was behind them.

He already knew what sight is waiting there for him.

Sleeping naked girl in the middle of his lawn. If it didn’t happen so many times already he might be a little bit more shocked. Maybe as shocked as when it happened for the first time.

He was just in the middle of his evening routine, his soldier-like habits did die hard - checking everything is locked and loading his gun kept him sane before he went to bed, still with one eye opened.

And that was when it happened. He heard some loud noises from behind the back door, someone was definitely on his lawn. With his gun in hands, he opened the door and he sure as hell wasn’t expecting what he saw and probably would be at bigger ease with some group of thugs wanting to get revenge on him.

With how long he was already alive he wouldn’t expect himself to get this thrown back with a naked girl that somehow ended on his lawn. But then his werewolf senses kicked in, smelling all around he was sure this wasn’t any normal teenage girl getting drunk and ending up here, she was the werewolf, and omega to that.

“You are kidding me,” he murmured under his breath.

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#1 jake Gardiner

hey, can I request a jake gardiner imagine? a fluffy one where jake introduces the reader to the team and everybody loves her and she and jake kind of become the parents of the team/the rookies and the reader helps take care of them when they’re injured/puts up with all of their dumb bullshit but likes them anyway? I recently saw a gifset describing jake gardiner as the mama bird of the group so this request popped into my head

will be a two parter so prepare yourself for that

Song suggestion of the day:

Originally posted by brandoncarlo

“Mitchy put that down.” Jake scolded as his tiny teammate attempted to duel Mo with a branch he’d found while they were walking.

“Let your hatred fuel you.” Mitch cackled, poking Jake in the side. “Come to the darkside.”

“Don’t encourage him.” Jake warned Mo as he pried the stick from mitch as auston snickered.

“Don’t be nervous, Jakey, we already love her.” Mo declared, throwing an am around his best friend’s shoulders.

“Yeah, that’s not why I’m nervous.” Jake replied and Mitch feinted hurt but was quickly distracted by trying to catch the grape Matt threw him in his mouth.

Sure you’d met a few of the guys before, Mo included, but you had get to meet the bundles of joy that were the baby leafs. He used the term joy loosely because it definitely did not feel that way at times.

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Originally posted by theluttleprince

Hansol (NCT/Sm Rookies) x Reader

~by Admin Mari

Word Count: 4,001

A/N: First, this child needs to debut. Second, this is the beginning of my downfall. Since Cherry Bomb comes out this week I’ve been writing stories to hopefully support people through this emotional time. If you want stories for any of the other NCT boys just send in a request. And send in asks for others too because we just updated the mod page, so now it shows all the groups we’ll write for. And there are a lot of them. Too many members, not enough ideas. Every prompt counts. Trust me.

The old bookstore around the corner was fairly hidden back in an alley off the main road. Plants grew in between the breaks in the pavement and small, still growing trees offered a little shade from the scorching sun above. What the trees couldn’t provide, however, was made up by the towering brick buildings surrounding the area.

The store itself sat in between a coffee shop and an art studio, so aside from the few regulars of the area, there was relatively little traffic to disturb the peace of the place.

About two years back, (Y/n) had discovered the bookstore when she had been searching for novels by some off-the-wall author. Along with new stories, she had found a second home among the aisles of bookshelves stocked to the brim full of yellowing pages and fading covers. Of course new books were always on display up front in the large glass window behind the counter.

The best place to be, to (Y/n) at least, was in the back where there was a small seating area hidden behind a wall of ready-to-be used journals. The small, blue couch had sunken in cushions and smelled of dust, but it was still comfortable to sit in and often that’s where she was for hours on end after classes. She’d take a book she just bought and a coffee from next door and hide in the back to read in the tranquil atmosphere.

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Someone to love Part 2: Luck is very kind

Summary: You’d been there the whole time. Maybe now it’s time to let Steve know what he thinks he’ll never find.

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Character’s: Steve, Reader, Natasha, Peggy, OC male (Reader’s grandad), Sam, T’Challa, Bucky, mentions of Sharon

Setting: from Captain America the First Avenger to Civil War.

Warnings: none for now.

Notes: written for my 400 follower celebration requested by @angryschnauzer the song is Somebody to love by Queen. What was supposed to be a one shot grew into a four or more parts cause the idea just stuck with me. Hope you enjoy.

Someone tags: @ek823 @spnhybrid @iamwarrenspeace @the-doctor-called-loki

Permanent tags: @winters-buck @marvel-lucy @angryschnauzer @marvelfanfichq

@aquabrie @creideamhgradochas

Key: Y/GF/N = your grandfather’s name

 Someone to love Part 1

Part 2: Luck is very kind


“You sure about this?”

“Why not? It’s just DC,” frowning, Steve turned from packing up his suitcase, to glance at the red head standing in his doorway.

Shrugging, pushing away to walk in, arms crossed, “What about that gal you met, you gonna try and find her before you leave?”

“That’s been over a year ago Nat, not likely she’d even remember me. Besides why’s it matter?” shaking his head Steve turned back to packing. Not that he’s got a lot of possessions in the first place. One can’t collect things while frozen stiff for nearly seventy years and only reacquired to this world in the last few years.

“Give you something to look forward to on return trips to New York,” plunking down on the edge of his bed. “Why are you even considering leaving home?”

Snorting softly, while closing his suitcase, “Just another place is all Nat. Besides I have my orders, it’s time to go,” pulling the case off the bed, backpack slung over his shoulder, Steve gave the room one last look.

Being the place he’d called home, if there truly is such a thing anymore as everyone he knows, loved, and cared about is dead. He’s alone in an unfamiliar world, trying to rebuild a life from the ashes of the past and staying here, right now just makes it worse.

Soft sigh leaving pink lips, Natasha rose clapping Steve on his broad shoulder, “Well I’ll see you around then Cap.”

Not looking back, Natasha headed for the elevator. Their little team/family is breaking apart, not that she had any ideas of grandeur just small little thoughts of things being different. Maybe with time it’ll be different, snorting at that thought, pushing the down button, Natasha shoves those thoughts aside. Steve’s right its time to move on.

Watching her go, Steve’s unsure of what exactly his next move should be. The small scrap of paper in his front jeans pocket burning a hole in his thoughts. He hadn’t let anyone know, except for Fury who’d found the information. Not sure even what to expect, Steve accepted the offer of working in DC to be closer to his last link. Hope being the only thing he’s got left.


Several months later

He’s been gone for a week, not that she’d noticed much, her memory being what it is. Pacing outside her door, nerves making his hands sweat that he wipes on his jeans before knocking lightly.

“Come,” English accent still strong.

Entering, bright smile on his lips, watching Peggy sit by the open window warm summer breeze blowing in, ruffling her greying brown hair.

Eyes search before coming to rest on him, “You’re back.”

“As promised Peg.”

Light blush dusting her cheeks, “No one calls me that anymore Steve.”

Chuckling, talking a seat across from her, “Better not, that names reserved.”  

“Oh you,” she smiles taking his hand in her frail one, patting the top. “How was the mission?”

Raking the free hand through his hair, making it stand on end for a few seconds. He’s surprised she remembers, “Complicated.”

“Aren’t they all?”

“To true,” answers short, eyes going from her aged face to the open window where street sounds make their way up to the fifth floor.

“Something wrong Steve?” not needing her failing memory in right order to figure out there’s something troubling him. She could see that written plainly on his handsome face.

Snapping his glaze back to her, “No, no of course not Peg just thoughts.”

“You’re still a horrible liar Rogers,” stating the obvious, a harsh pat to the hand still in hers. “What’s really eating away at your mind?”

Deep sigh leaving his lips, Steve turns away from Peggy a moment, collection his thoughts on how to even answer her. “The last mission,” biting his bottom lip feeling Peggy give his hand a reassuring squeeze. “It’s not the same.”

“What did you think it would be like Steve? Hugs and rainbows?” she snarks, eyes rolling as she stared at him.

For a moment he’s shocked, a snort issuing from his parted lips, “Not likely Peggy, just,” shrugging hand running through his hair once more. “This life, this time it’s so different,” taking his hand from hers, Steve stood pacing the small stretch of plush carpet behind the chairs.

“You will fit in Steve not right away but soon.”

Locking eyes with her aged ones, Steve for a second saw the spark of the young Peggy the one he remembered and fell in love with during a time of his life when everything was upside down. He wanted to believe, to know she’s right, but it’s not that simple. In that moment he witnessed the shift in her demeanor going from knowing he’s alive and how it came to be, to barely recalling his name.

“Steve?” voice frail, small. So unlike it’d been just moments ago when she told him off.

“Yeah Peg it’s me. I came back,” reassuring her by coming to crouch beside her chair, soft smile on his lips.

Staying for only twenty minutes more, helping her to bed to rest, he takes one more look back watching the peace fall over her sweet face. A war going on in his own mind while walking out the door, softly closing it behind him, only to run into someone. Arms immediately going around the person’s waist keeping them from falling backwards.

“You unhand my granddaughter this instance you punk,” deep male voice spoke from behind her, as Steve comes to find soft curves pressed against his larger, harder frame.

“Miss I’m so sorry I hadn’t seen,” words caught in his throat as you move your H/C hair from your face bright smile on your lips.

“You better be watching where you’re walking Mr. Rogers you pack quite a punch there,” you grin stepping from his arms, the warmth going with it.

Coming to stand beside you, “Bless me is that really you Captain Rogers?”

“Granddad remember I told you of my meeting him that afternoon,” your glancing between your grandfather and Steve who’s caught between embarrassment in almost running you over and shock at seeing someone he knew from seventy years ago and seeing you again.

“You gonna keep staring boy are you gonna speak,” poking Steve’s shoulder as she playfully swatting at your granddad.

“Sorry, I just,” rubbing the back of his neck. “I wasn’t expecting to see you again Y/N and here of all places.”

“Small world huh Steve?” you smile up at him, butterflies dancing in your tummy. “Where are my manors, granddad Steve,” you motion towards the younger man before turning to the older another bright smile on your lips. “Steve my granddad. He moved in a few years back when mom and dad decided to move to Florida.”

“It’s truly an honor getting to meet you sir,” Steve began only to be cut off.

“Bah, honor my aunt fanny if anything its good seeing you again boy. It’s been too long and time’s been anything but kind to an old soul like mine. Unlike you,” laughing, crinkles forming beside forest green friendly eyes. “Do me a favor Captain, get this young dame outta here for a bit she’s been here too long.”

“Granddad, I’m here to visit you of course I’m gonna spend time with you,” groaning resisting the urge to facepalm.

“You’ve been here almost all day, besides I’ve got a hot dinner date can’t have you hanging around spoiling all my fun,” he winks at Steve, who blushed and laughed.

“It would be my pleasure to escort you to dinner, if you’re hungry that is and if you want to go with me. You don’t have to, I can just walk with you to your car,” he’s rambling, nerves getting the better of him.

“Steve,” when you notice he doesn’t look at you, you place a hand on his forearm garnering his attention. “I’d love to go to dinner with you. In fact I know the prefect place,” smiling you notice that underlying sadness in his demeanor again and wonder.

“That’s settled then, Y/N tomorrow not before eleven please. I love you but I need my sleep especially after tonight,” he winks again giving you a tight hug. Before turning to Steve hand out which the younger man takes and shakes firmly. “Still has a tight grip, I like that in a man. You take care of my granddaughter.” Leaning in to whisper, “You have my blessing,” patting his broad shoulder before taking off down the hallway leaving you and Steve to stare after his slowly disappearing form.


Chuckling, turning to face Steve, “That’s my granddad, doesn’t act like he’s almost ninety does he?”

“No he sure doesn’t, reminds me of my best friend actually,” fawned smile gracing his lips tinged with sadness.

Placing a hand on his bicep this time, “We don’t have to go eat Steve. I can make my way alone, done it many times.”

Shaking his head, taking the hand and wrapping it around his arm fully, “I wouldn’t dream of letting him down Y/N.”

Starting to walk towards the elevator, “So what brings you to DC?”

“I live here now,” Steve could’ve sworn he saw your face fall a fraction but it’s replaced so quickly by a smile that he thinks he’s seeing things as you enter.

“Oh,” clearing your throat, hoping foolishly so that he still lived in New York City, where you could’ve spent more time together. Shaking that thought from your mind, “DC is wonderful, different with all the sharks in suits up on capitol hill but still beautiful.”

“I take it you’re not much for politics then?”

“Right you are Rogers,” grinning while the two of you exit the elevator heading for the street. “We can walk to the diner from here. Unless you rather drive?”

“No, no walking’s fine,” feeling at ease for the first time since being thawed out, Steve’s enjoying himself with just the simple things.

Light conversation goes back and forth, learning that you’re a writer in your spare time, a lowly, your words, editor for a small online magazine, and you love pie. Pausing at the door, which Steve opens letting you go in first, a surprised smile gracing your lips as it’s something that doesn’t happen often. Finding the right booth more towards the back away from the prying eyes of many who stared, as the two of you walked in.

On instinct Steve takes a seat facing out, eyes watching, on guard just in case.

“Do you ever relax?” your voice breaking his train of thought to find your watching him.

Finding that as you walked to the diner, Steve seemed tense, watchful. Not that it bugs you, more concern than anything else.

“I, yeah, yes of course I do. Why do you ask?”

“Has anyone ever told you that you’re a horrible lair?” teasing more than anything you toy with the menu the waitress placed in front after taking your drink orders of ice tea for you and coffee for Steve. “You just seem so tense is all. You can relax Steve.”

Sighing, raking a hand through his sandy blond hair. He’s unsure of what to say exactly. “Relaxing isn’t a luxury I can afford truthfully Y/N.”

Reaching across the scared table to take his hand in yours, wondering where this bold streak is coming from. You’ve never been quite this open or flirty with a guy before, but there’s just something about Steve that sets your nerves to calm even as your heart races.

“You can Steve, it won’t kill you.”

“It might others.”

Head cocked to the side words halted as your drinks arrive and you let her know that a few more minutes are needed as neither of you have looked at the menu yet.

“Our lives aren’t infinite Steve, we’re born to die as my granddad would always tell me. That it’s what we do with the time in-between that counts the most.”

Swallowing hard the words spill out before he can stop them, “I don’t belong here Y/N.”

“Here as in DC, this diner, the US, here with me? What do you mean Steve?” frowning you give his hand a squeeze unknowingly using the same hand Peggy had clasped not too long ago.

“This time, place everything,” deep bone weary sigh leaves his lips. “I don’t belong in this time. Everything’s so different, confusing, strange and I can’t seem to wrap my head around it all.”

Relinquishing the hold on his hand, to stand and come over to his side of the table waving the waitress away again with just a look. Steve’s sight is trained on the outside, the people, weather anything to get away from the words and feelings he just let out.

“Steve,” softly resting a hand on his shoulder coaxing him to turn and look at you. In that moment you knew what the weary look in his sky blue eyes meant. “I’m not going to say I understand what you’re going through, cause God knows I don’t. But I will say that if you want to talk about it, about anything I’ll lend an ear, or a shoulder.”

Without thinking about it, Steve slid forward into your embrace letting you wrap your arms around his shoulders and pull him close. For the first time since his mother passed all those years ago Steve Rogers felt safe and cared about, as a person not a myth or hero or science experiment, but a man. It’s strange because he barely knows you, yet at the same time he feels drawn to you.

“Thank you,” he whispered into your shoulder feeling your small hands rub his back gently.

Marveling at how much pain and anguish this man held within him, the strength of will he used to keep it all from people who should’ve seen what you have from just two meetings. Yet you realize that he’s allowing you to see him at this moment, that he trusts you for whatever reason and you feel honored to have that trust.

“No need to thank you Steve cause I’m damn sure gonna use your shoulder and ear to,” chuckling, hoping to get him smiling even a little and to your surprise he lets out a soft laugh.

Siting up to stare at you, wondering why of all the people he’s met in this time and you’re the one who makes him feel more alive and valued than ever before. “I’m at your serves milady.”

“Dork,” punching his arm but only hurting your own hand. “Damn you got arms of steel or what Superman?”

“First I’m a dork now I’m this Superman person, I think you might need your head checked Y/N you’re talking strange.”

You go to retort sarcastically only to have Steve’s deep laughter make you smile again. Shaking your head, starting to raise only to have him stop you. “Stay.”

“Of course,” giving him a shy smile the two of you looking over one menu and choosing dinner together, talking late into the evening. 

Part 3

Astro | Rookies

Genre: fluff

Pairing: reader x sanha

Word count: 1,834 (I got so carried away omg)


“Three minutes until we’re live.” your manager warned you as you sat in the chair in front of the makeup artist. It was a radio show, so you didn’t know why they were doing your makeup but someone told you there’d be photos and you weren’t going to object to having your makeup done nicely for free either. You nodded at her as she ran around making sure everything was ready for your interview. You’d debuted a couple of months ago as a solo singer for a newish company and so far you’d been doing pretty well. People seemed to be really enjoying your music and you gave off this indie school girl vibe that lots of people seemed to like.

You’d been on a radio show before and loved it. They usually consisted of some silly games, some questions from fans and a live performance. It was always really fun but you were nervous for this one. This particular radio show had you paired with a rookie group that had debuted soon after you. Instead of two hour long segments, they’d given you a two hour long one and decided you and the group Astro would share and do all the fun games and questions together. You knew some of Astro’s songs and were familiar with the members. From what you knew you were younger than most of them but fell somewhere between Rocky and Sanha, the youngest two.

Before you’d gone for your makeup, you met the boys briefly. They were all incredibly nice and you were excited to be hanging out with them for a couple of hours even if the nerves of performing in front of them were really getting to you. The youngest member in particular had caught your eye when you first met. He seemed very sweet. He was tall, bubbly and loud and towered over you upon meeting you telling you a dumb joke and then laughing too much to finish it. You hoped maybe this two our radio slot would be enough to start off some kind of friendship between the two of you.

“Everyone to their seats please.” One of the radio presenters called and the seven of you stood up and walked over to the table where the mics were sat with your names at each chair. For some strange reason, they’d placed you in the middle of the group between Moonbin and Eunwoo. You thought it would’ve made more sense for you to be on the end but assumed they just wanted you to feel included as you were here alone after all. The six boys smiled at you in reassurance as the radio show started and the presenters did the usual intro to the segment. Once that was over, you all took turns in introducing yourselves and pictures were taken of the seven of you smiling for the radio companies website.

You were relieved by how friendly the presenters were and how quickly everyone eased into conversation. It felt so natural and you were really beginning to enjoy yourself. You, Rocky and Sanha all laughed together with the presenters about the struggles of being an idol whilst in school and then came the time to talk about yours and Astro’s new mini albums.

It was nice hearing all about the new summer vibes album and listening to snippets of song but then came the time to talk about your album called Rewind. The songs were of a slightly older style that you’d enjoyed back home and decided to bring over to Korea when you moved to the company. Some you’d written yourself and you explained this to the presenters who “oohed” and “ahhed” over your talent. Then came the moment you dreaded.

“A little birdie told me that you’re going to perform for us today Y/n.” One presenter asked and you nodded shyly ignoring the sounds of surprise coming from the boys next to you who had no idea beforehand.

“Umm yes,” you agreed standing up to move to where your other mic and guitar were set up on the end of the row you were in next to where Sanha sat. “This song is called The Game and it’s about how things were so glossed over and perfect as a child and the happiness kids could find from the smallest things. It makes me think of my childhood back home and all the silly games I’d play.” You blushed feeling everyone’s eyes on you as you picked up your guitar.

“For those who have heard it, you’ll know this is a great song and for those who haven’t we hope you enjoy.” The other presenter explained to the listeners as you positioned your guitar on your lap and looked over to your manager for the signal to start. Once she nodded, your fingers began to pluck away at the strings naturally playing the same tune you’d come up with once upon a time in your room at night. As you sung the first line, you shook a little from the nerves but held it together delivering the song perfectly. As it progressed, your fear slowly ebbed away and you began to get into the song. All eyes were on you and yours were on your guitar not wanting to look up because you didn’t want to get over confident and mess up. However, due to looking down the whole time you failed to notice one of the six boys enjoying the song far more than he was letting on. Sanha sat on the end facing you silently mouthing all of the words perfectly. Once the song was over, you set down your guitar and smiled up at the six boys in front of you trying to hide your blush as you saw their smiles, Sanha’s being the biggest by far.

“That was great, what a brilliant song right?” one presenter said to the other.

“Yes!” the other agreed. “Thank you for that y/n.”

“No worries thank you for enjoying my work.” You smiled before returning to your seat.

“That was really good y/n.” Eunwoo whispered as you sat down next to him.

“Really? Thank you!” you whispered back. He smiled back in acknowledgement before the presenters began to talk again. They continued to ask you about you album and the individual songs you’d sung and the meaning behind some of them.

“So,” one presenter turned to the boys. “Do any of you have a favourite song on Y/n’s album?” The boys sat in silence not knowing what to say. It was evident none of them had really listened to much of your music which was understandable. They were problem busy a lot of the time and you had very different styles in music from each other and in all honesty you weren’t all that familiar with their music either. It was almost at the point of being awkward before Sanha piped up.

“I really like the style of The Game but I’d say my favourite song on the album is Memories. I love the contrast of the guitar style with her voice.” He said confidently smiling at you. You sat their slightly in shock. Not only did he know your music well enough to answer but his favourite song was the same as yours. You blushed at his words.

“So it sounds like you know the album well?” the presenter asked. “Are you by any chance a fan of y/n and her music?” Now it was Sanha’s turn to blush.

“Well actually yes.” He explained. “I listened to her album when it came out just by chance and it’s really the style of music I like so I’ve been listening to it a lot. It’s actually really cool to be sat here talking to her so normally as well.”

“I think someone is smitten.” Moonbin added making everyone laugh and Sanha blush even more.

“Sanha, you play guitar don’t you?” the other presenter asked. He nodded in agreement. “Do you think you and y/n would ever consider doing a collaboration one day?”

“I would really like to yes.” He answered looking at you.

“How about you y/n.” they asked turning to you.

“I think that would be really cool! Our managers should definitely get on that.” You giggled feeling almost as embarrassed.

The rest of the conversation flowed well and soon the presenters told you about some fun games they wanted to try on the show which other idols had done before. Stuff like guessing the song from the backing track and trying to sing at twice the speed. It was really funny but before long, the two hours were coming to an end.

“Well, it’s been awesome having you on here but I’m afraid our time is coming to an end.” One presenter said sadly.

“Yes, you’ve been great company and we hope to see you back soon!” the other agreed. Once you all said your goodbyes the light on the wall turned off signifying that you were no longer live. You and Astro stood up and left the studio walking out into the sitting room where you all sat and talked for a while. You’d had fun meeting them and were positive that you’d stay friends after this. As you eventually packed up your guitar and things to leave, you felt someone tap on your shoulder from behind. When you turned around, you were met buy a chest and looked up to see Sanha towering over you. You’d only just noticed how tall he really was.

“Hey.” He said blushing.

“Hi.” You smiled.

“I just wanted to say it was really cool meeting you today and that I really like your music.” He stumbled over his words slightly.

“Thank you so much! I definitely want to check out your stuff some more Astro seems really cool!”

“Well I definitely am.” He laughed.

“So were you serious about maybe doing a collab sometime?” you blushed at this question. He actually wanted to? You didn’t expect him to be serious but you were definitely up for spending more time with him.

“Yeah I think it’d be really fun. I’ll ask my manager to call yours or something I guess.”

“Awesome! I’m definitely holding you to that.” he grinned.

A small while later everyone began saying their goodbyes and leaving the building when you felt someone shove something in your hand and looked up to see Sanha give you a small wink and then walk off with the other boys. He gave you a small wave before getting back in the car they arrived in and drove off. You looked at what was in your hand and realised it was a scrumpled up piece of paper. You opened it fully and read it. Written in somewhat rushed and messy handwriting was a phone number and a short sentence at the bottom which made you blush upon reading it.

I’d love to see you again y/n, don’t leave it to the managers :)


Imagine shadowing Sherlock and John for ‘extra credit.’

**Sequel to “Imagine being a rookie police officer shadowing Lestrade, and Sherlock can’t deduce you, which you find highly entertaining.” [x]**

“I will not stoop to babysitting,” Sherlock scoffed, disgust plain in his tone.

John sighed, “We won’t be babysitting [f/n]. They’re a police officer that will be accompanying us.”

“They’re a rookie. Hardly a police officer,” Sherlock pointed out with a scowl.

“They’ve completed all their training,” John argued. “And it could be very beneficial to have a police officer with us.”

“I can manage just fine without one,” Sherlock grumbled, tossing his ball against the cabinets and catching it again.

John pressed his lips together, trying not to show his annoyance at the detective’s stubbornness. “Lestrade has requested that we let [f/n] shadow us. He tells me that they’re a very capable officer with a lot of promise. They won’t get in the way.”

Sherlock scoffed again, rolling his eyes, “Come on, John, I think we’re both aware that Lestrade is only doing this because he wants to irritate me. He loves the idea of rubbing my nose in my miscalculation.”

John rolled his eyes, “Just deal with it, Sherlock. I already told Lestrade that [f/n] could accompany us on our next case.”

Gif Credit: Sherlock