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so there’s already a hockey meme thingy floating around but i made a longer/adapted version because i’m trash (and also lost the original post):

  • 10 players
  • 9 relationships (brotps or actual couples u decide)
  • 8 moments (a goal, a ceremony, anything!)
  • 7 legends 
  • 6 jerseys
  • 5 youngsters (rookies/prospects)
  • 4 fictional players (from tv/movies/pop culture)
  • 4 goalies
  • 4 coaches
  • 3 nhl teams
  • 3 nationalities
  • 2 junior teams
  • 2 families
  • 2 rivalries (between teams or players whatevs)
  • 1 stanley cup finale
  • 1 quote
Requested Auston Matthews Imagine 1:

Today was the Fourth of July. You would be spending the afternoon with your family and your boyfriend Auston. He would be meeting your parents for the first time since you had began going out 6 months ago.
The two of you had planned out today’s agenda late last week. He would come over to your apartment at about 10:00 and help you cook for the party you were going to ho to at noon. You would spend the afternoon with your family and then end the night watching fireworks.

You were still in your pajamas while you waited for Auston to arrive. He was running a little late so you decided to start preparing the food without him. You listened to music and danced around the kitchen as you gathered all of the necessary ingredients together. Right now, “Firework” by Katy Perry was blaring out of the small speaker on the counter by your sink. The celery stalks you had in your hand proved to be a great microphone as you sang along to the music.
Just then, you heard a deep chuckle behind you. You jumped and squealed in fright as you turned around and braced yourself against the counter. You saw Auston leaned against the doorway with a smirk on his face.
“Oh my goodness, thank god it’s you,” you said with your hand against your chest. “You scared me to death!”
“I’m sorry baby, I didn’t mean to scare you.” He crossed the room and wrapped his arms around you. You rested your head against his chest for a second before pulling away.
“Why didn’t you knock?” you asked.
“I did,” he replied, “but I think you were too busy performing in here to notice.” You turned red with embarrassment and hid your in his chest again. “It’s ok, I thought it was really cute,” he assured you as he ran a hand through your hair. You stood like that for a moment before returning to the food preparation. You picked up the celery that had fallen to the floor and rinsed it off. After that, you passed it over to Auston so he would chop it.
About an hour later, all of the food you were responsible for was finished. You took a shower and changed into your favorite blue and red dress. Auston watched tv as you get ready to go. You dried your hair with a towel and decided to wear it down today. You applied some makeup, just a little mascara, eyeliner, and lip gloss. You slipped on a pair of comfy strapped sandals. You were ready to go. You both picked up the dishes of food and headed out the door.

You arrived at your parents house twenty minutes later. You opened your door and began to get out of the car, but Auston put his hand around your wrist to keep you there a second longer.
“Is everything ok honey?” you asked.
“Yeah, I guess I’m just nervous,” he said. “What if your parents don’t like me?”
“There’s no reason for them to dislike you, I promise everything will be ok, they’ll love you.” You gave him a quick kiss and led the way inside. You left the food you brought in the kitchen and joined the small crowd already forming in the living room. Your parents saw the two of you and walked over to greet you. Both of them gave you a big hug before turning to Auston.
“You must be that hotshot hockey player that my daughter is with,” your dad said to him. Auston nervously chuckled and ran his hand through his hair. You answered the question for him.
“Yes Dad, this is Auston.” You Mom smiled at him warmly and said hello. Your Dad gave him a handshake and grunted his own greeting. You all talked for a moment before you went your separate ways. Auston was your silent shadow as you said hello to everyone, only saying hi when you introduced him to someone new.
Fortunately, he began to feel more comfortable. He relaxed and began having conversations with others.
The afternoon passed quickly. Pretty soon, it was getting dark. Everyone headed outside to watch the fireworks. You brought Auston to your favorite place to watch the fireworks from, the roof. The two of you carefully climbed up using a tree that grew right up against the house. After you both had successfully gotten onto the roof, you sat beside each other and waited for the age to begin. You wrapped your hands around his bicep and rested your head on his shoulder. He smiled and kissed the top of your head as the night sky began to light up.

Funny Auston Matthews Moment

This is back when Auston was in Ann Arbor and played on for the NTDP. The coach of the NTDP (granato, former coach) and my dad play in an adult beer league together and were talking about the league after one of the USA games. Matthews walked in office, hearing the conversation and asked “Hockey? Hey can I play?” They explained it was a beer, over 50 league but he still insisted to get in on the hockey that was going on with out him. He’s this 1st overall super star but all he really wants to do is play hockey, no matter where it is.

Now that it’s been a couple days and I’ve calmed down, I’m actually OK with the trades Bowman made.

It’s hard to take emotion out of it, but once I did, I could understand why Bowman traded Niklas Hjalmarsson and Artemi Panarin. His job is to think long term and I think he did that here.

Hammer’s 30 and the kind of player he is, once his decline starts, it’s going to be quick and brutal, and I think Bowman wanted to get out ahead of that. Moving Brent Seabrook was never an option for them, for a lot of reasons, the major one being they believe his positive impact in the locker room and players outweighs his (perceived) negative impact on the ice. No one on their right mind would trade Duncan Keith and trading prospects and rookie d-men as a stopgap only works for so long before you sabatoge the present and the team’s future. Hammer was the easiest to move because of his modified NTC, the value he has on the market and the term left on his contract.

And the Hawks would never have been able to pay for his next extension. Conor Murphy is 24, signed for the next four years and doesn’t have the same wear and tear on his body that Hammer does. His numbers are OK, they’re not spectacular but then no one on the Coyotes had a great year last year.

The Panarin trade is even easier to understand, especially once you remember that, 1. Marion Hossa isn’t playing this season and 2. One of Brandon Saad’s nicknames while he was here (the first time) was ‘Mini-Hossa’. The Hawks need two way players, guys who are hard to knock off the puck. Also, his proven chemistry with Jonny is something else you have to take into consideration: Jonny hasn’t been the same since Saad left and there’s been a revolving door on both his wings with Hoss dropping down to the third line last year. Bread helped PKane become even more dynamic, score tons of points, yes, but we’ve seen PKane score lots of points with every linemate he’s had his entire career. Simply put (and it’s a line that Mark Lazarus had first): Jonny needs Saader more than PKane needs Bread. Saader is a more complete player than Bread is, and in the past two years, he’s only scored 6 less goals than Bread has, so it’s not like he doesn’t put up a good amount of points on his own.

Also, Saader’s a year younger and signed for longer: Bread’s only signed for 2 more years and we never could have afforded his next contract. Bread was amazing to watch but I think Saader is better for the team long term.

We also got our back-up goalie and a promising forward in these trade and that can’t be discounted either.

I’ll miss Bread and especially Hammer, but I get the trades.

2016-17 Bruins Rookie/Prospect Edition

on request, updated version of this post focusing on the kids!

brandon carlo
also known as: “monte carlo”
always gives 110%. great shot blocker/occasional goalie. zdeno chara’s adopted son. loves dogs. great hugger. 10/10 would cuddle

frank vatrano
also known as: “frankie,” “frank the tank”
cutie pie. besties with noel acciari. favorite nhl player is torey krug. destroying the whole ahl (37 goals in his last 37 reg-season games). intense and yells a lot on the ice but soft and giggly off-ice.

austin czarnik
also known as: “czar”
SO SMALL he’s like 5′9″ and 160 protect him! v precious smile. has the cutest voice?? somehow 24 despite looking and sounding like a high-schooler.

noel acciari
also known as: idk if he has any nicknames
my underappreciated fave i love him so much?? so cute and smiley. besties with frankie and goes everywhere with him. pretty but hits people like a freight train. 

anton blidh
also known as: i call him “blidh the swede” but that’s just me
sweet swedish child. great cellies. was really nervous for his nhl debut but he did so well and im so proud of him. he’s really shy and must be protected

matt grzelcyk
also known as: “grizz”
hometown boy. really chill. likes shoes and dogs and shayne gostisbehere? trying his best

zane mcintyre
also known as: “zmac,” “zano”
loves his grandma. baby goalie who deserves better. he literally changed his last name to honor his grandma when she died he’s so good?? once he ate breakfast by himself on a road trip because nobody told him there was a team breakfast. “boom baby”