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“The Dunk Contest is back Baby!”

Last nights dunk contest was special. Not only were the dunks a million times better than the last couple of years but Zach LaVine single handedly brought the dunk contest back In NYC last night. LaVine is the second youngest to ever win the competition. One year older than the at the time eighteen year old Kobe Bryant. The dopest part about Zach’s performance last night was the fact that he won with no props, no glitz and glam, but all creativity and skill. Like the good old days. He dreamed as a kid to be in the dunk contest and his dream came true last night. Were all looking forward to him defending his crown next year. But how does he top this years performance?! Its going to be crazy!


So Janet Mock and Tavi Gevinson were at Housing Works today to discuss Tavi’s new publication, Rookie Yearbook Three. They’re both awesome and very funny; topics ranged from how to deal with idiotic people in the media to how to adjust to life in NYC to wisdom from Beyoncé and Lauren Conrad. 

They both said so many wonderful things and I wish that I had thought to take notes! Janet signed my copy of Redefining Realness after the talk ended. She was so lovely and I was so flustered that I think I forgot to thank her! Yikes. Katie was a CHICKEN and didn’t get in the picture with us. 

It was awesome and I’m so glad we went. If you guys are in NYC be sure to check out events at Housing Works, or just come in any day to check out the awesome selection and say hi!


Hello!! looking for all types of girls between the ages of 13-20 to be in an upcoming rookie shoot in the NYC area for this coming Monday the 21st! Be prepared for playing dress up in some trees : - )

Send an email over to with your info and a photo of yourself


NYC ROOKIES, MORRISSEY WITH FAKE-EYELASH MOUSTACHE SEZ: Come through to Captured Tracks on January 9! Rookie writer Meredith and I are having an unofficial Rookie reader hang from 6-9 PM at the record store, which is at 195 Calyer St. between Leonard St. and Manhattan Ave. in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

We’re going to dance, make bracelets, set up listening booths playing all our favorite jams, have DJ lessons, gruffle on mad Captured Snaxxx (I’ll snag some vegan and gluten-free options; don’t worry), and…oh, is that a very special secret guest or two? It could be? I’m waiting for some emails back but it’s looking very likely? Whatever. You’re the special guests I care about, and I’m stoked to see you. Meredith and I will be giving out 100 custom mixtapes to commemorate this fun time, with one side by her and one side by me, with extra-special cover art from Rookie artist Esme. 
The store is at garden-level, meaning there is a small set of steps to the door. If you need accommodations in terms of accessibility, email me at and we will figure it on out.  Parent and guardian–type adults welcome. Rookie writers and editors will be supervising the entire event, which is obvio alcohol-free, and making sure no cretins drop by. Also, I am happy to meet your people if they want to make sure WE’RE not cretins. (If your parents/guardzones just want to drop you off, Cafe Riviera, which is nearby at 830 Manhattan Ave., has THE BEST macaroons, and there’s also a very good diner, the Manhattan 3 Decker, at 695 Manhattan.) Now: WHAT THE HELL DO I WEAR?!?!?? Oh…a white fake fur stole and garbage jeans, just like always. SEE YOU THERE!