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I think favorite thing about Matt Martin is that at first glance it’s like “wow he’s really humoring the rookies and going along with their shinanigans” but like if you look closer HE’S the one that posted the video of them dabbing, HE’S the one that started the weird handshake finger wiggle thing. Like its just Matt….he’s, a nerd.

Appa and Eomma [NCT U Taeil Oneshot]

REQUESTED: Hey there! Can I get a taeil scenario where you guys are the same age and become close friends so you start hanging out more and the younger rookies call you mom and dad behind your back and you guys find out

Taeil’s P.O.V.

“Do you guys want anything? I’m going to the convenient store,” I said to the boys as I wore my coat and took an umbrella at the door.

“Ramen! Chicken! Cake! Rice! Bulgogi! Kimchi! Chips! Fries!”

“Yah! I’ll just buy whatever I want to buy for you guys,” I said and opened the door.

Before I could walk out, my eyes made contact with a beautiful girl who seemed to be my age and had the most gorgeous eyes - but she was soaking wet.

“H-h-hello, I’m so s-sorry for standing here, but is it okay if I stay here until t-t-the rain has stopped? My brother seemed to have forgotten to pick me up and I’m still new to this area. I don’t know which way my home is and m-my p-phone is dead,” the girl explained herself while shivering.

“Oh, sure. Come in, you must be cold,” I said and allowed her in.

“T-thank you,” she said and entered.

When she entered, I could see all the boys looking at her.

“H-hello, my name’s Y/F/N. Please t-take c-care of me,” she said.

The room was immediately silent.

“Wait, here,” I said to Y/N. “I’ll go get you a towel and maybe something to change?”

“Y-yeah, that’ll be g-g-great,” Y/N replied with a smile.

I went to my room and began searching for some clothes. I looked inside my wardrobe and found some outfit that I thought could fit her, but it might be weird to let her borrow my clothes, besides, she doesn’t even know my name.

I then looked around my room and found a paper bag that contained some clothes that the us, boys, bought for one of the girl rookies birthdays. I think Y/N will be able to wear that.

I immediately walked to the bag, choose some clothes that would be suitable for her , a new towel from the washing room and walked out of the room as quick as I can - but not in a running way.

When I got out, I could see Y/N being surrounded by the boys. The boys seemed to be asking her lots of questions and I could see Y/N having a little bit of trouble trying to give them all equal attention.

“Guys, you’re making her uncomfortable,” I said interrupting them and had a slightly angry face on.

As the boys grew quiet, I walked towards Y/N. Some of the boys went to the rooms and some of the boys sat a little bit further from Y/N.

“Here,” I said and passed her the clothes and towel. “Don’t worry, these clothes are still new and no, these clothes was for one of our friends. We don’t have a new towel but it just came out fresh from the laundry.”

“T-thank you so much,” Y/N thanked me with a bow. “Umm, where should I change?”

“You can change in the bathroom over there,” I said and pointed the direction. “Feel free to shower if you want.”

“Thank you,” Y/N said and walked off to the bathroom.

When she went into the bathroom, all the boys continued doing their own stuff.

“Hyung, where’s our snacks?” Yuta asked.

“Yeah, you said you’ll buy ramen,” Ten said.

“Ummm, Doyoung and Jaehyun, go and buy the snacks,” I instructed them.

“W-what!?” Doyoung and Jaehyun asked as they paused the video game.

“Y/N might be hungry,” I said. “Buy for it for her sake - but buy like double the amount.”

“Okay, let’s go hyung!” Jaehyun said and dragged Doyoung out the door.

“Don’t forget your coat,” I said.

“Yes, our coat,” Jaehyun said entering the door again and grabbed his coat with Doyoung and walked out of the door.

“Yes!” I heard Jeno cheered happily. “Our turn to play.”

“Let’s play Halo!” Donghyuck said.

“No, let’s play WWE,” Jaemin said.

“Minecraft!” Jisung shouted.

This is going to be a very very long night.


“Thank you so much taking care of me. I’m sorry for being such a burden. I hope to see you all again soon,” Y/N said with a smile and bowed to everyone.

“Bye Y/N!” The boys all shouted.

I walked with Y/N to the door. “Do you need a coat or anything?”

“Nah, it’s okay,” Y/N said. “I’ve already been a huge burden for you. Besides, my brother’s car won’t be that cold anyway.”

“Okay, I-I’ll see you soon then,” I said. “If you need anything, you have our numbers on that piece of paper.”

“Yeah,” Y/N replied with a giggle. “T-thank you. Goodbye!”

“Goodbye,” I said as Y/N entered her brother’s car.

I closed the door and returned to the boys’ world.

“Taeil hyung likes Y/N noona,” Jisung teased.

“Our Taeil hyung’s becoming a man!” Mark said.

“Excuse you, I’ve been man way longer than you have been one,” I said to Mark. “And no, I do not like Y/N in any romantically way what-so-ever,” I said to Jisung.

“Oh, come on Taeil,” Johnny said as he had his arms around my shoulder. “We all can feel the chemistry between the two of you.”

“The way you talked to her,” Hansol said.

“The way you looked at her,” Winwin said.

“The way you cared for her,” Kun said.

“Alright, alright, I get it,” I said feeling a little bit irritated. “But I don’t like her, okay? I was just trying to be nice.”


Since the day I met Y/N, we have become closer by day. From meeting up at cafes to simply texting each other.

“Thanks for the cake Taeil, I’ll make sure that I’ll buy you a cake next time,” Y/N said.

“What, no. It’s usually the boys that have to buy the girls stuff,” I said not wanting her to buy me a cake.

“That’s just plain nonsense,” Y/N said with a giggle. “Whichever girl believes that is all right, they’re wrong. Yes, it seems very gentleman-ish for a boy to do that, but, it shouldn’t always be like that. At least the girl should be a decent woman and return the favour.”

The boys keep on teasing me with Y/N, but I kind of like it - to be honest. I really do have certain feelings being developed for Y/N.

“How was your date?” Hansol asked as I entered the living room.

“What date?” I asked.

“Your date with Y/N of course!” Yuta reminded him.

“It’s not a date, it was just a quick hang out,” I said and rolled my eyes.

“When’s your wedding?” Johnny asked.

“31 February,” I said sarcastically and walked into my room.

“I want to be your best man!” Doyoung shouted loudly.

“I want to be one too!” Jaehyun and Ten shouted in sync.

“Oh my god, you guys need to stop,” I said to them. “31 February doesn’t even exist.”

“Well, then. You’re gonna get married to her tomorrow,” Taeyong teased me and collapsed on the couch with the other boys.

“You guys are insane,” I said and closed the door.

She just someone I’ve never met before, the kind of girl that you don’t see often. Her thinking is different, her happiness and confidence, her bravery to try something new…it amazes me and I guess that’s what made me fell in love with her.

She’s also close with the other boys - especially the younger ones. They seem to enjoy her company and always invite her over to play video games with them. Recently, Jaehyun and Taeyong invited Y/N for dinner; Doyoung, Yuta, and Ten invited Y/N to watch movies together; Kun and WinWin brought Y/N for some delicious Chinese restaurant nearby, and Hansol and Johnny went to the mall together to do some shopping.

So, I’m not the only one that’s hanging out with Y/N.


“After you,” I said to Y/N as I let her walked towards the door of the house while I helped her carry some stuff for the boys.

“You’re being such a gentleman today,” Y/N said with a little giggle and I felt my ears burning a little.

“Just being polite,” I said.

As Y/N walked ahead, she immediately told me to keep quiet through hand gestures. I wasn’t sure what she was doing, but she quietly listened to the boys conversation that can be heard from the outside.

“What time are Taeil appa and Y/N eomma going to come here?” I heard Jisung asked.

Appa!? Eomma!? What!?

“Taeil appa said that he’ll be home late, so probably not anytime soon,” Jeno said.

“We should keep it down a little, though,” Jaemin said. “We don’t want to get in trouble with Taeil appa, only Y/N eomma would be okay, though. Because she’s the best!”

Y/N giggled a little whens he heard that and I felt my heart beating faster.

“Do you think they’re going to have more kids? I mean, they can’t be having only 5,” Donghyuck asked.

What!? Alright, that’s it. Nope.

I immediately opened the door and the younger boys all jumped in surprised.

“Taeil appa!” Jisung shouted in shock and immediately covering his mouth - trying to process the fact that he just said that in front of me.

“You didn’t hear anything right…?” Donghyuck asked a little bit scared.

“Oh, we heard everything,” Y/N and I said in sync and gave each other little smirks.

I guess we both wanted to give them a little piece of our mind.


Another request completed! Thank you so much for requesting! I hope that you all enjoy reading this and I hope this will satisfy your the request. I’m sorry I’m not VERY active. I’m just trying hard to think of some good story lines and stuff. I’ll try to post another story tomorrow, but if I can’t, it’ll be on Tuesday.

I’ll also like to remind everyone that my request box is currently closed. I’m still receiving some requests but, I won’t be doing those request so quickly - so please don’t send in any request YET. Feel free to request when it is opened again <3 Thank you for reading.

Gail x Holly + Kids Fic Recs (May)

I’m probably forgetting some other really good ones. Sorry! Check this tag for more kid fics.

Max Attack by onetownthatwontletyoudown

Prompt | Multishot | Holly is a single mom and Gail is a highschool teen who befriends Holly and her son, Max.

Life’s Uncertainties by mysticalcheesecake

Fic | Multishot | “I’m Seth Alexander Stewart, and I’m nearly 6 years old” he stated informatively. Watching as a smile appeared on Gail’s face “… Now we’re not strangers” he finished, the dimples becoming more defined in his cheeks as he grinned at her knowingly.

Heart to Heart by onetownthatwontletyoudown

Fic | Multishot | “Gail,” Holly asked quietly as they stood together in the backyard, swaying gently on the patio. “Hmmmm,” her wife responded. “Let’s have a baby.”

The Rory Story by jenniferjareaus

Prompt | Multishot | AU where Holly has a son before she meets Gail.

AU where Gail gets pregnant shortly before graduating high school by doctor-of-asskicking

Fic | Multishot | In which Gail gets pregnant in high school and Elaine is actually insanely supportive.

Peck Stewart Family Games by momentary-ecstasy

Prompt | Oneshot | The Peck Stewarts play a friendly game of laser tag.

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Home by gailpeckholly

Fic | Oneshot | You, Gail and Sophie make a family. Maybe you and Gail didn’t do things in the right order. Maybe it was expected that couples would live together for some amount of time, get married, and then have children, but who really cared about all of that now? You certainly didn’t. All you cared about were the two beautiful ladies, waiting for you to get home.

The Inheritance by fadedink26

Fic | Multishot | AU- Holly Stewart was a busy woman with no time for a baby or romance. So when she finds herself with a baby, she’s out of her depth and doesn’t have a clue. So who better to give her those one on on parenting lessons than the gorgeous Police Officer Gail Peck! Find out what happens when the two things Holly thought she didn’t want, turns into what she needs the most.

The Crooked Kind by coeurastronaute
link unavailable :( :( :(

Fic | Multishot | “You have to figure out how to be a person who doesn’t have a brother anymore, just like I had to - and Charlie and Max will have to - figure out how to be children without a father anymore. But you’re not the same person.”

This story isn’t easy to find anymore but it felt wrong not to include it in this list. If you’re lucky you know someone who knows someone who knows someone who managed to save a copy before it was deleted.

The scientist Carl Sagan wrote: ‘It is far better to grasp the Universe as it really is than to persist in delusion, however satisfying and reassuring.’ Here wise ol’ Sagan refers to confronting scientific truth, but these words can apply to pain, too. Sometimes, it’s better to rip off the Band-Aid and air the wound.