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Rowan Blanchard and Gia Coppola on 'Teenagers and Adolescence'
  • RB: I notice a theme of adolescence in your work, that kind of foreverness and longing that teens experience. What draws you to that?
  • GC: James [Franco] always said it well: Teenagers are really good vessels to articulate emotions. They feel things in such heavy ways and they wear their hearts on their sleeves.
  • RB: Everything’s so raw.
  • GC: Maybe I like these stories because I still feel like a teenager.
  • RB: Being a teenager is both awful and wonderful at the same time.
Whenever I feel really horrible about my appearance, I shut my bedroom door, turn on a Beyoncé song, dance until I LITERALLY CAN’T BREATHE, and collapse on my bed. By that time, every if temporarily, I have forgotten that I hate certain things about me because I was too busy not giving a care with Queen B.
—  You are a damn treasure, @rowanblanchardxx (via @rookiemag)

ROOKIE readers are the BEST!!

I had so much fun at the very first rookiemag reader meet-up I ever went to here in Melbourne, Australia (pics featured by me; last photo by Carolyn West) that I try to go to as many meetups and “crafternoons” as I can to hang with y'all. I’ve made so many rad new friends via these get togethers…you guys are so inspiring! I hope to meet many more of you soon! :)

Big love,



I have never found summer to be something that is as exciting and social for me as it is often painted in movies and on social media. For me, summer has always brought up feelings of loneliness, boredom, in between-ness, and most of all: nostalgia. I have trouble with just doing nothing, which is something I am trying to learn to love. My summers are mostly spent in my bedroom, with me just thinking, like, Am I supposed to be at the beach right now? This has been a summer of nerve-wracking change for me: I finished the third season of the show I work on, Girl Meets World, and have therefore been longing for a sense of routine, such as knowing my entire schedule for eight months and feeling total security in that. I have been so busy worrying about what’s going to happen next that I have not been letting what’s going to happen next happen. I am trying to learn that control is merely an illusion, there is no right way to experience things (especially summer), and that sometimes doing “nothing” and just thinking all day is actually doing something: allowing me to get to know myself. I am trying to teach myself that loneliness is malleable. It is a sign that I need to be by myself and learn to be with myself.
—  Rowan for @rookiemag
Rookie Meetup in Scotland!

Hello! Ages ago I tried to organise a Rookie Meetup but nothing ever came from it, but I’m going to try and organise another cod’ it would be amazing to meet some cool like minded people here in Glasgow or the rest of Scotland! :D Please send me an ask!!