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@beautiful-ruiner asked for some mo’fucking fic wrecks

★ whats the best fic you’ve read that no one seems to know about
Okay… @youdidgoodmickey showed this one to me and I fucking died?  
The Hills; 1914.  It’s beautiful and bittersweet and heartbreaking. It only has 175 kudos and it’s two years old…change that, please. It deserves all the damn kudos.

★ favorite one-shot
This literally changes all the time…but I’ll go with the one I’ve been reading like nightly? LMAAAO. Its smutty as fuck and so good – Size Matters (Mickey’s got a small dick…and Ian loves it.)

oldest fic you’ve read
*thinking face emoji* Phallocentric was posted in 2012. Mickey loves dick, okay? And honestly that author only has three fics in the fandom and they’re all great (Marching Powder is good too)

★ what one fic are you getting tattoo’d on your knuckles
Life, or Something.  I get so weepy over this fic. #donttouchme

favorite multi-chap

JUST ONE??? WHAT?? IMPOSSIBLE. *points above* but also…always the classic SHITW.  Our Stubborn Love is climbing up the the ladder. Rookie Mistakes for hockey realness.

what’s your go-to fic
To Let Go. I’ve said it before, it’s like a comfort blanket, gimme a fic with the right amount of smut, angst, love and add some supernatural shit and you got a fan for lyyyyfe.

fic I’ve never been able to find again
Okay…so this is for an entirely different fandom (because unless it’s been deleted I have all the IxM fics I’ve read still in my history) and I read it fucking like ten years ago and it was so amazing that it’s stuck with me for this long. It was for a band, set in 18th Century England and 4/5 of the band members were part of a highway robbery gang. The hold up the fifth band members coach, end up accidentally shooting him blah blah blah he falls in love with one of them. IT WAS FUCKING AMAZING AND THE AUTHOR DELETED ALL HER WORKS BUT THIS ONE *clenches fist* STILL GETS ME. I remember the title and everything: “Stand and Deliver”

fav author
LOTS!!!! @ifuckinlikeit @palepinkgoat @beckyharvey29@loftec​  Mellow_Yellow, Shamelessquestions, romanticalgirl to name a few…I could keep going.

what line of fic fucks u-up every time
this is honestly a tough one…because the writers in this fandom are so fucking talented and manage to rip my heart out daily. 
But, Ima go with this little snippet from Option One by @loftec

”What’s option one, Mick?” he asks.

Mickey rolls his eyes and rubs his thumb along his bottom lip, doesn’t look at Ian when he answers. ”Home.”

”Isn’t, though,” Ian tells him, tries to make him really understand, ”’option one; you come back home with me’, that’s what you said.”

Mickey frowns. ”So?”

”You, you, you fucking idiot,” Ian hopes he sounds fond enough to take the edge off his impatience with Mickey’s stubborn distrust in his own significance, ”Yev is part of you, yeah, but option one is home and home is you, been since you kissed me in that goddamned van and seriously fuck you for still not getting that.”

This whole fic fucks me up tbh, Mickey’s value of himself is something that always manages to depress me, but it ends on a good note.