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Khh Crews

Buckwilds: J-Tong (leader), Fana, Psychoban, DJ Wegun, Giriboy, Ugly Duck, Lil Boi, Louie, Zico (Block B), Hanhae, Take one, DJ Eager, Andup, JV, Wonhyuk, Checkany, Kirin, Vida loca, Duplex G, Booba, DJ Dopsh, Gganmo, Hwaro, Kkalchang, Ddolbae

DNH/Daenamhyup: Marvel. J (leader), i11evn, Rap Monster(BTS), Kidoh(ToppDogg), Kyum2, Samsoon, Iron, DJ Snatch, Illipse, Supreme Boi

Club Eskimo:  Dean, Crush, Millic, Colde, 0channel, #punchnello, Chek Paren, 2xxx!, Jusén, Miso

VV:D: Zion.T (Leader), Gray, Crush, Loco, Elo

ADV/Angderville: JJK (leader) , Olltii, Chulgoo (Xitsuh), J7, Reflow, Drev, DJ Kendrickx, Lupi, gJ, Joyrain, 8dro, Raretongue, Huckleberry P

RockBottom: Iron, Don’tcallmeadog, Hongsamman, Supreme Boi, Type-C, Rwam, i11evn, Sunghyun K, Hashmate, Kidoh

Royal Class: Scotch vip, Taewoon(Speed), Sims (M.I.B), Mino(Winner), Kitti B, Roydo, Konquest, Chancey

All I Know Music: Miryo, BRAY, DUCKBAE, GiantPink, DJ Drev

Jiggy Fellaz: Vasco, Deepflow, Basick, Dead’P, LE (Exid), Joe Brown, Untouchable, Maniac, Duckdap, M.Blow, RMK, B-Dubb, Hella Dope, Jayrockin, Funny, Baby Nine, G-Hun, Groove Master, Yeb5, Chan, Mark-k, Khan, Mister JS, Woo-side, Soulsnatch, Essenti, Big Tray, Annie. J, Broken Lips,  illTong, Big Smalls, Funny, 용해, M.Blow

The Cohort: Oscar, Okasian, Kanggook, Reddy, Swidea, Jay All Day, Keith Ape, Coke Jazz, Bryan Cha$e (Play$tar), Sung Jin Park

New Block Babyz: Kimm, Gimm, Ven, New Champ, Znisuk, Young’N, Wutan

ATCN: i11evn, illinit, Justhis, Born Kim, Nucksal

BJS/Abnormal Life: Crocodile, Dino.T, Terry Kim, Kicksol, Jimyeol, Catcher, Su5kid, Zangano, Owni

Valen Crew:  BNa, D-9INE, 소연, MTP

Verification & Validation/(V&V):  Ahn Soo Min, BlackJo, ScAr, Hyesung, Chachu, and Kkuksae

Piraps:  LTAK,  Lafic,  Hash Swan,  ColaGom,  최정은

Billinism: ValorT, Pluto, Sickloo, Bakey

Amourette/AMRT: Kitti B, Hoody Kim, Nieah, Seri

Vismajor: Deepflow, Wutan, Nucksal, Don Mills, Odee, Buggy, Brasco, Digga, Kaadiq, Babynine, Stalliest, Mojo, Ven, Rockyl, Rowdigga, TK, Daeil (24k)

$exy $treet: Cjamm (leader), Bewhy, Keebo, J-Zo, Lazy Bones, Eumko

Rookies Game: Demento, Eeyu, Sexyhomme, J.Counter, Trump King, Sapo, Be-All

Yelows Mob: Sik-K, Lee Gwagmin, Jung Sungmin, Jung Gwangmin,  Lee Hwimin, Park Gyujeong, Naeezy, Thomas Lee, Mac Kidd, Onehunnit, Hyungun

Vyve:  JayFactory, IPTC, Deezy, Suiko, yubak, Yella Diamond, Konsoul, Cadillac, Mr.Yaboo, HardcoER, D.meanor, mang, Hanhae, Musky, Jogo, SpellJ, Mozaic

Overclass: Verbal Jint, San E, Swings, Rimi, B-Soap, Crybaby, Nodo, Delly Boi, Warmman, Xepy, Youngcook

Illest konfusion: Simon D, Jtong, Beenzino, Vida Loca, Beatbox DG, Rocky L, Techniccque, DJ Freekey, Swings, Louis Ali, Jae Hoodz, Mr. Jinx, Kklachang, E-sens

Soul Connection:  Jay, Csp, Maslo, Yongguk (B.A.P), KeyReal, Rhymics, Kwangyo, Slake, Still PM, DJ Tiz

AOMG: Jay Park, Simon D, Gray, Hoody, Loco, Ugly Duck, Elo, DJ Wegun, DJ Pumpkin, ChaCha Malone, Hep

Just Music: Swings, Vasco, Giriboy, Genius Nochang, Giriboy, Blacknut, Cjamm, Kim Wook 

Hi-lite: Paloalto, B-Free, Sway D, Reddy, Huckleberry Okasian, Keith Ape, G2, Soulfish, Camo Starr, Soul One, DJ Djanga

illionaire: Dok2, The Quiett, Beenzino

Bulhandang: Rhyme-A, P-Type, Garion, A.Jay, Artisan Beats, Che Young, Daephal, DJ Skip, DJ Pandol, Fascinating, Jay Kay, Kebee, Keeproots, MC Meta, Minos, Naachal, Nuck, Optical Eyez XL, Sean2slow, Snowman, The Z, Wimpy  

Movement: Drunken Tiger (leaders), Dynamic Duo, Insane Deegie, Dok2, Double K, Yoon Mi Rae, Epik High, Bobby Kim (Robert Do Kyun), Leesang, Sean2Slow, YDG, Snacky Chan, Swings, Maniac, XL, Eunjiwon, Microdot, Entice, Yankie, EXP, MC K, Thanos, 

Disclaimers: Some of these crews are no longer active. 

These lists also include past members.

It is also impossible for me to list all of the crews in khh, but I did my best with the knowledge that I have. I also listed some companies that have a crew like atmosphere and theme.

If you’re curious about something, or feel that I left someone out please feel free to ask/message me :3


colton absolutely crushing granlund after breaking his stick

the signs as khh crews
  • Aries: ROOKIES GAME [wild, crazy and young; at first a bit intimidating but actually sweet patooties]
  • Taurus: Illionaire [RIATCH MFs; flashy and fancy cool namjas; real lame*BUT AWESoME,OK*once u get to know them]
  • Gemini: DAENAMHYUP [weird, awkward, loud; talk a LOT; look like a gang but OnLY LOOK LIKE THAT; have many different colours; show a new aspect of themselves every once in a while; tough cookies]
  • Cancer: DEPN2TION [fresh; young&wild; probs the new trend on the scene; raw in their emotions; purposeful&stubborn; innovative; hiding in the shadows ready&fighting for their spot under the flashlights]
  • Leo: BUCKWILDS [powerful; extremely charming and purposeful; talented; looks like they dont give a fu-k, but actually care about the opinion of the others]
  • Virgo: Just Music [the cool kidz of the neighbourhood; actually a bit shy; need time to get used to you and show all these crazy and weird and enchanting magical different sides]
  • Libra: ROYAL CLASS [very shy; talented; quietly but surely conquer the spot they deserve; not aggressive; follow the trend until they become THE trend; would probs like their own posts on faсеbook]
  • Scorpio: ROCKBOTTOM [hot AF, but mysterious; nobody rly knows shit about them]
  • Sagittarius: AOMG [goofy, funny, hot af; give off the vibe that are stupid but actually geniuses; great company and friends]
  • Capricorn: ANGDREVILLE [a wild ride; really, really sturdy and stubborn; charming; raw and powerful; perfect tactics; know their shit]
  • Aquarius: VV:D [have many MANY different sides; crazy, weird af; very charming and sweet; hiding a lot of wisdom; always ready to help their friends]
  • Pisces: HI-LITE RECORDS [seem like the local gang; kind of weird guys; often misunderstood; hidden geniuses; probs take some drugs; no matter wat the others say, they beсome and stay as THE TRENd]
The Look of the Devil

Ok, so there’s been something I’ve noticed since I’ve been out here…there’s this…Devil Look.

It only lasts for about .3 seconds. I’ve met so many people, I’ve seen it in so many people close to me since this “opportunity” came before me. I just have to talk about it.

It’s this glance. It happens whenever you tell them some information that could harm you, or when they are about to do something that could harm you, or when they hear an opportunity to take advantage of you.

This glance. It freezes people. Only the eyes will shift to you. It will freeze you too. It’s like your bodies communicate something that the mouth can’t. It says “I’m coming”. I can only compare it to the devil because this look usually occurs when there’s an opportunity that must be preyed on regardless of it’s moral repercussions. 

Now that I can recognize it, I know how to see it, and immediately back out. You gotta keep your eyes open. You have gold. Your gold may be your talent, or your status, or your car, or your love… Whatever your gold is, people will come for it. If the gold is you, people will come for you. So protect yourself and protect your gold until it’s time to sell your gold on your terms.

Aiight yo peace, have a good ass Monday.

Texans, Seahawks in NFL playoffs

The Houston Texans have cruised to a 27-14 victory over the Oakland Raiders in their AFC wildcard NFL playoff game.

Raiders rookie quarterback Connor Cook looked third rate, completing 18 for 45 passes for 161 yards with a touchdown and three interceptions.

With starter Derek Carr (leg) and back-up Matt McGloin (shoulder) out, Cook was the lone option.

The Texans, who led the NFL in yards allowed for the first time in franchise history, showed Cook no mercy.

Making their first post-season appearance since the 2002 Super Bowl, the Raiders did not eclipse 100 total yards until their first possession of the fourth quarter, doing so on a 10-yard pass from Cook to tight end Mychal Rivera that also marked their first third-down conversion after a 0-of-11 start.

By that point, the Texans led by 20 points behind a solid performance from quarterback Brock Osweiler.

Osweiler passed for 168 yards and a touchdown and turned a one-yard bootleg into a 27-7 lead with 12:28 to play.

The Texans will face New England or Kansas City in the divisional round next.

In the National Football Conference, Seattle running back Thomas Rawls set a franchise post-season record in the Seahawks’ 26-6 victory over the Detroit Lions on Saturday in their NFC wildcard game.

Rawls, who rushed for a season-high 161 yards on 27 carries with a four-yard touchdown, became the first Seahawks running back to post 100 or more rushing yards in the first half of a post-season game.

“I didn’t know,” the 23-year-old said.

Seattle face second-seeded Atlanta next Saturday in the divisional match-up. The Falcons had earned a bye into the divisional round.

“We want to end (the season) on a great mark, running the football, which is our identity, playing tough football and that’s exactly what we did,” Rawls said.

Rawls broke the game open with a four-yard touchdown run with 8:49 remaining in the fourth quarter, giving the third-seeded Seahawks a 19-6 lead. And, Seattle’s defence did not allow a touchdown.

Quarterback Russell Wilson, playing without a knee brace for the first time since week three, completed 23 of 30 passes for 224 yards with two touchdowns as the Seahawks won their 10th consecutive post-season game at home.

Seahawks linebacker Bobby Wagner, a three-time Pro Bowl selection, said facing league MVP candidate Matt Ryan and the Falcons will be very different.

“We are expecting a fight,” said Wagner. “They are going to come in rested and they are going to be hungry but we are hungry too. We’re going to come out and give it everything we’ve got.”

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The Houston Texans got off to a great start in the playoffs when Jadeveon Clowney made an incredible interception


The Houston Texans got the good start they wanted against the Oakland Raiders in their Wild Card playoff matchup thanks to former No. 1 pick Jadeveon Clowney.

On the Raiders’ second drive of the game, rookie quarterback Connor Cook — making his first career NFL start — tried to set up a screen pass for running back Latavius Murray.

Clowney read the play perfectly and dropped off his rush at the perfect moment. He tipped the ball up to himself and intercepted the pass, giving the Texans great field position early in the game.

The replay shows that with Cook rolling away from Clowney, he went easy on the rush. This allowed him to reverse his direction a lot easier.

The Texans would score on the next play when Lamar Miller ran it in from seven years out.

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