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So I headcanon Alex cutting her hair short is kind of similar to how Gail cut hers in Rookie Blue? So one day when Maggie sees a picture of Alex with long hair, she asks Alex why she cut it and why she doesn’t let it grow out now. Just out of curiosity. Alex says something like, “Short answer? It’s just easier. DEO missions and long hair don’t exactly mix that well.” And Maggie asks for the long answer and Alex hesitates. Not because she doesn’t want to tell Maggie, cause she so does. She wants Maggie to know all parts of her, even the bad or slightly upsetting. She hesitates because it’s still just hard for her to talk about, but she slowly continues. She tells Maggie about how she was low. She was in a low place. She was so low that she thought she’d never get back up again. How with time, slowly, all she knew was partying and drinking. Until she met J'onn. Until he reminded her of how Kara needs her. How he reminded her of who she is and suppose to be. How she can do more in this life than just get drunk and go clubbing. So she finished school, she joined the DEO, and she cut her hair. She cut away all the bad. She knew this was her fresh start and so she needed to cut away the bad. Since then, she’s just kept it short. And Maggie, being the ever so perfect girlfriend she always is, just gives Alex a small smile. A small reassuring smile and a squeeze to her hand that fits so perfectly into Maggie’s. Then a soft, “Thank you for telling me.”

More kisses, sorry not sorry, I just love kisses.

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Andy McNally | “Fite Nite“ 1x03

Gail Peck: It’s just that you and Swarek seem kinda friendly. I’m not saying he’s not adorable, in a sort of bossy rough trade kind of way. Just, just be careful. Okay? That’s all. I mean, he’s your Training Officer and you’re a rookie. It’s kind of a no-no. It’s actually a rule.

Andy McNally: Yeah, well, it doesn’t need to be ‘cause he’s not my type.

on the thought of prosthetics here are some quality wash w a prosthetic things
• removing his arm for comedic effect
• all the fucking arm/hand puns and jokes
• like getting a knife through his prosthetic and he just, looks at it, looks back up, and looks back down again and pulls it out, deadpan expression. queue horrified enemys
• moments when he doesn’t have his prosthetic and ppl are yelling at him to hurry up and he replies w stuff like “oh, sure. let’s give the guy with one arm x job” and “ I’m working with /one hand/ give me a minute!”