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NiziSta Interview: Takatsuki Kanako, Part I

Interview       :       August 26, 2016

(Part II)

“I want to take on a lot of challenges as a voice actress.” Takatsuki Kanako interview, part I.

Today, we will introduce a rookie voice actress affiliated with Amuse, Inc., Takatsuki Kanako-san. Performing the role of Kunikida Hanamaru in Love Live! Sunshine!!, she’s one of the most prominent voice actresses today.

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Chaeyoung as Yoon Myeongju, Dahyun as Seo Daeyoung, Tzuyu as Kang Moyeon, Jungyeon as Yoo Sijin

i literally cant stop thinking about this parody!!! THIS IS GONNA BE LIT !

Rookie Actress Jo Woo Ri Cast in “The Descendant of the Sun” as Role of Onew’s Girlfriend

It has been confirmed that rookie actress Jo Woo Ri will be acting in KBS’ upcoming drama “The Descendant of the Sun” alongside big names such as Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki.

Jo Woo Ri has been cast as the role of Doctor Jang, who is also the fiancée of SHINee Onew’s character. Onew is set to take on the role of Lee Chi Hoon, a doctor and member of a medical service team. The actress will be playing out a love line with Onew’s character from beginning to end.

(source: Soompi)

‘Salute D’Amour’ Chan-yeol & Moon Ga-young to show what true teenage love is

The teenage couple, Moon Ga-young and Chan-yeol of EXO from upcoming film ‘Salute D’Amour’ is expected to create quite a sensation in the public.

‘Salute D’amour’ depicts a love story between 70-year-old Sung-chil(Park Geun-hyung) who lacks experience in love relationships and Geum-nim(Yoon Yeo-jung), a florist who wins his heart, along with all the others who support their love.

Renowned K-POP boy band EXO’s Chan-yeol and rookie actress Moon Ga-young who starred in KBS’s television series ‘The Wang’s Family’ in 2013 as the youngest daughter of the Wangs, Wang Hae-bak, teamed up in ‘Salute D’Amour’ as Min-sung and Ah-young respectively, teenaged supporters who root for Sung-chil and Geum-nim’s love.

‘Salute D’Amour’ makes Chan-yeol’s film debut. Despite being a novice in acting, he is has managed to evoke a smile of the audience with his innocent and bright charms he has shown as Min-sung, a high school student and Ah-young’s boyfriend.

The professional singer but rookie actor, Chan-yeol has expressed some anxiety before the film’s release. “It was an honor for me to star in this movie. I am also very happy to start my acting career through ‘Salute D’Amour’. If it were not for the help from the other cast, I would not have been able to do it. Thank you again,” said Chan-yeol.

In addition, Moon Ga-young was cast as Jang-soo’s daughter ‘Ah-young’, a high school student mainly concerned with global warming rather than her grades. Seeming abrasive and mean, she turns out to be thoughtful daughter who cares about her father’s health. “I was the youngest from the cast. I tried to show the young, fresh side of a teenage girl. I discussed a lot with Chan-yeol since we were the only teenagers in the cast and that we were cast as teenagers,” Moon Ga-young explained about her character. She is said to bring a sweet story of young love.

Meanwhile, ‘Salute D’Amour’ is expected to his the theaters nationwide on April 9.

cr. GET IT K Han Jihee, Photography by Big Picture Inc./CJ Entertainment, English Translation by Veronica Choi