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exordium dot attendance

Chanyeols lovely mom  and  his pretty sister 

Red Velvet’s beautiful members joy and wendy 

NCT the sweet babies 

Kun and lucas the cute SM rookies

  Amazing actress Oh Yeonso 

The creator and proud father of exo Lee soo man 

And most important our facinating family the exo-l fandom 

also leetuk super junior’s leader attended

Tell me if there is any one I missed!

Dreaming~Nam Joo Hyuk Fluff

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Words; 1.4k 

Your mouth hung open as you stared at the script in front of you. Your eyes were staring at one name, that was said to be your co-worker for this drama. His name was Nam Joo Hyuk. 

You couldn’t believe your luck. You’ve always wanted to work on a drama with him. You thought he was a great actor, and you admired his work. Even though he was an up and coming actor, he was great at his job. 

Honestly you were a rookie actress as well, and you were hoping this drama could be your big break. It was the first time you were playing a lead character, and you were excited, really nervous as well, but mostly excited. 

You were even more excited learning who your co-workers would be. Nam Joo Hyuk, Park Shin Hye, and Seo In Guk. It was an all star cast, and you were honoured to be apart of this drama. You were honoured to be apart of any drama that you got casted in. 

 You looked over at your manager and smiled at him. “So when do I get to meet them?” You asked him excitedly. 

 He chuckled softly. “Well, tomorrow I’m pretty sure. You’ll have to look over the script tonight, and you’ll have a script reading with all the cast members tomorrow morning.” He told you as he looked down to check the time on his phone. 

 You squealed excitedly. “Really? I get to meet him tomorrow?” Your manager gave you a knowing look as you blushed. “I-I mean I get to meet everyone tomorrow?” You asked softly. 

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“I’m tired of people saying there aren’t any good 20something rookie actresses in kdrama and that’s why you have to cast idols blah blah. They’re all there, only they get stuck in second lead roles for half a decade and have to prove themselves around ten times before someone takes a chance to give them a lead role. And even then, if the drama is crap, they’ll be cast aside and given no more chances even if their performances are actually good. Which is why I really hope 3rd Rate My Way is a hit.”

Beenzino - No Secrets, No Lies

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You were caught by surprise when your spotted your ex boyfriend in the crowd. Your body froze for a moment and you just stood there rooted to the ground for several seconds, before you recollected yourself. You blinked and turned around hastily and started walking in the opposite direction with your head down low.

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Uesaka Sumire Blog Updates 2016/03/12



Today the latest Seiyuu award ceremony, i received the Rookie Actress Award !!

it’s really, an Honor…
for those who involved, i would like to thank you all again, Thank you !

2011 when i was asked to be in Spacecraft,  i was really happy when i became Seiyuu and that’s all what i can think off, from the first step and start from Zero and really inexperienced, was an uneasy task.

i was very timid, there’s no self-confidence, out of reach, countless day of vapidity, because of everyone i was able to win this award, and the characters that i played feels like watching my back.

from now on, i will do what i can to grow as an actress, to explore much more, continue facing through the expression, and, when you deliver the work for everyone and give it all for those who love it, without a doubt is a really happy thing.

from now on, i humbly thank you.

До встречи!

NiziSta Interview: Takatsuki Kanako, Part I

Interview       :       August 26, 2016

(Part II)

“I want to take on a lot of challenges as a voice actress.” Takatsuki Kanako interview, part I.

Today, we will introduce a rookie voice actress affiliated with Amuse, Inc., Takatsuki Kanako-san. Performing the role of Kunikida Hanamaru in Love Live! Sunshine!!, she’s one of the most prominent voice actresses today.

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[TRANS] 160706 IU leaves message on Pretty Man dc gallery - Hello Digis

(Note: For explanation of ‘digis’, ctrl-f ‘digi’ in the FAQ.)

[T/L note] From the FAQ: 예쁜남자 갤러리 / Pretty Man dc gallery - Or yenam-gall. The star candies took over this dc gallery after the drama (because there can only be one iu dc gall). Now they call themselves ‘digi’ after the lyrics in ‘Love Attack’, which go digi digi digi…

It’s my first time writing here!

Thank you for sending me warm support and wonderful presents throughout pretty much the whole of the drama filming!
I really didn’t expect you guys to prepare all that for me yesterday..
I was taken by surprise and really grateful!
The staff who were at the drama filming ending party thanked me.
There’s nothing~~ at all that I prepared, but I was the one receiving the thanks from others.. Hehe I came here to convey the thanks I received yesterday Heh
Even popping the champagne! Thank you for the flower bouquets, the banner and the cake. ›.‹ The ending party schedule was decided on in a rush, so there wasn’t much time to prepare, yet you guys were really meticulous right to the end..  Thank you so much for cheering on a rookie actress who still doesn’t even have anything to show yet… Hehe
I try hard to not break the atmosphere by suddenly appearing in places where the fans hang out, other than Uaena, but this time I had to convey the greetings from many people, so I’m making an exception and suddenly writing here!
From me and as a representative of the Moon Lovers - Scarlet Heart: Ryeo team, thank you!! Thanks to you guys, the atmosphere at the ending party was great ^__^
I can’t come by often, but I will occasionally. Our staff in particular do come by often though keke You’re gathering lots of star candies here right?
Get along well with one another~ Thank you, digis! (But you guys are star candies, why is it called digi? keke Are you guys Digda from Pokemon? Is is related to that.. keke) Goodbye~~~ ›.‹ 

Isn’t it.. DC isn’t a place you trust unless there’s proof… kekeke
I didn’t manage to take a photo of the presents yesterday (sorry sorry), but to show proof, I’ll leave a selca here before I go. Please believe mee.. (Will this go up at once? dugeun dugeun (heartbeat sound) digidigi)

(Note: IU was worried no one would believe that it’s really IU posting on the dc gall so she edited the post and added a selca. Her username is Lee Jigeum (ctrl-f ‘instagram’ in the FAQ).)

Translated by squishy with love
Source: Pretty Man dc gallery

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can you do a scenerio when you become a rookie actress who ends up being in BTS's new MV miss right as a main girl lead. You get shy and all since you're acting with your bias V, then V who's a secretly a huge fan of you end up confessing to you be his girlfriend~ >//<


You walk onto the music video set hesitantly and look around. You’ve done a few other acting gigs and even a couple music videos, but this was completely different: he was going to be here. And by he, of course, you meant Kim Taehyung, also known as V of BTS. He’s your ultimate bias, so of course you were excited when you heard you would be starring in their newest music video, but you were also incredibly nervous. He was one way in front of cameras, but there was no telling how he would be in real life.

You greeted the camera crew setting up as usual and asked where the dressing room was. On your way there, you could feel your heart pounding. This is ridiculous. What if he’s not even that great in real life? you thought to yourself. You opened the door and looked around at all the members, greeting and bowing to them. All of the ones that weren’t getting their makeup or hair done stood up to bow to you. You named them off in your head: Jungkook, Suga, Jimin, J-Hope, Jin… You looked over at the opposite of the room where the other were getting ready: Rap Monster (who was asleep) was getting his makeup done while…Taehyung was getting his hair done~ You tried not to visibly swoon.

The staff member that was supposed to be working on your hair greeted you and motioned for you to sit down between the two boys. You couldn’t help but grin at Taehyung, but you were worried that you looked stupid, so you tried to just face forward to where you couldn’t see him.

Unbeknownst to you, he actually looked over at you before he could see you looking at him, his lips parted as he unintentionally stared at you. Uwaaa…even prettier in person…~ All the other members took note of this, knowing how much he adored you, and made fun of him behind your backs.

Once it actually got time to filming, you couldn’t help but be a little upset that it seemed like every scene you were in was with the main actor of the group, Jin, even though you were probably exaggerating. Maybe you were just frustrated that he had all same the lines in the second verse that Taehyung had in first verse, and you wished Taehyung was singing them to you instead of him. Actually, it seemed that he was avoiding you for the most part aside from a proper but short greeting right before filming began. It was making you a little sad, but you still had to put up an act for the camera, like Jin was the dreamiest guy in the world. (Pft. As if.)

At the very end (after the individual shots, where Taehyung looked especially adorable~) when they were doing the dance shots, you stood off to the side to watch them. You couldn’t help but smile at their adorable dance, and you couldn’t take your eyes off of Taehyung. You also couldn’t help but think about how he really was a better dancer than people gave him credit for. Of course, he wasn’t as good as J-Hope, Jimin, and Jungkook; but he wasn’t as bad as Jin and Rap Monster (the self-proclaimed “can’t dance line”) either.

Once all the filming was done and you all thanked the staff, you started heading back to the dressing room before—

“Ah, wait up…”

You turned around to see that Taehyung (like you couldn’t recognize his chocolately, husky voice) had shyly called you out while the rest of the members walked past you.

“Yes~?” you responded in a voice a little higher than your usual. You couldn’t help but smile brightly at him.

He smiled back at you, that smile you absolutely loved. “Uh, I just wanted to let you know that…” He looked down shyly. “I’m a really big fan…~”

You raised your eyebrows, genuinely surprised. “Really?”

He nodded, biting his lip as he kept his eyes on the ground. “…”

“Well…” You looked away. “I’m a big fan, too…~”

He looked up, eyebrows raised. “Really?”

You looked back at him, grinning. “Yeah…~ You’re my favorite in BTS, actually…”

All of the staff was gone by then, and now it was just you two standing there. It felt just like a dream.

He grinned back at you, standing up a little straighter. “That’s great~!” He started talking to you excitedly, talking about all the work you had been in and how much he loved you in every role, no matter how small.

You couldn’t help but laugh at his cuteness. “It sounds like you remember more of my roles than I do~”

He pouted cutely. “Sorry if I sound like a creep…”

You grinned. “No, it’s cute~” You looked away. “Uh…” Oh my god, I can’t believe I’m about to say this…

He raised his eyebrows. “Yes?”

“Well…uh…what is your company’s stance on dating…?”

He froze as if in shock before stepping a little closer, taking ahold of your hands. “It doesn’t matter what they think…” He smiled softly. “You…wanna be my girlfriend…?”

You looked back at him, grinning. “Yeah…more than anything…~”

He grinned before leaning in and kissing you on the cheek. “I would love that…~”

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‘Salute D’Amour’ Chan-yeol & Moon Ga-young to show what true teenage love is

The teenage couple, Moon Ga-young and Chan-yeol of EXO from upcoming film ‘Salute D’Amour’ is expected to create quite a sensation in the public.

‘Salute D’amour’ depicts a love story between 70-year-old Sung-chil(Park Geun-hyung) who lacks experience in love relationships and Geum-nim(Yoon Yeo-jung), a florist who wins his heart, along with all the others who support their love.

Renowned K-POP boy band EXO’s Chan-yeol and rookie actress Moon Ga-young who starred in KBS’s television series ‘The Wang’s Family’ in 2013 as the youngest daughter of the Wangs, Wang Hae-bak, teamed up in ‘Salute D’Amour’ as Min-sung and Ah-young respectively, teenaged supporters who root for Sung-chil and Geum-nim’s love.

‘Salute D’Amour’ makes Chan-yeol’s film debut. Despite being a novice in acting, he is has managed to evoke a smile of the audience with his innocent and bright charms he has shown as Min-sung, a high school student and Ah-young’s boyfriend.

The professional singer but rookie actor, Chan-yeol has expressed some anxiety before the film’s release. “It was an honor for me to star in this movie. I am also very happy to start my acting career through ‘Salute D’Amour’. If it were not for the help from the other cast, I would not have been able to do it. Thank you again,” said Chan-yeol.

In addition, Moon Ga-young was cast as Jang-soo’s daughter ‘Ah-young’, a high school student mainly concerned with global warming rather than her grades. Seeming abrasive and mean, she turns out to be thoughtful daughter who cares about her father’s health. “I was the youngest from the cast. I tried to show the young, fresh side of a teenage girl. I discussed a lot with Chan-yeol since we were the only teenagers in the cast and that we were cast as teenagers,” Moon Ga-young explained about her character. She is said to bring a sweet story of young love.

Meanwhile, ‘Salute D’Amour’ is expected to his the theaters nationwide on April 9.

cr. GET IT K Han Jihee, Photography by Big Picture Inc./CJ Entertainment, English Translation by Veronica Choi