Christmas gift for the cabin. 

“These illustrations are part of The Workbench Collection, a colorful series of iconized objects from Roo Kee Roo. Our father’s workbench was full of weathered, useful tools but to us they were much more. To us, they were treasures and artifacts from an honest way of life. That life was forged from the land with real tools held in one’s hand.”


When does a tool become something greater?

When does a physical object transcend it’s intended purpose?

When does something you hold in your hand become
something you hold in your heart?

Tools help us realize our dreams. They allow us pull ideas from the abstract and forge them in reality. They enhance our bodies and project our imaginations. They aren’t a product of the civilized world but rather civilization wouldn’t exist without them. 

We honor these tools. We celebrate them with the same reverence as the monuments and landmarks they enable us build.