Why I fucking adore piercings

1.They look cute as fuck

2. Piercings were originally done solely for sexual pleasure - not really a reason I love piercings, but a neat fun fact for those who want one

3. They help me feel confident about my body

4. They give me a reason to show off a certain part of my body

5. Who doesn’t adore shiny things?

6. Some of them sparkle/glimmer when the sun hits them just right

7. They can make someone feel comfortable to smile again (tongue piercings, frowny/smiley piercings, etc.)

8. They can give someone confidence to engage in sexual activities (Christina piercing, prince albert piercing, etc.)

9. They help me feel beautiful.

Shout out to everyone out there who loves piercings but are surrounded by people who simply just don’t understand their adoration for piercings!