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  Tower Rapunzel in the fairy forest.


Okay can we talk about this pic Mark Darrah tweeted recently as a teaser? Because I am screaming. You can find his tweet here

I love how simple and clever it is. It’s obviously a reference to chess (since as we know, Solas reveals a fair bit about himself/the foreshadowing with his mental game of chess with Bull). The piece is obviously a rook, which was once called the tower. Rooks are most powerful towards the end of a game, and the rook is a very powerful piece to deliver checkmate. It is also a reference to Solas’ The Tower tarot card.

I AM SCREAMING YOU GUYS, THIS PICTURE IS SO SIMPLE YET SO SO SO CLEVER!!!! I literally cannot believe how amazing this is. 

Some chess themed robots I sketched earlier in the year, all bedecked in full colour!

I was determined not to make them simply black and/or white so since some sets use white and red I opted for the latter.

I then accented it with black which kind of makes them ‘double bad.’ The fact that these robots are built by the villainous Professor Fandango (more on him later) made this completely appropriate.
The only thing I’m not quite sure of yet is what to name them. I don’t want them to be too derivative but it would be nice for them to use a group naming scheme too.

Right now I’m thinking of day/time/event themed names which would make them, from left to right:

Weakly, Fortknight, Leapier, Holyday, Queen Jubilee and Centenery VIII

Killian appears to be holding a rook from a chess set in this pic from 7x02.

Chess figures prominently in Alice Through the Looking Glass and we know we’re getting a new version of Alice in S7 along with the new Cinderella. This is making me wonder if Officer Rogers is more of a “mirror-image” of Killian (and Roni with Regina). Mirrors are such a part of the Snow White story and the show, it would be an easy way to tie the two together. Regina’s mirror image becomes the White Queen, Lady Tremaine is the Black Queen, Henry is a knight, Lucy is a pawn (the smallest, weakest piece, but with the potential to become a queen), Killian is a rook..

From Wiki; in some languages a rook is called a ship.

This could be interesting, a mirror image isn’t quite a clone or a complete alternate like Wish!Robin was. Could explain why they seem to be polar opposites of their previous selves at first.

anonymous asked:

Can you go in depth on Lance with his rook traits like you did with Keith's knight traits? That would be awesome

Oh ya, sure! Okay, so here’s what Pidge tells us: he’s good at long range combat, he’s perceptive, and he’s got some good luck (something Shiro could really use a bit of right now). Pidge also asks him to help advise her and be on the lookout for enemy rooks. 

In chess, the rook is kinda interesting because there’s this special move with the King that it’s known for called castling. It’s the only time where you can maneuver two pieces in one turn. You can only pull it off if neither the King or rook have moved before, and there’s some other specific circumstances that need to be met too. Basically, the pieces hop over each other. Castling sets up the King in a safer position while putting the rook into action. So, even though Lance looks pretty clueless about his role in the game–and this kind of reflects how he often dismisses his own role in the team–it really says something that there’s more to his piece than meets the eye and he has this sort of secret weapon. The rook might not look like much, but it can literally move a King and that’s something. 

I think on some level everyone’s combat says something about their personality as well. For people like Keith this is easy to see, because close combat equals someone who confronts their problems head-on and charges forward. In contrast, long range implies the person is maybe more precise when they act and need to take a step back to think things through. I think it’s notable that Lance thinks of himself as the team’s “sharpshooter,” because this emphasizes his good aim. Metaphorically speaking, we can say that makes him very methodical and observant. The fact that his bayard upgrades to a sniper with a scope for even more accurate aim in season 3 serves  to reinforce this. 

And when it comes to Lance being perceptive, I think the first scene with his new gun emphasizes this. At one point Hunk yells that enemy droids just keep coming. Now, Lance could’ve spent a bunch of time mindlessly shooting droid after droid, but that’s not the case. He takes the time to identify the problem and work out a logical solution. Instead of firing at all the droids, he hit the lock on the door so it slams shut and they don’t have to keep fighting endless waves of enemies. It shows he’s observant and really good with thinking on his feet. 

Going back to the idea of ranged combat, getting some distance also makes the confrontation much less personal. You’re not up close and looking the other guy in the eye when you attack them. So it could be that a long range weapon makes fighting easier on his conscience because you’re a bit more removed from the conflict. The fact that it’s a laser gun that he gets all excited about and immediately starts waving around also kind of highlights this childishness about him I think. War obviously isn’t a game, but Lance definitely enjoys showing off and being a “sharpshooter.” Shooting lasers isn’t messy or gritty like stabbing someone or fighting with your bare hands. It makes combat more “fun” for Lance. 

In terms of luck, I know a lot of people probably would hate to hear that’s something they’re good at–since, you know, it’s just dumb luck and completely up to chance. But still, it’s listed for a reason. Lance really does have a lucky star out there or two. I mean, despite having no personally invested interest in the Kerberos crew or the lions, his actions are ultimately what brings all of Team Voltron together. It’s sheer chance that he saw Pidge sneak out and convinced Hunk to come along and tail after her. 

It’s really just luck that Keith just so happens to provide the perfect distraction and take care of all the guards and rescue Shiro for them. It’s pure luck that Lance ends up back at Keith’s shack when he’s the only one who could’ve activated Blue. Without him, Keith could’ve made it back to Blue with Shiro, but they would’ve still been stuck on Earth with an inoperable lion. And it’s really lucky that Lance’s two teammates that he brings along with him also just so happen to be ideal candidates for the other lions. 

And the thing about luck that I’m sure a lot of people have heard before is “you need to make your own luck.” Lance is the kind of person that makes things happen, sets events in motion. He’s very much a character of action, and his ability to push forward and set off important events through his own perceptive nature and sense of adventure is certainly something. Chase after Pidge, follow the mermaid, try and make that impossible shot. Exciting stuff tends to happen when Lance is around, and that’s because he’s someone who goes looking for excitement. 

  • The Knight: In many ways, knights are by far the most unpredictable piece. They don't follow a straight line or a well-known course, and are the only pieces able to jump and maneuver over others- breaking over boundaries effortlessly. These pieces seemingly defy all of the rules, and rarely follow the conventional path. The knight is daring and hard to follow, pioneering to places that others have never gone before. They are given so much freedom in movement, which can cause them to be quite reckless, and can get themselves into trouble. Mysterious, reckless, avante-garde, these are the daredevils. Scorpio ♏, Aquarius ♒.
  • The Rook: Solid in character, this is one of the most reliable and straightforward pieces. They do not hide behind someone else, or pretend to be what they are not: their directness is their biggest strength. Pragmatic and forward-thinking, this chess piece's asset is how much energy and focus they have- which they rarely waste- making them a formidable opponent. Unlike the more fickle chess pieces, rooks know loyalty and keep their word- once committed to a cause, they tend to stick to it. Aries ♈, Taurus ♉.
  • The Pawn: Pawns are often regarded as the expendable pieces, which is a mistake. These pieces are underestimated, but have an immense amount of potential. Pawns come in the greatest number, reflecting how versatile these pieces are, as there are so many different sides and aspects to them. They are impossible to define. Although humble and made to serve, in the right condition, pawns are the only chess piece that can alter itself to any other kind- knight, queen, rook, whatever they please. Virgo ♍, Pisces ♓.
  • The Bishop: Although this chess piece is not as direct as the others, through its swift, sharp movement, the bishop can both capture other pieces unknowingly and evade others. This bishop can glide through the chess board effortlessly, but being as quirky as it is, can only do so in a specific direction. In many ways, this chess piece is clever and offbeat- but just as it can easily make a move, it can easily retreat- giving it at its worst, a cowardly quality. This chess piece would rather stay in the background until it spies an opportunity, than to go forward bravely. Astute and observant, this chess piece is one of the most strategic and clever ones. Gemini ♊, Libra ♎, Sagittarius ♐.
  • The Queen: This chess piece acts as the main protector of the board- and is given all possible abilities in order to fulfill that duty. It can travel in as many different directions as it likes, for how far, long, and wide as it wishes. But the Queen rarely unveils her true capabilities until the time is necessary, instead choosing to stay in the background. This piece is not self-oriented, for her purpose is to nurture, protect, and stabilize the kingdom. However, there is a fierce, somewhat maternal instinct of this piece- and when it's awakened, the Queen gives all she has. Cancer ♋, Capricorn ♑.
  • The King: Similarly to how all the planets revolve around the sun, the other chess pieces orient their strategy towards one cause: the king. This chess piece is the beginning and end of the game: the key to winning is capturing the other's king, and the way to defeat is failing to protect the king. Like all kings do, this chess piece rules over his fictional kingdom- directing everyone else's move. Yet this is also because this piece is limited in movement. Although the king appears to hold so much power, there is a surprising vulnerability to this piece. Leo ♌.

king - the goal, the piece around which the entire game revolves, yet the weakest on the board. queen - the most powerful piece, with unlimited movement in any direction. bishop - the pieces symbolising spirituality, able to move in complex ways. rook - protective pieces which move within strict, regimented confines. knight - the equal of the bishop and the most active pieces, which attack by moving in unpredictable ways. pawn - the simplest piece on the board, but when pushed can become the most powerful. it uses only the smallest actions, moving one square at a time. always forward, never backward.

Alice’s Chess

The chess game exists with a variant : a version played using two chessboards instead of one, and titled “Alice’s Chess”, reffering to Lewis Carroll’s character, Alice in Wonderland, more especially the second book of her adventures, Alice through the looking glass, where chess have a key role.

The rules of this game are very interesting in the context of the S7, where we have two books, characters moving from one to the other, some of them coming from fairy tales, others from our world, cursed and maybe not cursed. In Alice’s Chess, the pawns also move on two chessboards in the same time. When a shot is taken, the piece from the first chess set passes “through the mirror” to impact the second.

Alice in the S7 is described  as “a character in the vein of Rumplestiltskin (..) you do not really know what she’s up to, where she’s going or where she’s been.” The actress suggests she could be not cursed.  In S1, Rumple was the only one (except Regina) to be “awakened”. So like him, she could manipulate the game.

In Alice through the looking glass, the world is like a giant chess set, and Alice is BOTH a player and a pawn.

She moves on the chessboard, interacts with the most strategic pawns (Rumple ? Hook ? Killian seems to hold a rook from a chess set in a pic from 7x02), with this sole purpose : to win the game.

Another interesting fact : in the Lewis’s book, Alice’s disconnected from time. She’s able to remember the future (and in a recent film adaptation, she travels even back in time to save people she loves).

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Would it be alright to ask for a prompt where young Izuku, who's still going around trying to be a hero despite being quirkless, unwittingly gets between a young Shigaraki Tomura (pre-Sensei) and a villain. Can lean either towards future villain!Izuku or Hero!Tomura depending on your fancy. Thank you!

When Izuku is young, he discovers three very important things about himself.

The first is that not all men are created equal. He himself is Quirkless, and practically overnight he goes from having seemingly endless friends to no friends. Even Kacchan doesn’t want anything to do with him.

The second is that despite his own fears, he is capable of standing up to someone in the face of adversity. Whether or not he’ll break down in tears doing it is another story.

The third, and most important thing is that he is going to be the right hand man to one of the greatest villains alive, a boy named Shigaraki Tomura.

It begins with a man, an alleyway, and a death.


They call him the Black Rook.

In chess, a rook piece, also called ‘the tower’ by some, is one who can move horizontally or vertically across the board. Used correctly, the rook can be one of the biggest deciding factors in a game, alongside the Knight and the Queen.

He doesn’t look like much on screen. Short, green hair and eyes, and a simple smile on his face. It’s only if you know what to look for that you start to see the real picture.

Midoriya Izuku vanished four years ago. His mother died less than a year after that, from a bullet through the heart. Her body, when it was finally recovered, was heavily damaged due to her killer burning the house down around her once they were done. No valuables were taken, but pictures of Izuku vanished, articles of clothing, money and all the food in the house were taken as well.

Two years after that, Shigaraki was introduced to the world as Sensei’s successor. And on his heels was a quiet young green-haired, green-eyed youngster dressed smartly. 

All Might looks at the boys, and mourns the loss of their innocence. He tries to figure out how someone like Izuku would fall in with this kind of crowd. He reads the reports on his Quirklessness, and then the reports on how his first “kill” was a villain in an alley, a man that went by the name of Quiverback. 

Quiverback had a thing for kids. Even now, the thought of it makes All Might want to kill something. Midoriya Izuku was a year younger than Shigaraki when he vanished. All the police reports - what few there are - say so. But it doesn’t say how or why Izuku did what he did, although there’s plenty of speculation. All Might has his theories, just like Gran Torino does, and everyone else that watched the New Villain Alliance on TV that day after the fight with Sensei.

Shigaraki and Quiverback are in the alley when Izuku arrives. Izuku, his dreams of ever being a hero smashed, but unwilling to give up, attempts to help. It gets nasty - Quiverback was known for carrying a medley of sharp knives on him, hence the name. No weapon was found at the crime scene, but the killing blow came from one of his own knives, and one of the ‘slots’ on his back was empty. Izuku, recognizing one of those nightmare adults his mother warned him about, kills Quiverback.

And between then and whenever the police arrived, Sensei and his right hand Kurogiri stepped in, and swept the boys up. He knows that happened, because Sensei had alluded to ‘picking up not just one, but two extremely fine boys that day’. He’d sounded so proud, like a father who’d watched his sons become men. It makes bile twist in All Might’s stomach. 

But even he can admit for a villain alliance, Shigaraki and Izuku are doing extremely well. Were he in Sensei’s position, he’d probably be proud too, especially if he were locked away like Sensei is. His ‘sons’ are running the alliance well - they’ve gathered Overhaul’s forces to them as well, and the chemistry between the two groups is hot. All Might’s been pushing the last few dregs of energy he has to their limit, and Lemillion is doing all he can to help. 

The fact remains undeniable though; Izuku Midoriya is a villain now, and serves Shigaraki. Quirkless or not, he has killed far too many to be allowed any chance at redemption. The media would have a fit, even were All Might to plead for the boy’s second chance. There is no longer any choice.

Izuku Midoriya and Shigaraki Tomura must be stopped. Only then will this nightmare end.

All Might closes the folder, bows his head in apology for what he’s about to do, and walks out of the police station. Word is Midoriya and Shigaraki have targeted the USJ in search of him. This is going to be his best chance at catching them, and bringing them down. 

“Lemillion, you know what to do, right?”

“Yes sir!”


He can only hope they don’t struggle too much.

32. Not allowed to give Tattoos

AKA: 5 Times Sirius Black failed to be a Tattoo Artist, Plus 1 Time he Actually Succeeded. Sort of.


“I’m going to become a tattoo artist,” Sirius announced proudly, as he sat on his bed with his pillow held firmly in his lap.

None of the others in the room replied.

He turned to see what each of them were doing, unclear why they were paying attention to something other than him, when clearly he was the most interesting thing in the room.

Remus and Peter were huddled over a book, discussing in low tones an assignment they had to turn in the next day. It was something that Peter had procrastinated doing, and then begged for Remus’ help to complete at the last minute.

James had several papers sprawled out on his bed, pouring over them with an intense amount of concentration.

Sirius suspected that they were his plans for Quidditch this upcoming year, as he took his captaincy very seriously.

“You guys,” Sirius whined with a huff, “Was anyone even listening to me?”

“Of course,” Remus answered without a beat, “You’re going to try to give people tattoos.”

“Not try,” Sirius corrected, “Succeed.”

James snorted in response, “Hate to break it to ya, Prongs, but there’s a lot more to giving tattoos than just drawing on someone’s skin.”

“Psht,” Sirius waved his hand dismissively, “It can’t be that difficult.”

Remus and James looked up from their books, shooting each other a knowing look before returning to their tasks.

“In fact, I’m going to start right now!” Sirius decided, jumping up from his spot and looking around.

Realizing that it was well after midnight, and most everyone else would be asleep, he plopped back down on his bed and revised, “On second thought, I believe I will be much more successful in the morning.”

“Sure you will,” James answered placating.

Sirius folded his arms and pouted.

He’d prove him wrong.


Sirius stepped back proudly as he looked at his entire set-up.

It was perfect.

He had a chair for his client to sit on to receive their tattoo and a stool with wheels for him to do his work on.

He sat on the stool with a satisfied sigh, turning to the unsuspecting fourth year who was waiting patiently.

“Alright, then,” Sirius said, reaching over to grab his needles in the sleek black leather case they had arrived In just the day before. Not wanting to waste any time, he had special ordered them from a shop in Knockturn Alley, paying extra for it to be delivered immediately, “Let’s get started, Marvin.”

“It’s Martin,” the young boy replied immediately, his once assured gaze suddenly turning nervous.

“Sure, sure,” Sirius answered, waving his mistake away, “And you wanted a kneazle on your leg?”

“A dragon,” he corrected, his eyes wide as they turned to look at the other boys in the room, “I wanted a dragon on my arm. Not my leg.”

“Of course you do,” Sirius cooed.

He shot a smirk at James who merely rolled his eyes in response, but his slight quirk of his lips showed he was amused.

Sirius took a deep breath, knowing this was his moment to prove himself.

To finally live his dream.

He unzipped the bag slowly, taking the moment to appreciate the tone of the zipper in the nearly quiet boy’s dorm room.

He gently lifted up the top of the case, his heart fluttering at the sight.

There were an assortment of colors bordering the case, ink for him to use while he drew.

But right there, in the middle, was what he had been waiting for.

He picked up the long, silver needle and held it closer to his face, feeling his heart race faster, beating deep within his chest.

His breath caught as the glint of the silver shined in the light.

His breath then quickened, imagining taking the needle against the boy’s skin, pushing down deep as he skid the instrument across, creating lines, and leaving a trail of pain … blood …


[Several minutes later]

“You okay, man?”

Sirius moaned as he lifted himself up, looking around at his surrounding to try and re-orient himself with where he was.

“Why am I on the ground?” He asked confused, looking up at James who was barely holding in his laughter.

“You, uh, you fainted mate,” James replied with a snicker.

Sirius narrowed his gaze at his best friend, “I what?”

“You fainted,” James repeated again.

“I did not,” Sirius immediately retorted, turning to look at Remus who was watching the scene in glee, “What really happened Moony?”

“You took one look at the needle and your eyes rolled back in your head and you fell to the ground,” Remus explained, expanding on James’ story.

“Is someone a little nervous around needles?” James teased, poking and prodding his friend.

“Shut it, antlers,” Sirius growled, pushing himself up and brushing the imaginary dirt off his clothes.

“Sorry about that,” he said to his client, turning in a whirl and putting on his most charming smile, “Where were -?”

He paused, looking at the empty seat in front of him.

“Where’s Marvin?” Sirius asked.

“Martin,” Remus corrected.

“Marvin is a better name though,” James countered.

Peter chimed in from his spot in the corner, looking like he couldn’t quite decide if he wanted to show sympathy towards Sirius or if he was going to join in laughter with James and Remus.

“He left as soon as you fainted,” he squeaked.

Sirius frowned.

“Better luck next time, mate,” James said with a clap on his back.

“Although,” Remus spoke thoughtfully, “Perhaps next time, you should pick a career path in which you are not terrified on the instruments you are holding.”

This time, Peter did not hold back his laughter with the other two.

Sirius merely grumbled disheartened, trying to figure out how he could succeed the next time.


“Yurr ‘eadyy?” Sirius slurred, grimacing at the third year with two heads sitting in front of him.

He ignored the look of sheer terror on the poor kid, and reached over to his needle case to pull out his much needed tool.

This time, he didn’t linger over the grand opening, but simply scooped up the instrument into his fumbling hand.

He paused a moment, feeling elated when he realized he wasn’t experiencing any nerves, rapid heart beating, or cold sweating.


“Nowr,” Sirius spoke, stumbling over to the blurry figure, “Lesss do d’iss.”

He turned on the tattoo gun, hearing the buzzing next to his ear and smiled manically.

Finally, his time was here.

“What the bloody hell do you think you are doing?” a voice shouted from the doorway.

Sirius barely had enough time to blink before the person gently eased the tattoo gun from his hand.

Another hand, coming out from nowhere, grabbed something from his other hand.

“Are you drunk?” the voice asked sternly.

“Heeyyyah,” Sirius exclaimed, pointing to the bottle as he blinked slowly to try and regain his full vision, “I wasser lookin’ fur dat. Whur ya fine it?”

“It was in your hand,” the voice replied flatly.

Sirius squinted at the face before him, examining the stern lines and the light color hair.

It clicked.

“Reeemuusss,” he shouted, lurching forward to put his weight on his friend.

“Get off me,” Remus ordered disgruntled, pushing Sirius off and onto the bed.

Sirius felt another pair of hands on his body and looked at Remus with wide eyes, “Why ya havah four handz?”

“Those are my hands you dolt,” another voice said.

Sirius realized this voice was different than the first voice and turned to the source, brightening up immediately.

“Jaammeessey – James!” He yelled out, reaching to pet the side of his best mate’s face, “Preeetty Jamsey.”

“Sirius, what are you doing?” James asked pointedly.

“Tattoering!” he shouted, waving in the direction of the boy who was waiting for Sirius to put his masterpiece on him.

“While drunk?” Remus asked incredulously.

“Gosta git rid of the nerves sumhowz,” Sirius answered seriously.

Remus sighed disappointedly, turning to the kid, “Get out of here.”

The kid nodded, looking relieved and raced out of the room.

“Hey!” Sirius complained.

“You can’t go waving needles around when you’re drunk,” James scolded his friend.

“Ppsshttpsthff, I arr fiiiiine,” Sirius said with a wave, “In factah, Imma mur than fiiine. I – I – “

His body fell over to the side and his snores started not too long after.


Sirius sat back with a proud smile on his face.

He had done it.

He had finally completed his first tattoo.

Sure, there was unforeseeable complications along the way, but he had overcome them all and finally drawn a piece of art onto someone’s body to be immortalized forever.

“Well,” he stated, grabbing a mirror and holding it up for the fifth year in the chair in front of him, “What do you think, Steve?”

The kid squinted as he looked in the mirror at his tattoo, and then looked down on his shoulder the best he could.

“I asked for a rook from chess,” Steve said accusingly.

“That’s what that is,” Sirius assured him.

Steve frowned deeper, “This doesn’t look anything like a rook.”

“He’s got a point,” James voice chimed in from nowhere, causing Steve to jump.

“It looks more like a thick blob,” Peter said, leaning in to look at it more closely, “Did you mean to draw blob?”

“Perhaps he meant to draw a rook after it had been destroyed in a chess match,” Remus suggested thoughtfully.

Sirius just looked at his friends annoyed.

Steve looked in between the four panicky, “But, I don’t want a blob on my arm. I wanted a rook.”

“Which is what you got,” Sirius said pointedly.

“If you squint your eyes, and tilt your head to the side you can see it better,” Peter said, mimicking the action he’d just described.

“Oh yeah,” James said, following the action, “I see it now. Although Remus is right, is does look like it’s suffered quite a bit in its last match.”

“No one appreciates true genius, anymore,” Sirius huffed, throwing his hands into the air, before stepping off.

“Wait!” Steve called out, fumbling out of the chair, “What am I supposed to do with a bloody permanent blob on my arm?”

“Should’ve thought of that before you made poor life choices,” James answered with a shrug, motioning to the other two to follow him behind Sirius, leaving Steve standing alone disgruntled.


“Mr. Black? What’s this I hear about you coercing students into getting tattoos that you give out yourself?”

Sirius sighed, “No one was coerced. They all came to me of their own free will and choice.”

Professor McGonagall pursed her lips, “Be that as it may, I must ask you to stop giving out tattoos.”

“But professor,” Sirius replied quickly, “This is my dream! My true calling in life! Isn’t that what school is all about? Leaning where to find your place in the world? How you can contribute to society?”

“Of course,” she answered without a pause, “And if this is truly a dream of yours, then I suggest you practice outside of school over the holiday and pursue this career choice once you leave the school for good.”

Sirius pouted, but didn’t counter her point.

McGonagall hesitated before adding, “Although, if all of your work is similar to that piece of art you left on Steve’s shoulder, then perhaps it wouldn’t be a bad idea to look at a couple of different options. Just in case.”

She turned around, leaving a snickering James and Peter next to their friend as he pouted further into his seat.


“What’s this?” Sirius asked suspiciously as he looked at the scene in front of him.

When McGonagall had told him to quit the tattoo business, he’d tossed his needles in the bin and thrown the chair into a spare broom cupboard.

He wasn’t expecting to walk into his room and find James sitting in the very chair he’d thrown out, with Remus and Peter sitting next to him on the beds.

“It has come to our attention that we haven’t been the best of mates to you in recent times,” James answered.

“So, we wanted to do something to show our support for you, no matter what endeavor you choose to pursue,” Remus chimed in, nodding over towards Peter.

Peter stood up and walked to Sirius, holding out a sleek wooden box.

He looked at it suspiciously, wondering what the chances were that his friends rigged it to do something bad upon opening, but decided to take the chance and reached for it anyway.

When he lifted the lid, he found several sleek pens.

“They’re semi-permanent tattoos markers,” Peter explained, “So that you can practice without getting trouble.”

Sirius smiled, wondering what he’d done to get such great friends.

“We figured you’d need a volunteer to try it out,” James said, motioning to himself sitting in the chair.

“Or two,” Remus said, gesturing to himself.

“Or three,” Peter added, smiling widely as he took a step back.

Never one to get emotional, Sirius merely smiled back at the three and said, “Well then, let’s get started.”

“Mate, you really do suck.”

“I do not!”

“I asked for a snitch.”

“You got a snitch!”

“This is not a snitch.”

“At least it’s round.”

“You can almost tell it’s a snitch. I can see the almost wings here.”

“I hate you all so much.”

“We love you too Pads.”


{  T H E   R O O K   I S  }   T H E   M O S T   S T E A D F A S T   P I E C E
| (cover art by Val); [part 5/6 of in the chess court]

generally speaking, only his queen holds more power in the game of chess than the rook. he is the watcher of the kingdom and the castle’s walls, protecting the defenses of his liege lord and lady until his very last breath. although he does not initially play the game with his fellow compatriots, his gaze never falters from the battlefield; indeed, it is towards the endgame that he becomes more powerful. although his method of attack can be a bit limited due to his constrained position on the board, there is no doubt that he is a force to be reckoned with.


the other players: the queen | the king | the knight | the bishop | the pawn

I wonder if there’s any significance to Bohdi’s last name being “Rook”, like the chess piece.

(Apparently I was really into chess as a kid, though I doubt I could win a game now.)

The Rook is one of the most powerful pieces on the board, but only once it’s allowed to move freely, and it’s one of the most important pieces when it comes to protecting the King and Queen. That sounds quite a bit like our Bodhi to me….