TOO LOUD! Episode 1! It’s here! Can you believe it? Starring Kelsy Abbott, James Urbaniak, Gregg Turkington, Emily Brundige, and lil’ old me. This episode is setting things up and the ride’s just getting started. More new episodes every Sunday all summer!!

Created, Written and Directed by:
Nico Colaleo

Voice Talent:
Sara: Kelsy Abbott
Jeffrey: Nico Colaleo
Mr. Gregory: James Urbaniak
Miz Abbott: Gregg Turkington
Molly: Emily Brundige

Storyboard Artist:
Natasha Kline

Vivienne Medrano
Marie Lum
Josh Herron
MC Griffin

Kati Prescott

Additional Writing:
Matt Brailey

Additional Clean-Up:
Ethan Harper
David De Rooij

“Too Loud” Theme Composer:
Dave Neff

Executive in Charge of Production:
Melanie Augustyn

Executive Producer:
Birkner Rawlings

A Brief History of Time II, 2014

Rijksakademie Open, Amsterdam

Chamadorea Elegans, Ravenea,
Chrysalidocarpus Lutescens, Bamboo, Pachira AquaIca,
Phoenix Roebelenii, Dracanea Marginata, Yucca.

Photo: Gert Jan van Rooij

Summary of scientific research findings regarding astrology*
  • People with their moon in a fire sign have higher rates of extraversion (Burke, 2012)
  • Aquarius and pisces have higher rates of sexual infidelity than the norm (Reichardt, 2010)
  • Sagittarius is less likely to have been married than the norm (Reichardt, 2010)
  • Commonly found in serial killers (Oosterhout & Vernooij, 2008):
    - Mutable moon
    - Moon-saturn aspects
    - Strong neptune/12th house/pisces influence
  • Those with masculine (aries, gemini, leo, libra, sagittarius and aquarius) sun and moon signs are significantly more predisposed to extraversion than those with feminine sun and moon signs (Clarke, Gabriels, & Barnes, 1996)
  • Masculine sun signs are associated with extraversion, and feminine sun signs are associated with introversion in individuals with astrological knowledge, but not in those without (Rooij, 1994) 
  • No sign is predictive of suicidal ideation, but there is a significant association between pisces sun signs and suicide attempts (Stack & Lester, 1988)
  • Cancer, scorpio and pisces have higher rates of neuroticism (emotionality). All other signs (except aries) had below average neuroticism (Mayo, White & Eysenck, 1978)

* Just because these results have been found, does not necessarily mean they are true. Some of these researchers also disagree with their own findings, given the limitations of their research methods.