Program: AIR
Location: Ace Hotel New York
Date of Stay: 01/17/16
Artists: Whitney Mallett for Topical Cream

As part of the Ace Hotel New York’s Artists in Residence program, over the course of three Sundays in January 2016, Topical Cream presented Immaterial Nights, a screening series featuring three preeminent women video artists: Julika Rudelius, Keren Cytter, and Sara Hornbacher. After each, a writer from Topical Cream produced a corresponding text. Cytter Rhythms by Whitney Mallett appears below.

Cytter Rhythms
by Whitney Mallett

“Somewhere in between Fassbinder, John Cassavetes, South Park, and The Blair Witch Project” is how Dutch artist Willem de Rooij described Keren Cytter’s work. It’s true her narrative videos are at once tragic and funny, high brow, lo-fi, and full of cliches, preoccupied with interrogating authenticity and identity while still appealing to our most populist sentimental sensibilities. But perhaps most remarkable is that while recycling classic film tropes and Beckettian instability, Cytter arrives at her own absolutely original syntax.

Timing is everything. Owing to an intuitive sense that paces Cytter’s dialogue and edits, her work stands apart from other post-modern investigations, similarly rife with non-actors and pop-culture references. Economic writing and an idiosyncratic rhythm drive her videos. Watching them is a lot like talking to the Israeli-born New York-based artist. Her language is sharp and she always entertains.

^ Keren Cytter, metaH, single channel video, 11:07 min

At a private screening at the Ace Hotel in January, the small audience got to experience this about Cytter firsthand. The mood was cozy and casual in the hotel suite as the artist, wearing sweatpants and an I-heart-Moscow hoodie, snuggled into the couch between friends, answering questions about her videos. It was evident Cytter’s process favors instinct and experimentation. Responding to a query about why she chose to show the Final Cut editing software interface in Siren, which updates the femme fatale to our webcam age, she stated very matter of factly, “because I hadn’t done it before.” She waited a beat and then added, “I’m not sure I’d do it that way again.”

The second of three screenings in Topical Cream’s “Immaterial Nights” series, featuring celebrated women video artists, presented a selection of Cytter’s video works from the past decade, Der Speigel (2007), Something Happened (2007), Four Seasons (2009), Siren (2014), and Metamorphosis (2015), which were all marked by literary language, a playful self-consciousness, and a probing exploration of architectural space. Cerebral and sexy, there’s no lack of murder, fire, and naked bodies in them too.

Video is only one of many mediums Cytter works in. Over the years, she’s been based in Tel Aviv, then Amsterdam, Berlin, and finally New York, all the while wildly prolific, showing drawings, photography, and video, writing novels, plays, poetry, and children’s books, and founding the dance company D.I.E NOW as well as co-founding the foundation APE focused on realizing art projects outside of institutional structures. Cytter’s videos, however, are her most well-known works, assumably, no small part of that is because she insists on making all 70-some of them available for free online.

The dystrophin gene and cognitive function in the general population.

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The dystrophin gene and cognitive function in the general population.

Eur J Hum Genet. 2015 Jun;23(6):837-43

Authors: Vojinovic D, Adams HH, van der Lee SJ, Ibrahim-Verbaas CA, Brouwer R, van den Hout MC, Oole E, van Rooij J, Uitterlinden A, Hofman A, van IJcken WF, Aartsma-Rus A, van Ommen GB, Ikram MA, van Duijn CM, Amin N

The aim of our study is to investigate whether single-nucleotide dystrophin gene (DMD) variants associate with variability in cognitive functions in healthy populations. The study included 1240 participants from the Erasmus Rucphen family (ERF) study and 1464 individuals from the Rotterdam Study (RS). The participants whose exomes were sequenced and who were assessed for various cognitive traits were included in the analysis. To determine the association between DMD variants and cognitive ability, linear (mixed) modeling with adjustment for age, sex and education was used. Moreover, Sequence Kernel Association Test (SKAT) was used to test the overall association of the rare genetic variants present in the DMD with cognitive traits. Although no DMD variant surpassed the prespecified significance threshold (PG showed strong association (β = 1.786, P-value = 2.56 × 10(-4)) with block-design test in the ERF study, while another variant rs1800273:G>A showed suggestive association (β = -0.465, P-value = 0.002) with Mini-Mental State Examination test in the RS. Both variants are highly conserved, although rs147546024:A>G is an intronic variant, whereas rs1800273:G>A is a missense variant in the DMD which has a predicted damaging effect on the protein. Further gene-based analysis of DMD revealed suggestive association (P-values = 0.087 and 0.074) with general cognitive ability in both cohorts. In conclusion, both single variant and gene-based analyses suggest the existence of variants in the DMD which may affect cognitive functioning in the general populations.

PMID: 25227141 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

Lowland Beaked Blindsnake

External image

Lowland Beaked Blindsnake
Typhlops depressiceps


External image

Higher Taxa Gerrhopilidae, Typhlopoidea, Serpentes (snakes)
Common Names Lowland beaked blindsnake
Synonym Typhlops depressiceps STERNFELD 1913: 384
Typhlops depressiceps — DE ROOIJ 1917: 9
Typhlops monochrus VOGT 1932: 293
Typhlops monochrous – LOVERIDGE 1948:…

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Lorentz River Treesnake

External image

Lorentz River Treesnake
Dendrelaphis lorentzi


External image

Higher Taxa Colubridae, Colubrinae, Colubroidea, Serpentes (snakes)
Common Names Lorentz River treesnake
Synonym Dendrophis lorentzii VAN LIDTH DE JEUDE 1911: 274
Dendrelaphis lorentzi — DE ROOIJ 1917: 62
Dendrelaphis lorentzi — O’SHEA 1996
Charlespiersonserpens (Macmillanus) jackyhoserae HOSER 2012
Distribution Papua New…

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Malayan Slug Snake

External image

Malayan Slug Snake
Asthenodipsas malaccanus

PETERS, 1864 

External image

Higher Taxa Pareatidae, Serpentes (snakes)
Common Names E: Malayan Slug Snake
G: Malaiische Schneckennatter
Synonym Asthenodipsas malaccana PETERS 1864
Pareas dorsopictus EDELING 1870
Asthenodipsas malaccana – LIDTH DE JEUDE 1890
Amblycephalus malaccanus – BOULENGER 1892
Amblycephalus malaccanus — DE ROOIJ 1917: 276
Pareas malaccanus –…

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Montane blindsnake

Montane blindsnake
Typhlops inornatus


External image


Higher Taxa Gerrhopilidae, Typhlopoidea, Serpentes (snakes)
Common Names Montane blindsnake
Synonym Typhlops inornatus BOULENGER 1888
Typhlops inornatus — BOULENGER 1893: 54
Typhlops inornatus — DE ROOIJ 1917: 14
Typhlops inornatus — MCDIARMID, CAMPBELL & TOURÉ 1999: 105
Gerrhopilus inornatus — VIDAL et al. 2010

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Moluccan Keelback

Moluccan Keelback
Tropidonophis elongatus

JAN, 1865 

External image


Higher Taxa Natricidae, Colubroidea, Serpentes (snakes)
Common Names Moluccan keelback
Synonym Tropidonotus picturatus var. elongatus JAN 1863: 72 (nom. nud.)
Tropidonotus picturatus var. elongatus JAN 1865: 228
Tropidonotus (Tropidonotus) picturatus — BOULENGER 1893: 215 (part.)
Tropidonotus elongatus — DE ROOIJ 1917: 80

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Montane treesnake

Montane treesnake
Dendrelaphis gastrostictus


External image


Higher Taxa Colubridae, Colubrinae, Colubroidea, Serpentes (snakes)
Common Names Montane treesnake
Synonym Dendrophis gastrostictus BOULENGER 1894: 86
Dendrophis nouhuysii LIDTH DE JEUDE 1911: 277
Dendrophis gastrostictus — DE ROOIJ 1917: 64
Dendrophis meeki — DE ROOIJ 1917: 66
Dendrelaphis meeki (BOULENGER 1895:…

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