Chesapeake Skyline Restaurant

A 6th floor/rooftop restaurant with 300° exposure to seat 256 with outdoor deck and great views of the Campus and Downtown. The rooftop concept adds another restaurant option for the campus population.

This is the first rooftop restaurant on campus. It will be a new experience with views 90’ above the street. There is seating for 256 including 54 on the East Roof deck.

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Architect:  Elliott + Associates Architects

View of Melbourne CBD from Melbourne’s best Roof Top Bar… Curtin House on Swanston!

Definitely a great location to sketch… can’t wait to finish this sketch and then into Illustration…. you can see MeBank and Melbourne Central at the back.. Londsdale Street at the bottom.

Ink, good company and a Lemon Lime bitters.. perfect spot!