A Tale of Two Rooftops


Kiki Bakery II - retail, 30x20, no cc

Previous version didn’t really fit in my Windenburg Frankenburg, so it’s a chain now xD.

Bakery (baked goods for sale) with an industrial kitchen, real estate office, small restaurant (some vegetarian dishes, ice cream and ambrosia for sale), repair shop (upgrade parts for sale), two apartments (basic furnishing) with a tiny rooftop city farm (all perfect plants).

The kitchen is quite big, so you can use the lot with Zerbu’s Turbo Career Mod or just as a hangout for your cooking club.

Kiki Bakery II is available in the Gallery, tagged with #simmingstuff

To Find Fields to Farm in New York City, Just Look Up

Fed by the interest in locally grown produce, the new farm operations in New York are selling greens and other vegetables by the boxful to organically inclined residents, and by the bushel to supermarket chains like Whole Foods. The main difference between this century and previous ones is location: whether soil-based or hydroponic, in which vegetables are grown in water rather than soil, the new farms are spreading on rooftops, perhaps the last slice of untapped real estate in the city.

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our carrots not only survived the extremely mild winter, they used the months to get bigger!  the trays are 8 inches deep and the carrots took advantage of the entire depth…when we attempted to harvest in the fall, we just got tiny, useless slivers.  now, the pics you see are the beginning of a harvest of over 3lbs of mature carrots… and they are sweet!


Europe’s largest rooftop farm (2012)


Uncommon Ground is a restaurant in the Edgewater neighborhood  in Chicago that focuses on seasonal, regional and organic food and boasts the first certified organic rooftop farm in the nation!