A Tale of Two Rooftops

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You did these tlc superhero headcanons a while ago and i enjoyed reading them do you think you could do some more for Scarlet wolf specifically?

Previous Superhero!Wolflet Headcanons

  • Going off the previous headcanon that a number of their neighbors know who Wolf and Scarlet are and what they do, it isn’t unusual for a grateful grandmother whose grandkid they saved from a pack of muggers to appear on their doorstep with brownies or the owner of the corner store where they stopped that robbery to drop off a casserole.
    • For that very reason, their fridge/pantry is always well-stocked.
    • And Wolf has what amounts to a fanclub full of little old ladies who think the way he grins when they arrive with goodies is just the cutest thing.
  • Since they both refuse to invest in more durable super suits (no matter how much Thorne bugs them about it), they’re forever coming home with ripped jeans and bullet-riddled hoodies.
    • Scarlet spends many an evening stitching up their battered clothes. Wolf would help, but his hands are too clumsy for such delicate work and when he tries, his claws keep snagging on the thread. 
    • He makes himself useful by ripping up the pieces that can’t be saved so they can be used for rags later. Nothing is wasted on a farm, after all.
  • Even if Scarlet’s farm is just a rooftop farm, there’s still a lot of work involved and she’s up—and by extension, so is Wolf—super early every morning to get everything done.
    • By the time the sun rises, the two of them are ready for a coffee break, which they often take while perching on the edge of the building and letting their legs dangle over the ledge while they watch the sun come up over the city
      • Scarlet grew up doing the same thing with her grandmother and doesn’t think that anything could be more beautiful than watching the way the skyscrapers reflect the vivid pinks and oranges and yellows of dawn or the beautiful patterns of the sunbeams streaming through the contours of the skyline.
      • Wolf, however, doesn’t think that anything could be more beautiful than Scarlet with her curls gleaming in the light and her cheeks pink with early morning chill.
  • Though they’ve never put it to the test to see exactly how strong they both are, Scarlet’s super strength is just as potent as Wolf’s, if not more so.
    • This means that while Wolf has certainly done this^ a time or two to keep Scarlet from doing something she would regret…
    • …Scarlet is just as willing and just as capable of doing the same thing to him if his temper gets the best of him at a bad time.
      • It almost NEVER happens because Wolf is such a sweet cinnamon roll most of the time, but certain things—like harrassing his girlfriend or badmouthing his friends—can set him off. And prompt his super strong girlfriend to toss him over her shoulder and carry him away to cool off.

Kiki Bakery II - retail, 30x20, no cc

Previous version didn’t really fit in my Windenburg Frankenburg, so it’s a chain now xD.

Bakery (baked goods for sale) with an industrial kitchen, real estate office, small restaurant (some vegetarian dishes, ice cream and ambrosia for sale), repair shop (upgrade parts for sale), two apartments (basic furnishing) with a tiny rooftop city farm (all perfect plants).

The kitchen is quite big, so you can use the lot with Zerbu’s Turbo Career Mod or just as a hangout for your cooking club.

Kiki Bakery II is available in the Gallery, tagged with #simmingstuff

To Find Fields to Farm in New York City, Just Look Up

Fed by the interest in locally grown produce, the new farm operations in New York are selling greens and other vegetables by the boxful to organically inclined residents, and by the bushel to supermarket chains like Whole Foods. The main difference between this century and previous ones is location: whether soil-based or hydroponic, in which vegetables are grown in water rather than soil, the new farms are spreading on rooftops, perhaps the last slice of untapped real estate in the city.

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Uncommon Ground is a restaurant in the Edgewater neighborhood  in Chicago that focuses on seasonal, regional and organic food and boasts the first certified organic rooftop farm in the nation!

The view above Brooklyn Grange, a large rooftop farm in #NYC that harvests and sells its own produce. Photo by this week’s featured photographer, @shantanustarick. #brooklyn (at Brooklyn Grange Farm)

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Rooftop produce: Whole Foods Market gardening experiment (by The Boston Globe)

What a great idea!