• Travis: I'm sorry, but uhm... we just saw your new video. Yea, they had a screening over at Saks Fifth Avenue in the security office
  • Connor: A klept-ho-maniac!
  • Michael: Your mother shops at Saks.
  • Connor: Oh my God. You want to talk about mothers? You wanna talk about mothers! It's mother time, okay! Your mother's so dumb she went to Dr Dre for a Pap smear! "Something's wrong, Dr Dre! My coochie's doing a beatbox!"
  • Michael: Well yea? Your mother's so stupid she exercises when she could just get like, liposuction or something!
  • Travis: Your mother's so old that her breast milk is powdered. You breast-feed like this:
  • [blows powder from hand]
  • Michael: Your mother is so, like... She's so... Octavian you go
  • Octavian: Your mother is so stupid that she goes to Barney's Rooftop Deck Restaurant for lunch and orders a niçoise salad and calls it a 'ni-coise' salad. 'Ni-coise' salad, right?
  • Connor: Your mother's ass is so hairy, it looks like Don King's about to pop out and say, "Only in America!"
Octopus Garden, Okinawa

Okinawa amazed us!

For a number of reasons.

We knew going in that there’d be beautiful beaches, we just didn’t realize how secluded and empty they would be. It’s the complete opposite of Hawaii or the Caribbean where you need to get to any beach or pool at the crack of dawn to secure a good location, but are soon surrounded by thousands of other sun-loving tourists. However, any beach we went to here, no matter the size or location, had only a couple dozen other people on it, if that many. Ever. And it was peak season! Like Aharen beach on Tokashiki Island…

Tokashiki is about an hour ferry ride from Naha, Okinawa’s main city. And once you land on this off-shoot island, you need to take a public bus (there are no taxis) to Aharen Beach, about a 15 minute drive over the mountains on the other side of the island…

There’s another big difference between Aharen and other beaches we’ve been too… the food served in the beachside restaurants here was homemade and cheap! There are maybe only four restaurants near Aharen and we chose Octopus Garden, as I liked the name and the vibe…

We started with large mugs of Okinawa’s Orion lager for 500 yen (about five bucks) each…

Shima rakkyo, an island “onion” (but more like a scallion IMO,) is a local favorite and was the first dish to hit the table…

Next up was another Okinawan staple, freshly-made “jimami tofu”, or peanut tofu, which doesn’t taste anything like peanuts and has the consistency of burrata cheese…

Soba is to Okinawa what meatballs are to Sweden or tacos are to Mexico; it’s the food the islands are most noted for. And it’s everywhere.

There are two main kinds of Okinawan soba, one version topped with pork belly, the other topped with pork ribs. We went for “soki soba”, the version with braised ribs…

The thing is, while they says “ribs”, there are no bones in this bowl. They’ve actually been removed and you can eat all the meat at the tendon that’s served on top of the noodles…

These lovely, toothsome, chewy soba noodles…

We also ordered up a plate of chicken karaage, because how can you not order friend chicken if it’s on the menu? It was good, but the weakest item served at this lunch…

If you do go to Octopus Garden, be sure to score a seat on their upstairs rooftop deck, but only after you order and pay downstairs first…

If you’re lucky to get one of the stools at the front bar there, you can have lunch with a partial view of that blue, blue ocean…

I’ll see if I can google up an address for you, but Octopus Garden is easy to find; once you get off the bus at Aharen Beach, it will be right in front of you!

anonymous asked:

Hi do you know in what area bella lives in ny? it looks super nice

According to Google her East Village apartment consists of two bedrooms, two bathrooms and gives you access to a gym, bike room, garden and rooftop deck.

#220 - For anonymous

Filling the prompt “a fic where you are the lead singer of the opening band for catfish and you an van take smoke breaks in private together and really enjoy each other’s company? it doesn’t have to end with them in a romantic btw”

Note: Thank you to @placidus for help with an idea!

It was getting harder and harder to find places to sneak away to. Most venues were smoke-free spaces, and in some of the countries you’d tour, even the outdoor areas of pubs and clubs were void of tobacco and ashtrays. 

After soundcheck, before anyone could pin you down for planning or interviews, you ran across the road to the four-story carpark. You took the elevator to the roof of the building, and when the thick metal doors parted, you hesitated.

Van, the singer of the band you were opening for, was already up there. Like you, he’d been dying for a smoke. You stepped out into the daylight and Van turned as the elevator made a heavy sound when the doors closed. He smiled and waved for you to join him. At his side, leaning against the high chain linked fence, you lit a cigarette and felt the wave of calm.

“Great minds, huh?” he asked quietly, looking out over the familiar city. You nodded, then moved to sit on the hard concrete ground, legs crossed. Van watched you sit, then copied your movement.

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The Time That First Love Ended

A/n: I’VE BEEN WATCHING WAY TOO MANY HALLMARK MOVIES. BUT here’s a completely saccharine holiday romance. The end scene is inspired by a Japanese song of the same title.

Christmas has become a self-imposed deadline. Its arbitrary, and partially motivated by the romance of the season and mostly motivated by Adrien’s apparent admiration of Ladybug.

It’s a deadline that arrives with merry anticipation and usually passes without resolution for Marinette’s quandary.

“This Christmas. I’ll tell Adrien everything.”

She is fifteen when she meets the deadline with a half-done confession, entirely due to an accident.

“Chat…I’m so sorry. It was….I promise, it really was, an accident. I didn’t mean…I didn’t plan to…” She chokes out, the words sticking to her throat just as the snowflakes stick to her cheeks and her hair.

Ladybug’s suit does an excellent job of keeping her warm, but she can still feel herself shivering with nervousness. The chill of the unknown strikes frosty needles down her spine and the tears bead over her lashes as she watches Chat Noir.

He’s beautiful in the snowy night. Paris’ light is scintillating and pretty against the darkness of his suit. His eyes are wide, and his claws are gentle as they circle around her wrists.

“Ladybug…whatever it is. It’s fine. Tell me. I won’t…I’ll understand.” He says quietly, and his head tilts in earnest affection as he waits for her words to fully form.

Ladybug takes it to heart and shuts her eyes against the cold reality.

“I’m sorry. I saw you transform…Adrien.”

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The smallest and not nicest single family home on my block is for sale and I immediately checked Redfin for listing price and interior photos (obviously).

As expected, it’s a renovated 3 bed/2 br and has a small rooftop deck. Listing price? $1 million and will likely sell for $1.3 million.

I am officially too poor for this neighborhood and will rent forever or move to the South Side.

Lover Man

Summary: @litterally-trash said: Hello!!! Could you do a oneshot where Bucky comes home from a mission, and the reader is dancing around the apartment they share, listening to some music from the 40’s? Keep up the good work!!!👽

Characters: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: none.

A/N: Inspired by this song. PLEASE LISTEN TO IT. The fic will make so much more sense.

How long had it been? Two weeks? Long enough to have almost forgotten how it had felt to have Bucky’s warmth up against you, his soft breaths as he dreamt lulling you to sleep. Your apartment, which usually was so comforting and safe, felt sterile and cold, like the heartbeat was missing.

It is missing. You thought to yourself. Bucky is missing.

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New MH listings

Family Multipack Assortment

Play out all kinds of family fun with the Monster High ghouls and their younger siblings. These multipacks include a favorite Monster High character along with a sibling or two. Fashion and accessories are themed to play out classic moments in monsterrific ways. Choose from Lagoona Blue doll and her sister Kelpie doll ready to make waves at the beach or Clawdeen Wolf doll and her two cub siblings heading to bed. Each doll wears a fashion that showcases her, or his, personality and the activity, like swimsuits for the daughters of a sea monster and pajamas for the children of a werewolf. Accessories, like beach gear or bedtime pieces, complete each set.

Clawdeen Wolf & her two cub siblings
Lagoona Blue & Kelpie Blue

Family Sister 5.5" Doll Assortment

Meet the younger siblings of Monster High! Designed in small scale (5.5 inches) with a new form factor, they come with a themed piece count that helps to tell fun family stories. Choose from the younger siblings of Clawdeen Wolf doll ready for a sleepover, Lagoona Blue doll with pool accessories and Draculaura doll prepared to cook up a meal. Each doll has monsterrific details that indicate a younger age, like a fluffy tail for the young daughter of a werewolf, finned feet for the young daughter of a sea monster and bat wings and larger bat ears for the young daughter of a vampire. Fashions are clawesome and accessories awesome.

Pawla Wolf
Ebbie Blue

Garden Of Frights Doll Assortment

Meet the winged ghouls of this Monster High garden – with gore-geous wings, they help imagination take flight! Shoes are cool and a headpiece bug-themed. Doll wears a vibrant look with elements inspired by the garden and her monster legacy.

Cleo de Nile

Tree Wood Nymph Playset

At nearly 15 inches tall, this Monster High garden ghoul really grows on you – the tree girl doll becomes a play set as you spread out her branches and open her trunk! Unclip her legs to let your imagination roam with the doll. Tree girl doll wears a vibrantly colored outfit with cool shoes and a tree-inspired headpiece. Six included garden-inspired pieces (flowers, bugs and a spider web) can be attached to the set in various places to uniquely decorate tree girl doll’s look and illustrate your garden stories. In addition, other pieces throughout the line can also connect for collecting fun.

Garden Of Frights Bug 5.25" Doll Assortment

Meet the ghouls of this Monster High garden – adorable winged bug characters who live there. Designed in small scale (5.25 inches) with a new form factor, they come with a small plant for storytelling fun. Choose from a dragonfly doll, bee doll and firefly doll. Each wears a brightly colored outfit with shoes and headpiece and has vibrantly colored hair and bright wings. The plant friends are unique and connect to the larger tree girl (sold separately) – there’s flower-inspired piece for the dragonfly, a beehive for the bee and a mushroom for the firefly.

Jada Hindwing
Beeanca Stinger
Fyra Sparks

Deluxe School Bus & Spa Playset

Hop on this Monster High bus for some Monster High magic – it transforms into a spa-themed play set for two-in-one fun! As a bus, the vehicle sports Monster High colors and details for signature style. But pull the bumper to open the side, flip the top and reveal the spa with rooftop lounge, then pull a little more to swivel six seats for access to a piranha pedicure. Pull up the mirror to create a primping station, lift up the smoothie station for a healthy treat and flip open the hood to reveal the Jacuzzi. When everyone is gore-geous, close up the spa and head back on the road to let your imagination go​​​.

Draculaura Kitchen Playset & Doll

This Monster High play set features Draculaura doll and a kitchen setting ready to host a feast for two. Dracula’s home kitchen includes a stovetop and oven piece, a sink with refrigerator below and a table with chairs for two. The design includes popular colors, iconic details (like spider webs, lots of bats and a glam chandelier) and working features like a door that opens and closes on the refrigerator. Fun food accessories help spark stories and include a mixer, pots, pans, desserts and even a menu.​

Minis Draculara Playset

Enter the house of Dracula with this cool castle play set that comes with a Draculaura mini. Three floors offer colorful design, iconic elements and fun surprises. On the first-floor, young ghouls can lift up the lid in the kitchen to reveal monster food or “magically” move a mini using the bookcase in the library. On the second floor, a pull of the flush handle on the toilet in the second-floor bathroom pops up the lid and knocks the mini off. Draculaura mini’s bedroom hides on the third floor. Open the clock to let her sleep hanging upside down; when the clock face is closed, the bat pops out. Other fun elements include a mini swing on the first floor, a study room on the second and a rooftop deck on the turret.



When moving to Atlanta, Amelia “Mia” Fairmont had been prepared to leave most of her luxuries in New York. Fashion Shows, Ballet, The Hamptons. But she’d refused to give up the way she preferred her home to be decorated. Amelia had always had a taste for the nicer things. Upon arriving to the Georgia city, the eldest Fairmont girl didn’t hesitate to settle in Inman Park, occupying a two story luxurious penthouse. Originally she’d intended to find a roommate to help her fill the space of the 2 bedroom apartment, but after a few weeks spent alone in the large empty home, she decided that she preferred it that way. The contemporary home houses 2 bedrooms, 1 full living area, 1 den living area, kitchen, dining room, 2 full bathrooms as well as 2 guest half baths, and an rooftop deck ft. a heated pool, hot tub, and outdoor dining area. The view of the apartment is overlooking the neighborhood. 

Seeing as most of her life is spent behind a mask, Ameila’s home is considered to be her superhero layer. Where she can hang up her disguise and just be the Mia she knows herself to truly be. Most nights one might find her sipping wine by the fire in her living room, while netflix hums lowly in the background. Or she might go for a night swim in her heated pool, to help relax her muscles from the day’s lessons. And while she enjoys having the apartment all to herself that doesn’t deter her from frequently entertaining guests. If not for her sister’s constant sleepovers - Ameila is fond of hosting dinner parties, and brunches at her home. The eldest Fairmont household is for anyone who needs a place to run to. However one should always call first to assure she’s in the home, as she’s often either busy at work or checking in on her siblings at their own homes.

@phoebefairmont @juliannafairmont @natefairmont

Anyway. I was fucking ENRAGED after getting rear-ended. Like on top of getting fucking destroyed at work and the stress of moving, I get rear-ended, which was quite shocking and scary, considering I have never been in a car accident before. I drive around a LOT for work and I think of my car as my safe, happy space.

I was just like. Shaking with anger for hours. 

I went to trivia with my friends after the board meeting, though, and bought $6 sushi from the grocery store and ate it at the rooftop deck of my apartment. And I felt that things weren’t so bad after all. My beloved old car, which has been with me for 8 years, is not irredeemably damaged. My back was sore for an hour after the impact but is now okay. I’m home safe with my cat and aside from temporary anger and annoyance, there are no apparent long lasting consequences.