rooftop restaurants

Kara: So we had a late lunch and then she took me to that new space exhibition after the museum was closed, so it was just us and the security guard there! Lena planned it all. We had the whole place to ourselves!

Alex: How was it?

Kara: Incredible. And it was really… really nice because Lena was so fascinated about it all and we stayed for hours, and we also had dinner at this rooftop restaurant and the stars were out… and Lena was… she looked– we had the best ever chocolate fondants-

Maggie: Sounds like you had quite the date.

Kara: Date?

Alex: Day.

Kara: Right! Anyway, so Lena was like

Maggie: [to Alex] Here we go.


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Conflict and Confined Spaces

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A bit of angst for you all, she and Harry are bickering and reading an article about their relationship only intensifies it more. 

You and Harry had been bickering on and off all day, it had started over you not being ready on time for a breakfast meeting he had wanted you to come to, it then was about a pair of boots you had left in the lounge room he had tripped over while on a business call, the pair of trousers that were on the line when it had started rain that you hadn’t gotten off and now were wet. They were petty little things, he was stressed you understood that he had so much on at the moment with press for Dunkirk and finalising things for the tour, but this didn’t mean he could take everything out on you. Things didn’t get any better when it was time for the two of you to get ready for a dinner with some of his friends, you had gotten ready before him to avoid the same argument that had happened earlier that day and spent the time on the couch reading news articles on your laptop, it was something you’d come accustom to, you’d loved to keep up to date with current affairs generally skipping over the gossip section not having the patience to read anything related to Harry or the friends he had made in the industry, but when a headline accusing Harry of cheating come up on your timeline you hadn’t scrolled past like you generally would have. Maybe it was the bickering the two of you had done all day, or the way he had told you to shut up this morning when you had argued back at him that made your eyes stick to the screen taking every word in analysing every piece of “evidence” the writer had provided. She was a friend of Harrys the girl the article was about Jess, you didn’t know her well just knew she was at a lot of the parties you had attended with him over the years, the article had spoken about the two of you, your relationship that had been going on for 2 and a half years. The article had quoted a “reliable source” who said that your relationship had been on the rocks over the last couple of months, it was true you and Harry had been fighting more frequently but you’d never have called your relationship on the rocks, there were photos of Harry and Jess leaving a few cafes and restaurants and one from a club. You tried not to let any of this get in your head, he loved you no matter how much you fought, he had always had female friends and you’d never been jealous of them and she was no different they had just ran into a few more photographers than usual. He had always sworn that he would never cheat, but people lied, you’d had your heart broken before by cheaters and you’d promised yourself you’d never allow that to happen to you again.

Your overthinking had been interrupted by him calling your name, you looked up from your computer quickly shutting the lid to see him coming down the stairs.
“ Put a jacket on will yeh we don’t need yeh distracting everyone with your breasts” he hardly looked at you as he commented causing you to cross your arms across your chest suddenly insecure about your outfit. You’d done as he said, in any other situation he’d never say anything about what you wore and if he did you would have told him to back off, but that article was chipping away at your confidence bit by bit. The car was silent and so was the ride up the elevator and you were almost relieved not to have to speak to him, you wanted to question him about the article, it wasn’t unusual to see stuff like this in the papers and your usually just discuss it and move on but tonight he could barley look at you. He had grabbed your hand as you exited the elevator and you pulled away instinctively when you saw your table with Jess sitting there looking perfect and gorgeous, you were thankful for the dull lighting so no one could see the way your fake smile had dropped and been replaced with sadness. You hated it was getting to you this much, that when you had so sit next to Harry with her directly across from you, you felt sick it wasn’t her fault that she had been the target of a cheating article with Harry, but the more your watched the two of them interact the more you saw how they got along so well. The conversation between the group was constant enough that you only had to fake a laugh and give short responses occasionally throughout the night and when Grimmy and Loud sent concerning looks your way you just had to fake yawn to get their attention off you.

You thought you were doing fine at keeping your emotions at bay, from letting jealousy creep into your veins and make you regret your actions, that was until they started a conversation about a nightclub they’d gone to together, but it wasn’t just any nightclub it was where you and Harry had met. The club in discussion was renown for its 80’s and 90’s music nights, you and Harry had met there and it had become your spot and you’d spent most of your anniversaries there rocking out to the classics and to know he had taken her there had shattered your heart into a thousand pieces. You had excused yourself in the middle of your conversation and had made a beeline for the bathrooms a few stray tears making their way down your face. You had walked past the toilets and through the slightly ajar door that lead to the rooftop of the restaurant, you’d allowed yourself to slide down the wall and rest your head against your knees, you willed yourself to stop crying to stop thinking about the article and Harry and Jess and how she was gorgeous and everything you weren’t. The door had opened and out the corner of your eyes seen Harrys familiar shoes walk to where you sat.
“ I just need a minute Harry, Ill be back to keep up appearances soon” your words came out dryly not lifting you head from your knees to look at him, you didn’t need to he would have a scowl on his face like he had whenever he had looked at you today.
“ Is this your rebuttal for the fighting today to just sit at the table like you’re there against your will while everyones trying to have a good time” he spoke his words with anger which made your head snap up and raise your eyebrow at him.
“ Yes of course I live to make your life difficult Harry, didn’t you know?” the sarcasm and annoyance dripped from your words and he had shook his head at you.
“ Yeh know I was really looking to tonight and then you’ve gone and acted like a brat and ruined it” he shook his head again before going to leave the rooftop.
“ Looking forward to seeing Jess you mean” the words hadn’t meant to leave your lips, they were meant to be snarky comment in your head, but now they were out in the open and you couldn’t take them back.
“ what are yeh talkin about” his ignorance or blatant lying infuriated you
“ Don’t act dumb Harry! You took her to our club, where we met and have spent every anniversary, our spot” You had yelled at him this time as you stood up the tears had started again a look of realisation washed over his face.
“ You’re not seriously upset about that are you?” You rolled your eyes at his response and had wanted nothing more to be the brat he accused you of being and throwing a fit and screaming at him.
“ You know what I cant do this here, I’m too tired for this Harry” you sighed a stray tear rolling down your face, you couldn’t look at him without wanting to scream, and you didn’t want to ruin this night anymore than it had already been ruined.

To your surprise he had followed you out to the table and before you could say a thing he had told everyone you weren’t feeling well and he was going to take you home, he left money for the bill and the two of you left without a word. The elevator ride was silent and longer than you had remembered it being on the way up, until it stopped all together with a slight drop and the main lights turned off and emergency lights dully filled the space. You had groaned loudly before repeating the word no about 6 times, you couldn’t be trapped in an elevator while fighting with Harry with no where to escape to when things got to much.
“ Are yeh gonna speak to me now” you turned to face him you could feel the anger slowly fizzing out and all that would remain would be hurt. You just looked at him, the person you fell in love with was there somewhere, underneath the stress and anger of the day your Harry was still there you knew that, and thats what hurt you most that despite knowing he was yours this doubt and scary feeling of betrayal and thoughts that he was cheating filled your mind.
“  Are you cheating with Jess?” the words had slipped out of your mouth as tears poured out your eyes, his facial expression turned from shock to confusion before he looked you in the eyes standing up. 
“ Yeh think I’m cheating with Jess?” his words were a mix of hurt and confusion.
“ You took here to our place Harry, there are pap photos of the two of you everywhere, I don’t know what to think” you raised your voice at him a sob leaving your throat as you finished your sentence, you had let your legs collapse into a kneeling position on the floor and allowed yourself to cry harder than you did on the rooftop. Harry had stepped towards you but you had told him no.
“ Baby Im not cheating on yeh, I-I would never, Jess and I are just friends I promise yeh” You had allowed him to get closer and bend down in front of you, still keeping his distance but watching you carefully with his green eyes.
“ I read a stupid article and I believed everything, you’d been so cold to me and we had fought all day and then I saw how well you get along and she’s so pretty” you had worked yourself up so much that hiccups had accompanied your cries, Harry didn’t say anything just wrapped his arms around you before lifting you so you were between his legs your face in his neck. He had shushed you and reassured you for the first half an hour of being stuck in the lift and had you giggling over how stupid the two of you had been for fighting all day for the next 1 and a half hours. You were more than relived when the electricians fixed the problem and you safely exited the elevator, the two of you looked crazy when the doors opened the two of you sitting on the floor your tear streamed smiling face and his white shirt which had black spots from your mascara.

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Morgan’s Rooftop Restaurant.

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Unknown King - part III

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Great Gatsby AU

Summary: After moving to New York, aspiring author Y/N gets more than what she bargained for when she befriends her mysterious neighbor. In a blur of riches and beauty, she finds herself falling for the man who remains unknown.

A/N: It’s been a week since I posted an update on UK. This story may seem boring right now, but trust me it will get better. If you want to be tagged please tell me. :)

Word count: 1.8k

Part I Part II


The next day you woke up in a startle when you realized it was 10:45. James said he’d pick you up around noon. You didn’t want to consider it to be a date, but the only friend you had was Emma and you really needed to make friends. He did say it was a neighborly gesture. It’s just lunch after all.

After a quick shower, waltzed back into your room to find something to wear. The steam from the bathroom had seeped from the open windows, relinquishing the room from the hot vapor. You slipped on a skirt and a black long sleeved shirt, finishing it all off with a pair of black boots. You tied your Y/H/C hair up into a high ponytail. By the time you were done, the clock had struck noon.

For the next ten minutes, you paced back and forth in your small living room. You constantly checked the clock, growing more anxious when the feeling of dread began to creep onto you. You came to the conclusion that he wasn’t going to pick you up. You were about to release your hair from the ponytail when the doorbell rang. After a considerate amount of time, you went to answer it.

James stood behind the door, looking apologetic. He wore a dark blue dress shirt that stretched tightly across his broad chest. His hands were stuffed in the pockets of his black pants. The sleeves of his shirt were rolled up, exposing his forearms. His hair now framed his face.

“I am so sorry for being so late,” he began. “I got a business call and I’m afraid it ran on a bit longer than expected.”

You smiled, “No worries. Shall we?”

He nodded and waited for you close your door before walking beside you towards his car. It was a beautiful gray Ferrari. You’ve only ever seen cars like those in movies and magazines. You tried to hide your amazement, but utterly failed and James laughed at your reaction. He opened the door for you and you gladly stepped inside. The interior was as beautiful as the outside.

“Where to?” You asked James once he got in the car.

“There’s this amazing rooftop restaurant with a view of the city,” He explained. “Very exclusive as well, hard to get in.”

“So how are we getting in?” You asked.

“The owners owe me a favor,” He smiled and sped off down the street.

The drive into the city was absolutely mesmerizing. Your neck was craned as you looked up, trying to see the top of the skyscrapers. Your head was constantly turning. It was all so overwhelming, so much to see but so little time. James was speeding through the streets. Heads turned in your direction when they heard the engine’s roar. You sunk low into your seat from the unwanted attention.

“When I first moved here I was just the same,” James spoke up. “So enthralled by the city for the first time. I can take you to all the nice places of the city.” He paused and ran his fingers through his hair. “How’s work anyhow? Any interesting stories?”

You snorted, “Yeah! I wrote a story about a kid with a mole shaped like Jesus.” You frowned. “I’m gonna need a hell of a story for Mr. Cole to take me seriously.”

“It’ll get better,” James added.

“Mr. Barnes!” The woman behind the desk smiled. She wore a traditional kimono and bowed her head at us. “Glad to have you back!”

James bowed respectfully and took the woman’s hands in his, “hello, Aki.”

“Who is this beautiful young woman?” She smiled brightly at you.

James extended a hand towards you, “This is Y/N Y/L/N.” You smiled and bowed. He turned to Aki again, “Table for two, please.”

She smiled before grabbing two menus, leading you to the tables. The walls were glass, giving a 360-degree view of the skyline. Soft music played through the speakers, providing some sort of sound the room. James pulled the seat back for you, like a gentleman. You thanked him and picked up your menu. Your eyes scanned all the food you did not recognize, underneath the English text, was a foreign language you also did not recognize.

“Is this Korean?” You asked.

“Japanese,” James corrected. “Aki’s family owns this restaurant. All Japanese food with a Japanese staff. Aki is very proud of her ethnicity.”

You took this time to scan the room. There was a grand fountain. The water fell quietly along the wall before rolling into the pool. It extended towards the tables, the water offering a soft serenity of silence. Lotus flowers floated on the water, along with koi fish. Your lips parted in amazement when your eyes fell onto the cherry blossom tree. The pink flowers bloomed and radiated as the sunlight touched them through the glass.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” James spoke up.

You nodded, “I wouldn’t even be able to step inside this place if it weren’t for you. It’s amazing.”

Before James could say anything, a waiter approached us. You ordered the drinks and left before returning with them. With James’ help, you were able to order a dish that he recommended to be the best thing on the menu.

“James,” You began.

“Call me Bucky,” He said.

You smiled, “Bucky, thank you for taking me out for lunch. I really appreciate your kindness. You’re probably one of the most hospitable soul I’ve met since I arrived.”

“It is my pleasure,” he took a sip from his drink.

“So why so many parties?” You asked.

He shrugged, “Big house, I like to keep it full of people, even if it for a couple of hours. I also don’t have much time to enjoy the place, so why not let others do so?”

You nodded, “Sounds expensive. Where do you work?”

Bucky cleared his throat, “I believe that is my personal information, Y/N.”

Your lips pulled together in an ‘O’. “My coworkers just come up with the most ridiculous stories about you, which is why I was curious.”

He sat up, “Stories?”

“One coworker said that you murdered your family in order to get the money. Another said you won the lottery and another thinks you’re in a mafia.” You chuckled.

Bucky laughed, “That’s new.” He paused. “God, don’t tell me you believe them.”

You snorted, “Of course not. From what I’ve seen you’re very nice.”

You and Bucky spoke while you waited for the food. When it finally came, you talked some more in an infinite conversation. He asked you where you came from and why you moved. You approached him with subtle questions. He wasn’t an open book, but he was an interesting character and you wanted to learn more.

“I feel like I’ve been talking about myself for too long,” You chuckled.

“I don’t mind,” Bucky said. “I like meeting new people.”

After lunch, Bucky drove you around the city. Showing you the places that you didn’t get to see. It was fascinating. The buildings were so tall, you weren’t used to it. Bucky pointed out businesses that belonged to his associates. He even took you outside of the city.

By the time you arrived back home it was already 4 P.M. Bucky followed you to your door. You turned to him and smiled. “I had a great time Bucky. Thank you again for the dinner. It was fun.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed yourself, Y/N. We’ll do this again,” He promised. And then with a swift goodbye, he left you on your porch before getting into his car to take the short drive to his palace next door.

Once in your home, you left your hair to fall freely. Your scalp grew tired from the weight of your hair. A bath sounded great. You went to the bathroom and began to fill the tub. A knock on the door made you raise an eyebrow. Tenaciously, you walked towards the front door before opening it. There was no one at the door but a package wrapped in material as soft as silk. You picked it up and opened it. You gasped when you saw that it was a beautiful pastel blue gown. You pulled it out of the box. Its skirt fell to the floor. The design was simple yet so beautiful. You grabbed the note that sat on the bottom.

I still feel terrible about what happened to your dress. I hope you like it, I had some help picking it out.


You smiled at the letter, but it immediately faltered. How much did this gown cost? Probably a fortune. You frowned, although it was such a gorgeous dress, you knew you had to give it back. You felt selfish for even accepting it. After changing out of your clothes into something more comfortable, you shut off the water and packed up the dress once again.

The three knocks on the door sent a short sting of pain through your bones. You stood up straight, waiting for someone to open the door. It wasn’t long until you were met with a different butler. He showed no signs of friendliness. Instead, he arched his eyebrow at you.

“Can I help you with something?” He asked.

“Yes, is Buc-I mean Mister Barnes around?” You asked. “I need to speak to him. I live right next door.”

The butler hummed before opened the door completely. He motioned for you to come inside, you did so. The house is as breathtaking as the first time you stepped through it. The butler closed the door and left the room, telling you that Bucky would be down on a bit.

You were examining a painting that hung on the wall when Bucky came down the stairs. He was dressed in sweats and a plain black shirt. He smiled at you, “Did you like the dress?”

“About that,” You handed over the box. “I can’t take this Bucky.”

“Why not?” He asked, a look of worry crossing his face.

“It’s too much,” You admitted. “I’m afraid I’m not worth it. It is a beautiful dress, but I just can’t accept it.”

Bucky raised his hands as if he was about to cup your cheeks, but quickly let them fall.

“I just don’t want it to seem like I’m gonna take advantage of you,” You said.

Bucky put his hands together as if he was doing a prayer. “you’re such a pure soul, Y/N.” Before you said anything else, he spoke up. “Keep the dress, Y/N. You’d break my heart if you wanted me to take it back. Do you really want to do that?”

“No,” You admitted.

“Then it’s settled!” Bucky exclaimed. “Do you want a drink?”

“No, I have a bath that I need to indulge in,” You said. “Thanks, Bucky. I really appreciate it.” You smiled.

He nodded, “Of course Y/N”

He walked you back to your cottage. Where you said your final goodbyes before closing the door. You blew air out of your lips and set the box on your bed. It was finally time to wash the day away in your much-needed bubble bath. You mustn’t get attached to Bucky, you told yourself. You were friends.

Just friends.

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Happy Birthday Sakamaki Triplets

It is March 20th and thus the day the three Sakamaki triplets were born!! Please enjoy a birthday drabble.

Anime: Diabolik Lovers

Character(s): Sakamaki Triplits

Words: 769

Ayato- He loved to be the centre of attention which is why you cooked him breakfast in bed and planned everything perfectly for him. However, Ayato also enjoys getting his own way, so when he decided he wanted to spend his day playing video games and drinking the blood out of recently lured victims, you let him be. You tried telling him that you had other plans but the vampire seemed to be having so much fun. At 10 o’clock, you were done; you cancelled your dinner reservations at his favourite restaurant, you previously called the water sports people and cancelled, and you stared forlornly at the beautiful outfit you bought that you thought he might like (as well as you knowing you look hella fine in it). Your vampire boyfriend -seeming to pick up on your sour mood- slung an arm around your shoulders and proceeded to kiss your shoulders, then neck, then cheek, until you denied him access to your lips. He frowned and tried again but you simply moved away from him. Before you moved to far, he grabbed your wrist and pulled you to look at him in the eye.

“What’s wrong?” 

“Did you enjoy your birthday?”

Ayato was taken aback but he pulled you close to his body, lips at your ear.

“Of course I did, but you haven’t.”

You tried not to let him notice how upset you actually were, it was his day after all. He pulled you flush against him and forces you to look at him.

“I had so much planned, I’m just upset that we couldn’t do them together.”

Ayato couldn’t help the laugh that bubbled from his chest but the way you pouted made a smile adorn his face. Instead of apologising or asking what you had planned like any normal person would, he smashed his lips to yours. You struggled at first but you soon melted into him, your chest lightening.

“Can I open my present now?” 

Laito- This vamp loved nothing more than to love you on his birthday. You awoke him by dotting kisses down his chest and neck, humming when he woke up with a chuckle. The two of you spent the rest of the morning rolling in bed… then in the shower before you actually did something productive. By the time the two of you emerged from your private quarters it was time for the dinner you booked. Laito was so surprised when you led him to a rooftop restaurant where the entire town could be seen. He was a romantic but you took that evening to a whole new level. You wooed him beyond belief and flirted with him like it was your job. When the dessert came he was already in a trance. The two of you shared the chocolate lava cake. Un-known to you, a drop of chocolate remained on your face and Laito couldn’t help but grin. He finally found his chance to woo you: his favourite past time, so he leaned across the table and licked the small drop of chocolate off your face. However, he didn’t stop there, he proceeded to kiss you softly, thanking you for the amazing dinner.

“So, babe, how can I repay you?”

You giggled, “It’s your birthday, Laito, you don’t have to repay me. I’m just glad you’re happy.”

As you smiled at him, the hat-wearing vampire felt his heart thud in his chest and his face heat up. He was glad to have spent his birthday with you.

Kanato- You knew his mood tended to switch from sweet to down-right murderous so you tried to keep it light and simple for his birthday. You simply planned to spend time with the purple haired vampire and tended to whatever he asked; you most definitely didn’t want to upset him on his birthday. However -and you don’t know how it happened- he turned. He began wrecking his room, yelling about his brothers and his mother and everything wrong with his birthday. It took all you had not to wrap your arms around him but if you got any closer you were probably going to get hurt. Once he calmed down he walked over to you and sat down. He then rested his head on your shoulder, tugging Teddy to his chest with his knees up.

“I’m sorry this birthday was so bad for you, Kanato,” you whispered.

“It wasn’t bad, I had you here after all Y/N.”

You smiled down at him as you stroked the hair from his eyes, kissed the top of his head, and watched as he shut his eyes.

  • Travis: I'm sorry, but uhm... we just saw your new video. Yea, they had a screening over at Saks Fifth Avenue in the security office
  • Connor: A klept-ho-maniac!
  • Michael: Your mother shops at Saks.
  • Connor: Oh my God. You want to talk about mothers? You wanna talk about mothers! It's mother time, okay! Your mother's so dumb she went to Dr Dre for a Pap smear! "Something's wrong, Dr Dre! My coochie's doing a beatbox!"
  • Michael: Well yea? Your mother's so stupid she exercises when she could just get like, liposuction or something!
  • Travis: Your mother's so old that her breast milk is powdered. You breast-feed like this:
  • [blows powder from hand]
  • Michael: Your mother is so, like... She's so... Octavian you go
  • Octavian: Your mother is so stupid that she goes to Barney's Rooftop Deck Restaurant for lunch and orders a niçoise salad and calls it a 'ni-coise' salad. 'Ni-coise' salad, right?
  • Connor: Your mother's ass is so hairy, it looks like Don King's about to pop out and say, "Only in America!"
Big Bang reactions to their crush not knowing they are famous

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He was trying to impress you the whole week while you were in Germany. He was staying at the same hotel and you just started talking. He had a ‘thing’ for you and you noticed how nervously he was talking so that made you laugh. You agreed to go out with him and you thought it was adorable and romantic to have a dinner on the rooftop restaurant alone. You thought he was just in Germany because of work or something like that, but when he started talking about how awesome his next movie will be and how he will have a tour next year, you just stared at him for a moment. He saw at the beginning you had no idea he was famous. That’s why he liked you more. But since he couldn’t just say nothing about it. He was glad you surprised how successful he is. He laughed about your reaction the whole evening and promised you he’ll get you a ticket for their upcoming concert.
“Yeah…We have a tour starting next week… We have a few concerts here too. Will you still be here?” * came dressed like that*

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You met each other on a fashion show in Paris and you just though he must be someone’s rich son and nothing big. You found him interesting and approached him. At the beginning, he just stared at you but then he introduced himself and you started talking. He invited you to go to a gallery with him and you thought he must be trying hard to impress you with money. After you talked with him for a while and agreed to go on a date with him you realized even tho he has money he is very nice and well manured. When he told you about his work you were very surprised. But good surprised. He didn’t seem like a business person and he made a really good impression on you. He was happy you liked his personality and not his money. He appreciated that the most. He even thanked you for the wonderful evening.
“Thank you, let’s meet again soon.”

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When he arrived at the airport in Italy, you were hired to pick him up and drive him to the hotel since he was here because of your father’s fashion show. You didn’t know who he was, your father just gave you a picture of how he looks and his name. You had some problem pronouncing that but he found you. He was amazed just by the style you were dressed. Your big white coat standing out. He kissed your hand and you thought he was just kissing up to you. You drove him to a hotel and when he met you next time you were still harsh on him because you had no idea who he was. He introduced himself formal now and told you about his occupation. You wanted to see the truth and he showed you his solo song 'Eyes, nose, lips’  and you were impressed how amazing his voice was. He loved your reaction and how you just stared at him for a couple minutes after hearing that.
“Kekekeke…. Yeah, that’s me. I’m singing that… kkekke”

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You came to South Korea because your father’s company was having an international meeting there and you had to be there. You also went in some famous clubs. One of them happened to be Seungri’s and he invited you to a party since he knew your father. You met Daesung there and you just thought he was hilarious and you couldn’t stop giggling at his cute faces. You couldn’t stop talking with him and he was constantly talking with you too. You thanked Seungri for the invitation and asked him for a favor  For Daesung’s number since you were too shy to ask him yourself. He laughed and gave you his number and promised you Daesung will call you first to ask you out. You weren’t surprised to get a text the next morning. He asked you out on a dinner. You went and he finally introduced himself as D-lite and Daesung from BIGBANG. He loved when you said you don’t mind if he’s a rich man or an average man because you fell for his personality.

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He was in one of his famous clubs in England when he met you. You were just out with you friends and you were drunk af so you just talked to him because you saw him watching you. The next morning you woke up to seeing all unread messages from him. You luckily remembered him and wanted to apologize. He wanted to meet you anyways so you met on a lunch. He prepared a really fancy restaurant for you to eat and when you saw the prices you just wanted to apologize and go. Since he really wanted to eat there you did. You got to know each other and of course, the first thing he said about himself was BIGBANG. When he saw you were interested he showed you their music videos and songs. He was very happy when you started dancing. He was sure you were a nice girl so while he was here he invited you out more and promised you’ll go to his concert this year.
“Okay. But you’ll come backstage too, right? I CAN’T WAIT OMG YEEEEY!”

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Styles & Co. -Part12.

Authors Note: Hey! This is a long chapter, Yay, (Finally answered your requests for longer chapters). I kinda pondered over this chapter for a while and decided to add some spice. ;) 

Warning: I actually added drama. — For Mature audiences.

Previous parts found HERE Xx

My eyes gradually wake up to a ray of sunlight inching its way into the eclipsed room, piercing through the small crack of the curtains, reminding me that there is life outside my sleeping state. I smile to myself feeling my legs tangled with his, the covers draped over our bodies, keeping us warm.

I am not quite sure what time we fell asleep; I assume we fell asleep sometime after four— four was the last time I remember glancing over at the time in the midst of pouring another glass of wine, ultimately finishing off the bottle with Harry.

We spent hours talking, laughing, and at one point I was in tears—What specific reason I do not remember, I think the wine was to blame, along with a sentimentally cute comment from Harry.

I feel his arm drape itself around my body, pulling me closer as I feel his soft breathing on my bare shoulder. I don’t move from my position as the little spoon, it is on rare occasions we stay nestled into each other’s bodies for more than ten minutes while leisurely waking up.

I try to discreetly shuffle away from his tender body, but he only pulls me closer, a soft whisper escaping his hoarse voice. “No, it is too early.”

With a slight chuckle I respond, “I don’t think it is still morning.” I enlighten him, feeling him nuzzling into my neck.

“Well, fuck.” He mutters with a groan.

I hum an ’mhm’ as I feel his fingertips begin to travel along my skin, gliding delicately down my arm.

*** ***

My fingers lace with Harrys as I allow him to guide us through the Art Gallery, his eyes seeming overwhelmed by all the exquisite paintings ordered on the walls.

He settles in front of a monochromatic, black and white painting, a composition that catches my attention thoroughly as my eyes set their sights on it. The painting is exuded, elegant, and timeless.

Beautiful, just beautiful.

They say that Mood is an internal and rather subjective emotional state; calmness is what washes over me the longer I stare at the illustration.

There is just something about the texture and depth of the canvas that fascinates my eyes to every detail of the finely shaded rose petals. I tilt my head slightly, cherishing the perfect strokes the artist etched, taking note of how it continues to entice me further and further.

Perhaps it is the impeccable shade and lustrous characteristics it expresses; perhaps a personal reflection is what I perceive within the canvas.

Harry’s voice distracts me from my gaze, “You have stared at this painting longer than what you have ever stared at me before.”

I smile and pull my eyes from the comprehensive representation of a rose, “Well, maybe if you were etched into a ravishing form of art, I would stare longer.” I teasingly respond, watching his eyes roll before he sighs, moving his own gaze back to the art. “I like it, let’s buy it.” He expresses effortlessly, not even thinking twice about his words.

“Harry, you can’t just decide to buy this painting.”

“Yes, I can.” He nods, “Unless, of course, our bank accounts are both at a zero balance.” He grins, being a little cocky, knowing very well and good his balance is far from a fucking zero.

“Where would we put it? We can’t buy it without having a place for it.” I remind him of the other times he has brought a canvas with no idea where he wants to put it.

If I remember right he has at least five of them stashed away somewhere because he could not find a suitable place for them to hang in our house. He forgets that impulse buys do not always blend well with our colour schemes of the house.

“Anywhere, pick a spot.” He shrugs, “And not the bedroom.”

“Why not the bedroom?” I curiously inquire.

He glances at me and bites his lip, “Pick a place without questions, my love.” He insists and I comply, giving him my opinion on where we can place it.

I think the painting would look perfect in our living room, there is a unornamented part on the wall I have been meaning to decorate, somehow. A flawlessly painted, monochromatic painting works excellently, in my opinion.

While Harry and I continue to discuss the perfect location for our soon to be new purchase; we proceed to appreciate the other works of creativity hung skillfully on the walls.

I have a feeling we are going to get more than what we bargained for. Something tells me we might not leave here with just a painting.

“What the hell is he doing?” I hear Harry mutter, diverting my attention away from the aesthetic painting in front of me.

My eyes follow Harry’s distinct stare and cast themselves on a figure, a figure that causes Harry’s blood to hum in his veins in a distasteful manner.

Logan Meyer. Damn it.

“Elise,” Logan smiles as he walks closer with a slight grin on his lips, “Harry.” He nods towards Harry.

“Hi.” I politely acknowledge him, inching closer to Harry and resting my head on his shoulder subtly, doing my best to make it known that Harry needs to keep his cool. At the end of the day, I am right here on his arm.

“What the hell are you doing here, Meyer?” Harry does his best to keep his voice low, yet firm, thankfully keeping in mind that we are in public. Surely, they can keep their feud to a minimum.

“The same as you, admiring the view,” Logan smirks, his eyes fixed on me in a purpose to solely piss off Harry.

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Birthday Surprises

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 2,250 (i know, sorry lol)

Warnings: Fluff, alcohol mention and that’s it (:

A/N: This is my late birthday gift to @evansstackie !💖 Love you Jas and I hope you like this and also I had to sneak in @greedysforloves and myself into it as well (:

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Bucky wasn’t good at planning things. He was more of a ‘go with the flow’ type of person and he never really figured out why but it did start to become more apparent that it was because he didn’t want any chance of disappointment happening. Things had a tendency of not going the exact way he wanted when he strategically planned things. However for this occasion, he was more than willing to forgo all of that.

It was your birthday and he wanted you to spend it being happy and surrounded around people you loved. That meant gathering up who was in the tower at the moment and holding an impromptu meeting twelve hours before it was your actual birthday.

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Jack: Hey Ray, how good would you say are the sights on your sniper?

Ray: Depends what you’re looking at, I guess?
Ray: I feel like there’s a story here.

Jack: I’m not saying I’m spying on a date, but, as a matter of fact
Jack: Our next target happens to be on a date while I’m doing recon

Ray: I mean being able to see people is kind of the point
Ray: Are they in a window seat?

Jack: It’s one of those fancy balcony restaurants.
Jack: But the binoculars we use can’t zoom in close enough to make out whether the diamonds she’s wearing are fake.

Ray: Give me the address, I can be there in like 15 minutes

Jack: Yeah sure, gimme a sec. I’m on the rooftop across the restaurant.
Jack: Sent you the GPS coords.

Ray: Aight, see you soon then.
Ray: You need anything else on my way?

Jack: I’ve been watching them eat pasta for hours. Hours, Ray.

Ray: Note to self, bring food and retreat to a safe distance.

Jack: You’re an asshole, Ray.

Ray: I mean, yeah. A little.
Ray: What food do you want?

Jack: Anything but pasta. I’ve seen enough pasta for life, Ray. For life.

Ray: You must be traumatized.
Ray: Chinese sound good?

Jack: Mei Fun and General Tso’s? And some Wontons.

Ray: Got it.

Kisses Felt Around The World

This is for @bridgetteirish ‘s International Kissing Day Challenge and you can read this on AO3 if you’d like!

The AO3 Challenge is also linked so you can read everyone else’s submissions! 

Cat’s in Hong Kong.

Of course, that’s only the furthest away anyone could be and Kara scoffs before picking the car off the turnpike railings and depositing it onto the cracked pavement. The family inside runs and she waves with a smile, her other hand twisting the phone so she can balance it between her cheek and shoulder.

The video cameras trailed on her will show both of her hands coming up just in time to catch the alien creature as it charges her. She doesn’t give an inch and she doesn’t drop her phone.

There’s one lucky camera woman with a cell phone picture that clearly catches Kara rolling her eyes and bickering with whoever she’s talking to.

The creature is eight times Supergirl’s size and it looks so, so small in her hands. She doesn’t even really have to hit it to calm it down enough for a swarm of black-clad agents to sweep across the scene.

Supergirl raises into the air and shoots a smile toward a non-descript agent in a helmet, she readjusts the phone in her hand and visibly scoffs again.

The woman holding the phone gets seventeen interviews before the video even has time to go viral.

She stops into the DEO first, as is policy.

Kara hangs up as she touches down, she’ll have to get to Cat later. She’s got a bet to win.

Vasquez looks up as she enters headquarters and opens her mouth just for Kara to cut her off.

“Susan, can I kiss you?”

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Malia and I decided to get a lil’ dressy and hang out at the China Grill in town.  I tried wearing this septum piercing by @fifthscreations . It’s a super cute piece of jewelry but I’m not sure about how I look with a nose ring, haha 😅.  We had a nice lunch, then afterwards we chilled on a rooftop and watched the sun set.  The scenery is so beautiful in Willow Creek!

Later on, we had some drinks & snacks, smoked a little and danced.  We also researched some pretty cool moves to try in our next routine. 

Although we didn’t start off on the right foot, I’m happy to have spent the day with her and can now say she’s a good friend of mine.    Today was a good day.

Missing you today 😘  @zekepakka

cold // jimin

word count // 7.5k

genre // fluff, angst

summary //  in which busboy!jimin meets server!reader and shows them how to feel human again

a/n // so… this was supposed to be uploaded like a week ago but i kept changing the story around but! it’s here :D.  next imagine will be a yoongi request i got a week ago so look out for that and yeah

It was winter again.  

To the rest of the city they noticed this in the change of the weather.  Slowly the hot and rather humid air would begin to cool off.  It would feel nice at first in contrast to the height of summer when the entire city would be a roasting valley of hell.  Then it would become much cooler, and eventually freezing on some days.  People would begin to trade their tank tops and shorts in for jackets and coats, covering themselves completely so none of their body would be subject to the icy wind.  

No matter how many layers of clothing people put on, each day surprised them with a new weather condition.  One day it would be powerful winds that would cause some children to fall and tumble.  Adults would find themselves struggling to breathe if they faced it head on, trying not to be pushed back to where they started.  The next day the air would feel like piranhas as it slowly bit at your skin, tearing away layer and layer.  The coldness would usually be dry as noticeable by the hundreds of people who could be seen with chapped lips.  But on some days, it would be humid like the summer, which made choosing outfits very hard.

No matter what the weather was like, at the end of the day it was expected for the body to be numb from the cold.  Most people after they came home would spend the rest of their night heating up.  Whether that be with a boiling shower or with dozens of blankets.  Only to go out the next day and repeat everything again.  

Above the people the clouds would form together and create masses of grey smothering clouds that blocked any hope of sunlight from coming in.  With time, they would grow heavy and snow would fall, covering everything in its path.  Cars, buildings, and people would be seen with at least a couple of layers of the icy slush.  No matter how much they shook it off or scraped it away, the snow would come back quickly, piling higher and higher.  

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Can’t-Miss NYC Eats for the Newly-Made New Yorker (Part 1, Manhattan)

“As the college application season comes to a close, thousands of students around the world have decided that New York City is where they want to live and learn. For the unfamiliar, New York City has a tendency to overwhelm. And with more than 20,000 restaurants and eateries spanning the five boroughs, it can be difficult to determine exactly where and what you want to eat. So, I’ve compiled a list of what I believe to be some of New York City’s best spots to grab a bite. Bear in mind, this list is catered to college students who can’t afford to dine at four-star restaurants. 

  • Eataly: 200 5th Avenue, near Madison Square Park and the Flatiron Building. This gourmet market stocks a myriad ofItalian specialty goods, as well as conventional and exotic produce, homemadebreads and pastas, fresh meat and seafood, several sit-down restaurants, arooftop brewery and bar, and a café that serves homemade gelato and bakedgoods. One can easily spend an entire afternoon in Eataly, but be warned: thisbastion of gastronomy is not always the most frugal option.
  • Dominique Ansel Bakery: 189 Spring Street, SOHO:Home of the famous “cronut,” this bakery specializes in complicated Frenchdesserts, but also offers sandwiches, salads, soups and ice cream. You cannot go wrong with anything on the menu here.
  • Momofuku Milk Bar: 251 East 13th Street: one of David Chang’s many NYC institutions, goodies from this eccentric sweets shop have probably appeared on your Instagram feed a few times. Most flock to the Milk Bar to try their “Compost Cookies,” “Cereal Milk,” “Crack Pie,” and cake truffles. This bakery also offers cake-making classes, where you yourself may learn how to recreate some of their famous desserts.
  • Levain Bakery: 167 West 74th Street, a healthy walk from Barnard and Columbia! Levain lives up to all the hype. Anyone who knows anything about NYC knows that Levain is THE place for cookies. And these aren’t your average, rinky-dink little Chips Ahoy—cookies from Levain are big, chunky, and full of flavor. Levain also sells freshly-baked breads and pastries, but the cookies are what put this bakery on the map.
  • Doughnut Plant: 220 West 23rd Street, Chelsea. Head here for creative takes on the standard breakfast treat that are guaranteed to satisfy. Flavors rotate and differ based on location (they have many outposts throughout the city,) but frequent favorites include tres leches, carrot cake, and chocolate blackout.
  • Rice to Riches: 37 Spring Street, Nolita. If you’ve ever lamented the underrepresentation of rice pudding in the New York food scene, I have good news for you. Rice to Riches is a one-of-a-kind rice pudding bar offering seasonal and year-round flavors, as well as unconventional toppings, such as chunks of toasted pound cake. Buy yourself an 8 oz. “solo” bowl, or bring 10 friends and tackle the 80 oz. “Moby” bowl.
  • Veselka: 144 2nd Ave, East Village: You might not have expected to find a Ukrainian diner and coffee shop on this list, but hear me out. Veselka is a staple of the East Village frequented by celebrities and commoners alike. The restaurant is open 24-hours, so you can get handmade pierogis and Eastern European specialties such as stuffed cabbage and potato pancakes at 3AM after a long night of uh, studying. Lovingly prepared soups, breads, and pastries are also menu mainstays.
  • Magnolia Bakery: 401 Bleecker Street, West Village. Chris Parnell and Andy Samberg love Magnolia’s cupcakes, which are quite good, but this bakery’s true claim to fame is the banana pudding. Let me tell you, if I could fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool with any single item, I would fill it with Magnolia Bakery’s banana pudding.
  • Big Gay Ice Cream Shop: 125 East 7th Street, East Village. As if you didn’t immediately fall in love with this place based on its name alone, BGIC has some of the best ice cream in the city. Their best-selling cone, the “Salty Pimp,” consists of creamy soft serve vanilla ice cream with dulce de leche, sea salt, and chocolate dip. It’s absolutely divine, but every single item on their menu is a revelation. Lines are long in the summer, but if you’re lucky, some friendly drag queens will keep you company as you wait outside the store. No, I’m not kidding.
  • Russ & Daughters: 179 East Houston Street, Lower East Side. R&D is a traditional appetizing store that opened in 1914 to cater to Jewish immigrants. This does not mean, however, that you have to be Jewish to enjoy their legendary smoked fish and bagels. Though you may wish to convert once you try one of their signature sandwiches. Don’t miss the homemade babka and rugelach, either.
  • Katz’s Delicatessen: 205 East Houston Street at the corner of Ludlow, Lower East Side. I don’t have to tell you about Katz’s, because chances are, you’ve heard of it before. Yes, Katz’s is a little bit expensive, a little bit cliché, and a little bit tourist-y, but their food makes up for all of this. The pastrami, corned beef, and brisket sandwiches are a religious experience.  Just make sure you order your cold cuts on rye with a schmear of mustard, because any other preparation would be an adulteration of the highest magnitude.
  • Shopsin’s General Store: 120 Essex Street, located inside the Essex Street Market. I’ve got four words for you: “macaroni and cheese pancakes.” I’ve got three more words for you: “glazed doughnut sandwiches.” I’ve got six million more words for you, because the menu at Shopsin’s is more than 900 items long. But be forewarned, it’s very difficult to get a seat, your party cannot be more than four people, and it’s not unlikely for customers to be verbally assaulted while they eat. Don’t you just love New York?!
  • Vegan Divas: 1437 1st Avenue. Okay, you probably haven’t heard of this place and you’re probably wondering why I’ve included a vegan boutique cafe on this list when we all know that butter and eggs make the world go ‘round. But Vegan Divas holds a special place in my heart. I first discovered this cafe and bakery in 2012 after I was displaced from my Long Island home by Hurricane Sandy. Okay, I wasn’t displaced, my house was fine, but we had no power and I was hella bored. So there I was, wandering aimlessly around the Upper East Side desperately searching for a wifi signal when their dainty blue awning somehow caught my eye. I’m not a vegan, I’m not even a vegetarian, but for some reason, I felt compelled to go inside. And I am so glad that I did! Vegan Divas offers a wide variety of low-calorie baked goods as well as salads, sandwiches, breakfast items (their granola is stellar) and beverages. The tofu chocolate mousse, chocolate chip cookies, double chocolate brownies, lemon raspberry muffins, olive oil corn muffins, and cinnamon sugar doughnuts are so insanely delicious that you won’t even remember that they’re devoid of animal products. I don’t have a bad thing to say about this place. The way to my heart is with anything from Vegan Divas.
  • Ellary’s Greens: ellarysgreens 33 Carmine Street, West Village. “Health food” restaurants aren’t typically what you’d recommend to a friend who’s seeking out New York City’s essential eateries, but Ellary’s Greens is a sentimental favorite of mine. It’s where I fueled up before participating in my first LGBT rally (which took place around the corner at the Stonewall Inn). It’s also one of the few restaurants in a city that prides itself on pushing the boundaries of gluttony and gastronomy where you can get a delicious, hearty meal that won’t leave you belly-up in a pool of drool on the bathroom floor. Kidding, of course, but the truth is that anyone can make something yummy using butter, bacon, cream, and eggs; only an adept chef can produce food that is both tasty and nutritious without relying on those aforementioned culinary crutches. Ellary’s Greens is fit for meat-eaters, vegetarians, pescetarians, and vegans alike, with many dishes that cater to the lactose and/or gluten intolerant, as well as an array of housemade baked goods and freshly-squeezed juices. I recommend the tofu curry, any of the salads and vegetable sides, the “zinger” shot, and the avocado chocolate mousse. If eating healthy ain’t your speed, try the bacon mac & cheese… I hear it’s pretty good.
Manhattan Dreams


A few days ago, you and Joe had landed in New York after he had surprised you with the trip. 

You had been all over the world with Joe ever since the beginning of your relationship and although the places you had gone were incredible you had only really wanted to go to New York, mainly to see the notorious Manhattan skyline you had seen so many pictures of. A couple months after Joe had learned about this, he booked a five day trip which you were more than happy to take a week off of work for.


“I don’t think I’d ever get over this view.” You said as you looked out onto the city from your hotel window. 

Joe had made sure that the view from the hotel was absolutely perfect so your dream was able to come true whenever you looked out the window. 

“You said that yesterday love.” Joe laughed as he walked up behind you and wrapped his arms around your waist and resting his chin on your shoulder. 

“Well it’s true. I have been dreaming about this skyline ever since the first time my mum had shown me pictures of it when she and dad had gone ages ago.” You said leaning back against him.

“I still can’t believe it took me this long to figure out this dream of yours. We could’ve gone years ago if you would’ve brought it up you know?”

“Yeah, I know.” You said simply causing Joe to chuckle once again.

“Well love, as much as I’d like to stay here and watch you look out a window, we have much more city to see today and were losing daylight.” Joe said letting go of you and walking back over to the bed as he packed his backpack with his things, “And I’m hungry.”

“We shouldn’t have had such a long lie in then.” You teased as you followed him back to the bed to grab your shoes. 

“Hey, I really liked that lie in and I’m certain that you did to.” Joe said with a smirk and wink before leaning over to kiss your lips.


“So, what do you have planned for this evening Sugg?” You asked, bringing your attention from your surroundings back to your boyfriend who had started rowing the row boat once again.

“What makes you think I have anything planned for tonight?” Joe said, letting out a forced laugh.

“Well seeing that its our last night here, I just thought you wanted to do more.” You said studying him.

“Oh, well theres this rooftop restaurant that has a perfect view of the skyline and I was thinking about going there for dinner. I mean, its not like we need yet another spectacular view or anything.” He joked.

You smiled before turning your head to look back at the tree line that surrounded the pond, your eyes wondering to the few other people who were also in rowboats. 

“Looks like the wedding is over.” Joe’s voice said bringing you back to him.

“What? Oh yeah.” You asked as he pointed back over to the park as the two of you got closer.

You watched the bride and groom and their party pose for pictures, their guests celebrating with drinks in their hands in the grassy area a few yards away.

“Thats cute.” You smiled.

“It’s a perfect night for a wedding too.” Joe said as you made your way closer to the bricked dock where a worked was waiting to tie the boat back up.

Joe stopped rowing, letting the currant drift you back to the dock where you grabbed the outstretched hand and pulled yourself back onto land.

“You two have a wonderful night.” The worker said.

“Thanks, you too.” Joe said as he intertwined his fingers with your as the two of you made your way out of Central Park. 

“So where is this restaurant?” You asked when you had gotten out of the park.

“Not far, I don’t think. I came here years ago and I think it was down this way.” Joe pointed towards a street. 

“Well lets, hope you’re right.” You laughed, moving your hand up to his arm as the tow of you crossed the street.

A couple of minutes later, the two of you came to a stop at a restaurant that had the word ‘Rooftop’ lit up on neon colours above the door. Joe spoke to the host quickly before following him through the restaurant and up the stairs to the rooftop.

“Wow,” You said looking at the scenery around you, “I think this beats the hotel.”


“Yeah, we don’t get to see the sunset from the hotel. This is gorgeous, thank you.” You said placing your hand on Joe’s from across the table.

“You know I love you right. And I want to help make all you dreams come true like you’ve been making mine come true.”

“And what dreams are those?” You asked, a questioning look taking over your face.

“Being happy, with someone I couldn’t ever imagine letting go. I’ve never ever, in my entire life, been as happy as I have been since the day I met you. I never thought I’d ever find someone who would complete me, or make me feel like I was missing out on this thing called love until I met you and I don’t ever want to go back to feeling like that because you do complete me Y/N. In more ways that I can put into words or even understand myself and I love it and I want to be with your for the rest of my life.” Joe paused briefly as he pulled his hand out from under mine and reached down into the pocket of his backpack and scooting his chair back from the table and getting down on one knee. 

Your eyes widened as you realized what was happening, and the loud sounds of conversations coming from the other tables slowly died down.

“So Y/N Y/L/N, will you continue to make my dreams come true and marry me?” He said holding out a black box, lifting the top up to reveal beautifully stunning diamond ring.

You were speechless for a few seconds before forcing yourself to nod your head as a tear streamed down your face. You extended your hand, allowing Joe to slid the ring onto your finger as the restaurant cheered. You pulled him up and into a hug as you struggled to hold back your tears.

The two of you finally took a seat, thanking the few customers who had congratulated you on their way out, as the waiter came back around with your drinks. 

“We’ll need a few more minutes.” You laughed, wiping away a tear as you picked up the menu you had yet to touch.

“Thats alright, and desert is on the house if you two have room later.” The water said before walking away to another table.

“You alright?” Joe asked seeing you let out a breath.

“Yeah,” You said looking down at your hand, “Never been better.”