rooftop reflections

Christmastime in Diamond City

(Beginning of a valencock fic I’m writing. Prompted by @sentinel-synth-lover )

Diamond City was quite the sight, colorful string lights hanging all over the place, adorning each and every building. It was surreal.

It was late December and vendors were busy as usual, extending their shifts due to the upcoming holiday.

Boots scuffed the ground as a lanky figure slunk into Diamond City. The rigid figure took a cautious sweep of the area with every step they took, hands shoved into their coat pockets.

It had been months since Mayor McDonough was found out to be a synth and had been killed. Months since the lapse of chaos and confusion and panic among the people. Months since the anti ghoul law was taken out of place.

But, that didn’t mean everyone was overly accepting…

They stuck to the shadows, red frock coat wrapped loosely around their small frame, hat tipped forward in an attempt to hide their face.

Their gaze flickered to the shimmering lights that seemed to dangle from the edge of every rooftop, the lights reflecting in their eyes. Sticking to the shadows, they averted their path away from the main area where all the vendors and settlers were, heading down the narrower path behind some of the buildings, gaze turning to a heart shaped neon sign that beamed in the darkness.

A smirk rose to his features, and he slipped inside away from prying eyes, perking up a little.
Brown eyes snapped up to stare at him, shock evident.

“Wha- what- um- Mayor Hancock- what can I do for you?”

The ghoul turned on a heel, cocking his head, tucking his hands behind his back, “You wouldn’t happen to know where a certain detective is would ya?”

“Oh! Nick? Well he’s-”

“Right here, John.”
A voice interjects, causing the ghoul’s smirk to grow as he turned around to face him.

“Well well look who decided to show~”

Nick chuckled, strolling over to him, “I’m surprised you’re here,” He pauses, expression sobering up, “I know ghouls are allowed here now and all but… I also know how you feel about this place. So why did you come here?”

“Well, it is Christmas, ain’t it? An what’s the crime in me payin’ my boyfriend a visit, huh? Or did ya not wanna see me?” Hancock smirked crookedly, teasing the bot, hands tucked behind his back.

Valentine sighed, pretending he didn’t notice Ellie’s brows shoot up upon the term “Boyfriend”. Groaning softly, he pivoted on a heel, turning to his desk, settling down in his chair, “John, can’t you see I’m busy? There’s another case I’ve gotta-”

The ghoul sneered at that, snorting, “Aw, c'mon, Val, don’t be such a Scrouge.”

Ellie let out a breathy little laugh, smiling at the duo.
But the synth detective wasn’t the least bit amused as the latter, huffing in exasperation, vibrant yellow eyes narrowing at them “I’m serious. The case load is big- not to mention-”

“I can handle it, Nick. You deserve a break.” His secretary interjected, a warm smile playing at her features, “He’s right. It’s Christmas. Besides, the cases aren’t really going anywhere at the moment.”

“But, Ellie-”

“No buts, Nick. Go. Have fun.” Shaking her head, she crossed her arms, adamant. Nick grumbled a little, but didn’t have time to further protest as Hancock’s slender fingers seized his arm, yanking him up out of the chair and towards the door. Before they fully vanished from view, Valentine shot Ellie a look, to which she beamed in response to, waving at him.