Release You at U93 Roofsit on 6/17/13 *FULL*

I met my idols tonight. they are the sweetest girls you will ever meet. we saw them at their #fye in store performance over a year ago. and they are just as nice now as they were then. I am SO glad to call them my idols. they were so genuine and I am glad I got to help make their homecoming show so amazing. you could tell that try were 110% grateful to have everyone there. @stella218 @meganmckinley @meganandliz I can’t wait to see where their career takes them. #meganandliz #meganmace #roofsit #roofsit2013 #lizmace (at Martin’s Supermarket)

Hey guys! You don’t know this so I’m going to tell you. 

This Tuesday (June 17th) my friend Lexii and I are singing in a talent show for an organization called Roofsit. Roofsit is an organization for preventing child abuse. If you want you can make an online donation here:

This talent show is also broadcast on the radio! If you live in Northern Indiana/Southern Michigan areas (i.e. Elkhart, Dunlap, South Bend, etc.) you can listen on U93 (station 92.9 in areas listed). If you dont live in those areas, I believe you can listen online here: 

This isn’t just a one day event, it’s broadcast on that radio station from Monday to Friday (June 16th to June 20th) so you can listen all week! 

We’ll be singing Sugar We’re Goin’ Down by Fall Out Boy, so listen for that song if you get the chancde to listen to the talent show.

It’s the biggest thing we’ve ever done, and also it’s for a great cause. I hope you’ll listen or donate if you can. :)


Bad For Me at U93 Roofsit on 6/17/13 *FULL*