So uh, apparently you people like my blogs. And I really appreciate that. So… I’m happy to announce that I am holding my very first art raffle!!
Here’s what you could win if you enter!


A handful of uncolored pen sketches!


Depending on what you ask me for, between one and a few colored pen sketches or a nice pencil sketch.


A polished color drawing of some sort!!

I’ll do Undertale and Kindergarten stuff for this, (in other words, my usual fare) and I will NOT do anything explicit. But I think that goes without saying.

If you’d like to participate, NOTE or REBLOG this post. I will close the raffle and announce the winners on SUNDAY, JUNE 11th

Good luck everyone!! And thanks for checking out my garbage!!


Some of my stims!

First gif: Hand flapping. Train those wrists!

Second gif: Fiddling with my necklace. The chain makes a nice noise-

Third gif: Ring! Spin, spin, spin that ring, ring, ring!

Fourth gif: Raptor hands VS shoulders. No idea what that actually is but it’s nice.

Fifth gif: Hair! ROOFLE THE FLOOFLE!