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His Beloved Henley-Stealer

AN: This is what comes from twitter talks with @candicemorgan and @lclrgsl. Bless you for being my enablers and hope you like it ;)

Major fluff warning.

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Having spent centuries roaming the Earth, one tends to accumulate quite the assemble of fortune and goods.

That matters very little however, if a man lives under one roof with the professional thief, a stunning, not-so-baby-anymore vampire.

Sifting through the depths of their joint walk-in closet, Klaus curses under his nose when he finds a big pile of nothing on his shelf.


There’s a low angry grumble coming from the bedroom, the rustling of sheets and then there she is, leaning against the doorframe. And for a moment, the hybrid forgets the reason he called her for.

Almost a century together and the sight of Caroline Forbes, leisurely standing in nothing but his henley in front of him, still manages to knock the breath out of his lungs.


Her blonde curls are messy, still tousled from when he ran his fingers through them at night, buried deep inside her glorious body. Lids heavy from sleep (and they really didn’t get that much sleep last night), she’s rubbing her eyes looking entirely too adorable, with a little pout adorning her face, telling him exactly how unamused she is by being woken up at this ungodly hour.

“What is it, love?” she asks teasingly, fixing the sleeve that rolled down her shoulder, the shirt too large for her, covering her ass and resting in the middle of her thighs.

“It seems you’ve stolen the last of my clothes from me, sweetheart. And I have a meeting in French Quarter I need to attend,” he drawls, his eyes roving over her form shamelessly, appreciatively.

Her mouth curve in a smirk and she licks her delicious lips as her own curious eyes wander over his naked chest.

Because they might have been together for decades but they never fail to see.

To crave, to need, to take and give in return.

She’s a regal vision and even though he has seen her in the most luxurious garments over the years, haute-couture, lace, silk or leather, this is by far his most beloved sight.

Buried in his clothes, wearing his scent.

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