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You are my Stars

Alright, so this is my first Feysand headcanon. So… take it easy on me okay, I know it’s not perfect.

Word Count: 2,718

I don’t know where this came from quite frankly but I hope you guys enjoy it!

Feyre’s point of view with Feysand fluff (NSFW)

I would love your feedback, so don’t be shy!


Bolting straight up in bed, the absence of warmth beside me pulled me from my dream. I looked over at the empty side of the bed. My fingers fumble for the sheet.

Cold –they were cold.

Rhysand must have been up for a while now. Nightmares had been plaguing him for longer than either of us would like to admit.

After my feet find the cool floor and I pad across it to where I had discarded Rhys’s shirt earlier in the evening, I throw it over my head. The soft cotton fell to just above my knee –it smelled like him too, like us. No matter how many times I lazily throw on his clothes, or how many nights I spend hours unable to sleep just breathing in the scent of him, I would never be able to get enough of it. It was intoxicating.

Our townhouse was dark, quiet. The others begrudgingly slept in the House of Winds, refusing to let us sleep there because we have a tendency to “keep other people besides ourselves up” as Cassian had put it.

I roll my eyes at the thought. My feet barley make any noise as I ascend the staircase to the rooftop garden.

And he was sitting there, back to me, wings spread, as he sat in a wrought iron chair. His dark hair was in a disheveled mess, highlighted with gold from the lights of Velaris; and his skin was glowing as he gazed out towards the sea, towards the stars that hung over it. His wings –his glorious wings were spread leisurely over the arms of the chair.

My beautiful High Lord. I wanted to paint him like that.

Of course he didn’t put his shirt on, not that I minded since I now wore it: but I don’t know how he did it. As I stepped out onto the stone, the chilled night air hit me like a brick wall and made me shiver. My body protested, demanding I head straight back inside and burrow myself under the blankets of our warm, cozy bed.

I walked over cautiously. It was a very rare occasion to catch him so lost in thought. He must have sensed me as I was right behind him because he was not surprised as I draped my arms over his broad shoulders.
My lips left a trail of kisses over his shoulder as he said. “Feyre, darling, you should be sleeping.”

“So should you,” I countered. I peered at him as I made to rest my chin on my arm.

A ragged sigh escaped my mate’s lips. “I needed air,” he said simply. I needed to see the stars to make sure they were still shining, he seemed to say.

“Do you want to talk about it?” I ask softly. A slight shake of his head.

“Why didn’t you wake me?” I rasp. I still want to go back to bed. We both knew that wasn’t happening until he came with me.

“Because you looked too peaceful for me to wake you. Plus, I just love seeing you in my clothes.” He made the attempt to lighten the mood but the humor failed to reach his eyes.

I sighed through my nose. I knew he wanted some time alone, to think. To make sure that everything was still fine.

We sit in silence for a while, I look at Rhys while he looks out over the city.

He finally turns to meet my eyes. The pain that lingered there, the worry, it was enough to cleave my heart in two.

“Will you come back to bed?” I ask softly.

He shook his head, “No, but will you come fly with me?”

Of course of course he wanted to go and fly. The sky was his sanctuary just as his arms were mine.  A smile breaks across my lips. “Only if you get me some pants. We wouldn’t want anyone seeing the little lacy things I bought only for you,” I say, hoping to get a smile from you.

It worked because it made him, take a generous look down my body as he stood, snapped his fingers and then had a pair of my leggings draped over his forearm.

He hands then to me with a mischievous smile.

I barley even had them on before he scooped me into his arms and took a running leap off the roof. His wings snapped open and propelled us out over the city.

I laugh at the sensation, the fear of him dropping me faded just as heights had. I kept my arms around his neck, my fingers buried in the back of his hair. Every so often, when I would find his eyes on me instead of the city lights below us, I would kiss him, and I swear his wings would flatter every time.

We stayed in the vicinity of Velaris, circling the city from both high and low. Banking and swerving with the wind.

“A thought for a thought?” I ask finally, breaking the comfortable silence between us.

His eyes flick to mine. “I’m thinking that I will never stop being thankful for you being my mate. Because you know when I need to talk and don’t push me when I’m dwelling on bad thoughts. And I’m thinking that you are the only person that can bring me back and make me happy. You are my starlight during the darkness nights.”

“Not your moon?”

“No, my stars. The stars are always shinning. But the moon, even the moon isn’t there for me sometimes,” he says. His eyes train on me and my heart swells with love for the male who now carries me.

My mate. My perfect beautiful mate.

“Your turn,” he says as he swoops high enough for us to see the glint of the crescent moon over the Sidra.

The clean mountain air fills my lungs. “I’m thinking that I love you. And I will pull you from the darkness whenever it tries take hold on you. And I’m also thinking that you should put a shirt on, even though I love to see you without one. And now that you bring it up I would gladly be your stars over your moon.” I say and grin. I lean over, my lips close enough to graze down the side of his throat.

The slight groan that comes from his is ripped away by the wind. And just like that I wanted him again. I wanted him, and I wanted to offer him a distraction so he wouldn’t reel back into himself.

“I’ll never wear a shirt again if it makes you happy. I like them better on you anyway.” I can feel his fingers tighten around my waist. Oh, I was going to tease the hell out of him while we were up here.
“Do you? I prefer to see them on the floor,” I murmur into his ear. My teeth nip at his earlobe.

“You really want me to drop you tonight, don’t you?” he asks, his eyes finally gleaming with amusement, with lust.

“I want you to do a lot of things actually, none of which involve clothes –all of which involve one of us sprawled across the bed, or the floor, or the wall.”

I allow myself to keep one hand braced around his shoulder while the other idly strokes the top of his wings.

“Oh I am going to have you moaning my name so loudly, all of Velaris will hear us,” he grits out, teeth clenched.

I run my fingertips down the silken membranes near where his wings meets his back and I feel his harden against my side. A smile breaks across my lips.

“Oh Rhysand, darling, I don’t believe you. And I don’t think Cassian would appreciate the noise anyway. You know how he is,” I challenge him.

“All the more reason to do it then.”

I look up at him through my lashes to see the strained, ravenous look in his eyes. It was etched all over his face. Like he was trying his best to reel himself in before we got home.

All it took was a kiss –all it took was my tongue brushing the seam of his lips and he winnowed back to our bedroom.

I jumped out of Rhys’s arms before he hand a chance to set me down and pin me to the sheets.

Rhys took a step towards me but I winnowed behind him. My hands skimming his wings had him stopped dead in his tracks.

“Feyre,” he barked my name my hands grazed the sensitive spot near the joints.

“Stop being such a sensitive Illyiran,” I coo against the skin of his back. It was easy to get a reaction from him as I leave a trail of kisses down his spine. One of my hands reaches around his waist and I palm him through his pants.

A hiss escapes him, the bulge twitching as I twist him and push him back onto the bed.

A wicked grin crosses his lips, the glorious muscles of his chest and abdomen laid out before me.

I crawl over him, a hand continuously stroking him through the thin cotton as I press a kiss to his jaw, to his throat, his collarbone. My teeth graze the skin of the muscle between his shoulder and neck and I bite down on it. The groan that comes from him has me smiling as I pull back kissing the same spot. A bruise already forming on his skin.
He thought I was torturing him. I know because his breath was ragged by the time I got down on my knees between his legs. I gaze up at him as I remove his pants and he springs free. His head was tilted back against the bed.

The moment my mouth touches him he is undone. His fingers tangling in my hair as I slide my tongue across the entirety of him. I try to fit all of him in my mouth but I can’t and take the rest of him with my hands. Up and down, up and down I move on him.

“Feyre, please,” he groans.

Rhysand has only every begged me a few times, enough for me to count on my fingers. I’m glad I can add another finger to that now.

I keep doing and going, twisting my lips over him, flicking my tongue over the head of him before he bolts up, picks me up by the waist and claim my lips, tasting himself on me.

His strong arms set me down with a gentleness that only he knows I appreciate. “Why you’re still fully clothed is beyond me,” he breathes.

Just like that my shirt is gone, and his hands are kneading my breasts between his fingers. He twists and tugs until my nipples are hard and peaked. A moan ripples through me as I shiver.

Rhys’s eyes bore into me like he’s waiting for me to ask him.

“Rhysand,” his name escapes me. The heat pooling in my core makes my whole body tremble.

“I’m sorry what was that?” he growls. His lips traveling like a wave of hot pleasure moving across my skin. He takes his time on my neck, leaving countless marks as retribution for the one I left on him.

And then he finds my breasts, and he sucks and nibbles on them in a way that has me moaning his name again.

He trails lower, his wings spreading as he kneels before me. Kneels on those tattoos that he knows I love.

I lift my head to look at him and he hooks his kisses me through the fabric of my leggings.

“Rhys,” I moan, wanting him so badly my legs started shaking.

The smile he gives me is a lust filled one that sets my instincts on edge. He hooks his fingers around the elastic at my waist and yanks it down and off in one swift motion.

The way he spreads my legs for him and the glint in his eyes makes it look like he’s about to feast on me…not that I minded. But my blood thrums through my veins and I can’t do anything but wait for him.

My head falls back onto the bed; I can still see him as he lifts his head and brings kisses the inside of my knee. Then lower, lower, lower. Just when I think he’s going to unleash himself upon me, soothe the ache I have in that bundle of nerves, he brings his lips to my other knee and goes painfully slow. Down and down and down.

When his tongue finally dips between my center and I moan so loudly that I bite down on my lower lip to halt it.

Rhys brings both of his hands up, his arms on either side of my hips as he massages my breasts again.

He works me thoroughly, so thoroughly that I go over the edge twice. Both times his name on my lips like a prayer to the Mother.

He rises and hovers over me on an elbow as he gazes down at me.
“Look at how you lovely glow,” he whispers, love lining his voice as he gravelly voice.

I smile at him, my fingers reaching up and cupping his cheek as I bring my lips to his.

“I love you Rhysand,” I murmur.
“I love you, Feyre” he whispers back.

And with that he nudged my legs apart and slide so far into me that I bite down on his shoulder to keep myself from being too loud. Rhys goes in deeper and deeper until he can’t anymore.

The growl he releases make my head roll back. His arms slide under me and pulls my body against his until we are flush together.

He pulls out and thrusts back in torturously slow. He was going to take it slow, and I was going to let him; that doesn’t mean I still didn’t squirm under him. My nails dig into his shoulders, adding to the mark I left on his throat.

When he looks down into my eyes I can’t see anything other than love. The violets of his eyes holding so much more than he had to say at the moment.

My hips meet his slow and tedious rhythm. At the last moment he bucks his hips up, thrusting into me with a force that made my lips open in a silent gasp.

Rhysand. Rhysand. Rhysand.

His name was lost on my lips.

Rhysand. This male above me. My mate. The love of my life.

I could see it then, the darkness that was curling around us, the control slipping from him as he pulled out and pushed himself back in. There were no stars in his darkness tonight. It almost broke my heart.

I loved him too much, he made me too happy to be dwelling I his own darkness. I wanted to make him happy. That’s all I ever wanted to do. I wanted to make him as happy as he made me.

When I open my eyes I see his smile. A glow –my glow –shines through his darkness.

“Feyre,” he groans.

I was so close, so close. And the sound of my name on his lips was my undoing.

“Rhysand,” I cry out. My whole body tensing as my climax rips through me.

A few more strokes and Rhys jumped over the edge with me. My name on his lips, my body cradled in his arms.


Her skin was still glowing as she laid next to me. Her head on my chest.

“I’m disappointed in myself. You weren’t as loud as I could have made you,” I rasp.

Her eyes flick to me, those gray pools of happiness landing on me.

I felt a spark in my chest, a wave of joy settling over my heart.

Feyre. She was my salvation. She was my sun. She was my stars in the darkness night.

Feyre was the missing half of my soul that I didn’t know I was missing until I found her.  And I don’t think I could ever be happier.

“Don’t be a prick,” she muttered, sleep muffling her words.

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Soldier 76 with a Valkyrie s/o?

His Valkyrie sat on the edge of the roof, their wings relaxed and pooling around them lazily. Their eyes stared up at the starry sky with a pensive look. They were about at stiff as a statue.

“Whatcha thinking about?” Soldier asked, taking a seat next to them and taking off his visor.

At first, they didn’t say anything, taking a few more moments to think.

But eventually, they took a deep breath and sighed, “Thinking about the day we met,”

“Huh…” Jack grunted, “Haven’t thought about that in a while,”

“Neither have I, but I suddenly remembered just now,” they said, wrapping a wing around him.

“You were such a goody-two-wings back then,” he chuckled.

“I was just trying to do my job,” they smirked back at him.

“Couldn’t accept that I might pull through?” he shrugged.

“You were bleeding out from several different spots,” they retorted bluntly, “You were literally on the threshold of death. Why wouldn’t I a Valkyrie be hanging around you?”

“You kept tugging on my arm, trying to get me to come with you,” he crossed his arms playfully, “A bit pushy for an angel,”

“For the last time, Jack,” they rolled their eyes, “I’m not an angel. And I was sure you were going to die. You can imagine my shock when you were able to stand up suddenly,”

“Guess I’m just full of surprises,” he murmured, wrapping an arm around their waist.

“A human worth falling for,” they whispered back.

–Mod Sirana
Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen Sell in Sherman Oaks (EXCLUSIVE)
By Mark David

Long-engaged couple Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen made a covert, off-market deal to sell their mid-century ranch house on a hillside plateau high above Coldwater Canyon in Sherman Oaks for $3.8 million. The buyer, according to property records, was Lucky Brand clothing label co-founder Barry Perlman. Bilson, whose TV series “Hart of Dixie” was canceled a couple of years ago, and Christensen, star of two of the “Star Wars” prequels, acquired the über-private property in late 2012 for a tad bit below $2.7 million.

A long, gated, and hedge-lined drive slopes gently down to an oversized motor court and detached two-car garage. At the heart of the multi-winged, metal-roofed residence is a spacious living room with a beam-crossed vaulted ceiling and a fireplace faced in a rigid grid of beige blocks. A broad bank of glass doors provides a sweeping eastern view over the San Fernando Valley, and folds open to a trellis-shaded section of smooth concrete terracing that surrounds a dark-bottom swimming pool with an inset spa.

Dark-stained, wide-plank hardwoods in the living room continue into the sleekly updated kitchen with wood cabinets and premium-quality, commercial-style appliances. A long snack peninsula separates the kitchen from an informal dining area and den that gives way to a flat and grassy backyard where there’s a poured-concrete wet bar and grilling station with a portable pizza oven.

One of the bedrooms was repurposed as a deluxe dressing room with shoe shelves that extend from the floor to the ceiling, and the master bedroom, which opens to the swimming pool, has an attached bathroom with a freestanding soaking tub set in front of a picture window that looks out to a serene, rock-lined koi pond.

this was Briar’s bedroom btw


It was a door. A very nice door, in a very nice building. And it was freezing her on the spot.  It was white with shiny brass numbers that read 804.  She looked at it, and couldn’t remember the last time she felt so uncomfortable.  

Raven thought she was just humoring him when Beast Boy texted her the address to this place. She thought that he had found some hole in the wall or a little studio in one of the younger parts of the town near the college, this was way beyond that.  

This was happening too fast, and it started practically by accident.  The alert had gone off a week before during a very intimate moment between the two. It was an offhand comment, an insult to the poor timing and having to deny physical release.  She never expected that her boyfriend would actually go out and find them an apartment.  

Raven didn’t even get a chance to knock before Beast boy pulled the door open.  He had a smile on his green face so big  you would think he just won a lifetime supply of pizza. “Welcome home!”  he declared, taking her hand and escorting her inside.  

The place was nice, nicer then she thought that they would find, or think that they could afford.  What could they afford? They hadn’t even talked about this. Well not really. There were the times when they would lie in bed and they would talk about someday, and down the line, the idea of their own place was something that was more a dream than anything else.  

The apartment was immense!  The door opened up into open living room to the right and a kitchen area with stone counters, white cabinets and a fridge that would make Cyborg jealous.  Almost the entire back wall was large glass sliding doors that went out to a balcony. This was insane! They couldn’t live here! This was too nice! If that made any kind of sense.  Their first apartment was supposed to be a glorified dorm room,  a cramped little place this was too much.  Raven was so overwhelmed she didn’t hear Beast Boy playing tour guide and going on and on about the place.  

“Rae?…Rae?…Earth to Raven we have lost contact come in?” he waved his hand passed her eyes concern growing on his face.

“I am sorry”  she breathed  "How big is this place?“

"Three Bedrooms,  two baths”

“Why do we need three bedrooms? ”

“Your bumgorfs!”  He exclaimed.

Raven was trying to keep calm but she couldn’t keep the flush from her face.  But beast boy was using Starfire’s word for babies!  So he was not only thinking about them moving in together but knocking her up! Multiple times!  

“Isn’t it a little soon to think about that?” she uttered trying desperately to keep control and hating herself for letting it slip so easily.  

“I thought you wanted to see them more often? ” he asked confused.  "Melvin, Timmy, Theater,  we got a space to have them stay with us when they visit, Rae?“

Relief flooded her.  She has forgotten that Starfire started referring to them as that, and Beast Boy just liked the sound of the Tameranain word.  She took a deep breath, she quickly and quietly chanted her mantra as she threw a rope around her runaway heart.

"Are you okay?”  He asked pulling her out of thought. Taking both her hands and leading her over to one of the walls where they sat on the floor together. As much practice she had with controlling or hiding her emotions, Beast Boy had too much practice reading her.  "You don’t like the place do you?“  he asked

Her eyes closed as she tried to collect herself.  "No Garfield this place is amazing,  and It was really sweet of you to do this.”  She took in deep breath before looking at him. “I am not sure I am ready for this.  Leaving the Tower living together just us.”

“Rae,  if you aren’t ready for this, it’s okay.” His hands squeezed hers a bit.  "I haven’t signed anything or bought bubble wrap or nothing"  Beast Boy touched her chin and brought her face up to meet his.  "But when you are ready this is something I want for us.  I want to have a home with you.“

"Azar, you don’t have a ring do you?”

Beast Boy went from zero to panic in record time, his face turning eggplant. “Ummm should I have?”  he asked meekly.

“No!”  she exclaimed with relief. “If you did I might take this whole building down. One big life change at a time if you please”

His fingers brushed her cheek before sliding though her locks his lips met hers in a gentle kiss. “Let me take you to lunch and we will go home”  Raven felt as if thick iron chains were lifted off her shoulders.  Still Beast Boy did go to all this trouble.  So she let him show the place off a bit more. They wandered into one of the smaller bedrooms

“I was thinking we could setup this one as a place for you to meditate or keep your books.  We can make it a workout room, or mmmmmm” Beast Boy nervously mumbled out that last part.  

“What did you say?”

“I didn’t want to assume….”

“Don’t tell me You want your own room?!”

“No! Not really, I mean you would get the master no question just I didn’t know if you were ready for that. ”

“Ready for what?”

“Our room not mine not yours but ours.  If you needed it, I wanted you to have your own space.”

It was times like these where Beast Boy surprises Raven the most, it wasn’t that long ago that she was convinced that the farthest he thought ahead was what was for lunch that day.  

“Gar, you’re an idiot, a sweet one though”  she said with a suppressed smile. “You do realize that you practically live in my room at the tower right?”

“Yea but it’s still your room. Your bed, your books, your mystic - magic - whozits that I know I am not supposed to touch. ” He said   “I understand that you need that”

“Well I do need that, but ” That’s when she saw it. The long wall of the room would be perfect for floor to ceiling bookshelves.  There would be enough space for plush chair and a nice rug. But this was still crazy. Moving away from the tower, living alone together, this was too much.  Yet the more she looked around she started seeing possibilities.  The idea of quiet nights on the couch without having to worry about Starfire or Cyborg walking in on them. Having privacy, real privacy, being safe well safer from Starfire’s cooking.

“We could give this a try” she said quietly.

“Really!?” His eyes were so wide and his voice just radiated excitement. Beast Boy hugged her lifting Raven off her feet and spinning her around.  "We can start over I mean we can get all new stuff and pick it out together, I mean all I got really is my clothes, some games and box of comic books. “

"I still want my books”


“and I still want my bed”

“Our bed, it will be a bitch to move, but it’s comfy so okay”  


“Raven” He looked into those amethyst eyes that he adored. “ if it will make you comfortable here I will move your entire room, everything short of pulling up the carpet and that’s not off the table.  You being happy means everything to me. ” He pecked her lips “I love you and when your happy my life is easier”

At that point he grabbed her hand again and pulled her back into the living room like and excited kid  "I still haven’t showed you the best part!“  Beast Boy opened up the sliding doors onto the balcony and led her out.  There was a wonderful view of the bay and just off center was the tower.  It was close enough to see two bright green flashes that she knew was Starfire practicing on the roof.

"Easy access by wing or flotation for training, video games, and going over for pizza!” He said as he wrapped his arms around her from behind. “Rae I would never take us away from our family. ”

“Did you plan this?” she asked “I mean finding a place so close to the Tower?”

Beast Boy just smirked ignoring her question and asking one of his own. “Think if we got some cans, and a long enough string Cyborg and I can have our own telephones?”

Since he didn’t answer her question she was not going to answer his. Instead turned around in his embrace and strengthened it with her own pulling themselves close.

“Just think about it.  Our own foods in the fridge,  not worrying about villain attacks, or having to be quiet…Naked Wednesday” he whispered.

“Naked Wednesday?”  She asked her eyebrow raised

“I am willing to compromise, if Tuesday or Thursday works better for you.”   He could feel her trying to suppress the laugh in her chest.

Okay this one has been sitting in my One note since June. I have kept fiddling with it and fiddling with it for months. I wanted to do a milestone in a relationship that was a bit different. Other then first date, anniversaries, births and weddings the first place together was a big one for my wife and I.   As much as its cool to think about Cyborg expanding the tower to accommodate all the kids and the new families of the original titans. I think that Raven and BB getting there own place would make more sense.  It is always harder for me to see though Raven then it is Beast Boy, mostly cause I am a giant goof that likes bad puns, but you don’t learn anything if you don’t try new stuff.  


Figuring Out How to Fold Solar Panels, Airplane Wings

The art of paper-folding called origami can produce complex shapes that are both beautiful and useful. It is being used to understand how DNA works, to make powerful microscopes out of paper, and to improve architecture and medicine

But if you want to convert something flat into another shape to reduce its size for packing and shipping, origami folds need to get even more complex for thicker objects. How, for instance, would you fold a space mirror for delivery into orbit or a new generation of retracting roofs, shape-shifting airplane wings or solar panels?

The answer, according to researchers at Oxford and China’s Tianjin University, is that you need to add hinges, extra material and crease offsets to produce origami’s smart folds in thick objects. Learn more and see more images below.

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Ghostly Visions Part 12/12

Originally posted by shhhh-no-ones-home

Warnings: Swearing (as always with my writing), Violence

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Y/N - Your name

A/N - Reader has visions of the future, but is afraid to face what she sees when it comes to Bucky.

Ghostly Visions: Part 1 II Part 2 II Part 3 II Part 4 II Part 5 II Part 6 II Part 7II Part 8 II Part 9 II Part 10 II Part 11 II Part 12

Bucky was staring at the building. They had been sitting in a forested section across a field from the building and they had been there for the last 4 hours. There was little movement from the building and Bucky was starting to get antsy. Steve had let them know that back up was coming and they should be able to go in soon. This did not help calm his nerves though. What if she wasn’t in there? What if she was? He was closer to find her then he had ever been but he was stuck staring at the side of this stupid building. He got up and started pacing the ground, ringing his hands. Behind him Clint and Sam kept stealing nervous glances at each other scared that Bucky was going to snap and do something drastic. Clint was looking at the building through binoculars and saw movement on the roof.

“Hey guys I have movement on the roof, SW corner.” He stated and Bucky rushed over. “I can’t believe it. Bucky take a look at this.” He handed Bucky the binoculars and he gasped.

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The 2017 Lexus RC F is a Track-Tuned Road Scholar 

Track breeding meets road refinement with the Lexus RC F. This bold sports coupe looks like it could devour the road through its F-enhanced version of the Lexus spindle grille, and with a 467 horsepower, 5.0-liter V8, it possibly could.

For 2017, RC F handling performance is further refined with an all-new Linear Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS). Also new, the RC F features Scout GPS Link. With the app on the driver’s paired phone, navigation maps and turn-by-turn directions appear on the vehicle’s central display screen.

Lexus developed the RC F to excel on the track as well as the road. Body rigidity, suspension, brakes, tires & all other systems were developed with the expectation that some owners would be taking their cars to track day events.

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Gimli’s Gift.

This was created as a free print for an officially licensed Lord of the Rings convention event. The original is in watercolor. I wanted to capture a moment referred to in the books. Legolas could not imagine the dwarves could have beauty in their world under the ground, so Gimli shares with him the gift of his people’s vision.

“When the torches are kindled and men walk on the sandy floors under the echoing domes, ah! Then Legolas, gems and crystals and veins of precious ore glint in the polished walls; and the light flows through folded marbles, shell-like, translucent as the living hands of Queen Galadriel. There are columns of white and saffron and dawn-rose, Legolas, fluted and twisted into dreamlike forms; they spring up from many-colored floors to meet the glistening pendants of the roof: wings, ropes, curtains fine as frozen clouds; spears, banners, pinnacles of suspended palaces! Still lakes mirror them: a glimmering world looks up from the dark pools covered with clear glass.”

this was a commission for @starrwinter inspired by her fic something borrowed (with a few tweaks) this was a really fun commission to work on and i’m really happy with how it turned out!

Here comes a Thought

( @crystal-grumps​ is some stuff)

Take a moment to think of just

His feet danced across the grass, as if they had rehearsed this dance a million times. His fingers entwined with the shorter gem’s.

The sky was glittering with the early shimmer of stars as the sun prepared to set behind the hills.

The other gem’s face was stretched with a smile and his eyes were shining like the stars.

The strands of a song filled the air as they danced.

The dance ended with them wrapping their arms around each other, the shorter gem placing his head underneath the other’s chin.

There was a small sound of their gems touching before their forms were consumed in pale light.

Flexibility, love and trust

The fusion smiled, stretching his arms. He loved this feeling. The feeling of freedom that came with fusing.

He gazed out towards the ocean, smiling at the beauty of the large blue expanse that reflected the sky.

Take a moment to think of just

He pushed off the ground, spinning as he enjoyed the feelings of happiness that helped make up the core of his being.

He smiled as he spun about through the bar, eyes closed as he enjoyed the joys of being a fusion.

He ended up on the roof of the barn, grinning.

Then something out of the corner of his eye caught his attention. Kevin was walking by the barn, likely just out to enjoy the stars as the sun set.

Flexibility, Love and trust.

The fusion was about to call for his attention when the world seemed to plummet around him.

Here comes a thought

Nate stared around him in shock. What was going on?

That might alarm you

“W-What have you done..?”

What someone said.

Nae turned around to see Mat staring at what looked like another peridot, in horror. The peridot suddenly took a step back, eyes wide in panic before cracks formed a web over his gem, and a scream left his lips, cut off as the gem shattered to a million tiny pieces.

“I’M SORRY!” Mat screamed, watching in horror as the peridot’s form vanished in what looked to be a cloud of pale white butterflies. Mat collapsed to the ground in front of the shards, shaking.

A large silhouette took shape in front of Mat and he glanced to the side at another peridot that had appeared. It was female, her hair draped over her face.

And how it harmed you.

“Matt?” Nate called, stepping towards the trembling gem.

Something you did

Nate took a step back as Kevin appeared in front of him. A silhouette of Mat stood grinning a few feet away before pointed at what looked like the grumps.


“Mat?” The peridot had his hands cupped over his mouth in horror

“Destroy them.”

That failed to be charming

“No!” Mat cried out as ‘Kevin’ charged at the gems, his expression shadowed. Silhouettes of pale white butterflies began to take Nate’s attention as they slowly began to come to Mat, resting on parts of his shaking body as he lay crumpled on the ground.

And oh, your losing sight.

Nate walked over so he could see Mat’s face, but it was covered by several of the butterflies.


And oh, your losing touch.

Nate noticed the world around him starting to blur.

They were coming apart.

And all these little things seem to matter so much.

Nate took several steps toward the quivering peridot, jumping back in surprise as the peridot shards burst into more of the strange butterflies.

“I-I’m sorry.. Please… i’m sorry.” Mat was whispering, his voice choked with tears.

That they confuse you.

Nate flinched as a butterfly brushed past him. It’s mirror-like wings reflecting his confused expression.

That I might lose you.

The world was blurring further, and Nate took quick note of this. He shrugged it off and ran over to Mat’s side, pressing a hand to his soldier.

Take a moment, remind yourself.

Mat’s body jolted and he spun around in panic, only to see Nate.

Nate wiped away the fresh tears, smiling sympathetically at the distraught peridot.

To take a moment to find yourself

Nate wrapped his arms around the smaller form, pulling Mat into a comforting hug.

Take a moment and ask yourself.

“I-I’m sorry…” Mat whispered, not moving his face from Nate’s shoulder.

If this is how we fall apart?

“It’s okay.” Nate whispered back. “Do you want to unfuse?”

But it’s not, but it’s not, but it’s not, but it’s not, but it’s not.

“No..” Mat replied, his grip on Nate tightening as if he were the most valuable thing in the world.

“It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay.”

Nate’s voice was calm as he held Mat in the hug. He noticed the mirror-like flicker of the butterflies as they flew past but it was hardly worth pointing out.

You got nothing, got nothing, got nothing, got nothing to fear.

“It wasn’t real.”

“Are you sure?”

“There was nothing there. You were just imagining it…”

I’m here,

“… You’re safe..”

“I’m sorry.”

“For what?”

“I-I should have told you… I shouldn’t have tried to hide it..” His voice was choking up again.

“Shh.. It’s okay.. I’m here.”

I’m here,

The fusion blinked his eyes, a relieved smile coming to his face. It was okay. The fusion breathed out as he wiped away the tears that stained his face. He wasn’t even aware he was crying.

I’m here,

The fusion gazed out, eyes widening as the small silhouette of a familiar amethyst came into focus.

He was walking by, not even noticing the giant fusion that was currently staring at him from the barn roof.

A small, mirror-winged butterfly landed on the fusion’s shoulder, causing him to tense up in panic.

Here comes a thought

Mat looked around in surprise. He was no longer peacefully enjoying the night from the barn roof. He was in a dark purple-blue area, Nate standing tensed up beside him.

That might alarm me.

One of those stupid butterflies sat peacefully on Nate’s shoulder. A small urge built up in Mat to swat at the thing, chase it away before it upset the Enstatite like it did him.

But something else caught his attention.

What someone said, and how it harmed me

Mark stood several feet away, hand reached out towards Nate, a malicious looking grin on his face as he looked at Nate.

“Just say yes.”

Nate’s hand pressed against his chest as he took in a sharp breath. Mat could see more butterflies starting to appear, floating around the amethyst like moths to the temple porch light.

Something I did

“N-No… I don’t want… I don’t want to fuse with you again.” Nate took a panicked step back, ‘Mark’s’ face twisted with rage, frightening both of the smaller gems.

The butterflies swarmed around the amethyst, blocking him from view, gradually shifting to a taller and taller shape before floating away, revealing a monstrous pink-purple gem.

That failed to be charming.

Nate looked like he was having a panic attack, staring at the monster that stood towering above Nate and Mat.

Mat reached for Nate’s hand, only to flinch away as a butterfly flitted forward.

The monster had four eyes that couldn’t open completely due to how close they were placed.

A mouth full of mishapen fangs that would frighten even the bravest soldiers smiled back at the peridot.

A large, rectangular gem took up the center of its throat. Even though it was no longer its original color, Mat knew it was Nate’s gem.

“No! W-We aren’t fused! I’m not stuck with you anymore!”

Things that I said are suddenly swarming.

Nate fell to his knees, hands cupped over his ears as the butterflies swarmed in spirals around him.

And, oh. I’m losing sight.

Mat yelped, falling backwards in panic to avoid what he could only see as annoying pests in a pretty form. Only flickers of color could reach Mat’s eyes as he tried to find a way past the butterflies.

I’m losing touch.

“Nate!” Mat shouted, hoping it would reach past the sound of the butterfly swarm’s wings beating together

If it did, Nate didn’t hear.

And all these little things seem to matter so much.

“Nate!” Mat shouted, hoping to get the enstatite’s attention. If not to break through the haze of horrible memories.

That they confuse me.

Mat let out a cry of annoyance, pacing once before plunging past the thick curtain of butterflies that surrounded his friend.

He felt fabric as he gripped onto Nate’s jacket, breaking the enstatite from his daze. He took a sudden step back and the butterflies somehow faded from their vision.

That I might lose me.

The fusion’s eyes widened as he took a step back, only for his feet to hit empty air. The sudden weight imbalance sent the tall gem falling back, the stars and moon simply staring down in silence as he fell.

Take a moment to remind yourself.

“Mat? Nate?”

Nate groaned, opening his eyes to see Kevin staring down at him, worry visible in his expression.

To take a moment and find yourself.

Mat sat up, followed by Nate.

“What happened?”

“We fused.” Nate replied simply, looking over at the green gem.

Take a moment and ask yourself

“So you two ended up unconscious outside the barn?”

“Oh.. Huh.. I don’t remember that part.” Mat mumbled, rubbing his face.

If this is how we fall apart?

Nate noticed the pale flicker of one of those butterflies out of the corner of his eye.

But it’s not, but it’s not, but it’s not, but it’s not, but it’s not.

“I think… I think we fell?” Mat muttered, looking up at the barn.

“Well. At least you guys are okay. You have no idea how scared I was when I saw you both sprawled out on the grass. “ Kevin replied, sitting down next to the two.

It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay.

“Nate..?” Mat whispered after a while of staring at the sky.


“Y-You aren’t upset.. With me are you?”

“No.” Nate replied, turning so he was looking at the peridot.

“I-I did so many bad things and-”

“It’s okay.” Nate replied, wrapping an arm around the other.

I’ve got nothing, got nothing, got nothing, got nothing to fear.

“It’s okay to think about it.” Mat whispered, not moving from Nate’s side.

“I know.. I didn’t mean to think about it while we were fused..”  

“That’s okay. It’s all in the past..”

I’m here,

Nate pulled Mat closer, hugging him.

Mat smiled, hugging back, their gemstones touching.

I’m here,

He opened his eyes, confusion only lacing his thoughts for a moment before he grinned, wrapping his arms around himself, ignoring the slightly surprised Kevin nearby.

“I’m here.“

And it was just a thought, just a thought, just a thought.

The fusion burst out laughing, squeezing his eyes shut as he fell onto his back, laughing. He was safe. Nothing bad was happening. It was just a thought,

It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay.

The fusion smiled as he cried tears of laughter and joy, pressing a hand to the gem on his forehead, feeling the positive energy pulsing from it into his form.

We can watch, we can watch, we can watch, we can watch them go by.

The fusion gazed up at the sky, his bubbly laughter finally fading. Both parts of him had seen many views in the thousands of years that they existed, but nothing quite matched Earth’s night sky.

From here, From here, from here.

He smiled. The two parts of him loved the view of Earth. It was better than anything he remembered.

Take a moment to think of just.

The fusion knew he would eventually stop existing, but only for a period of time before returning.

Flexibility, love and trust.

The two halves that made him whole were always just a dance away. They both trusted and loved each other more than any other gem (Except maybe Kevin) and that was what made him powerful

Take a moment to think of just.

The enstatite would always think of how he used to want, but never could unfuse from the amethyst all that time ago.

The peridot would think of how he saw fusion as simply another subject to exploit for Homeworld’s abilities.

Flexibility, love and trust.

Now they both saw fusion as something personal that Homeworld would never be able to take or control.

It was great.

Home (Cassian x Reader)

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This is set right after the battle of Scarif. Enjoy some pain.

Requested: Nope
Pairing(s): Cassian x Reader
Words: No idea. A couple hundred?
Warnings: Sadness, grief, pain, the usual

Your ship sets down gently on the landing pad, but you don’t pop the roof of your x-wing. You sit there, flashes of Scarif exploding crossing your vision. Cassian…
Pressing your lips together, you fight to keep control of the sobs threatening to escape your chest. A voice comes through the comm unit in your helmet, “Black Leader? Are you alright?”
“Fine.” You whisper into the mic.
Black Three, Lea, asks, “Captain, can I open your hood?” You see that she is standing on a ladder right outside of your ship. You nod at her.
The lid pops open and she reaches in, undoing the straps that attach you to the seat and helping you stand. You lean into her, allowing her to assist you down the ladder. Juren catches you at the bottom, bringing you in close to his chest. Lea squashes you, hugging you from behind.
“Captain, you’re alive. We’re alive. It’ll be okay.” Juren murmurs.
Cassian, the only man you’ve ever loved. The one person you’d do anything for. The only person to notice how broken you were behind your mask of leadership. The first person to show you that brokenness and weakness are not the same.
Cassian, dead without a body to bury.
“He’s gone.” You tip your head back onto Lea’s shoulder and feel your knees give out.
The three of you fall to the ground, you still pressed between your pilots. Black 1 and 2, Devie and Anola, join your pile.
You don’t notice the tears slipping down your face until Devie reaches up to brush them away.
You can’t be weak in front of your team. You try to stand, pulling away from your squad, gasping, “I need- I need to- I gotta-”
Juren stands with you, catching you as you stumble away. “Hey, it’s okay. Take it easy. We’ve got you.”
“Let’s get you to your room, Cap. Let us take care of you for a while.” Devie takes your hand.
“No. ’m fine.” You find that you don’t have the strength to pull away.
“Come on, Captain.” Juren loops an arm around your waist. Anola holds your other hand and Lea lays a gently touch on your shoulders. “Let’s get you home.”

A Court of War and Starlight: Part 48

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I climbed up to the roof and spread my wings, leaping off the ground and beating my wings until I hovered over the top of the summer manor. It took a lot of focus on effort, but I was determined to see the incoming forces–to know what we were dealing with.

More Attors–I could see them flying toward us from the southwest, their ugly forms sullying the warm Summer sky. Below them, rows upon rows of lesser fae, beastly, monstrous …

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Little Fires

Phew! This fic was a long time in the making. It also took a small army to get edited, so thank you Haiju, JesseKaitie, and Cordria for being my betas. This has seven parts… and if you know my writing at all, proceed with caution.



1: I am the fly

My family’s supposed to be geniuses, yet they’ve never figured it out. Now I know why. Because they already know about me being Phantom. They must know. The better questions are: Have they known this whole time? What’s in that vial? What happened to Skulker? And what’s in the locked drawer?



IT’S HALFWAY THROUGH SECOND PERIOD when a rocket careens through the window— sending shattered glass across the floor— and explodes against the far wall. Debris showers the air. My eardrums ring. The students around me scream and duck under their desks while others race for the door.

Half a second too late, a shiver runs through me, my breath condensing in front of my mouth. I turn and look back at Tucker. He’s staring with owl eyes at the window… or, what used to be the window.

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Prisoner (Kylo Ren x Reader part 1/?)

Slowly and steadily, Poe Dameron hovered and lowered the X-Wing over the dusty sands of Jakku. Being in the backseat, you observantly watched as he carefully maneuvered the aircraft. He was teaching you to fly, and for you, it was an honor to be taught by the best pilot in the Resistance. The X-Wing touched the ground with a gentle, THUD. “Is that it?” You asked, turning your head around to the side to speak to him. You saw him nod, “We just have to get the map now. Keep your head down and don’t draw any attention to yourself for your cause. Got it Y/N?” You nodded, grateful that he even wanted you to come with him on such an important mission. With that, Poe lifted the roof of the X-Wing, allowing the two of you to climb out, before BB-8 was lowered from the droid port of the aircraft. You followed Poe over the dunes of Jakku, into a small town, filled with tents and different races that you’ve never seen before. You looked around in curiosity, staring at weird, strange things. “Y/N!” Poe whispered, queuing you to stop looking around and staring so much. “Sorry.” You whispered back before putting your head back down and continued following him. “Stay out here.” He motioned before putting a hand up and heading inside a tent. You did as he asked as you stayed with a beeping BB-8. You heard voices inside of the tent, discussing the map leading to The Last Jedi. You picked up a nearby rod and drew in the sand, scribbling around. Suddenly, you heard distant screams. You jerked your head up and squinted your eyes in the screams’ direction. Your eyes widened as you looked up into the sky. BB-8 blew past you and into the tent, beeping frantically with you following behind. “Poe! The First Order!” You said in a panicked tone. You had never come face to face with The First Order, and only have information based upon the horrifying stories you had heard on various Resistance bases. The old man inside the tent quickly handed Poe something before you all emerged from the tent. “You have to hide!” He said to the man. “And you all have to run!” He replied before you, Poe, and BB-8 reluctantly left the man and the village behind and headed to the X-Wing. “Hurry BB-8!” You exclaimed, sprinting after Poe. You reached the X-Wing, the sound of blasters echoing behind you. “There they are!” You heard a Stormtrooper command before blaster beams whirled past your head. You hopped in the X-Wing, Co-Piloting to Poe as he flipped switches at lightning speed, starting the aircraft. You felt a jolt through the plane, as a beam hit the main engine of the X-Wing. Poe jumped out of the ship to inspect the damage. “Y/N! It’s fried! We have to go!” He called to you from outside. On command, you jumped out of the X-Wing, as Poe handed you the map to Luke Skywalker. “It’ll be much safer with you. Get out of here!” He said, armed with his blaster. “I’m not leaving you Poe.” You said before giving the map to BB-8 and arming yourself. BB-8 rolled away quickly as Poe gave a nod of confirmation to him. “You’ve always been stubborn.” He scoffed under his breath before shooting at Stormtroopers, picking them off one by one with you following suit. You and Poe dove behind a sand dune, as blaster beams soared over your head, you peeped you head up, watching what was going on. A large ship had landed, and all the Stormtroopers had stopped firing. Poe looked up behind you. The doors to the ship opened and a tall Stormtrooper wearing silver walked off of it, accompanied by someone dressed in all black, with a mask on. “Kylo Ren.” You whispered under your breath as fear shook you. The old man from before spoke to him for about two minutes, before Kylo Ren decapitated him with of fail swoop of hit lightsaber. Then, it all happened so fast. Poe stood up, and without even thinking, pulled the trigger of his blaster, shooting at Kylo Ren. “Poe! What the hell are you doi-“ You exclaimed before stopping mid-sentence and widening your eyes at what had happened. Kylo Ren had stopped the beam, in mid-air. You froze where your stood, before two Stormtroopers seized you and Poe, forcing you to kneel in front of Kylo Ren. He and Poe spoke briefly, as you looked down. You didn’t really pay attention, if all the stories about who The First Order captured were true, this wasn’t going to end well for you and Poe at all. The Stormtrooper forced you up, pushing you and Poe onto the ship. “Kill all of them.” You heard the Silver Stormtrooper command behind you as you boarded the ship. Poe and yourself sat in silence, surrounded by enemies on the way to wherever The First Order was taking you. The aircraft suddenly stopped inside a large airbase, and fear gripped you when you knew where you were. They had taken you and Poe to their Star Destroyer. In all the stories you had heard, captives never even made it this far. Maybe you were just lucky. You were shoved off the ship, and pushed down various hallways. Before they took Poe into one room, leaving you alone. “Wait! No! Don’t!” you protested, not wanting to be alone. They took you into a room around the corner. The room had a strange vertical table with cuffs on it. The Stormtrooper forced you into it, as you fought and squirmed around. The Stormtrooper left the cell, shutting the door behind him and guarding it. Your heart raced. You didn’t know what was going to happen. “Hello!?” You shouted at no one. You were completely unsure of what to do, so you just kept making noise, screaming and yelling at the top of your lungs. The Stormtrooper from before came in the room. “Keep it down!” He yelled, hitting his blaster against the floor, making you jump a bit. You shut up. “Hell of a plan Y/N.” you thought to yourself sarcastically. You heard Poe screaming down the hall. You heart beat out of your chest as beads of sweat rolled down your face. About ten minutes later, your cell door opened, and Kylo Ren intimidatingly walked through. “Leave.” He commanded the Stormtroopers as they obeyed. You had never been this scared in your entire life. You put on your toughest face to try and fool him of your true emotions. “I’m not afraid of you.” You choked out, sounding weaker than you had wanted to. “Really?” He said, turning his masked face towards you. “From what I see, this is the most scared that you’ve ever been in your life.” He snarled. You bit your lip. “What do you want from me?” You glared. He shrugged. “We have all of the information we needed from your pilot boyfriend. Now you’re just dead weight.” He said deeply. “He’s not my boy-“ You stopped mid-sentence, realizing that he had called you DEAD weight. “I’m n-not afraid to die.” You stuttered out. “Who said anything about killing you? You could have…” He paused before dragging a hand down your body making you shiver. “Other purposes for me.” He finished. You narrowed your eyes. “I’d rather die than to be a toy to someone who’s face I can’t even see. You have to hide your face behind a mask because you’re afraid of what people will make you out to be. Nothing but a monster.” You hissed out. He paced the room before sitting on a nearby ledge. You squirmed your wrists around in the uncomfortable metal cuffs, not taking your steady eyes off of Kylo Ren. He put his face into his hand slowly, and removed the mask, flipping his dark hair back as he looked at you and smirked a bit. You were taken aback at his face, you didn’t know what you were expecting, but this sure as hell wasn’t it. He had dark brown eyes, with a beautiful Roman nose, and a perfectly sculpted jawline. You involuntarily licked your lips, and took your eyes off him, facing forward. “Sorry. Doesn’t change anything.” You glared as he chuckled a bit. “You’re lying to yourself Y/N.” You jumped as you heard your name. “You don’t know anything about me. Don’t you dare call me by my name.” You growled through your teeth. He smirked and stood in front of you, his face about two inches from yours. “I know enough. Daddy issues, right? Grew up with your Aunt and Uncle, until you decided to run away and join the Resistance like the little girl you still are underneath that body of yours.” His eyes ran up and down your body as you felt his soft breaths on your face. He pulled away. God, what the hell was he doing to you? Is this what they meant when they said seduced by the Darkside? You thought of pulling his dark hair as he did unspeakable things to you, making you dizzy with arousal. You immediately shook the thought as you heard him chuckle again. Your cheeks grew hot. “Stay out of my head! You’re using mind tricks on me!” You said angrily, accusing him of making you think such things, even though you knew he didn’t do anything. He brushed the back of his hand across your cheek, sighing a bit. “Oh, Y/N, there you go again, lying to yourself.” His hand moved from your cheek into the roots of your long hair, he pulled at it slightly as your heart started to race and your breaths moved quicker. “You’re gonna be a fun little toy for me to have aren’t you?” He growled into your ear, as you felt his warm breaths on your neck, sending a shiver down your spine. You didn’t respond, just shut your eyes and bit your lip. “That’s what I thought.” He husked before putting his mask back on, releasing the cuffs, and grabbing you by the arm, forcing you down the hall. He took you corner around corner, before pushing you into a large room, it was mostly steel grey, with a large window looking out into the vast galaxy, with a long black couch and a bed. “This is where you’ll be staying from here on out. You will be guarded every day and night until I feel that you can be trusted. Do you understand me?” He said sternly as you nodded gently. Suddenly, a Stormtrooper barged in. “Sir, the prisoner has escaped.” He said frantically. “Alone?” Kylo asked. “He had help, Sir.” He said. Kylo Ren shook his head, and left you alone in your room. You paced around a bit, opening the closet to reveal a plethora of black tank tops and pants. You shut the closet door an chose to stay in your Resistance clothes. You sat on the big bed and laid back. “What the hell did you get yourself into Y/N?” You sighed gently to yourself.

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