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you do know sheriarty will never be canon, right?

Hi there anon. That’s a complicated question to answer, to be honest, because it depends on what exactly you mean by ‘sheriarty becoming canon’.

If you mean as in Sherlock and Jim getting involved in a romantic relationship in canon, I agree, they probably won’t. I don’t think that’s the story Mofftiss is telling.

But, for my part, sheriarty is already canon in all the ways that matter. What is already canon sheriarty includes (but is not limited to):

  • Jim is the only one capable of ‘distracting’ Sherlock, and making him momentarily forget about the dreariness and monotony of life, as is Sherlock Jim’s best distraction (see TGG and TRF)
  • Jim and Sherlock are kindred spirits and they both struggle with the consequences of having a brilliant mind. They are two sides of the same coin and share a connection they don’t have with anyone else, (see TRF, esp. the roof top scene and the “I am you”)
  • Sherlock admires Jim’s brain, and considers it the equal of his own (see TAB)
  • Sherlock admires and appreciates the chrimes Jim orchestrates for his benefit (see TGG and TRF)
  • Jim is the one Sherlock calls on in his mind palace in his moments of deepest need, when he’s dying (see HLV)
  • Jim is the one Sherlock calls on when he realizes he can’t shut off all his emotions, and that he needs to learn how to deal with them and control them, like Jim does (See TAB and “You think you’re so big and strong, Sherlock! Not with me! I am your weakness, I keep you down, evey time you stumble, every time you fail, when you’re weak, I. Am. There!”)
  • They are turned on by each other (see TGG and “I thought you might call, I left you my number” and “Is that a British Army Browning L9A1 in your pocket, or are you just pleased to see me?”)
  • Sherlock imagines Jim licking a gun (see TAB)
  • Sherlock, who’s stated he’s married to his work, imagines Jim in a wedding dress (see TAB)
  • Sherlock can’t get over Jim’s (apparent) suicide, to the point that he slides back into drugs and his life is… a bit of a mess (see… all of s3, basically)  
  • When Jim’s back (it doesn’t even matter if it’s physically or posthumously), he’s so excited about it he doesn’t need drugs anymore, because he’s got the real thing now (see TAB) 

I mean, the list goes on and on. This is all canon, and it’s all the sheriarty I’ll ever need. To be quite honest, I’m not even sure these two would ever want to, or be able to, get into anything resembling a “normal” relationship. 

And they don’t need that. Canonically, they have much more than a “normal” relationship anyway. What they have is this deeper understanding of each other, this connection, this game that binds them together. Now and forever. Amen.  

you know what? I want lupita in every film. I want her doing romantic comedies where she’s an assistant at a dead end job for some magazine company and she doesn’t know how to advance so she quits and becomes a freelance writer and all the while, the dopey boy next door is hopelessly in love with her and he can never tell her because she’s beautiful and his knees turn into jello around her. she doesn’t notice until he literally goes off on a monologue about how he’s loved her since the first time they met and he’s been waiting for the right time to tell her but it never felt like the right time. and they kiss passionately and get married yay happy endings !!

also how about lupita in an action film. she’s ex-military and of course she was in some exclusive branch that no one ever talks about. that branch becomes corrupt and she notices so she quits. but she knows too much so they come after her and she’s fighting for her life but she’s doing it single handedly and honestly, she’s a badass. there’s a lot of jumping from building roof tops, helicopter vs. car scenes, explosions in the background as she walks away in slow motion. in the end, she runs the organization and keeps it clean.

finally I wanna see lupita in a cop drama thriller about a casual rainy day that turns deadly when a teenage girl’s body floats on the shore of some mysterious lake in town. lupita plays a detective who always ends up with the cold cases but this time she believes she can actually solve this one. her partner is a total dope she half the time she does all the work. eventually, more and more bodies pile up and she’s running out of time before someone else is assigned to the case. can she find the killer in time?? (spoiler: she does, and you would have never guessed who the killer was!!)

give lupita every lead role there is please.

titania522's Fave...


“Nothing. You,” I say. “You look so pleased with yourself.”

“I am pleased with myself.” He grins. “Got to give you something to remember me by, right?”

The smile drops off my face. All my life, there’s always been something to remind me that no matter how good you feel at any given moment, it won’t last. It can’t last. And this is no exception.

Peeta reaches up to touch my cheek. “Oh, Katniss,” he sighs, “I didn’t mean it like that. It’s just a joke. It’s a saying.”

It is just a saying. But it doesn’t change the fact that in a matter of days, one of us will be nothing but a memory to the other. 

Peeta curls himself around my side, one arm across my middle, the other fiddling with my braid on the pillow. We’re quiet for a long time. I think he’s fallen asleep until he says, very quietly, “It’ll be okay.“ And then, “I love you.” And then, “I’m never letting you go.” 

I turn my head away. “You’ll have to,” I answer faintly.

From hold me, hold me (never let me go) by loveleee

“I have so many fics that I love, so many that I’ve read, that I have a hard time remembering passages but this one is a recent read so it is fresh in my memory. Set after the roof top scene, this “lost moment” was stunning to me because Everlark is so in character and their lovemaking is absolutely appropriate for two people their age.  Told from Katniss’ POV, you get the sense of her physical discovery that is also very concrete and realistic in it’s description. Their behavior is exactly as it is at this point in Catching Fire.  But they are entering the Arena the very next day and the writer doesn’t let you forget it. So achingly well done!“ - titania522