roof suspension

Did some lamp testing last night and wanted to share some info on the RBI T5HO lamps. The lamps are an off brand but construction
and quality is similar to the Sunblasters. They come with a bit less hardware and a different reflector which greatly effects performance.

Sunblaster 22" 24W w/nanoteflector
~$40-45 on Amazon (free shipping)
Includes roof mount hardware, suspension hardware, power cable with inline switch, daisy chain cable and 6500K bulb.

RBI 22" 24W w/reflector
~$37 shipped
Includes roof mount hardware, power cable with inline switch and 6500K bulb.

The nice part about the RBI fixture over the Sunblaster is that the reflector is wider/longer and will rest on the lid of a cage, the Sunblaster doesn’t cover the whole bulb so would rest on the bulb and tip a bit if put on a cage lid.

The down side of the RBI fixture is the reflector doesn’t pack the same punch as the sunblaster. The UV output without a reflector is about the same (RBI is ~5% stronger), but the nanoreflector on the sunblaster is about 50% more effective. Depending on the use this is OK, I got the RBI for sprinkles’ enclosure along with a Arcadia 6% - for him I’d prefer a lower UVI anyway. For Pepper the sunblaster is a better choice since I want the UV further from him but still on the strong side.

With the lamp I used for testing (Reptisun 10.0 - unknown age)….
Sunblaster 4.3 UVI @ 12"
RBI 4.3 UVI @ 8"