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eeyyy i added my heroic! demencia and 505 but idk if ill name em clementia or 606 so im still working on that—

dem has a hedgehog motif (she’s v shy and clumsy, her hair spikes up when she’s nervous and can hide under em)

and 505, well, he’s a big ol’ snow owl (ofc he’s bigger than how i drew him) (also i love snow owls and imagining him perched on top of their roof, watching ppl, and scooping up villains or heroes is just hilarious)

shoutout to @zacharie-quackarie for helping me out with them :3c (love ya boss)

aaaaaand made a mini comic with slug and dem too~ (slug’s a sweet tooth pfft)

Avengers: The Baby Diaries - Part 1

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This is my first multi-part fic. I’m not really sure when its based but Loki is helping the Avengers. The Avengers are Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, Clint Barton, Bruce Banner, Thor and Bucky in this fic. @nuggsmum

“Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck fuck. Oh god.”. You looked around Tony and Bruce’s lab, they were everywhere what in hell has Tony done. You ran your hand through your hair. What could he possibly invent that could do this? Why would Bruce let him do this? You were groaning about to curse yet again when you heard a noise coming from above and FRIDAY alert you that Loki has arrived and was on the roof. You scooped up the three nearest and got one to cling onto your back, as the rest followed.

You got up to the roof by lift, when you got up to the floor Loki grinned looking at you. “Hello -” you stopped him “Shut it. I am not in the mood” Loki dropped his gaze when he finally saw what you were stressing about, Loki came towards you “Is that my ‘big brother’ as an infant and the worlds mightiest heroes?” You nodded already regretting bringing them up here. “Look Loki are you going to be an ass about it or actually help because I don’t want to deal with seven Avenger babies and you acting like a child?” Loki came closer “Of course I will help pet.”. You rolled your eyes and turned going back to the lift Loki following behind.

Thor was looking behind your shoulder blubbering in nonsense you couldn’t understand when he said something rather loudly “Lokiiii !”, he then put out his arms reaching at Loki making grabby hands. You giggled and took Thor off your hip and handed him to Loki. Loki took Thor rather awkwardly held him infront of him like he was reading a news paper. Thor grabbed infront of him and manged to grab onto Loki’s armour. His grip was strong and didn’t let go. You moved infront of Loki and guided his arms you pushed Thor to Loki’s chest. He still held his brother awkwardly so you adjusted his arms “Here” you ran your hand down his arm “ok put your arm under his bum to keep him up. ” Loki pulled a face “Don’t worry he’s your brother he wont poo on you” Loki looked down at Thor as you heard a muttered “adpopted” you just chuckled at him. “And with the younger ones or if they’re moving you might want to hold his back too.” Loki put his hand on Thor’s back it splayed across easily keeping his brother steady.

You were smiling at the sight Loki looked at you “Don’t say a word” he said dead in the eyes but you could see he liked his brother like this. “Okay” you said smiling to yourself you pulled out your phone and quickly took a photo. Loki looked at you exasperated but grinned as you smiled back.

Part 2:
Meeting P4

Summary:  Peter and Y/N first meet and little did they know things were about to get a whole lot messy.

Requested: No

Word Count: 981


Warning(s)?: Swearing, kidnapping (if thats a warning idk) 

masterlist (x) requests (x) <—


Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 5  Part 6


Can someone please turn that annoying racket off? What is that incessant noise? And where the hell is it coming from? 

“Don’t move too much Sweetie” You heard an unfamiliar voice speak. You were so confused, how did you get here? Wherever here is. 

You started to blink open your eyes, adjusting to the harsh light that was pointed towards your face. Funny, my room light isn’t that bright. With a little restriction from your aching muscles you begin to sit up, it wasn’t till then you figured out where you were. The Hospital.

“What happened?" you asked the nurse who was beside you, putting a needle through into your iv bag. I can’t afford this, my family can’t afford this, this hospital visit is going to cost a fortune!

’‘Rest” The nurse says, gently placing her right hand onto your shoulder pushing you slightly so you were back to lying down. Within a matter of seconds you could feel drowsiness starting to consume you. Why am I so tired? 

“Can you please count back from ten with me?” You hear a distant voice speak. You were so confused. 

“What’s happening? Why am I so tired?” you spoke quietly, sleep begging to take over.

“I gave you a little something to help you sleep sweetie” What is with the pet names? You couldn’t help but to nod, letting sleep begin to consume you. You were almost asleep once you heard multiple footsteps enter the room. You didn’t bother paying attention after that seeing you were too tired and just needed rest like the nurse said.

“10…9…8…….7……….6…………………5……………………….4” You were out.

Unknown pov#

cleaning up the supplies around me, I remove the gloves from my hands and walk over to the basin to wash my hands. Hearing footsteps approaching, I quickly walk out to check the hallway, making sure they weren’t being followed. 

“So I trust she’s fast asleep?” The deep voice to my right spoke, I shake my head softly and let the two men walk into the room, closing the door shut behind them. 

“Like a baby”

Peter’s pov#

The explosion was huge! How could you not hear it from a mile away?! Fortunately all I was doing was studying in my room so I was quick to put on my suit followed by my mask, you can never forget the mask. 

“Hello Peter” Karen spoke to me inside my suit. 

“Hey Karen, I’m gonna need some help”

~at the scene

Webbing past the pedestrians I land harshly onto the ground. No time for stopping Parker. 

“Excuse me are you alright?” I asked the first person who walked out of the build- wait library? 

She shakes her head with a sad frown and fear in her eyes, her left arm cradled by her right. 

“AHHH!” I heard more screams from inside. Quickly putting a pat on the girls back I speed past her and into the smokey building. Dodging past the falling shelves and books I quickly make it to the librarian seeing she was the closest. I quickly grab her by her waist and shoot my web outside onto a building across the street, I wrap the other around end around her waist.

“Hold on and as soon as you land run” I spoke softly to her, trying not to scare her anymore then she already was. She just rapidly nods, letting me finish wrapping the web around her. As soon as I let her go she spins out of the building like an elastic band and lands safely against the building across which was padded with my web.

I quickly turn around and continue further into the falling building, How many people are here Karen? 

“Locating other victims now Peter” she replies, working her magic. While she finishes locating I follow the gps she’s shown me inside my mask, moving into the middle of the building. 

“There’s three, one beside the bookshelves on the left wing and two under one of the middle tables in the center” Karen speaks. Seriously without her I would be in trouble. I quickly glance up to the ceiling seeing it begin to crack. 

“Karen put a timer on for 5 minutes” I ask her politely keeping calm while I could feel my heart racing with adrenaline and fear.

“Why?” she asks. 

“That’s all the time I’ll have to get-” I was cut off by another loud scream. Karen doing as I asked, puts on the timer and I hear it begin to tick down. Okay Parker you can do this, left wing first. I shoot out a web and begin to climb over the fallen shelves, swinging towards the left wing.

“F-f-flash?” It couldn’t be, Y/N’S here? I halt for a second, momentarily forgetting my task.

“3:59” Karen speaks. Thank you Karen, I quickly shake my shoulders and run over to the person huddled in the corner sheltering themselves from bits of the falling roof. Quickly scooping them up into my arms I begin to swing back out to the front, gently placing the person onto the ground. They were shaking horribly almost like they have just seen a ghost. I quickly unwrap their arms from around my neck which was held in a death grip. 

“Are you alright? Can you move?” I ask panicked, making sure that they could safely leave without my assistance. They nod they’re head back softly still dazed. I reach down to pick them up, brushing them off slightly and crack a small joke to try and lighten the mood.

“Who knew the library would be where it’s lit” They softly smiled as I guided them to the front. Watching them walk out the door while walking backwards, the door just begins to crumble in. Shit.

“1:24” fuck!


A/N: I’m sorry that this series will be long but I like to build up some kind of story line! I feel it makes the imagines better in some way and when we get to the fluffy parts it seems to make them more adorable idk XD

ML Fluff Month Day 6 - Blanket Fort

Blanket Fort

Rated: T
Pairing: Adrinette

For: @miraculousfluffmonth


Day 1 / Day 7

Marinette sat cozy, wrapped up in sheets of her comforter with a sketch book in her lap and Tikki on her shoulder. Her kwami was nuzzled up against her neck with eyes following Marinette’s hands doodle across the page. She was secretly designing some Ladybug and Chat Noir inspired outfits to surprise her friends with. She knew Alya would just die when she saw the Ladybug top she was going to make for her.

Focusing her work, she almost didn’t hear the rapping at the trap door that led to her terrace. Marinette was knocked out of her trance, knowing immediately who the only culprit could be. Opening the door, she peaked out to see Chat Noir standing lazily against the railing. His chest heaved a little, so it was obvious he had quickly flailed to get into this cool, calm position after knocking.

Marinette only looked at him flatly. “Adrien, what are you doing here?”

Chat let out a small scoff. “I could ask you the same, my lady.”

She blinked at him. “Um. I live here?”

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