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Rejection (Steve Rogers x Reader)

Summary: After being rejected by Steve, you lost your mind and became one of the bad guys out of sheer spite. You decide to make your big entrance by crashing the Avengers Party and causing big trouble, but the look on Steve´s face is something you´ll always be proud of

A/N: Thanks to @theartofimagining13 for allowing me to use your imagine to write a one shot

Warnings: Little bit of Angst. Fighting, Violence, Shooting etc. 

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There are a lot of things that hurt but being rejected by the love of your life was probably one of the most painful things you had ever experiences in your life. How could Steve Rogers dare to think that you two would not fit together just because he was scared that your relationship might suffer due to his Job as Captain America and your inability to control your powers correctly after Hydra turned you into some human weapon that could control electricity and could kill anyone that was 1 mile away from you.

You could not sleep or eat because everything that was going through your mind was Steve and how much you wanted him to suffer just like you did. How much pain you wanted to cause him and this caused you not to only lose your mind completely but walk out of the Avengers Tower and leave your whole past behind to plan your Revenge.

6 months passed since they all saw you the last time and Steve felt guilty. Not only that he was missing you but also the rest of the team and having Tony blame him for everything was not helping at all but life was going on and so Tony’s monthly party was planned today with music, alcohol and people Steve had never seen in his life.

“What do you think. Should I ask her out or is she going to think I’m a creep?” Bucky asked as he pointed to a young woman standing at a bar talking to Natasha.

“Everyone thinks you’re a freak,punk.” Steve answered while taking a zip from his drink as Bucky pushed his elbow into his best friends shoulder causing them both to laugh.

The party continued and the guests started to make their way home, leaving only the Avengers who were trying to lift Thors hammer and failing miserably.

“You know guys? I think you’re all not worthy.” He said with a grin, twirling mjölnir around as all of the sudden there was a huge explosion causing the windows to crack and the Avengers to be pushed against the walls and the floor.

“What the hell!” Shouted Tony as they turned towards the big whole seeing that it was you floating above the floor with electricity sparkling around your body, your arms stretched out and your black cape waving behind you.

“Well,well,well. My dear friends have a party and I’m not invited?” You said with a smirk,  lowering yourself down the floor and walking towards them.

“Y/N what are you doing here?” Steve asked as she turned her head in a fast move towards him, her grin disappearing and an evil expression forming on her face.
“Hurting you like you hurt me!” And with a scream you stretched your hand out shooting electricity balls into his direction but he was faster and managed to grab his shield that Clint tossed him only a few seconds before and maneuver the balls into the roof causing the lamps to explode.

“Y/N STOP!” You were not sure who was the one to shout but the anger was only getting stronger,turning your eyes into a red color. Now both of your hands were stretched out and you were turning and jumping not caring who you were going to hit just hoping it would be Steve.

With one swift move you pressed your hand into the floor sending electric waves through the whole building that caused everyone except Steve to faint due to the high charge but this was something you already expected because of Steve’s Super Soldier Serum it was harder to knock him out.

He was leaning against the wall breathing heavily as you walked closer and lifted your hand, yellow static charge surrounding all of your fingers. “Y/N..please..I’m sorry.” Was all he managed to choke out as you pressed your hand against his throat and looked him dead in the eyes.

“Don’t worry. I’m making sure your death is just as painful as the rejection.” You were ready to send a wave of electricity through his body that was stronger than 100 lightnings at once but before you could even close your hand you heard a gunshot and all of the sudden you were laying on the floor, feeling a strong pain coming out of your right hip with blood pouring onto the floor and only seconds before you blacked out you saw Bucky stepping towards you and you were aware that you completely forgot that Steve was not the only Super-Soldier in this room.

Was just something I kind of wanted to write. 

@iron-winter : I saw that you wanted to have a one shot written for that imagine and I hope you´re okay with me tagging you in it. 

A Girl Worth Fighting For- 16

Summary: When your brother is drafted into WWII, you do the unthinkable to save him and your family: you take his place, in secret. Bucky x Reader, based on Disney’s Mulan.

Words: 1226

Warnings: Language, unprotected sex

Author’s Note: Guys, this chapter is so friggin fluffy I’m gonna die. Thanks so much for your patience- I’m trying to learn like 6 monologues and preparing for an audition right now, plus school… I’m generally a mess, so I appreciate you guys sticking with me here.

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Masterlist  Part 15

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He felt like he was floating. Whatever held him up was cold, his skin stinging with dull pain. The sky above him was bright, several stars blaring down on him. They hurt his eyes and he squinted against them, trying to see where he was. His limbs were heavy and something restricted them. A shadow fell over him and he blinked, realizing that he wasn’t seeing the sky. There was a roof overhead, several lamps aimed at him. The table under him was metallic and uninviting, discomfort shooting through him as he tried to sit up. Whatever caused the shadow was invisible to his eye, but the hushed whispers of a thousand voices around him caused him to start panicking.

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blue lace

Part 1/?.  Story of Seasons, primarily Klaus X Minori.  Special tumblr early release; will be posting the full chapter one at some point this week, but here’s a sizable preview.  Enjoy! :)


Winter 31st.  Oak Tree Town.  4:00 PM.

It was cold.

Minori buried her hands deep in the pockets of her coat.  She had forgotten to bring gloves for the walk to Lillie’s house, and, after several minutes of exposure to the frigid temperature, her fingers were going numb.  

She sighed, the air leaving her mouth in a puff of white.  The Inn was only mere minutes away; she had just passed the bridge into Oak Tree Town.  Hopefully Lillie would have a fire in the hearth and hot coco ready for drinking — or at least a pair of gloves.

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What Has Been Left Unsaid

Prompt: “Thanks to you, the rain has stopped.”

Summary: After seventeen months away from each other, Ichigo and Rukia finally get to talk.

This is a special request for @darkenedsun21 who asked for a one-shot of Ichigo and Rukia talking after those seventeen months apart. Hope you like it!

You can also read it here.

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totallynotobsessedwithkpopatall  asked:

I want to request a chanyeol scenario were he thinks you're cheating on him or you're hurt and he gets super anxious, angry and jealous

When Chanyeol thinks you’re cheating on him or you’re hurt, and gets anxious, angry and jealous

N: I listened to “What If” by EXO while I wrote this:))


You knew it was a bad idea from the start. Like, how was it possible that it didn’t turn into at least some kind of drama?
Still, you were only friends with Sehun, and your boyfriend Chanyeol knew that. At least that’s what he assured you when you left for the cinema with Sehun three hours ago.

Lately, Chanyeol had been really stressed. Being a SM idol is not easy. He had though schedules and a lot of pressure on him. You sensed it when you were with him, he was not himself. He was never able to fully relax and have a good time. It became tiresome for you too.

So you had asked him if he wanted to see a movie together that night, but he said no because of a song he had to work on. That’s where Sehun comes in. He was free that one evening and was more than willing to join you. But when he came to pick you up, you noticed that Chanyeol was bitter about it. You didn’t think it through at that time, but when you think about it now, you wouldn’t like it if Chanyeol went to see a movie with another girl either. However, Chanyeol and Sehun were best friends and you certainly didn’t like Sehun as anything more than a friend. You hated when Chanyeol was upset with you, so you planned on hurrying home to him after the movie.

Then came the accident. You and Sehun were the only ones in the theater, as it was the last movie that night and a pretty unknown cinema, and you joked around. After the movie was finished you two started throwing the remaining popcorn at each other and running around in the room like two kids. You laughed like you hadn’t laughed with Chanyeol in a while and felt guilty when you caught yourself having fun with a guy that wasn’t your boyfriend.

Suddenly, after running around like crazy for almost an hour, you stopped. «We’re gonna get in so much trouble for this,» you said, but couldn’t help but giggle.
Around the whole theater, there was popcorn on the floor. You two had bought four giant boxes with popcorn just as a joke and now almost all of it was spilled around.
«Whatever,» Sehun said with a laugh.

«I’m serious. We should clean it up before anyone sees it. Isn’t there a storage room or something where we can get cleaning stuff?» you asked him, but when he just laughed, you dragged him after you out of the theater. He tried to pull himself away, but couldn’t. «Yah!»

You sneak around in the cinema and tried to find the storage room. After a few minutes, you succeeded and went inside. It was small and cramped, filled with different cleaning equipments. Sehun lighted the roof lamp and closed the door behind you.

You two started digging through the cloths, buckets and soaps. After around ten minutes of lazy seeking, you found a tiny vacuum cleaner and some other stuff. The room was very small and you felt extremely uncomfortable. All you wanted was to get out of there, because you were practically pressed up against Sehun and it was bad air in there.

«Let’s go,» you mumbled, and pressed down the doorknob. You were on you way out and almost crashed with the door. Then you realized that the door wasn’t opening. Inside you panicked, because you had a very bad feeling about this whole situation. You started to shake the doorknob, helplessly trying to pull the door open, but it didn’t help. You heard Sehun curse behind you and turned around.

«What time is it?» you said and tried to keep calm, even though your head was burning and the panic grew inside you. Not only were you scared to be in here alone with Sehun, you also had claustrophobia. You couldn’t handle small rooms like this.

«It’s 00:30,» Sehun said and looked down at his watch. You took a deep breath and tried to keep the wave of panic that was coming inside.
«The cinema closed half an hour ago,» you whispered, and then turned back around to the door that wouldn’t open.

You started hammering on it with both your arms and yelling. «Hello! Is anybody there?!» you shouted loudly and begged for a reply. You heard nothing.
«___-ah! Calm down,» you heard Sehun say behind you and you felt him grab you arm. He turned you around and looked into his eyes. «Relax, okay? Sehunnie’s got this,» he assured and for some reason you managed to get your shit together.

Sehun started searching around on his body, looking for his phone. You observed him with big, expecting eyes and a little hope built inside you. Then he stopped searching and looked surprised out in the air. «I put my phone in your bag. And your bag is-..»
«In the theater.. great work there, Sehunnie,» you said sarcastically and gave him a sad sigh.

So you two ended up, after yelling for help for about 30 minutes, sitting on the floor and waiting for help. You struggled with keeping it together, because all you could think about was how small the room was and how much you wanted to get out.

Sehun sat beside you, and gave you a worried look. «Are you okay?» he said in a muted tone and studied your face closely. You didn’t like the fact that you two were sitting so close, but even you noticed how cold it was getting.
«Uhm, yeah.. I’m.. fine,» you said, staring out in the air and awkwardly coughing.

Another hour passed by and you two were still sitting there, becoming closer and closer for every minute. You really, really disliked the whole situation and you could only imagine what would happen as soon as you got home in the morning. Chanyeol was probably freaking out at this point because you were supposed to be home many hours ago.

«____-ah.. are you awake?» Sehun whispered, dangerously close to your ear. You nodded slowly and turned you head against him.
«Well.. I need to tell you something. It’s kind of serious, actually.
I know that you are with Chanyeol hyung, but.. I just can’t help but feel that-..»
You interrupted him. «Don’t say it, Sehun,» you warned him and your heart started to beat faster. Not because Sehun made you feel something, but simply because you did not want to end up in some kind of soap opera triangle. And you especially didn’t want to ruin your best friend relationship with Sehun. If the words left his mouth, it would ruin everything.

«I like you,» he said, and it felt like your whole world collapsed for a second. No, this was not happening. You were going to get yelled at enough for making your boyfriend worried, but when his best friend at the same time confessed to you while you were spending a night together, it was too much. You were scared it was going to push Chanyeol over the edge.

«Please, Sehun-ah..» you sighed and didn’t dare to look at him. You didn’t want to hurt your best friend like this, but you just didn’t feel the same way about him.
«No, I’m not going to hold it back anymore, okay?»
Sehun suddenly stood up and stared down at you. «I like you, ___-ah, very much. Maybe too much,» he continued, and you just wanted it to stop. This was only going to push you further away from both Chanyeol and Sehun.

You stood up as well, and he was way too close. «I’m sorry, but I love Chanyeol. Can’t you let this one go, please?» you asked him and understood that it was probably easier said than done.
He stared down at you and you got lost in his eyes. You couldn’t read his face, it was pure empty. You were scared that you had broken your relationship with him and tears started forming in your eyes. You didn’t know the exact reason, but the fact that you were closed inside a small room with claustrophobia didn’t help. And the thought of your boyfriend going crazy over you two missing certainly wasn’t helpful. Everything came crashing down at once.

You let the tears run down you face and started sobbing. You absolutely hated crying in front of people, especially boys, but you couldn’t help it. There was no way you could stop the tears that were running down your cheeks like rivers. You took your face in your hands and let it all out. You were weeping like a baby but you honestly didn’t care at this point. You felt bad for Chanyeol, you felt bad for Sehun and you had no idea what to do. In frustration you hit a shelf, not hard at all, but just because you didn’t know what else to do to get your sadness out.

It happened so fast, so not more than ten seconds after you hit the shelf, you screamed loudly and collapsed on your butt. A box, in some kind of heavy metal fabric, had fallen down and hit your left foot and the pain was indescribable. You felt Sehun’s hand around you and his worried voice was speaking fast and loudly. At that point you couldn’t hear anything, because the pain that shot through your foot was enough. Everything span and you passed out.

When you woke up, you were resting with your head on Sehun’s shoulder and his arm was around you. As soon as you became conscious again, the memories came flying back to you. So did the pain in the left foot. It was so painful and you sighed deeply as you tried to move it.
«You’re up?» you heard a voice whisper, and turned to Sehun who was staring right at you. His eyes were red and he clearly hadn’t slept at all. You removed his arm that laid on your back and stared at him. «It hurts so much,» you whispered, and tears were forming in your eyes once again.

«It hurts me to see you hurt,» Sehun whispered and looked worried. You felt the urge to roll your eyes, but you didn’t. You kept your mouth shot as you tried your best to stand up.
An hour passed, without not more than three words being exchanged between the two of you.

Suddenly, you heard footsteps outside. Both you and Sehun reacted at the same time, with banging at the door. Then, you heard keys being put in and suddenly the door opened. In front of you stood a small, elder woman with a surprised look on her face.
That’s how you and Sehun got out of the cinema.

It was about 6 am when you and Sehun returned home at Chanyeol’s place. He had carried you almost the whole way, since you were unable to walk on your foot. When you knocked the door, you felt your heart pound faster, because you were so scared that something was going to happen.

The door flew upon a few seconds later and you laid your eyes on a terrifying Chanyeol. His eyes were red, his face was white and his hair stood straight up. It looked like he hadn’t slept or eaten for a week. He had clearly been crying, probably even worse than you. He looked hurt, like he knew exactly what Sehun had said to you that night.

You had never been in such a tense atmosphere and it was so uncomfortable. Chanyeol looked at you, his eyes were bloodshot

His expression changed immediately and for a second he looked dangerously furious. «You,» Chanyeol managed to get out between clenched teeth. You had never seen him this mad before, and before you could stop it, Chanyeol had Sehun pinned up against the wall.

«Betrayer,» Chanyeol yells at the top of his lungs and hits the wall hard, only a few centimeters from Sehun’s head.

You were surrpised and intimidated by your boyfriends behavior and took a step back.
«How can you spend the night with my girlfriend? Huh? HOW?!» Chanyeol screamed, and you backed away from them, hiding your face in your hands. He believed that you had cheated on him. This was not happening, you thought to yourself and felt your eyes fill with tears.

«Stop!» you screamed when Chanyeol lifted his hand over Sehun’ face, ready to take a hit. Even though your foot hurt, you hurried over to Chanyeol and pulled him away from your best friend.
«Leave,» Chanyeol said in a scary tone and his eyes would not move from Sehun.
You gave Sehun a short look that told him to go now before anything else happened. Chanyeol had clearly misunderstood this whole situation and was taking it out on Sehun. He thought that the two of you had spent the night together in a different way than what you actually had. Sehun left without another word.

Suddenly, Chanyeol grabbed your arm and pulled you inside. He slammed the door close and pushed you up against it.
Time stopped as the two of you stared into each others eyes. His were full of hate and it looked like he was about to cry again. Yours were filled with guilt, even though you had done absolutely nothing wrong.

«Chanyeol, listen to me. You’re wrong, nothing happ-..» you weren’t able to say anything more before he started yelling again.
«Nothing happened?! Why are you lying to me, ____? WHY?!»
He was completely out of control and it seriously hurt you to see him this anxious, angry and upset. You had no idea how to calm him down and you could tell that this wasn’t going to end well. All you wanted was to hug him and make him realize he was wrong. At this point it seemed impossible, as he was turning red from frustration. You felt helpless.

«I swear! I’m not lying. Please believe me, I love you!» you continued and laid your hands on his shoulders, but he pushed you away, yelling some more. You stumbled against your right side and fell when your injured foot couldn’t bear the weight of you.
«Ahh!» you yelped and the pain was almost worse than when you hurt your foot in the first place.

«___?» Chanyeol’s voice was calm. He knelt down beside you and looked worriedly down your legs. His eyes felled on your foot and he noticed that it was swollen. Then he cursed, looking you while you groaned in pain, and lifted you up from the floor.

When you laid in his arms, you felt safe. Even though you started crying like a river, you felt relaxed and comforted. Like things were gonna work out. When he saw you in pain, he instantly reacted and you were glad that he did because it meant that he cared for you.
Maybe he believed your words, that you hadn’t cheated on him with Sehun. You didn’t and you never would have either. Chanyeol was the only one.

And as your boyfriend hurried down the stairs with you in his embrace, you whispered something. «Chanyeol, I only love you. Please don’t leave me,»
From there, everything went black.

You woke up in a hospital. White sheets, bright light and silence surrounded you. You blinked a few times before you could process where you were.
«____-ah? Are you awake?»
You heard a very familiar, soft, non-yelling voice that belonged to you boyfriend. You wanted to smile, but you felt tired, so you just turned your head to him. He was sitting by your bed and looked at you with a worried expression.

«You should have told me you were hurt,» Chanyeol mumbled, soon avoiding your eyes.
He was clearly ashamed over letting himself get so angry that he pushed you. «I’m sorry,» you whispered back, looking at him and thanking God for not letting things end. You were not ready to let go of Park Chanyeol.

«Do not say you’re sorry, arasso? It’s my fault. I completely misunderstood and overreacted. I’m the one who’s sorry here, ___-ah,»
You just looked at him and studied his face. «I would never do something like that, Chanyeol-ah. I thought you knew that,» you whispered.

He stroke two fingers softly over your cheek and looked admiringly down at you. «I know. I’m so lucky for having someone like you in my life,» he mumbled, leaning down towards you. His lips met yours in a loving and great kiss. You had to really keep it together to not smile like an idiot.

After he pulled away, he took a deep breath. «Listen. I had a really bad day. And Sehun told me he had feelings for you, so I assumed the worst when you didn’t return until the morning. Nothing can excuse the fact that I hurt you.. I will do everything I can to make it up to you,» he said.
You raised an eyebrow, and looked at him with a serious expression on your face. «Chanyeol. You barely even touched me. I already hurt my foot, and then I just lost my balance,» you told him, pulling him closer as you laid there.

«Can we not fight anymore? I hate it when we do. It’s tiresome,» you whispered, and he came closer as you talked. «It really is tiresome. Let’s be happy,» your boyfriend mumbled back to you, before kissing you on the lips again. Even though this was probably the millionth time he kissed you, you got shy. He had that effect on you. You hated it but at the same time not, because no other guy had ever made you feel that way. Park Chanyeol was the one.

«I love you. I’ll never leave you,» you heard him whisper close to your ear and you got chills down your whole body. In that moment, you realized that even though this incident had been horrible, you two became closer.

"Color Over The Pain" - Smutty Luke Hemmings One Shot

    The smoke curled into the air lethargically, wafting slow. Murky gray, opaque and heavy. It’s speed like the hands of the clock on the wall in your Biology class. Navy blue paint that was chipped and faded, gold punching a line across the hallways, begging for “school spirit!” 

    Luke’s firm body was a slumped warmth behind you as you rested against him. His pierced bottom lip closed around the joint to suck, then release. Inhale. Then release. 

    His smoke cast a veil over you both, whipped into the wind and gone the next second. Large, calloused hands held your hipbones after handing the buzz to you. An impulse habit, a mild fixation. 

   Your cherry red lips allowed a billow to escape before your fingers dropped the paper to the asphalt, boots crushing the comfort of it all. 

    “What do you want, baby?” You asked prudently, eyes narrowed across the campus of your high school. Luke’s rings felt cold against your flesh, his hands inched under your shirt. His shirt actually, you were wearing his flannel. 

He stirred beneath you, always moving more than needed when high. 

    “Well, what d’you mean?” Luke mumbled and cleared his throat, fingers pressed to your stomach. Nuzzled into your hair and just breathed. 

    The clear blue sky was poked and scraped by evergreen trees and roofs of suburb houses. Lamp posts with “garage sale” signs and “Have you seen this cat?” posters stood to help. Requests to go somewhere, find something, someone

    Find me. 

    “I mean, what do you want?” You asked again, more determined as you spun around and pushed the palms of your hands flat to Luke’s chest. You two were alone behind the gym, supposed to be in English. Supposed to anywhere but here, as far as you could tell. And you could tell. Could see the pact you and Luke made as kids to “always stick together” swimming in those coastal blue eyes. Your own eyes softened at the sight of his dimple and pictured how it looked with dirt smeared across it. When you would play tag in the field about a block from your houses as ten year olds. 

    “Want to go? Away from here?” You supplied with a laugh drifting from your mouth, hand reaching to brush some stray blonde hair off of Luke’s forehead. Luke only grinned, closing his eyes and pushed his cheek into your hand. Eyes now closed. Purring like a kitten. 

    “Honey,” your voice cracked and your eyes felt watery. Something like this always happened after you took enough hits. Today you took too many. 

    “I wanna be with you,” Luke whispers but sounds so sure. So ready to pack up and leave. With you. The thrill to your veins is a different one, but parallel to what the drug gives you. But it’s also better. Like jumping into a pool on an 100 plus degree day, the pricks of relief rioting into a wave of pleasure. Like running, sprinting across the wet grass and hitting your stride, when your hips start to gasp and keep getting that energy. It’s being a teenager in love and being told “You’ll understand one day” but locking eyes with your partner and just sharing the same thought: “We don’t fucking care.”

It’s Luke. 

    “I also wanna fuck you,” Luke grumbles, pouting like a lost puppy. 

You tip your head to the side, shifting your weight in Luke’s hands to the opposite. “Wow, you were really romantic for a second there. Way to blow it.”

Luke bites his lip and rolls his eyes, pushes his head back and exposing his neck to you. It was smooth except for the angry purple and red hickey under his right ear. A smattering of your own personally created galaxy on his skin. Your thumb pressed into it with mild pressure. 

    “Who gives a fuck? You’re so sexy, Little Puff,” Luke said with a shit-eating smirk. His favorite pet name for you. Bastard thought he was so fucking clever with all the crazy and nonsensical names he made up. You were used to it and yeah, you loved them all to death. But you still knocked the bill of his backwards worn snapback, causing it to pop off his head.

The bell then rang loud and shrill above your heads and not long after did you two hear their voices. 

    “Hemmings! Well well, and Miss Badass!” Ashton called with the stars in his autumn eyes as he and Cal strode over to you two. You didn’t bother to get up from Luke’s body, the whole school knew that you and Luke meant “stuck like glue” and you fucking loved the cliche of it, dammit. What was yours was yours. Wasn’t life just charmed?

    “Did you get the homework?” Cal asked while the whole student body bustled and pushed around him. All four of you were using the small hallway inefficiently and unfairly took up space. Nobody would say or do anything of course; the reputation that clouded you and the other seniors worked to your advantage. But for the record, Luke didn’t really break a dude’s arm and Ashton did actually cry at “The Notebook.” 

    Halfway to Biology and you hear spray paint cans clinking against one another before you round the corner and there’s Mikey. He stuffed four different colors into his backpack before joining you all, a mischievous glint in his eucalyptus green eyes. 

    “Tagged the girl’s bathroom to say “Cal finishes in 10 seconds,” Mikey giggled into his hands and Cal smacked his shoulder hard.

    “What the fuck asshole?!” Cal yelled but couldn’t help but laugh with the rest of you after he got his anger out. Luke’s arm was heavy against your shoulder, you wondered if he still had that bruise from lacrosse practice last week. Looking up at him, you were met with his eyes right on you. Watching you the whole time, a look of contentment in the ocean. He still fidgeted because the hit was in his blood, the bliss written on his face. You felt it digging into your lower back through the front of his jeans. 

“Boys,” you sighed, shaking your head at them. Your boys. 


    “Mr. Hemmings, lovely to see you decided to grace us all with your presence this afternoon,” Mr. Daugherty said, leering at the five of you over his glasses. You all were guilty of skipping classes from time to time, but Luke was the worst. His hold on your hand tightened ever so slightly at your wiry old teacher’s comment. Fucking asshole loved to give your boyfriend a hard time. 

    You chalked it up to the time Luke saran wrapped his Honda Civic twice over.  Or when all the boys (mostly Cal) figured out how to hack the school website and slap “Mr. Daugherty majored in being a prick at university” across the welcome page. Almost getting expelled and receiving a three week suspension, the boys weren’t entirely coming from left field. All this self righteous asshole did was tell your boys again and again “You’ll never amount to anything with ripped jeans and undisciplined values,” or “You must come from a broken home, you brat." 

That one made you see red because yes, two of those boys did come from fucked up homes. Luke was one of them, barely having a home at all. 

    But Luke just stayed silent, however looked very pained to be doing so. 

"It’s okay baby, I’ve got you,” You whispered comfortingly into his shoulder before pressing a reassuring kiss to it. He relaxed considerably at that and smiled down at you, tucking a hair behind your ear. 


    “I’m gonna puke I’m so fucking bored,” Mikey whispered into your ear, eliciting a giggle from you and a warning glare from some of the “super serious” students in the front row. Mikey just flipped them off and offered you a fist bump, which you of course could not turn down. 

    Five minutes after the half hour mark and Mikey’s deep blue head was resting on your shoulder, the rebel asleep like a kitten. Ash was desperately trying to stay quiet as he added more and more crumpled pieces of paper into Cal’s thick, sable and champagne highlighted fohawk. And Luke was right next to you, hard. 

You felt his arousal nudge into the side of your left leg throughout class. He was trying to get your attention. He had it, you just didn’t want to show it yet. But his firm biceps rounding your waist and his whispers pushed you past the point of “playing it cool.”

    “Gonna bend you over your bed tonight, baby doll.”

    “Want to, need to lick your sweet pussy, god it’s so good.”

    A deep breath and a lick of his lips, the cold ring touching your earlobe. Nobody could hear or was watching you in the back. Mikey was sleeping like the dead and thank fucking god. 

“Fuck, want to shove my cock into you so fucking bad, beautiful.”

“Can I just touch you now? Fucking hell…” Luke whisper groaned, sounding panicked and wanton. 

His long fingers crawled across the space of your stomach and down to your hips. Inching, inching, traveling. 

“Fuck, Luke. Stop,” you ordered exasperatedly, needing it, all of it. But you were still present, Luke was all gone. He was seriously suggesting he finger you in Bio. 

Please.” Now, begging.

“Fuck you,” you breathe and throw your head back to rest on his shoulder, holding his hands tightly to stop him. He could easily take them out of your grasp but apparently he had the dignity and intelligence to abstain. For now at least. 

The bell rings and Mikey’s startled awake and Cal’s pissed, shaking his hair out and Ash is laughing hysterically. You and Luke are fucking out of there, heading to his car and to your bed. 


    Luke’s belt isn’t hard to whip off, never was. Skater belts didn’t have much hold or resistance and you loved it. The carpet was scratchy against the balls of your bare feet and your boy’s hipbones crashed into yours after he spazzed out of his henley. 

    “Fucking love you, so fucking much,” you moaned into Luke’s mouth and he bent at the knees to pat the back of your thighs. A signal. You take it with no hesitance and leap up, straddling his hips as he holds you under your butt. His huge hands grope and massage it for a few moments as his tongue presses yours down dominantly. 

    “Love you,” Luke growls and draws his hand back, only to come back and slap your ass, hard. You yelp at the shock but immediately melt into the pleasure, swiveling your hips into his waist. Your black lace panties wet and rubbing against his belly button. 

    “Getting me wet, I can feel it baby girl,” Luke smirks against your lips, walking you over to the bed and throwing you down. Your back hits the pillows that you both slept on the night before. They smell like Luke, mint and foresty musk. Flashes that look like red skin and puffs of smoke enter your brain like the spotty beginning of an old film. Look like sharp canines sinking into your collarbones and hooking thumbs into waistbands. 

    Look like trouble.

    “Mmhmm,” is all you can get out as you bite your lip and watch as your nails scratch down his chest deliciously. Luke’s eyes roll back as he hisses, tongue sticking to the back of his teeth. He reaches for you and finds purchase around your neck, grip known and loud. Tight. He’s straddling you and gains a solid pressure that’s just fucking right before grinding slow and deep. 

    Your head is thrown back in time with his, both necks surrendered to the other as equally loud moans release. “Fuuuck. That’s it, let’s fucking go,” Luke growls, teeth barred as he crawls down, hands now fisting the material of his flannel on your body. A shift in the wavelength of your breaths and you make eye contact. 

    Ruin me. Fuck me up and I promise I’ll jump, I’ll jump with you.

    Luke gathers his lip ring under his teeth and laughs softly, an absolutely wicked look in his aquamarine eyes before he pulls and rips your shirt right down the center. 

    All your breath is kicked out of your chest as your back arches harshly, off the bed completely. Luke’s mouth is on your skin in a second, as if he was petrified of it not getting his touch and tongue for more than that. He bites at your ribs and licks at your navel. Sucks down to your hipbones. The center between them. Kisses his way back up to your covered and heaving breasts. 

    “Ah, fuck, Luke…” you moan and keep your gaze locked on him. He peeks up and into your eyes. You know the words running through his mind like a virus to the bloodstream. Unforgiving and inevitable. 

    Luke reaches under you and unhooks the dark red bra with practiced ease; bites the right cup and drags it down and off your body with his mouth. His hands clutching the sheets on either side of your head. Perched over you like your own guardian angel and way down to hell. 

With Luke, well, you’d go anywhere.

“Fucking, gonna, wreck you.” Luke is panting hotly above your exposed chest and dives down to lick a long, fat horizontal stripe across it. You grabbed his hair and ran your fingers roughly throughout, legs curling up around his ass. Needed every inch of who you were against him. Your man. 

    Luke bites and suckles at each nipple, the soft buds hardening at the sensation of his powerful, ambitious tongue. “So amazing baby. You’re, fuck!” You are interrupted in your words of appreciation when Luke’s thumb is pressing bluntly against your wet clit through the panties. Your right hand shoots to his muscular shoulder for stability. His soft grunt gets you to open your eyes because yes, he did have a bruise from lacrosse and you had a death grip right on it. 

“S-sorry,” you gasp out but Luke is shaking his head, thumb digging in and around your pulsing clit. “I like the pain, you can hold it baby," 

And Luke sounds so gone and so fucking wrecked but you know when he really wants something. And Luke was kinky as fuck. Didn’t mind the slight sting as your fingers gripped again.  But you still didn’t want to hurt him. Not there at least. So Luke ran his tongue down your stomach and nibbled along the band of your underwear. Your whole body was trembling for him. He was shaking as well and cast a desperate look up at you when the tension of your fingers lifted from the bruise. 

    "Don’t worry gorgeous, I’ve got something better for you,” you cooed to him as you took your long necklace from around your neck. A delicate crystal heart pendant dangled at the end. A Valentine’s Day gift from Luke back in the early days of the relationship. It’s silver chain glinted endearingly in contrast to his golden blonde locks. The color against his tanned skin like a prayer tumbling off your lips. 

    You took the chain in your hands after placing it around Luke’s neck and twisted. Luke’s eyes widened as you separated your hands, tightening the jewelry to his throat. 

    “This works too, right doll?” You asked innocently with a tilt of your head, the chain causing your boy’s skin to prickle with goosebumps. His breath was coming in with more effort now. 

“Yeah, fuck…yeah,” Luke swallowed hard and licked his lips. You dropped the necklace and looked over your handiwork. Light pink lines across his neck, his fingers working a frenzy against your soaking wet pussy. You bucked your hips up up up to get more and more of it. Luke smirked and grazed his other fingers over his red neck. Looking proud. 

    “Come here.” It was your turn to growl as you took the chain and yanked him forward, lips attaching to kiss and lick into each other’s mouths. But it didn’t last much longer, not when both of Luke’s hands came together at your heat. 

    “Love it when you’re rough with me,” Luke groaned into your neck and pulled off with a “pop”, going down. Down, down…

    His face was at your panties, fingers tugging them down your quivering thighs and pointed toes. The bottoms of your feet were aching from how hard you were clenching them. Luke’s eyes glued to your sex, right hand patting your folds and left thumb circling the twitching bundle of nerves. Your necklace hung off his broad, sweaty chest, the heart resting on your hip. 

    “Luke, fuck, I need…need-”

“Need my fingers, ey?” Luke mimicked the tilt of your head from before and giggled. “Need my tongue too? Need me to what baby doll?”

“Sh-shit,” you’re brain was foggy from the weed and your bones were quaking from everything Luke had to offer. Everything Luke was throwing your way assaulting every nerve in every right way. 

“Talk to me baby, let me know huh?”

“Fuck, Luke….fucking do it, need it all." 

His eyes lit up and his smirk was crooked. "Well alright then beautiful, all I got.”

His fingers slapping your pussy softly but with enough power to jerk you right up into an arch and back down made you see stars. The whole fucking galaxy matching the one on his handled neck.   

“All,” he began with a serious and dominating look on his face, slapping again. You bouncing. Whimpering, licking out for something, anything. Only getting the air and your sticky skin. 

“I’ve got,” he rasps and is now rubbing at a furious speed, then slow and deeper than you ever thought possible without being inside of you. You could no longer keep quiet. Long drawn out moans of his name and “Jesus fucking Christ” blasting into the air and trickling down like confetti. 

“Is yours.” Luke finished as his thumb and index finger spread you open; the way his chuckle enters your ears just as his two fingers slick into you isn’t lost on you. It means something, you’re just not sure what yet. 

    And as far as you can tell the bell rings or the gun is shot and it’s game on. 

    Luke’s tongue is pointed into your folds and the next second is sucking surreptitiously at your clit. His fingers slide in and out, fucking you for their lives. Knuckles soft and callouses from years of guitar supplying friction that had you screaming. Screaming to a sore throat and fluttering lashes. The heart pendant was swimming amongst a pool of sweat and Luke’s saliva. 

    “Oh my god! Luke!” You shouted, chest flushed with a blush sparking through. “I’m gonna fucking cum,”

    Luke licks up your folds and replaces his fingers with his long tongue. Glistening fingers landing on your waist and gripping tight right where you curve, one side slippery with your slickness. He’s buried deep below and pulls you down to somehow get closer to his mouth. The knots in your stomach were exploding to only create more. The smoke whipped into the air from the afternoon like the pleasure building and building. Like the ripping sound of your zipper and the bang of the bedroom door behind Luke’s foot. 

    “Cum baby doll, cum for me. Let it fucking go.”

And Luke sounds so wet and covered. Muffled. Yours. 

The wind whipped hard. Your screams rang from your core and flourished out of your chest. Gentle crimson from the strain. 

    So, Luke has you. Let’s you let it go all over his tongue and down his throat. 

He comes up for air and is sure to drag every last drop into his mouth with his thumb. Pushes each finger past his bright red lips and winks. Winks… you.

“Early dinner, ey?”


    The condom rolls onto Luke’s long, painfully hard cock miraculously fast despite your sporadic hands. Thick and plastering you back together, his dick catches onto your hyper sensitive clit but finds it’s way in. Eye’s half mast but bodies moving like they were just fed ten speed pills, you ride as Luke leans back on one hand, thrusting up. So fast and so hard, you drop back down from a sky high rise at the force of his upwards undulating hips. 

    “Ah, ah fuck. Gorgeous,” Luke groans and hisses, gasps. Your jewelry still on him. 

    The curtains are dark grey and the blue sky outside isn’t seen. The music thumps the walls as if you didn’t have neighbors. But you and Luke are louder because you’re better. More addicting than any hook or chorus the world could produce. The huff of “oh’s” Luke let’s out the only injection you could ever need. His strong wrists flexing on your curves. The slap of skin on skin and how wet it all is. 

    The rub, stripped from his bones and brushed like heavy paint onto yours. You need to know what color it is. 

“Close.” You can barely get it out and Luke nods, you know he’s exactly where you are. It’s more like sprinting with clasped hands, fingers laced and knuckles white, running all the way to the edge of a cliff. Sticky hot and dark outside. 

A pulsating push from your boyfriend, the other half, and your grind down is what does it. Does it for you both. Luke’s eyes clamp shut and his head is tossed back. 

“Oh my fucking god,” you scream and hold onto his shoulders for dear life. His ecstasy is swirling and catching fire around you both. 

“I-I, fuck, I love you,” Luke shouts into your room and into your chest as you both wave and grind against each other, still on the high of your lives. Your heart bursts at his promise and your lips meet. “I love you too.”

The ride down is slower but just as hard and tactile. Hands dragging down torsos and legs knocking into perfect tangles. The room is dark and the color of Luke’s blush is carnation pink. Your breathing is something urgent and his slow chills let you know exactly what color it is.

You’re quickly approaching forever and it’s a red and Luke is ambling into a driftless blue. The sweat on your bodies mixed the two pigments of who you are and you know now.

It’s purple. Red and blue and purple. Little bruises and scratch marks and fingerprints. Others who were too rough with him and you, but now you were together to apply the pain the right way. With bites and thoughtful jewelry and desperation. With control and eye contact that told you “Yes, I’m here with you." 

    It’s rough and it isn’t always pretty. Dark sometimes and too bright others. His neck and your hips and waist with his traces all over. Some so deep they’ll stay for a while, other’s resting upon what they’ve done. 

    You two are tender that night with the windows wide open, summer air wafting in to glaze over your skin. Luke curled around you, your face covered by his arms and breath against his chest. The necklace around his neck and knotted in your limp fingers. 

It’s a tangle and it’s a drug and it’s finding safety where things aren’t perfect at all. Purple is scary, but it’s you and Luke.


    "We’ll always stick together, always,” Luke’s missing tooth caused a lisp so you giggled and hugged him harder. The grass was cold and soft and the sunset was a hazy concoction of red, blue, and faint lavender. 

Ten years old and against the world, it’s petrifying. 

It’s you and Luke. 


The Big Chief Studios (1:6 scale) TARDIS has landed and it’s beautiful. I’m very happy I got it but that box is huge!

I ordered early enough to get the pyjamas and slippers. Rose will come with the robe and Jack with the satsuma and sword I believe. With the Ninth Doctor we get a Tenth Doctor smiling head, and with all that we can put together another figure!

The phone is extra, it connects to the door via magnets.

We also get a background sheet to put inside.

Finally, if you put batteries into the roof, it lights up! One push of the button lights the roof lamp permanently, a second push lets it change, like when he is taking off.

Request: It Was Going So Well

Request: Dean taking you out on a first date and demons take you away. Thank you

Word Count: 1,163

Here it is, I hope you like it! Thanks!<33

I’ll be there in two minutes.

You toss your phone at the bed without replying, quickly putting the earrings in and looking yourself over in the mirror. It’s a pretty relaxed place, according to Dean, but nonetheless you opted for your good jeans and a nicer shirt – for once, it’s not flannel, but more tightly fitted and a shade of green that compliments your complexion. You smile slightly, running a hand through your hair.

“I suppose it’ll do.” You look back at your phone, and step into your boots as you walk towards it.

You were incredibly surprised when Dean asked you if you wanted to head out sometime – just the two of you. You’d run into each other on a case about a month ago and you’d clicked with both brothers almost instantly. The case was solved in double-quick time with the three of you together, so you’d just tagged along. Sam quickly became a best-friend figure for you – you share a lot of interests and opinions, and are both always willing for a debate or philosophical discussion. Dean, on the other hand… Dean is different. With Dean, you can let go a little and eat a whole pie because hey, it’s a contest! and get really drunk while talking about your past and sitting on the bathroom floor. Dean is your catalyst – and you’re his. He tells you things he doesn’t ever tell Sam, like worries and thoughts and things he’s seen that he doesn’t want Sam to know about because he knows that his younger brother would never look at him the same again if he did.

You make it to the door just as Dean pulls up outside and you grin, waving brightly as you lock the motel room’s door. He’s been around a victim’s house all morning, and promised to pick you up as soon as he got back. True to his word, he beeps on the horn and beckons you into the front seat beside him.

“Hey, there, gorgeous.” He grins, turning the music down as you get in, “You look beautiful.”

“This old thing?” You grin, crossing one leg over the other, “You flatter me.”

“I do not.” Dean denies fervently, “I tell nothing but the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, your honour.”

“In that case, you look very handsome, too.”


You make it to the diner without any incident – you chat absently on the way there, your foot tapping in time with the music playing softly through the car. It’s just like usual – you talk, you laugh, you tease and joke on but there’s something else. A potential or a hope or… something.

You don’t know, in truth. You’ve never made it this far with a guy without him running for the hills, screaming. Not with friendship or trust or… anything.

Naturally, however, nothing ever goes to plan. The second you get into the damn diner, something smashes over your head and you’re out like a light.

You come to in a dark, dingy room with very little light – what there is seems to have no source. No doorway or window or bulb or crack in the roof or lamp or-

Anyhow, you’re tied to a chair and there’s what you presume to be blood crusted against your temple and cheek. Your groan as a searing pain shoots through your head and you let it loll back forward onto your chest.

“Well, well, well. Sleeping Beauty finally awakes.” A deep, throaty voice comes from the lurking shadows in the corner.

“Five more minutes.” You mumble, shifting around. Your phone is still in your pocket, and from the near constant vibration, it’s turned on. Good.

“Aw, no, princess.” The demon stalks towards you, his head held high, “I’ve been looking forward to meeting you ever since I found out that the Winchesters had a new bitch in town!”

“Excuse you,” You raise an eyebrow at him, “I am a mare of the highest standard and I will not tolerate being referred to as anything less.”

His eyes widen at your statement, and it throws his off guard for a smile second.

“They found themselves a feisty one?”

“They don’t even know how feisty.” You grin, ignoring the pain it sends through your face. He chuckles, shaking his head.

“You know, you could have done better than them.”

“Tell me about it.” You keep him distracted – the vibrations in your pocket have stopped, which means that Dean must be close. He’s had time to track your phone by now, surely, “I was all about finding the biggest, baddest hunters to waste some time on.”

“What happened?”

You shrug, “They had a nice car. Girl’s gotta ride in style, am I right?”

“I suppose you are.” There’s a knife in his hand, but he doesn’t seem too intent on using it right now. Nonetheless, you shoot a wary glance at it and, dammit, it puts him back on track.

“You’re distracting me!” He hisses, “Who do you think you are?”

“I am not!” You shoot back, your eyes widening as he raises the knife. He brings it close to your throat, and through the panic and over his shoulder, you see a door opening.

Come on, Dean.

“Wait!” You cry out, stopping the demon in his tracks, “Wait up! I have to ask you something?”


“These are my good jeans and if I’m honest, I don’t wanna get blood on them so can I like… take them off or something?”


“Oh, please? I don’t want them all stained ‘cause they’re not ripped or all washed out and they make my butt look really, really good and-”

“Shut up!” The demon roars, “I am going to kill you, now, and there’s nothing you can do to-”

And then he lets out a long, loud cry of pain that echoes through the empty room. He casts a bright orange glow through the room before collapsing to the ground, eyes empty and everything slack.

“Y/N!” Dean stares at you, quickly getting to work on the ropes. Once you’re up and free, he pulls you into the tightest hug you’ve ever had, “I thought something had happened!”

“It did. I was kidnapped by a demon.” You grin into his chest, and he rolls his eyes at you.

“Tell me you didn’t sit there and sass him.”

“I didn’t sit there and sass him.” You say, looking into his eyes with a totally straight face.

“You’re lying.”


“Holy shit, Y/N.” Dean shakes his head, “What am I gonna do with you?”

“I think you should kiss me.” You say frankly, and he chuckles.

“Yes, ma'am.” He grins, stooping down to press his lips to yours.

DAY 2801

OGT, CY                     Dec 5,  2015               Sat  10:13 pm

I was cryptic and short and resigned on the one yesterday DAY 2800 .. but today is another day another connect and another city surprisingly .. these quick turn arounds leave one so uncoordinated and obtuse .. you wonder  .. and you sleep awkwardly, walk in syllables, speak much too fast and wobble in the feet ..

But the worst .. you get up and wonder which way the door is or worse .. why are you where you are .. !

So .. the Finale for #AKRHZ culminated among several highlights and selfies .. and inspired words form guests and our ‘heroes’ .. some of whom were put in situations that they were put in some 40 years back …

Friend colleague neighbour and a gentle giant Dharam ji graced AKRHZ with son Sunny .. and fun became ..

Dharam ji doing a dubsmash of Jai of Sholay with the mouthorgan for Jaya on the roof lighting candle lamps .. such a sport !!

No need for these introductions .. grace personified by them all .. and their sensitive nominations of their ‘heroes’ on the show ..

cancer survivors all in green and doing a number with the funny Bharti .. such a moment ..!!

And final good bye to a generous audience ..

But it was back to the shoot in Kolkata from the airport direct and into ‘TE3N’ .. and back to your home away form home .. a room in the Hotel on location, which you load with stuff that remind you of where you came from and the comfort of good looking after by staff .. 

Takes a bit to re adjust .. but work must continue .. and so must Ef

My love ..

Amitabh Bachchan