roof hacking


Clint Barton x Reader

Warnings: danger

Word Count: 814

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Your heart was racing, as your feet had been a minute ago. You wiped a bead of sweat that trickled down your forehead toward your eyebrow and pressed your back to the wall. Taking a few quiet, deep breaths you peered around the corner. Your eyes searched for any possible enemies along the dark corridors. “Clear,” you whispered, “so far.”

    Taps echoed along the corridor as you stealthed through it, keeping your guard up. Your gun was raised straight ahead, ready to shoot if danger was to appear. Although, you didn’t just have guns as a weapon. You were a weapon. Once for Hydra, now for S.H.I.E.L.D. 

   You remember it clearly; the transition from bad to good. It was Clint actually, realising your worth and making a different call about your fate, much like he had done with Natasha. That was your first meeting, but not the last. The ones that followed were training but the ones after that were much nicer. Dates, quite a few. You had both clicked upon getting to know each other better. And now here you were, married to Clint with two children at home waiting for you both to return from a mission. A family friend had volunteered to babysit for you. 

  “To your left,” Clint sounded in your ear. You spun and shot the agent around the corner you were approaching. “Thanks, bird brains,” you smirked. 

  “No problem,” Clint replied through your earpiece, “I’ll stay on the bottom floor, wipe out targets, collect all the data I can and then wipe everything.”

  “Sounds good, I’ll make my way to the roof,” you spoke, taking to the metal staircase that led directly to your destination, “I’ll disable the satellites, then we can blow this place up and get out.”

  “Good plan, tell me when and I’ll make my way to the jet,” Clint finished. You heaved the heavy metal doors open, squinting your eyes as the blaring sun stared into your eyes. Climbing onto the roof, you grabbed the nearest piece of metal you could find and used to to jam the doors locked. You knew it wouldn’t hold long if anyone were to follow you but it would hold just long enough for you to do what you had to.

  You walked over to the edge of the roof and peered over it, your eyes meeting the water far below. The building was on a harbour, perfect for the transportation of illegal weapons, some being human. You and Clint had managed to wipe out everyone inside but whether you were completely alone, you weren’t sure. At least if the worst case scenario happened you had a way out, whether you’d make the fall was a different question.

  “I’m out,” Clint said, as you made your way over to the satellites perched on the roof and started hacking into them, “tell me when you’re out and I’ll blow the place up.”

 “Will do,” you said firmly. After five minutes of code entering and satellite hacking, finally you had done it. You walked over to the doors you had come from and said, “I’ll be out in five wait for my comm-” Before you could finish Clint cut you off, worry evident in his loud voice. “We got a bogey! Get out now y/n!” 

  Of course, worst case scenario had happened and your feet rushed against the concrete roof towards the edge and you dived off. 5 seconds later, the building you had just left was now tumbling toward the ground with a great explosion. “Can you here me y/n?” Clint cracked over the com, now breathing heavily, “please, y/n!”

  You couldn’t answer, you were plummeting towards the water below you, soon followed by rubble. You hit the water with a thud, knocking all air out of your lungs. Your last efforts of strength were used to push yourself towards the surface, your lungs exploding as they prayed for air. “Please, y/n, where are you?” Clint pleaded to no avail as you had no way to reply. 

  Typing furiously, Clint tracked your earpiece, hoping to find you with it still. He rushed from the quinjet towards the water, his feet carrying him faster than he thought possible. He put his hands to his head as he stared at the rubble infested water, praying you would surface.

  Your head burst through the water and you gasped for air, coughing straight after. “y/n!” Clint called diving in and dragging you to the edge of the water, avoiding rubble as he did so. “Thank god, y/n” Clint breathed, his hands grabbing your shoulders as his eyes scanned you for injury. You coughed up the water that had seeped it’s way into you and met Clint’s eyes.

  “What?” You smirked, “you didn’t think you get rid of me that easily, did you?”


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“I’m nervous.”

“I’m not.”

Hank looked over at his girlfriend of two months.


Vivienne turned from looking out the passenger window as they drove through Hank’s home town to look at her boyfriend.

She laid a hand on his as he steered the truck by a log shaped diner.

“You’re a good guy Hank, and your sisters are great too. And I’ve never heard you say a bad thing about your parents or uncles. Why would I be nervous?”

Hank said nothing which was probably for the best because he was a terrible liar.

Vivi wasn’t stupid. She knew there was something odd, for lack of a better term, about Hank’s home life. 

It wasn’t even that his sister got fucking kidnapped and had an eye taken out.

No, it was fond tales of growing up mixed with slight pauses, stories that started but then ended in “oh no brain fart!” or “crap I forgot the rest.” She knew he had two uncles that lived with him growing up and helped raise him and his sisters, but he always spoke of one of them, Dipper, with both fondness and a slight hesitation.

She wasn’t nervous. Vivi had a feeling that his family was going to be absolutely lovely.

Honestly, she was more excited to finally figure out what the deal was.

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Mission Extremely Impossible

Kyou sat on a roof across from Stark Tower, hidden in the shadows and staring at a certain floor. He knew the Winter Soldier lived on that floor, but it was getting hard to pin point when he’d be in his room alone. The asset seemed to always be with someone, and even when he wasn’t, Kyou was well aware of the AI’s that were in the building.

Kyou shifted ever so slightly, then sighed. He’d have to get into the building some way and he’d been watching the tower for a few days now. So far, it seemed like the roof would be the easiest way, there was less security on the roof. Getting up, the omega backed up to the other side of the roof, then ran full speed, leaping off and using his claws to dig into the concrete of Stark Tower. He hadn’t been able to jump to the roof but scaling the wall couldn’t be that hard. Once on the roof, he took a slow, quiet breath, thinking he was safe, when inside, JARVIS had just sent off a warning.

“Sir’s, there is an intruder on the roof, currently trying to hack into my systems.”