roof hacking


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“I’m nervous.”

“I’m not.”

Hank looked over at his girlfriend of two months.


Vivienne turned from looking out the passenger window as they drove through Hank’s home town to look at her boyfriend.

She laid a hand on his as he steered the truck by a log shaped diner.

“You’re a good guy Hank, and your sisters are great too. And I’ve never heard you say a bad thing about your parents or uncles. Why would I be nervous?”

Hank said nothing which was probably for the best because he was a terrible liar.

Vivi wasn’t stupid. She knew there was something odd, for lack of a better term, about Hank’s home life. 

It wasn’t even that his sister got fucking kidnapped and had an eye taken out.

No, it was fond tales of growing up mixed with slight pauses, stories that started but then ended in “oh no brain fart!” or “crap I forgot the rest.” She knew he had two uncles that lived with him growing up and helped raise him and his sisters, but he always spoke of one of them, Dipper, with both fondness and a slight hesitation.

She wasn’t nervous. Vivi had a feeling that his family was going to be absolutely lovely.

Honestly, she was more excited to finally figure out what the deal was.

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Mission Extremely Impossible

Kyou sat on a roof across from Stark Tower, hidden in the shadows and staring at a certain floor. He knew the Winter Soldier lived on that floor, but it was getting hard to pin point when he’d be in his room alone. The asset seemed to always be with someone, and even when he wasn’t, Kyou was well aware of the AI’s that were in the building.

Kyou shifted ever so slightly, then sighed. He’d have to get into the building some way and he’d been watching the tower for a few days now. So far, it seemed like the roof would be the easiest way, there was less security on the roof. Getting up, the omega backed up to the other side of the roof, then ran full speed, leaping off and using his claws to dig into the concrete of Stark Tower. He hadn’t been able to jump to the roof but scaling the wall couldn’t be that hard. Once on the roof, he took a slow, quiet breath, thinking he was safe, when inside, JARVIS had just sent off a warning.

“Sir’s, there is an intruder on the roof, currently trying to hack into my systems.”