roof close up

The Vow

Barry and Iris exchange wedding vows in an unconventional way. 

The Jitters rooftop is far from the highest point in Central City, but Barry finds it still affords him his favorite view of the place he calls home, the city he’s dedicated himself to defending. Currently, it gives him a pleasant scene of workers bustling below him, no doubt on their lunch breaks, rushing to grab a bite to eat before heading back to their obligations, a stark contrast to the kids at the playground near the elementary school, laughing breezily without a trouble to bother over. The carefree sight moves him and he can’t help breaking into a smile, though admittedly, there’s another reason behind his blatant happiness today.

Besides providing a site for an exceptional photograph, the rooftop has a distinguished sentimental value to him, mostly because of Iris. It had been their spot since Iris’s barista days, even before he became a speedster, before the secret rooftop rendezvous to meet her when she knew him as the mysterious Streak. He has fond memories of nights spent on the roof after she would close up shop at the end of her shifts. They would make their way up fourteen flights of stairs, never taking the elevator so they could justify devouring the café’s leftover cookies and muffins once they reached the top.

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