roof chop

Okay so, while I AM deeply worried for Urie, please remember Kurona getting her neck broken, Tsukiyama thrown off a roof, Eto chopped in half, Akira impaled, Kaneki Arima’d, Amon squashed, and Nishiki’s fight with Tsukiyama. Characters have been horrifically injured and gotten out alive before. Shirazu didn’t have a distinct character arc that he had not yet completed - Urie does. There are people he still needs to meet and plot points that need to be resolved. I don’t think he will die here.

Also, please remember Urie getting curb smashed by Donato, shredded by Amon, and straight-up swallowed by Big Madame. If there’s one thing the guy knows, it’s how to take a beating. 

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Hey! in your fake!crackfic James was desi right? Since I always read James as south asian I was wondering if you have any headcanons for that? If you feel like it of course. Will also accept general potter family headcanons. please and thank you!

Yup, James P. is 100% desi in my “fake!crackfic” lol. Since I’m North Indian myself, that’s how I wrote him. I’m actually going to copy-paste from this other post and then add to it. 

  • Sikh!James whose family moved to England during the 60′s when racism against brown people was through the roof, so they all chopped off their hair and whitified their names to assimilate into this new society.
  • Like, can you imagine ickle little eleven year old James who is trying so hard to make his tongue roll the way British people’s tongue does around sounds, hating how his dark skin made him stand out, hating how he couldn’t fit in with the others but also hating the fact that he had to pretend so hard or even try so hard to be liked by others.
  • Teenager James who loves this new culture with less restrictions, but also tries to hold onto his roots. 
  • The gap between immigrated parents and children raised in a completely different way, in a completely different society, following a completely different set of rules is so huge!! Growing up, he’d be embarrassed of his parents. Of their broken English, their horrible accents, their traditional clothes that they still continue to wear.
  • But then somewhere at the end of high school, he just stops. Stops feeling ashamed of his parents, ashamed of his culture, stops being insecure about everything that set him apart from the others and starts feeling proud of it instead. 
  • It helps that his small group of friends absolutely love him and his family and even his culture, which is still so weird to him. 
  • Sirius even learns Punjabi just so he could talk at length about how shiny Remus’ eyes are with Mr. and Mrs. P. more comfortably, because he wants to talk to them so much and English is just a hinderance. 
  • James learns that though people tend to stay away from him because he looks “different,” they warm up quickly once he jokes around a little. And if they don’t, if they are just plain racist, he learns to shrug it off. Someone else’s bitterness isn’t his to swallow. 
  • (And you can always discreetly jinx them. McGonagall is known to pointedly look the other way when she knows the person had it coming.)
  • Idk if this makes sense, I have a lot of Feels. 

Also, fake!crackfic now has a part 2 that I forgot to advertise on tumblr if you’re into that? 

the signs as sounds

ARIES: opening a soda, state fairs, duct tape being unrolled, air horns, a bonfire

TAURUS: plastic crinkling, light snoring, biting into an apple, shoe laces being tied, a clock chiming

GEMINI: people laughing at a class reunion, air being let out of a balloon, flicking on a lighter, the hum of fluorescent lights, background music

CANCER: a bubble popping, a music box, books on tape narrator, doors opening and closing, paper shuffling

LEO: microphone tapping, kids on a playground, heels on a tile floor, when you’re bouncing your leg, fireworks

VIRGO: rain on a metal roof, the morning alarm, chopping vegetables, the clicking of a keyboard, silence

LIBRA: bubbles in a hot tub, nervous finger tapping, a laugh in the next room, a phone call in public, a wind chime

SCORPIO: closing a hardback book, personalized text tones, striking a match, taking a deep breath, a glass breaking

SAGITTARIUS: anything that fizzes, the school bell at the end of the day, seagulls on the beach, airports, chalk on the sidewalk

CAPRICORN: relieved laughter, a bump in the night, the hum when a guitar is plugged into an amp, jenga blocks falling, a timer going off

AQUARIUS: a pinball machine, squeaky shoes, geese flying overhead, a car alarm in the middle of the night, crowds

PISCES: any kind of sigh, bed sheets rustling, summer rain, music behind a wall, a spoon clinking on a glass

So are they going to give Stefan his own cooking show with guest weekly appearances by Damon making different kinds of pancakes and exotic drinks, while Bonnie and Caroline do taste testers for the people watching at home