roof chop

the signs as sounds

ARIES: opening a soda, state fairs, duct tape being unrolled, air horns, a bonfire

TAURUS: plastic crinkling, light snoring, biting into an apple, shoe laces being tied, a clock chiming

GEMINI: people laughing at a class reunion, air being let out of a balloon, flicking on a lighter, the hum of fluorescent lights, background music

CANCER: a bubble popping, a music box, books on tape narrator, doors opening and closing, paper shuffling

LEO: microphone tapping, kids on a playground, heels on a tile floor, when you’re bouncing your leg, fireworks

VIRGO: rain on a metal roof, the morning alarm, chopping vegetables, the clicking of a keyboard, silence

LIBRA: bubbles in a hot tub, nervous finger tapping, a laugh in the next room, a phone call in public, a wind chime

SCORPIO: closing a hardback book, personalized text tones, striking a match, taking a deep breath, a glass breaking

SAGITTARIUS: anything that fizzes, the school bell at the end of the day, seagulls on the beach, airports, chalk on the sidewalk

CAPRICORN: relieved laughter, a bump in the night, the hum when a guitar is plugged into an amp, jenga blocks falling, a timer going off

AQUARIUS: a pinball machine, squeaky shoes, geese flying overhead, a car alarm in the middle of the night, crowds

PISCES: any kind of sigh, bed sheets rustling, summer rain, music behind a wall, a spoon clinking on a glass