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eternally my favorite customer service story

Background: For about eight months in 2013 I worked at a Regal Cinema in the vicinity of Washington DC. Portion and cup sizes at US movie theatres are 1. widely varied and 2. fucking insane. On this particular day I was working the concessions stand. 

 Nice UK dude: I’d like a soda, please.

Me: What size, sir?

NUKD: Medium coke please.

Me: -brings out a medium cup- 

NUKD: Good GOD you call that a medium?! How?!

Me: Because we won the war, sir. Do you want ice? 

NUKD: …yes. 


To the kind anon who requested the Winnie the Pooh villagers, I felt that there was still a lot of untapped potential there that I didn’t quite meet, so I decided to step up my game. And so, here they are, a gathering of Winnie the Pooh characters spending a quiet afternoon in the Hundred Acre Wood.