roo kendall


Backstage at Bottega Veneta Fall 2016 

Bottega Veneta’s fall collection set the tone for the latest street style trend -  having bras over the clothes. It might sound garish, but Bottega Veneta keeps it classy by sticking to a monochrome tone - whether it is pastel or bold as royal blue. The cinched waist is a timeless classic when it comes to womenswear and this time, it was no different. 

Life Is A Photo Set- with Roo Kendall 

Yesterday I had a go-see (a meet and greet) with photographer Roo Kendall. I was the first one there, which apparently led to making everyone who showed up after me a part of our photo shoot (two models are holding the foam-core behind me). I felt kind of bad because he didn’t end up extending the same courtesy to them but I guess we just clicked. 

He then showed me around west London and then we got lunch. I can’t say that happens often, but I’m glad it did. It’s hard to make friends when you’re traveling sometimes but now I know I at least have one here. Thanks Roo!