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Omg absolutely not. That’s why I love Roni and Bill’s relationship because she would have saved his tiny flat butt from so many things… Guards, rival gangs… Anyone he pisses off. Also I HC Roni gives him piggy back rides around the place so he doesn’t have to keep up on his tiny legs

Haha, I love that mental image! I like to think he uses her horns as a seat upon occasion, too!

160723 | STRIVING_Roni: “#张艺兴# 一直以来听到很多对他的称赞 分享一位好先生里和他演对手戏的演员老师口中的张艺兴 // 工作之余和他聊天 提到好先生 顺口说了张艺兴 他却脱口而出“张艺兴他人真的很好!” “一点都没架子 不耍大牌” “专业”// —-致每一位兴迷:相信他 也相信你自己的眼光”

Translation [fy-zyixing]: “#ZhangYixing# Praise has always been made of him, I will share a matured actor’s, who was his co-star in To Be a Better Man, point of view of Zhang Yixing // While taking a break in between working, To Be a Better Man was mentioned, bringing up Zhang Yixing, who he immediately said ‘Zhang Yixing is a really nice person!’ 'He doesn’t have any bad thoughts nor does he act like a big deal’ 'Professional,’ // —-To every XingMi: Believe in him and believe in your own judgements and thoughts (of him).”

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can you do the boys reaction to their s/o's legs being weak after they had... u know.. ;-)

Jin/Seokjin: “Was I too rough, sweetheart?”

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Suga/Yoongi: *cocky af* “Why don’t you.. walk it off? Oh wait, you can’t (;”

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J-hope/Hoseok: *slightly worried but proud of himself* Awe jagi that’s okay. We can cuddle up on the couch and rest up those sore legs for tonight.”

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Rap Monster/Namjoon: “So does this call for a massage?”

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Jimin: *Instant confidence booster* “I must be amazing in bed huh, babe”

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V/Taehyung: “I don’t see why you could complain, you seemed to be enjoying it last night..”

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Jungkook: *comes and picks you up bridal style* “Princess, that’s why they call me the golden maknae”

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