nojerr  asked:

Do you always look for sad people on the street to photograph them, or is London just blue?


It’s interesting to hear that’s how you see it…

The images on here are all little slices of life in the city as I see it. For me street/urban shooting can be a very personal experience. I shoot with my heart and my style is pretty emotive and highly subjective- I don’t claim to be a photo-journalist but rather consider myself more of a story-teller.

All of my street & urban work is candid and unstaged- the scenes that I isolate and capture in the street are very often an expression of my own thoughts, emotions and concerns at the time. 

The common thread that runs through all my pictures is that they are all dealing with human sentiments and ‘emotions fortes’ that make everyday life so magical: love, joy, sadness, friendship, solitude etc they all are feelings that we can all relate to.  

So to answer your question, yes life in London can be blue, sad, lonely and downright miserable at times but at other times it’s also one of the most inspiring, diverse, positive and beguiling places that I have been fortunate enough to call my home over the years and it’s the multi-layered nature of this ever-changing city that make it such a special place…