When random people say that my OTP ship

* will never be canon
* has officially been sunk by a Canon so I must give it up right now

I’m like


I will kiss you (on the cheek) with my virtual fist of love <3

Watch me as I walk away, booboo…


Call me, Beep me, If you wanna reach me~~

Sooo, I’ve been re-watching the whole show and fell in love with the characters once more (RonxKim is my first OTP) and then this idea appear in my head OTL I see Sterek in everything tbh. Just the thought of these two being childhood friends just ASDFGHJKL

Also, I was inspired by aeroplaneblues‘s picture as well <3

“I admit when I first saw season 4 I was a little disappointed that there wasn’t enough “fluffy cute shipping” moments between Kim and Ron. Now that I’m older though I realize something: they never felt embarrassed around each other or nervous or felt the need to hide/impress each other like with other people in the series. Their relationship didn’t really change that much, and that right there is how a healthy relationship should be.”