Real or Not Real? || Dayla

The day had finally come for Layla’s appointment. Today was the day that they’d find out if her pregnancy was real and she was scared. She was scared to death. But mostly she was just scared because she didn’t know what she wanted the results to be. She didn’t know if she wanted to be pregnant or if she didn’t. Within the few days since she took the at-home pregnancy test, she had grown to kind of like the idea of a child, although she was only seventeen, she knew she could raise it. She also knew that she would have support. Mike and John may not be happy but they would support her and so would Copeland and Dominic. At least, he said he would… But who knows if that was true. He didn’t seem to want it. He probably just felt bad for not breaking up with her before he slept with Jay because he obviously didn’t regret that.

Layla had called Dominic that morning and asked him to pick her up to which he agreed. While she waited, she tried to push the thoughts of him and Jay out of her head at least for a while because as angry as she was at him, she needed someone to comfort her today because she knew whatever the results of today’s tests were, she wouldn’t like them.