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whispers charlie WEASLEY

Charlie Weasley: Aside from Gryffindor, of which he was obviously canonically sorted into, it’s strange, but…I kind of want to place him into Ravenclaw. Charlie (WB steps in and says “Haha who’s Charlie Weasley?!”) didn’t get much book or film time in comparison to most of the other Weasley children, but I kind of feel like…

  • He was such a lil nerd when it came to dragons like
  • “Omf BILL I just bought five books on the history of dragons in western and central Europe???? BI LL L L L L LLO OK AT ALL THIS STUFF AABOUT DRAGONS.”
  • “Mum did you know that Hungarian Horntails can shoot fire up to twenty feet in the air?!”
  • “DAD look at the anatomy of the Chinese Fireball it’s so COOL and DISTINCT!”
  • “Fred, George…don’t tell mum and dad that I’m buying this book on dragon diets…don’t want them to know I’m doing research (buying a dragon)…”
  • “Yes Madam Hooch I was wondering, is it legal to play Quidditch on dragons?”
  • “Now that I’m prefect, I can use my authority to CHECK OUT MORE BOOKS ABOUT DRAGONS AT THE LIBRARY”
  • “Ron ronR ROON Nn let me TEACH YOU THING!!! ABOUT DRAGON!!11!”
  • “Okay so…here’s the thing. Mum, dad, I wana go to Romania to study dragons more…look, I have a lil briefcase with like 17240932187932 books on dragons and notes and stuff and everything”
  • “Uhmmm check your facts haha WOW that’s a Common Welsh Green not a Norwegian Ridgeback”
  • “Dragon knowledge is so important" 
  • He probably created notebooks and journals full of knowledge he accumulated about dragons over time
  • He totally talked about dragons to his teammates and family all the damn time like Bill probably just wanted to talk about piercings he wanted or going on adventures and Charlie just sat in the corner wheezing like ”dragons are so cool