My little brother showed me this and I fell in love. I wish I could make more men spend a day as a woman in the city. Heck let’s do it for a week. 


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Anyone else remember when Teen Titans talked about racism without saying black? 

Well if you don’t, check it out. It’s pretty cool. 

It also made me think about us as human beings. Cyborg heard Valyor (sp) calling Starfire Traq of Traqi (sp) and so he thought it was alright for him to do so. He didn’t understand the word, origin, context, etc, and offended Starfire. With our own world languages, and so many different cultures, I can easily see this happening in real life. Someone hears someone being called this, and starts calling them this without knowing what it means, or the cultural hurt. It then spreads, and so on. 

What do you think?


You’re supposed to be beautiful in your own skin right? So what is this, light skin, blond hair, colored eyes look everyone is going after? Is it to fit in, because they don’t accept you for you or is it because this is the look that you'reallyyyyyy going after…….I choose the first one! It’s the way of hollywood, and the world, they want one face to represent the face of beauty and everyone in due time must follow suit! Let’s start a pact, right here right now #nobleaching!


Tiana raises a great problem and point. 

Personally I’ve never understood this look. I like to dye my hair different colors, I’ll have blonde tips, but I wouldn’t dye my whole head blonde.

Instead of lightening my skin, I darken my skin. I buy foundation that is a few shades darker than myself and apply it to my face and neck. Why? My skin is on the lighter end of the brown skin tone spectrum and I haven’t been accepted into the brown community because of it. Sure I should feel confident and love myself no mater my skin tone. Honestly I feel more confident a few shades darker. I’ve thought of buying colored contacts for fun before, but they violet eyes, or green eyes, sometimes white. 

All skin tones are beautiful. Don’t let anyone make you feel or think otherwise. 

I also feel this image of lightening your skin tone is more felt by the black and brown communities. I see people of paler skin tones go tanning, because the idea of being slightly tanned is the image felt by that community. 



Straw Feminist anyone?



Black Nerd Comedy talks about DC’s most recent fuck ups. 


Ronny, Race and Cosplay.

Growing up as a person of color, interested in anime and etc, I always saw these fantastic white or asian cosplayers. I thought about cosplaying the same characters, but people told me I couldn’t because they were white characters. I didn’t see any black cosplayers to challenge that. So I never tried cosplaying, to this day. I was always told if I did cosplay I had to find a character with my skintone, or be shunned. 

Well great that leaves me how many characters, and forget if I wanted to be recognized right? 

Side Story:

I was dating this girl in high school. We were in her room with one of my childhood friends, and this other guy. She was saying how you have to cosplay within your race, and if I wanted to cosplay I needed to find someone my own skintone. I challenged her by saying, oh yea like who? She said we could find me some obscure yuri girl. My childhood friend saw how it upset me, stood up and said he had to go home. Which was perfect because he was my ride to and from her house. We got in the car and talked about it, and we got Taco Bell, because Taco Bell is great stoner and emotional food. By the same logic that I can’t cosplay outside my race, then she shouldn’t be able to cosplay outside her body shape, but that didn’t stop her. (Obviously I don’t think that, but if I were using her logic then…)

That being said when I see a white person cosplaying someone who is a person of color I do get all upset for a split second before I remind myself that just as I can cosplay as who ever I like, so can they. I also recognize why I get upset for that split second. It’s because that character was one of the few characters people said I could cosplay as, and not they’re being cosplayed by someone who is “cosplaying outside their race” which I was shunned from doing.

It takes me a second to stop and change my mindset, to break it, before I can smile and appreciate that this person made, bought, and took time, and had the courage to cosplay as I still haven’t had the courage or time to do so. So if you have the desire and courage to cosplay, you deserve respect. Regardless of race, sex, bodyshape, hair length, anything. And to anyone who says otherwise, throw them some intense side eye and move on with your fantastic self. Cosplay if for fun, no matter the quality. SO HAVE FUN!

In recent years I’ve also seen a spike in the number of people of color who are attending the con I go to. This brings me great joy. I’ve also found this fantastic blog called cosplayingwhileblack. I love them! They showcase black people who cosplay as who ever the heck they want to! Because you can! Submit your own cosplays, your friends with their permission of course. It’s not a small number of black cosplayers either. 


Wayyyy too funny. But also, for anyone who thinks anyone can be a pole dancer, or a stripper, or exotic dancer, etc. That is not easy, those people are in shape, it’s a work out, and they are athletes as far as I’m concerned 

Also good job Markiplier. Check him out on youtube, he’s very funny, does charity live streams once a month, and is just wonderful. 


I’m not going to preach to the choir here but we all know safe sex is important. Did you know that most colleges have safe sex programs and they’re so much cooler than they sound! Many schools give out free condoms and have pamphlets with humorous sex tips that are fun to read. There’s no reason to be ashamed to go down to your health center, better safe than sorry, right? And if you are a little embarrassed bring a friend with you! Chances are they’ve been thinking about going too. So go and get your free HIV/STD testing, it can’t hurt. Knowing many of our followers are Columbia students, here’s a link to our schools safe sex resources. For everyone else just go to your schools website!



Period products, because there is more than tampons and pads. Crazy right? Some of these I would be willing to try out at home, others would not be for me. What do you think?


Virgins Are Supposed to Look/Act Like What?

Hey it’s Ronny.

Today I want to talk to you all about virgins.

In high school I hung out with this group of friends and of course, we’d talk about sex. Sex has never been eww to me or anything like that. I’ve always been curious, and actually sex/relationships might be some of my favorite topics to talk about. Anyway, they’d be all oh have you ever done hsfg, and I’d say no, I’m still a virgin. It was like everyone’s minds were blown. I was a virgin, and I was comfortable talking about sex, and knew what I was talking about?! No way! Way.

The most common thing I’d get was, “but you don’t act like a virgin.” What the hell is a virgin supposed to act like? Am I supposed to not know anything about sex, get shy and uncomfortable when people talk about it? Am I supposed to wear a white dress? Like what is this? What do virgins act like? 

It’s not like the first time you have sex your mind is magically opened up to all these new sexual things, and suddenly you’re comfortable talking about sex. Like no that’s not how it works. Or maybe it does and I don’t know. What threw a lot of my friends off was that I would straddle my friends and bite their necks playfully, or I’d be sexual but not have sex. Like it didn’t make sense to them. 

I just didn’t really want to have sex. That doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy talking about sex, or enjoy teasing my friends like we did. It just meant hey I don’t want you or parts of you inside me. Just because someone is a virgin doesn’t mean that they aren’t curious about sex, don’t educate themselves, etc. 

Let me know what you think, or experiences you’ve had. Or am I just really weird? 


Not a single person of color, nor a woman. Although with Neil Patrick Harris there is a gay man. 

My relative point is, the highest paid actors on tv are still white guys. So what does that say about our media representation, and value? I’ll leave it there, and let you interpret, and think how you will. 

Even in Joe and Elliott’s list of who they would want to see in the list of highest paid tv actors, there was one person of color, and no named women. (I say no named women because they did say anyone from Game of Thrones.)

anonymous asked:

What do you think about plastic surgery?

Hello Anon! 

Plastic surgery… 

I don’t think it’s the most evil thing in the world.

Let’s say this person wants to get a nose job. A lot of people will shame them for wanting to get a nose job. People will say but you have a beautiful nose. People will think poorly of them. Maybe that person wants to get a nose job because growing up they were picked on for having a ‘weird’ nose. Maybe they were picked on so much, and internalized it to the point where they won’t feel beautiful until they change their nose.

If you’re getting plastic surgery because you won’t feel attractive until you look like Kim Kardashian, then that makes me sad. It makes me sad that these beauty standards are so strict, and bare down on you so heavily that you want or need to alter your body. It makes me sad that you don’t see how beautiful you are. Do I think you are wrong? No. I think it’s an example of how fucked up our society is. How the beauty standards we see, aren’t even realistic. 

I won’t condemn you for having plastic surgery. I can’t stop you from getting plastic surgery. I may think you look stunning, and your nose is really cute. However, I am not you, and you need to be able to see yourself as stunning, and you need to be able to be ok with your decisions at the end of the day. 

I always feel bad for the people who feel they have to get plastic surgery to look a certain way. I don’t think they love themselves, and I wish everyone loved themselves. Things, life get so much better and brighter when you love yourself. 

I would love to live in a world where people only got plastic surgery after a trauma, like a car crash, to put their face back together. Or something like that. That world doesn’t exist here, or yet. 

Hope that satisfies your query. 


Twitter Rape Victim Punished?! A Sourcefed Video. 


Bechdel Test anyone?


Damn i hate that phrase! tell me, how many times have you heard this line whenever you wanted to do something that was for “boys”. Wanna play football? No you’re a girl, wanna have an opinion about something? no you’re a girl, wanna play video games all day or wrestle? Well, bad news- you can’t because YOU’RE A GIRL. yeah right, fuck them , girls rule! Anything you can do, I can do better!



Let’s hear about relationships with Laci Green. 



So Saturday night I was going to a party downtown. I was spending the night at my partner’s house. I forgot to pack my purse pack of tampons. I also needed batteries for my camera. I went to Walgreens downtown and picked up the cheapest small box of tampons I could find. I wasn’t on my period yet, but I am so irregular that I just carry tampons around with me just in case. Example: right now I am a week late. With no signs of my period approaching. Usually I can feel my vagina getting a bit more sensitive and what not a few days prior. So far, nothing. I am sexually inactive so I’m not pregnant or anything. 

Anyway back on topic, so I picked up the smallest box of tampons and a four pack of AA batteries for my camera. Both the cheapest I could find. The total at the cashier: $20.75. What the fuck… Would it be inappropriate to say I need feminism because this is ridiculous. Women get paid less for the same work as a man, and then we have to pay for feminine products. Government, if you’re going to pay women less, then you should be giving us free feminine products. Heck even if there was no pay gap we should still get free feminine products. I don’t have money for this. That’s also one more expense women have to make that men don’t. I mean we need feminine products. It’s not like makeup which is a want. Feminine products are a need. Come on government. 


I'm a Guy if I Say I'm a Guy. I am Genderqueer!

I am posting some of my class writings here on 1009Feminism. Our teacher’s comments will be in italics. -Ronny

My family… I love them… Most of the time anyway. I run a makeup blog, and I love fashion, makeup and jewelry, that doesn’t define my gender as female, I identify as genderqueer. “Genderqueer is a catch-all category for gender identities other than man and woman, thus outside the gender binary and cisnormativity. People who identify as genderqueer may think of themselves as one or more the following: -having an overlap of, or blurred lines between, gender identity and sexual and romantic orientation. -both man and woman (bigender, trigender, pangender) -neither man nor woman (nongendered, genderless, agender) -moving between genders (genderfluid) -third gender or other-gendered; includes those who do not place a name to their gender.” -Wikipedia’s article on Genderqueer. 

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