Virgins Are Supposed to Look/Act Like What?

Hey it’s Ronny.

Today I want to talk to you all about virgins.

In high school I hung out with this group of friends and of course, we’d talk about sex. Sex has never been eww to me or anything like that. I’ve always been curious, and actually sex/relationships might be some of my favorite topics to talk about. Anyway, they’d be all oh have you ever done hsfg, and I’d say no, I’m still a virgin. It was like everyone’s minds were blown. I was a virgin, and I was comfortable talking about sex, and knew what I was talking about?! No way! Way.

The most common thing I’d get was, “but you don’t act like a virgin.” What the hell is a virgin supposed to act like? Am I supposed to not know anything about sex, get shy and uncomfortable when people talk about it? Am I supposed to wear a white dress? Like what is this? What do virgins act like? 

It’s not like the first time you have sex your mind is magically opened up to all these new sexual things, and suddenly you’re comfortable talking about sex. Like no that’s not how it works. Or maybe it does and I don’t know. What threw a lot of my friends off was that I would straddle my friends and bite their necks playfully, or I’d be sexual but not have sex. Like it didn’t make sense to them. 

I just didn’t really want to have sex. That doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy talking about sex, or enjoy teasing my friends like we did. It just meant hey I don’t want you or parts of you inside me. Just because someone is a virgin doesn’t mean that they aren’t curious about sex, don’t educate themselves, etc. 

Let me know what you think, or experiences you’ve had. Or am I just really weird? 


Not a single person of color, nor a woman. Although with Neil Patrick Harris there is a gay man. 

My relative point is, the highest paid actors on tv are still white guys. So what does that say about our media representation, and value? I’ll leave it there, and let you interpret, and think how you will. 

Even in Joe and Elliott’s list of who they would want to see in the list of highest paid tv actors, there was one person of color, and no named women. (I say no named women because they did say anyone from Game of Thrones.)