Star Wars Parkour - Jedi Free Running (by ronniestreetstunts)

Dat @ronniestreetstunts tho thanks to the help of @devinsupertramp

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It may be easier to show off your best parkour moves when much of the world has fallen prey to the zombie apocalypse, but when you have a zombie horde close behind you, make sure to get to higher ground when you take a bunch of them out at once.


Check out our first official youtube video published by ronniestreetstunts.

In a day when parkour athletes are the most reliable form of delivery. Follow three athletes as they parkour run across the desert, forest and urban city to accomplish their task.

The video stars Sam Seegmiller as the desert runner, Christian Russell as the forest runner, and Ronnie Shalvis as the urban runner.

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We’re pretty excited! Our Slender Run - Slender Man Parkour Escape video featuring Ronnie Shalvis/ronniestreetstunts just got over 30,000 hits on youtube. Granted, that’s not extremely viral, but things can only go up from here, right? Besides, Halloween isn’t even here yet, so who knows…

In other news, we’re hard at work at our next collaboration video. And this time, it’s Ronnie AND another youtube channel called AviatorGaming… and us. We’ll keep you posted.

It’s been a few weeks since we finally finished post-production on Ronnie Shalvis’ Parkour Express Youtube video. I must say, it was an absolute blast being able to work with Ronnie Shalvis and Christian Russell. They are both amazing free runners and parkour athletes and we were fortunate enough to run into Ronnie at a Devin Graham (devinsupertramp) conference which go the ball running on our 1st venture into serious youtube video productions. We have a few more ideas that we’re working on that will hopefully keep us busy for the rest of the year.


Check out our behind the scenes footage for our youtube video, Parkour Express that was published by ronniestreetstunts.

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