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Some chansaw head cannons? Thanks

*flips to the chansaw section, pushes up my glasses and clears my throat* 

  • Since Heather is rich, (it’s a given) her parent’s own a vacation home near a lake. Her and Veronica go on a little getaway trip, relaxing and enjoying the peace and quiet. A reminder that Veronica loves to tick off HC because it’s funny to see her girlfriend in a cute fury state (HC is just really pouty and stubborn; HC does this to Ronnie too). One day, they spend the day at the shore of the lake, swimming and sun tanning and all that jazz. However, when Heather was trying to get a perfectly even suntan, Veronica, who is in the lake, begins to splash her girlfriend (NO MERCY). Heather screams for her to stop. Veronica teases HC by saying “or what?”. HC pauses before smirking deviously. “I’ll marry you”. This shocks veronica; before she could say anything, HC struts away and back into the house, leaving Veronica in a W H A T state

  •  Whenever Veronica is a sad Lil bean, HC likes to bake for her. Like chocolate chip, melt in your mouth, make you feel good kinda baking. However, HC is a terrible baker; she hates measuring, she hates cleaning the pots and pans, she hated everything about it but does it anyway to make Ronnie feel better and be happy again. Since HC hates baking, the treats always end up tasting horrible, but the effort that HC puts into making them makes her instantly feel better.

  • Heather Chandler is secretly from a very religious family but grows up to be an atheist because she believes religion is bullshit and one shouldn’t have to restrict themselves just because of their religion. However, Veronica was raised unreligiously and celebrates all holidays- “because of its fun!” And much to Heather’s dismay, it continues on when they’re dating. Secretly Heather enjoys it because she loves seeing Veronica all excited, but she would never tell Veronica that

  • When things get super serious between the two and they’ve moved into a small apartment and everything; they buy a cat because they equally do not trust one another with a child (yet). They name the cat Simba because of their shared guilty love of the Lion King. Simba walks around with a big red bow tie and little blue kitten socks (the socks were knitted by Heather; it’s a secret talent of hers). Whenever the couple watches the Lion King, they reenact the opening by lifting up the little kitten. They train Simba to meow loudly to resemble a roar; Simba is a cuddle bug like Veronica but also a mythic bitch like HC

I canon them as such an innocent ship omg

Falling For You

As most of my Heathers stories are, this is based off of that ask a long time ago about the tree. I’m not satisfied with the ending, but whatever. Is the spacing better on this one? I tried to make it better, but idk. Also, I kind of made Ronnie a tiny bit better at flirting here, because I love flustered Heathers. Thanks!


“Ready? Okay! Hey oh, Westerburg! Tell me, what’s that sound? Here comes Westerburg, coming to put you in the ground! Hey oh, Westerburg! Give a great big yell! Westerburg will knock you out and send you straight to-“ her cheer was cut off by a sudden scream coupled with the sound of a branch snapping. 

Mac glanced around nervously for a moment, extremely confused, but she quickly got the answer to her unasked question. From above, she could see a girl falling for about 0.3 seconds before the girl fell right into Mac’s outstretched arms.

Mac blinked, still not quite comprehending that a person had just fallen into her arms. She took a moment to ponder the strange girl. She had a very symmetrical face, with wonderful blue eyes. She was wearing a denim jacket and skirt, along with the single most hideous scarf Mac had ever seen in her life. 

She was absolutely beautiful.

Mac felt her face growing warm as the stranger blinked, whipping her head around to stare at her surroundings and try to understand her situation. Even her hair was nice, frizzy in a charming way that made Mac’s heart flutter like it normally only did with Heather Chandler and Heather Duke. The mysterious girl looked up, staring at Mac. There was silence for a moment, and Mac barely noticed Chandler and Duke running toward them in alarm. 

Suddenly the girl grinned, laughing, and Mac only had a moment to ponder how beautiful that laugh was when the girl said, “Thanks for catching me. Guess I really fell for ya, huh?” Mac blushed infinitely harder, feeling like she would either melt into a puddle or collapse on the spot. Fuck. She was smooth. Also a total hipster nerd, but whatever. She only sort of registered her girlfriends running up to the two of them. “Heather, who the hell is this?” Chandler snapped, her tone sounding an odd mix of annoyed and concerned. 

She hardly seemed to notice the girl she was holding bridal style- she should really put her down soon, -but Duke certainly did. The green clad girl was staring at the stranger with an unreadable expression. Wait… Mac recognized that look. Duke, too, was blushing. Mac felt both relieved at not being alone in her strange attraction to the mystery girl, and a tad jealous of both of them.

“Well?” Chandler hissed, her rage growing every moment. She was obviously highly irritated. Only a moment later though, Mac watched Chandler’s eyes drift down to the blue eyed girl. 

Immediately, her eyes widened, as she was seemingly unable to look away. Mac’s eyes trailed toward the girl, and she was extremely unpleased to see the girl’s face flushed. ‘Dammit…’ she thought, ‘why is it always Heather Chandler?’ At least the girl was probably gay, or at least bi, if she was this flustered by simply glancing at Chandler. Unless she was just blushing out of embarrassment, which would mean none of them could have her, and- Whoa. Hold on a minute. She told herself. 

She didn’t even know this girl’s name, let alone anything about her relationship status, sexuality, political or religious views, or her personality. Mac told herself to be quiet and stop thinking about that for now, but it was proven to be a hard feat, with the pretty girl looking between all of them with her gorgeous blue eyes. God those eyes. They were like the calm ocean after a storm, bright and shimmering and deep, and Mac could just get lost in them forever, and she would be perfectly content. As she glanced at her girlfriends, however, she had a feeling they were thinking the same thing. 

“Um… I’m Veronica, by the way. Thanks, uh… for catching me, I guess. You’re really strong.” The girl- Veronica,- shot her a smile that warmed her heart. Veronica suddenly swung her legs to the ground, and Mac assisted her by bringing them lower. Veronica stood up, smiled at all three of them, and ran the other way, toward a large girl in a unicorn sweatshirt. The most popular girls in school all stood frozen, blushing, and staring at Veronica as she ran away with her friend. Slowly, they turned to each other, bewildered. What. The. Fuck.

-sbumitted by halo

SORRY THIS GOT BURIED IN WITH EVERYTHING ELSE AHHHH, but yes the spacing is better!!! and its wonderful!!!! i love it!!!!

Failing Fridays - Veronica Lodge Imagine (Riverdale)

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Warnings: Nothing much just minor swearing, fluff.

Request: Anon: Veronica fluff imagine with 76 + 25?🤔
25. “That lip biting’s getting a little out of hand.”
76. “You know when your phone buzzes, it means I’m trying to talk to you, right?”

Summary: Veronica hangs out at the reader’s place after school after the reader has a bad day.

A/N: This is my first Veronica imagine so I apologise if she’s a little OOC. Enjoy!! xx

After a long day at school you decided that instead of staying back you’d head straight home. You phone buzzes in you pocket but you turn your phone off too exhausted to care. First, all your teachers decided that weekends were overrated and they each gave you 3 hours worth of homework on top the assignments, then Reggie was being an ass, you failed 2 exams you were sure you were going to ace and to top it off you lost your favourite book somewhere in the school. Flopping onto your bed you flip open your laptop, shove your headphones in and put on your favourite movie. 30 minutes into the movie you were fast asleep.


You jolt awake and quickly grab your laptop before it falls off the edge.

“You know when your phone buzzes, it means I’m trying to talk to you, right?” Veronica mentions as she sits down on your bed making herself comfortable.

“Yea I’m sorry, I turned my phone off cos I just didn’t wanna deal with people anymore today,” you reply through a yawn.

“Aww come here,” she tells you opening her arms. You obey, crawling to her and cuddling into her, the smell of her perfume soothing you in a weird but wonderful way.

“So, what happened today that has gotten you so depressed?” You bite your lip contemplating whether or not you should dump all of your problems onto the comforting female.

“That lip biting’s getting a little out of hand.” She smirks, “in all seriousness though, just tell me and Ronnie will make it all better.” The last comment makes you smile instantly, “See? I’m like magic.” You sigh and start to recount all of the details of your horrible day and she starts rubbing your arm soothingly.

“Aww I’m sorry babe, I know this is going to sound pretty cliche but it will get better Monday,”

“I know but until Monday I have a crap load of school stuff to do in addition to the plans with my family,” you sigh motioning to the work filled bag that you dumped in the corner on your way in.

“Ok, well how about tonight, instead of going to Pop’s with the gang like we usually do, we stay here and have a movie night?”

“Ronnie, didn’t you hear me? I have loads of work to do between now and Monday. I can’t slack off.”

“(Y/N) let’s be honest here, you are not going to get any work done tonight. You know it, I know it, everyone knows it. It’s Friday night. So instead of spending hours staring at work that won’t get done, let’s stare at a screen that will either makes us laugh, cry or cuddle or do all 3 at the same time. It’s honestly up to you, but if you choose to work, I’m going to go have to throw it all in the bin and force you to cuddle with me.”

“So my choices are I can do homework and assignments or have a movie night with you but I can’t choose homework?”
“Pretty much,”


“Yay! Oh come on (Y/N) perk up. We’re about to spend the next few or more than a few hours staring at hot actors and reciting classic unrealistic love professions while we cuddle in your bed.” The longer veronica keeps talking about tonight the more excited you get.

“Now, which romcom do you want to see first?”

“(Your favourite romcom)”

“I wonder how I would’ve guessed that,” she winks putting the DVD into the player. You leave the room while she sets up the movie to get popcorn. Five minutes later you’re both cuddled up under your blankets watching a movie that always manages to pick you up. You look at Ronnie during the movie and she pulls you closer.

Screw Monday, things are already getting better.

A/N: there you go anon, I hoped you enjoyed the imagine. Sorry it’s on the shorter side. Let me know what you think!!

Y/N = Your name

Being Veronica Lodge’s twin would include...

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  • Veronica always makes sure your outfits are on point. 
  • She doesn’t try to dictate your style or make you wear her clothes but she does love to make you look your best
  • because you are her twin and she’ll be damned if her twin looks frumpy
  • on the other hand the times you do ask to wear her shirts/jackets/ anything she’s jumping with joy
  • Hermione totally did the matching outfits when you two were younger
  • You always say ronnie looked better but she’d cut you off
  • “we’re twins (y/n), if I slay you slay and if you slay i slay.”
  • Ronnie likes to act like the big sister even though she’s only like two minutes older than you
  • “when I was your age (y/n)-”
  • “veronica we are literally the same age”
  • “kids these days have no respect for their elders”
  • Veronica did always look out for you though
  • she felt protective of you
  • you were always the first person she went to because you just knew the perfect thing to tell her when she was having problems
  • and you always went to ronnie with your problems
  • twin telepathy!
  • always convincing your parents to do things because you both were so persuasive 
  • you covered a lot for veronica in NY when she’d sneak out
  • sometimes she’d drag you along with her and you loved it
  • when you and veronica fought, because let’s be real you’re siblings and you’re gonna fight, things got explosive
  • a lot of yelling at each other
  • some name calling and saying things you know would hurt the other
  • but you never went too far
  • usually veronica would apologize first because while she did act the older sister she loved being around you all the time
  • you brought her a lot of comfort 
  • she knew that regardless of what happened in her life she’d have you
  • when you brought your first partner home to meet the family veronica was all over them, asking them a million questions and threatening to hurt them if they hurt you
  • your mom had to reel her back and you apologized to your partner
  • veronia shrugged “No one hurts my twin and gets away with it”
  • when you got into Harvard and Ronnie into NYU it was super painful because you’d never been so far away from each other
  • but veronica, ever the big sis, put on a brave face and smiled at you
  • “if you slay, I slay. If I slay you slay. Now go show those uptight Harvard assholes how a Lodge slays.”

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Title: A Vow to Remember
Pairing: Jughead/Archie
Word Count: 2181
Summary:  Kevin is offended Veronica doesn’t believe him when he says Archie’s bisexual, especially when he opened the door on Archie and Jughead in a closet together - which he’s vowed not to tell anyone about. Now, Kevin’s creeping around trying to catch them in a couple-y act, or to get them to confess to being in a relationship.

AO3 Link: 

Kevin Keller was absolutely certain his gaydar was infallible. It was so good, he found offence in anyone who suggested otherwise.

Take Veronica, for example.

“But Archie’s not gay, is he?” she’d said, her perfectly-tweaked eyebrow perking up.

“He’s definitely bi,” Kevin argued, feeling like a lion, ready to pounce (metaphorically) into action if she said one more word against it.

She didn’t say anything else at least, but did give him a look that reminded him of the Sure Jan meme, and he got huffy about it.

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warm milk | alfie solomons

for @em-a-sunday-kinda-love

Alfie tried to latch the door as quietly as possible, squinting as it clicked a little too loudly.

“Hey daddy”

“Day, what you doing up?”

“I had a bad dream”

“Ah, no”

She leant against the archway that led into the living room and only now did he notice the dim light spilling out behind her. He hooked his coat up and shooed the dog out of the way with a quick scratch to his ear.

Daisy made a noise of disapproval as he bent to lift her into his arms, holding her against the side of his chest and bringing his free hand to undo the buttons on his waistcoat.

“Mummy said not to lift things when your back hurts”

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how about beronica + saying their i love yous for the first time? <3

this has been sitting in my box forever and im sooory for that that :( but i do hope this makes up for it! this is overly cheesy because im in that mood. i hope you like it and thank you sm for sending this in!

Betty has known that she is in love with Veronica Lodge for a while now.

She doesn’t think about it too hard, doesn’t have a panic attack about it, doesn’t spend hours upon hours trying to dissect it, she just feels something one day, a feeling that’s been growing and warming her chest for months and she just–knows. She knows that her heart will always beat a little faster every time Veronica smiles at her, she knows that she’ll never tire of the way Veronica’s thumb strokes her jaw every time they kiss, she knows that she could go her whole life sleeping with Veronica who always has to have a majority of the blankets and practically sleeps on top of Betty because she loves listening to the blonde’s heartbeat and never tire of it.

She knows this is it for her.

But actually voicing those three little words to her girlfriend of nearly eight months is a whole other ball game.

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Also, Jughead literally said Betty and Archie were his only real friends (because apparently all the people at the party before Cheryl crashed it didn’t count), and had Hermione Lodge on his murder board (along with everyone else’s parents). But when Veronica searches FP’s trailer looking for connections to Jason or her dad, it’s an atrocious betrayal?? Lmao Ronnie deserves better than that enitre town

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Ronnie & Archie better freakin defend Betty the next time they talk to Jug bc they did absolutely nothing when Jug found out and that makes me mad

they definitely threw her to the wolves on that one. they didn’t try to defend her at all. but, to be fair, i don’t think jughead didn’t believe her when she said she hadn’t known archie and veronica were searching his dad’s trailer (which is what they mostly would have needed to defend her for). she might not have been a part of the plan to investigate fp, but she still lied to him. i think that’s what jughead was upset about in that scene. i mean, at this point, they’ve had a couple discussions about honesty. in episode 8, she told him that, if they were going to be together, he needed to be open with her. and then their relationship nearly ended in episode 10 because they were keeping things bottled up. they ended the episode being vulnerable and real with each other, so for her to lie to him again so shortly after probably really hurt. especially since he immediately wanted to tell her about his dad’s offer to move them to toledo. on most shows, that would have been kept a secret until it blew up in their faces– but he wanted to talk to her about it. he wanted to figure it out together because they’re partners, and that’s what partners do 

of course, on the flip side, you feel for betty because all she wanted was to protect him. he was so excited about being invited over for dinner and she just didn’t want to let him down. betty spent the whole episode defending him and his dad, which made him getting mad at her so painful. but he doesn’t know how hard she fought against her mom, all he knows is that she lied to him 

Figure It Out || Ronnie and Emily || Sept.10 2017


3pm and Ronnie had nothing better to do than start his day drinking on a Sunday. Whiskey in one hand a small glass in the other. Deadpool playing on the TV and Batman in his dog bed. Ronnie sat back in his recliner and poured himself a glass, before downing that glass in one sitting. Whiskey was his weakness, he could never turn down a good ol’ glass. Especially a seagrams 7. After about 4 glasses he figured he should probably change out of his clothes that he’d been lounging in all weekend if he was expecting company. Changing into a pair of tattered old jeans and a button up flannel which he left unbuttoned he purposely staggered into the bathroom and brushed his hair back and sleeking it down with some water. He sprayed himself with axe and returned to his recliner. Bottle tucked between himself and the arm of the recliner.

6pm and the man was awoken from a knock at the door. It startled him. He hadn’t realized he’d fallen asleep. His pants and the seat were soaked. “Shit.” He’d moved around and the whiskey bottle had unlodged itself from between himself and the chair, leaking all over him. He was trying to prevent the conversation of him smelling like an alcoholic, but he made sure to mentally prepare himself as he got up to answer the door. Swallowing his pride he unlocked the door and pulled it open. “Em!” He smiled widely. “Hi. Come on in.” He stepped aside and closed the door behind her as she came in. “Can I get you a drink? Ignore the fact it reeks of whiskey. I don’t need to explain that one…”

Finishing Deadpool, Ronnie looked at his friend and lost his train of thought. “So? Have you eaten? Can I get you anything else to drink? Uh, where should we start with talking things out?” He was genuinely really confused. He didn’t know what was going to happen. What was going to come out of this. It’s not like anything extravagant was going to happen. Ronnie knew that. Nothing ever happened the way he wanted it to.

Touchy Feely

Request: Hey! I love your blog!! Can you make one where you’re a singer and your Chris’s girlfriend and he gets jealous when you and Ronnie do a song together and y'all get all touchy feely!

I hope Chris Motionless was the right Chris here. Otherwise, enjoy!

“Are you sure, babe?” you asked for the fifth time. You were touring with Motionless In White, your boyfriend Chris’s band, as well as Falling In Reverse. It was the first night of tour, and you were supposed to sing a song with Ronnie on stage. You knew that Ronnie could sometimes be a little too flirty for his own good, but in the studio, he had been a gentleman. 

“I’m sure, it’s going to be a good show,” Chris promised you, kissing your forehead. You were worried he would be jealous about your performance with Ronnie, but Chris was completely reassuring. You smiled at him before heading out on the stage, feeling pumped. 

You and your band put on a fantastic, energetic show, setting the groundwork for a great tour. You were well received by fans, even though your band wasn’t quite on a level of fame that Falling in Reverse and Motionless in White had, but your band was well loved. You loved being on stage, running around as you sang and screamed. After your set ended, you walked backstage and kissed Chris lightly while he smiled.

You only had a few minutes before Falling in Reverse would be on stage playing, and you used it to clean up a bit after getting sweaty from your own set. You felt nervous, despite just leaving the stage, as you waited for your cue to go back on. Chris squeezed your hand as that cue came, and you took the stage to excited cheers of the crowd.

The song was fun and sexy, and as you started to sing, close to Ronnie’s face, he decided to have fun with your stage presence. He continued to sing as he moved behind you, hands trailing up your sides, and you smirked while you danced, moving your body in a sultry wave. You could feel Ronnie at your back, grinding on you for a few lines before he spun you around and took your hand, placing it on his chest and dragging it down, stopping short of his pants.

You finished up your part of the song and flicked his forehead with a childish grin, thanking the audience before retreating to a symphony of catcalls and wolf whistles. Chris was waiting for you back stage, looking completely grumpy. You frowned, approaching him and feeling annoyed when he purposefully didn’t look at you.

“Chris? What’s up?” you asked, but he just ignored you. You nudged him with your shoulder, but he stood steadfast, eyes burning a hole on the stage as he stared forward until Falling in Reverse wrapped up, and Chris left to aid in setup for his own band, still refusing to talk to you.

“That was fun,” Ronnie said with an impish grin, but you only met him with a pout.

“What, was it not?” he asked, confused, until you motioned toward Chris as he adjusted the microphone stand and spoke softly to a tech.

“He didn’t say anything to me when I got off stage. You know, I asked and asked if he was cool with us performing together and he said he was. I don’t know what he was expecting,” you ranted, looking a little more than annoyed as you thought about it. You had asked him five times if it was okay, and he assured you he wouldn’t get jealous. Ronnie looked at least a little guilty, and you rolled your eyes.

“Hey, Chris has known you how long now? He knows the song, and he knows that you dancing with me on stage doesn’t mean a thing,” you told him, and he shrugged.

“If you say so,” he said, giving you an apology before going off to clean up a bit, but you watched as Chris put all his energy into his show. He always had a great stage presence, and it was one of the things that drew you to him. Still, having known him for years, you could see his agitation fueling his energy. 

At the end of his set, after thanking the massive crowd, Chris came off the stage, making a bee line towards you, and scooped you up. He carried you while you squeaked with surprise like a sack of potatoes, tossing you over his shoulder and holding your kicking legs as he made his way to the buses.

“Chris! For the love of God, put me down!” you screeched when you were outside, but he just patted your thigh and hustled to the bus, not putting you down until you were inside. You looked at him, bewildered and a bit exhausted, and waited for an explanation.

“I lied,” he said, and you rolled your eyes, crossing your arms.

“Tell me something I don’t know,” you told him, but you sighed and relented, your annoyance fading as you eyed his nervous face. He started pacing back and forth, but one touch to his arm and he stopped, looking at you with some shame.

“I shouldn’t have ignored you, that was wrong. But seeing him groping you on stage and grinding… I should have been prepared but I wasn’t,” he ranted, and you shrugged. You desperately wanted to tell him ‘I told you so,’ but figured it wasn’t the right time. You just gave him a sweet, reassuring smile.

“It’s fine, babe. You know that was just an act, and he didn’t grope me. Even Ronnie knows better than to touch another man’s girl inappropriately. He didn’t touch anywhere that I cover up, and barely even touched me when he was grinding. He knows how to make it look real without doing it for real,” you explained, and Chris looked into your eyes as he finally started to relax. He kissed you deeply, and you chuckled into the kiss.

The kiss deepened, and he buried his fingers in your hair, pulling you close and treating you with a possessive energy. You moaned into the kiss before he moved on to ravaging your neck, and Chris ignored you when you tried to swat him away, scolding him for leaving marks.

“I know, but I want to mark what’s mine,” he said with a smug grin, and you smacked his arm.

“You don’t need to mark me, you tall idiot. I’m always yours,” you told him, wanting to be mad but unable to summon it. Somehow, he even made jealousy adorable. Even with Ronnie being a bit of a manwhore, nothing would come between you and Chris.