Maybe it’s because I’m in my 20s, or maybe it’s because I’m too nice? But I don’t understand the ‘fangirls’ that verbally rip chunks out of their idol. Like, is it a 'thing’ that I’m just too old to understand, or..? I get that it’s probably a joke but it doesn’t seem all that pleasant to me. I’m genuinely interested in the answer as well! Is it like a funny internet thing that I’ve just missed completely?

  • Me:hi guys my name is may-
  • People:no shut up no one wants to hear you
  • Me:but i-
  • People:shut! Nobody likes you, you are a loner, and ugly.. Who likes a person who has anxiety and depression, and scars
  • Pierce The Veil:hey! Don't you say that. Her battle scars mean that she's been struggling for too long
  • Me:what?
  • Sleeping With Sirens:yeah! She's beautiful. Who are you to judge? If you can't hang then there's the door
  • Me:who are you people
  • All Time Low:her anxiety has nothing to do with the fact that she is an amazing person
  • Me:you know what I'm going through too
  • 5SOS:she's perfect, I'd anything your personality is ugly.
  • Bring Me the Horizon:she just needs someone to be there for here, and that's us
  • Me:I've never had someone stand up for me before
  • Paramore:I'm pretty sure that if you were in her shoes you wouldn't like it either. Watch when you get older she's going to be better than you! Your so ignorant
  • Me:thank you. You are so nice to me
  • Panic! At the disco:its ok to be different. Everybody is different
  • Me:I haven't been myself in years
  • Fall Out Boy:fuck those people. Love yourself and ignore the haters
  • My Chemical Romance:just listen to us and you wont be alone..
  • Falling In Reverse:we know what your going through, every problem you've had, we've had too.
  • Bands:you are not alone, we've got you. Just listen to us. If nobody else love you, know that we love you❤ just know that if you feel that you have no one you have us. Even though we don't know each other personally. We know each other mentally
If you like any of the following bands:

Fall Out Boy
Panic! At The Disco
Butch Walker (any Butch Walker related band arrangement; the black widows, the lets-go-out-tonight’s)
Sleeping With Sirens
Icon For Hire
Family Force 5 
Escape The Fate (new or old)
Falling in Reverse

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there are some bands that you just like and aren’t totally insane over, and then there are those bands when you hear their name you just completely lose your shit